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7 Qt Cuisinart Dutch Oven

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Cuisinart CastLite Nonstick 4.7 qt. Dutch Oven

Prepare and deliver the richest, deepest gourmet flavors and textures with a range of Dutch ovens by JCPenney. These kitchen essentials look like heavy-duty pots with thick walls and lids that help trap heat and steam. You can use them for cooking spicy Cajun shrimp mirlitons, a fragrant spring lamb stew, or a peach cobbler. High-quality craftsmanship and contemporary design make the Dutch ovens a smart addition to your kitchen. You can pick them from brands like Tramontina, Brentwood, Gibson, and Taste of Home.

Why You Should Trust Us

Weve been covering Dutch ovens at Wirecutter since 2015. Ray Aguilera, who wrote the original version of this guide, has professionally reviewed a wide range of products since 2006, in addition to being an avid cook and home brewer. Kevin Purdy, a former Wirecutter staff writer, previously updated this guide.

Anna Perling is a Wirecutter kitchen writer who has covered everything from hand mixers to small saucepans. To update this guide in 2020, she read new editorial reviews on Dutch ovens, including ones from Epicurious, The Kitchn, The Strategist, and Americas Test Kitchen. She also read up on the science of cookware, consulting Cooking For Engineers and Cooking Issues.

Tramontina Covered Dutch Oven 6 Quarts

Tramontina is a Brazilian-based brand with a global presence. You can find Tramontina products at several box stores as well as online. This particular round Dutch oven has a capacity of 6 quarts and comes in a red, cobalt blue, and gunmetal gray color.

Tramonitinas cast-iron Dutch oven is oven-safe to 450°F and compatible with all cooktops, including induction.

Although this piece does not require seasoning, the rim of the pot and the lid both have exposed cast iron. For this reason, the manufacturer recommends seasoning the rims by applying oil and heating for one hour in an oven at 350°F .

You have to hand wash the Tramontina Dutch oven, but customers said the cleanup was easy. One of the highlights from user reviews? The wider base makes this round Dutch oven great for baking bread or browning meat.

Youll have to sacrifice some features, and you wont get the same level of quality as Cuisinart. But overall, this Tramontina is a good, budget-friendly alternative.

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What Brand Of Dutch Oven Is Best

Le Creuset is cast iron Dutch oven royalty which has been used by chefs and home cooks around the world for decades. Cuisinarts Dutch ovens are comparable-looking that are mass-produced in China.

I used my grandsons new favorite dish for this comparison Porcupine Meat Balls. It is easy and quick to prepare a no-fuss dish which turned out perfectly in both Dutch ovens. I usually use another Dutch oven to prepare my fluffy every time Dutch oven rice.

Read on to find out Dutch oven is best for you

Cuisinart Chefs Classic Enameled Cast Iron 7

The 9 Best 7 Quart Cuisinart Enameled Dutch Oven

This Cuisinart Chefs Classic enameled cast iron Dutch oven is also called a casserole and has a total capacity of 7 quarts . Cuisinart offers a 3-quart and 5-quart option, as well.

This Cuisinart Dutch oven comes in two attractive color choices: Cardinal red or Provencial blue.

This cookware is designed to help you prepare delicious meals with just one pot. The cast iron construction means this durable oven retains heat well and distributes it evenly.

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Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven 725 Quarts

Le Creusets Dutch oven can hold up to 7.25 quarts and comes in several eye-popping colors. From fiery reds and oranges to cool blues and purples, you can find a Le Creuset Dutch oven to match your style.

Depending on the choice, the lid features either a composite or stainless steel knob. I recommend the steel knob as its far more durable.

This Le Creuset Dutch oven delivers superior heat retention, even heat distribution, and outstanding cooking performance.

Its compatible with all cooktops, including induction. And its oven-safe up to 500°F . Le Creuset claims this piece is metal utensil safe, but I would still avoid them.

And the cleanup? Its a snap. You can put your Le Creuset Dutch oven in the dishwasher or hand wash with warm water and mild dish soap. You can read a more detailed breakdown of Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast Iron vs. Cuisinart Dutch ovens here.

