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Beef Roast In The Oven

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How Do I Cook Roast Beef So Its Not Tough

The Perfect Roast Beef – Medium Rare

The key to cooking nice roast beef thats tender is to use a meat thermometer. I know, I know, its not what you want to hear. Trust me, I resisted for years!! Theres nothing worse than an overcooked roast beef and with a thermometer you can get it right every time!

But when I finally purchased this lovely one here, Ive had the most perfectly cooked meats and it has relieved SO much stress and guesswork.

Seriously, yall. Just buy the meat thermometer! You wont regret it! This one is perfect for use in the oven or on the grill! I use the same one for all of my smoking, grilling, and roasting. If youre looking for an even more affordable option, check out this one.

Using a meat thermometer is the best way to get the perfect meat every time.

How To Cook A Beef Tenderloin Roastthe Fast Way

What temperature should you cook a beef tenderloin? If you stick to our basic high-heat method, 425°F is your number. Here’s how to roast beef tenderloin at this temperature.

  • Preheat the oven to 425°F.
  • Place the beef tenderloin on a rack in a roasting pan.
  • Insert an oven-going meat thermometer in the thickest part of the roast. Do not add water to the pan, and do not cover the roast.
  • Roast in the preheated oven until the thermometer reaches the doneness temperatures below. Here’s how long to roast beef tenderloin depending on the size of your roast and which doneness you prefer.
  • For a 2- to 3-pound tenderloin roast:

    • Roast 35 to 40 minutes for medium-rare
    • Roast 45 to 50 minutes for medium

    For a 4- to 5-pound tenderloin roast:

    • Roast 50 to 60 minutes for medium-rare
    • Roast 60 to 70 minutes for medium

    Remove the meat from the oven. Tent with foil and let stand 15 minutes before carving. The beef tenderloin temperature will rise to the standard for medium-rare or medium while it stands.

    Optional Roast Beef Cooking Methods

    Growing up, Sunday just wasnt Sunday without the waft of savory roast permeating the house. But sometimes during the summer, our mom refused to heat up the house using the oven. This Slow Cooker Roast Beef came to the rescue during those hot months and is so delicious! And now with the popularity of the Instant Pot, a homemade roast can be on the table in a fraction of the time. Try our Instant Pot Sunday Pot Roast for a quick and easy roast dinner.

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    Our Beef Pot Roast Is A Succulent Tender Feast That Will Satisfy All Your Meat

    The Better Homes & Gardens Test Kitchen has been in continuous operation for nearly 100 years, developing and testing practical, reliable recipes that readers can enjoy at home. The Test Kitchen team includes culinary specialists, food stylists, registered and licensed nutritionists, and other experts with Bachelor of Science degrees in food science, food and nutrition, or culinary arts. Together, the team tests more than 2,500 recipes, produces more than 2,500 food images, and creates more than 1,000 food videos each year in the state-of-the-art test kitchen.

    • 3 – 3 ½poundboneless beef chuck pot roast

    • 2tablespoonolive oil or vegetable oil

    • 114 ounce canbeef broth

    • 2stalks celery, cut into 2-inch lengths

    • 5cupassorted vegetables, such as peeled Yukon gold or sweet potatoes, cut into 2-inch chunks parsnips, peeled and cut into 2-inch chunks whole shallots or garlic bulbs, halved horizontally and/or small carrots, peeled and cut into 1-1/2-inch pieces

    • 3tablespoonall-purpose flour

    Preparation And Storage Tips

    Slow Roasted Mouthwatering Tender Roast Beef
    • Prep Ahead and Reheat: If you prepare the roast a day ahead, cover and refrigerate it overnight. The next day, skim off any solidified fat and reheat it gently in a warm oven or over low heat on the stovetop.
    • Store leftover pot roast in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.
    • Wrapped tightly, you canfreeze leftovers pot roast for up to 2 months. I don’t recommend freezing the cooked vegetables or potatoes however. They tend to have a mushy and watery texture when thawed.

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    Do You Have To Brown A Chuck Roast Before Baking

    Technically, you do not have to sear roast before baking but I HIGHLY recommend it. If you dont sear your roast beforehand, you will miss out on the complex caramelized flavor that comes from the deeply golden crust. You cant fake this rich flavor any other way. Searing the chuck roasts first also helps protect it from drying out during the long cooking process by sealing in the juices. Once you sear your meat, you will never cook it any other way!

    How Do You Make A Roast Tender In The Oven

    My mom taught me that the secret to the most tender pot roast is to seal in the juices not just by searing it on the stove but to then roast it at high heat in the oven before you turn the oven down to let it continue to cook. If your chuck roast isnt crazy tender, then it just needs more time to tenderize, even 30 more minutes can make the world of difference between an okay roast and a melt-in-your-mouth one. This is also true for my Mississippi Pot Roast made in the slow cooker.