If you want the best, the Le Creuset Signature Enameled cast iron Dutch oven beats all the Dutch ovens on the market, in my opinion. But this high-end product comes at a premium cost. For many home cooks, the value of the Cuisinart outweighs the luxury of a Le Creuset Dutch oven.

Heat Distribution & Retention

Enameled cast-iron Dutch ovens are known for their superior heat distribution and their ability to retain heat. Thats what makes them great for slow-cooking beef stew, preparing casserole dishes, and baking fresh bread.

Well-constructed Dutch ovens will give you nice, even heating while holding in that heat until youre ready to serve.

And since these pieces typically come in a range of beautiful colors, your Dutch oven can double as serveware on the dinner table or at gatherings. Just be sure to use oven mitts when transporting these pots they can get hot!

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What Features Should You Look For In Enameled Cast Iron Cookware

Heat distribution

A piece of cookware is only as good as its performance. When you get down to it, you want your cookware to do its jobcook.

Soup thats scalding on one side and cold on the other is a nightmare. Even heat distribution is key to getting perfectly cooked meals.


If you want tender vegetables, juicy braised meat, and fluffy rice, you need a tight-fitting lid. Why is that?

If the lid is loose-fitting, too much moisture will escape. The result is dried-out food.

Not all pieces come with lids, however. Dutch ovens will come with a lid, while frying pans and skillets often do not.


Whether its a skillet, sauté pan, or Dutch oven, you want comfortable handles. Enameled cast iron is quite heavy. Draining food can get dicey. Having sturdy handles is important.

For cast iron skillets, its good to have a looped helper handle opposite the large handle. This allows you to hold the skillet with two hands, distributing the weight and making it more secure.

A wide loop handle is also a must on a Dutch oven. A beautiful cast iron Dutch oven can go from stovetop to range to table, but only if you can carry it. Good handles are essential.

A big enough loop handle lets you carry your cookware easily, even when wearing oven mitts.

In my experience a metal handle will last longer than a plasticky one. The plastic ones have a tendency to break over time, even with high quality products.


The Round Dutch Ovens

Cuisinart CastLite Nonstick 4.7 qt. Dutch Oven

Cuisinart Chefs Classic Enameled Cast Iron Round Covered Casserole 3-Quart

3-quart dimensions 9.8 inches x 9.8 inches x 6 inches and weighs approx 8 pounds

Cuisinart Chefs Classic Enameled Cast Iron Round Covered Casserole 5-Quart

5-quart dimensions 11.6 inches x 11.6 inches x 6.2 inches and weighs approx 13 pounds

Cuisinart Chefs Classic Enameled Cast Iron Round Covered Casserole 7-Quart

7-quart dimensions 13 inches x 13 inches x 6.2 inches and weighs approx 17 pounds

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Test : Rating Dutch Oven Design

Serious Eats / Emily Dryden

As we washed, cooked with, lifted, and examined the pots, we noticed which details made certain Dutch ovens more user-friendly and which frustrated us. As described above, handle and knob design was one of the more important design factors we encountered .

Some aspects of a Dutch ovens build turned out to be not as important as we had expected. We measured the thickness of the wall and the bottom of each Dutch oven and found that there wasnt much of a correlation between those numbers and performance. Our top picks were all over the map in terms of bottom thickness, with the Cuisinart the thickest and the Le Creuset on the thinner side. And yet they all performed well in cooking tests.

Enamel quality, meanwhile, was difficult to assess. In many cases, failures can occur after many months or years of consistent usenot something we could easily reproduce in our tests. Still, we tried some more extreme abuse trials to see if we could uncover any obvious differences in quality. We banged the pot bottoms together and smacked the insides with a metal measuring cup to see if we could chip the finish. Some pots retained slight scuff marks from the metal, but most wiped clean with minimal effort, and none chipped. The test proved to be a great stress reliever, but it didnt help us eliminate any of the contenders.

What Size Dutch Oven Is Best

While enameled cast iron Dutch ovens come in everything from cute 1/4-quart to massive 13 1/2quart sizes, a 5- to 6-quart pot is the most practical size for most homes, as it should make enough food for four to six people. Go any smaller, and a typical recipe might overflow the pot bigger pots can end up underfilled, potentially affecting the outcome of a recipe .

If you often need to feed a larger crowd, sizing up to a 7- or 8-quart Dutch oven may be worth considering. We tested a couple of pots that were only available in 7-quart sizes, but all of our favorite 5 and 5 and 1/2-quart models also have larger 7- or 7 and 1/4-quart offerings.

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What Is The Difference Between A Dutch Oven And A Slow Cooker

Though Dutch ovens and slow cookers serve similar purposes in the kitchen, they dont provide the same results when it comes to quality or versatility. Dourleijn explained that since Dutch ovens retain heat better, its easier to brown foods in them. Gray added that with a Dutch oven, you can start off on the stovetop and then go straight into the oven, which you cant do with a slow cooker. However, if you are new to cooking and want something you can set and forget, Dourleijn said a slow cooker is a fine starting point.

CORRECTION : A previous version of this article misspelled the last name of the executive chef of the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel. He is Atticus Garant, not Grant.

The Best Heritage Cast Iron Dutch Oven: Le Creuset 55

Cuisinart 7 Qt Round Casserole Dutch Oven $84.14

What we liked: The Le Creuset cast iron Dutch oven is a beautiful pot that comes in 17 core colors, plus special editions. Weighing just over 11 pounds, the 5 1/2quart Le Creuset isnt as heavy as many of the other models we tested , but that didnt appear to affect performance. On the stovetop, it cooks very well: There wasnt an excessive amount of sticking when we browned chicken thighs, and the fond that developed was easy to see because of the contrast against the interior enamels beige color. The Signature line has larger handles than the older Classic model, which were all forit makes the pot easier to grab and carry. We can also vouch for Le Creuset products longevity, given that weve used their pots for years at work and home without any major complaints. Splurging for the Le Creuset means investing in a reputation thats backed by generations of satisfied users all over the world and a warranty that anecdotal evidence says you can rely on. The Signature pot comes in 1- to 13 1/4-quart sizes.

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Cuisinart Cast Iron Dutch Ovens Vs Le Creuset Dutch Ovens

I could find nowhere on the internet that could deliver a concise comparison of these two great brands of Dutch ovens. So I have completed one for you. Cuisinart cast-iron Dutch oven vs Le Creuset Dutch ovens. I use both these brands of Dutch ovens along with many other brands.

The main difference between Cuisinart and Le Creuset is the price. The difference between 7-quart Cuisinart and its Le Creuset counterpart a 7-25-quart is approximately $270.00. Secondly is the quality of the material. Le Creuset uses high-quality materials that are actually lighter than those in the Cuisinart oven.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases on my website. If you make a purchase through links from this website, I may get a small share of the sale from Amazon and other similar affiliate programs.


Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven 6 Quarts

Lodge, a U.S. company based in Tennessee, is one of the top names in cast iron cookware. While their enameled products are manufactured in China, these pans still undergo a strict quality control process.

This Lodge Dutch oven has a capacity of 6 quarts and comes in a variety of beautiful colors. This cast iron pan has a metal knob, and wide looped side handles. You can use your Lodge on any cooktop, and its oven-safe up to 500°F .

Customer reviews were favorable, although some were disappointed that it was not made in the U.S.A. One feature I dont love about this Dutch oven is the rounded sides. The bowl shape unnecessarily cuts into the diameter of the cooking surface.

Overall, though? This Lodge is a decent value with versatility in the kitchen. If you want a quality cast iron Dutch oven without breaking the bank, this Lodge Dutch oven is a solid option.

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So Is An Expensive Dutch Oven Worth It

Serious Eats / Will Dickey

Ultimately, we feel its worth spending more on an enamel cast iron Dutch oven. A bigger investment now means decades of performance. Spend more at the time of purchase, and unlike a smartphone, you wont have to replace it in two years. You’re paying for a well-earned reputation of quality and durability and proven warranty fulfillment.

What Is The Difference Between Le Creuset And Cuisinart

Enameled Cast Iron 7 Quart Round Covered Casserole Demo CI670-30CRC & CI670-30BCTC

The main difference between Le Creuset and Cuisinart is the price. Le Creuset is still produced with high-quality cast iron in France. Cuisinart is made in China. Cheaper manufacturing dictates that the price of Cuisinart will be cheaper.

Cuisinart Brand

  • Cuisinart Dutch oven looks similar to the Le Creuset brand
  • Both have straight sides giving more cooking surface area at the bottom of the oven
  • Cuisinart cast-iron Dutch ovens are over 75% cheaper than a similar size Le Creuset cast-iron Dutch oven
  • Cuisinart made in China
  • Product and brand awareness with enameled cast iron cookware, clad stainless steel cookware, ceramic non-stick cookware, hard-anodized aluminum PTFE non-stick cookware, aluminum PTFE non-stick cookware, copper cookware, cutlery, kitchen tools, appliances, air purifiers.
  • Le Creuset Brand

  • Le Creuset is made in France with high-quality materials
  • Lighter than other cast-iron Dutch ovens
  • 75% more expensive than Cuisinart
  • Will last you a lifetime and beyond
  • Handmade in France
  • Product and brand awareness with enameled cast iron cookware, stainless steel cookware, clad stainless steel cookware, hard anodized aluminum cookware with PTFE non-stick coating, tea kettles, bakeware, dinnerware, serve ware, kitchen utensils, and cookware accessories.
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    What Is A Dutch Oven

    A Dutch oven sometimes called a French oven or a cocotte is a large, typically heavy piece of cookware best known for its ability to slow-cook dishes like beef stew, pulled pork, Bolognese sauce and soup. Dourleijn noted the deep pot is also great for roasting chicken and other big meats.

    Atticus Garant, the executive chef at the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, added that you can even bake bread in your Dutch oven. the complete work horse in the kitchen, he said, noting that its thick base is the essence behind how handy a tool it can be in any kitchen.

    Beautiful Dutch Ovens For Your Kitchen

    Like saucepans, grill pans, frying pans, cookware sets, we have a range of Dutch ovens for you. Reach for those with an enameled cast iron for superior heat distribution and retention. You can even select stainless-steel Dutch ovens as they are excellent for slow-cooking meats, stews, soups, and baking roasts. Some have large handles for even weight distribution and easier to grip when wearing oven mitts. The dome-shaped lid helps lock in flavor by promoting continuous circulation of moisture and heat.

    Explore JCPenneys vast range of Dutch ovens made using aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel. They are available in various finishes, including black, silver, red, green, and gray. Shop for them online at unbeatable prices!

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    The Criteria: What To Look For In An Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

    Dutch ovens are made from steel or cast iron, both with and without an enamel coating. For this review, we targeted enameled cast iron only because thats the type we find to be best suited to the dishes we usually make in this type of potstews and braises, chilis, and hearty ragùs. We prefer cast iron for many of these dishes because of its great heat retention and enamel because it offers a protective coating thats easy to cook in and clean. Acidic dishes, such as sauces and stews that call for tomato or wine, can develop a metallic taste after spending hours in plain seasoned cast iron, making enamel an even more important factor.

    Dutch ovens also come in two common shapes : round and oval. While the latter can be helpful for certain kinds of oblong roasts, a round Dutch oven is more practical for most recipes, so thats the kind we settled on for this review.

    Does The Dutch Oven Have Handles

    Cuisinart Chef

    When shopping for a Dutch oven, Gray advised to for a good handle at the top as this will make it easier to lift the lid while you cook. Garant added that the pot itself should also come equipped with side handles made with the same quality and ideally forged in the same casting, which ensures they are a solid part of the pots structure.

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