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    Follow These Four Steps For A Melt

    Roast beef is one of the easiest ways to cook beef. It’s true that due to their size, most beef roasts will take a couple of hours to cook, but you can’t beat their set-it-and-forget-it nature . We’ll teach you how to cook roast beef so you can make recipes including ribeye roasts, tenderloin roasts, rib roasts, and more. You’ll also learn whether to cook a roast covered or uncovered for the juiciest results. Get ready to wow the family at future Sunday dinners or special occasion meals.

    How Do You Cook Beef So Its Tender

    Delicious 1794 Roast Beef! – Dutch Oven Cooking

    Physiologically tenderizing the steak. Using a rub. Not forgetting the seasonings. Putting it down to rest. Cooking it slow. Cutting it against their grain . The following are some of our favorite recipes for tender cuts of beef. They are all easy to make and require minimal effort. If you want to add a little more spice, try adding a bit of garlic powder or onion powder.

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    Chuck Roast In The Oven Faqs

    What temperature should a chuck roast be cooked at?

    Cook your beef chuck roast at 350F after searing the beef over medium high heat on the stovetop.

    Does chuck roast get more tender the longer you cook it?

    It does! The secret to an incredible beef chuck roast recipe is to let it cook for long enough. I cook my chuck roast for 6 hours and 20 minutes, and by the time it’s done it’s fall-apart tender with soft carrots and potatoes all cooked in the same pot.

    What is a chuck roast?

    You may also hear chuck roast called chuck eye, chuck roll, and even simply “pot roast”. It’s a beef cut from the shoulder, neck, and upper arm area of the cow, and one of the most inexpensive cuts you can buy. When cooked low and slow, boneless beef chuck roast becomes so tender you can shred it using a fork.

    Eye Of Round Roast Cooking Time: How Long Should You Roast An Eye Of Round

    For a 2-1/2 lb medium-rare roast, roast for 15 minutes at 450°F. Then reduce the oven temperature to 325°F and cook for approximately 70 minutes until the roast reaches medium-rare . For more guidance with respect to different weights of beef and more doneness, .

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    How To Make Pot Roast Gravy

    Turn the sauce into a great pot roast gravy in only 3 steps!

  • Whisk two tablespoons of corn starch in cold water until smooth .
  • Remove beef and veggies the broth and bring to a simmer. You should have about two cups, add more beef broth if needed.
  • Whisk the slurry into the simmering broth until thickened.
  • How To Make The Roast Beef

    Saturday Afternoon Oven Pot Roast Recipe
  • Preheat the oven to 425 F .
  • Drizzle the beef with a little olive oil, then season all over with salt, pepper and thyme.
  • Heat a cast iron skillet over high heat, and sear the beef on all sides until browned, but not burnedabout 3-4 minutes per side.
  • Put the vegetables and bay leaves in the bottom of a roasting dish. Drizzle with olive oil and place the roast on top.
  • Place the roast in the oven and bake for about 15 minutes, then reduce the heat to 375 F . Roast for about 13-15 minutes per pound for rare, 17-19 minutes for medium, and 22-25 for cooked through. Check the meat with a thermometer to make sure it is the temperature you want it–145°F for medium rare, 160°F for medium.
  • When the beef is cooked, remove it from the oven and allow it to rest on a board, covered with foil and a kitchen towel, for about 15 – 30 minutes.
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    Why We Love Beef Tenderloin

    So, what cut is a beef tenderloin roast, and why is it so special? Beef tenderloin comes from the loinunder the backbone and tucked between the rib and sirloin. Since this area doesn’t get much of a workout, the meat is the most tender cut of beef available. Because it’s lean and boneless, it’s a cinch to work with. Thanks to being lean and boneless, it’s a cinch to work with. Plan on four servings per pound. For a smaller roast, ask for a center-cut roast.

    Beef tenderloin is indeed expensive. Yet the beautiful cut of meat pays you back with the confidence you’ll gain when cooking for special occasions. When served a juicy medium-rare or medium, this cut never fails to impress beef lovers. Think of a roasted beef tenderloin as your entertaining go-to when only the best will do.

    Saut Onions And Garlic

    Add sliced onions to the pot and cook until golden brown, stirring occasionally. As the onions sweat, they should release some moisture enough to deglaze the brown bits, but if not , add a few splashes of broth and scrape those brown bits to deglaze.

    Then, stir in minced garlic and cook until fragrant, about 1-2 minutes.

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    How Long To Cook 1kg Roast Beef

    The weight of the selected piece of meat greatly affects the cooking time of roast beef. The optimal size is 500 grams. By choosing this weight, you can be sure that the meat will fry evenly. However, many prefer to choose more voluminous pieces of meat for roast beef.

    In this case, you need to be especially attentive to the cooking time. If you take 1 kg of meat, then it should spend at least 1.5 hours in the oven.

    Pot Roast Baked In The Oven Until Fall Apart Tender With Carrots Mouthwatering Gravy With Hardly Any Hands

    Easy Dutch Oven Pot Roast Recipe

    This Baked Pot Roast comes from my Moms oven roasting technique and is crazy juicy, melt in your mouth tender every. single. time. Ive gone the extra step and now its seasoned to PERFECTION. AKA it is the best roast Ive ever had!

    Pot roast and all of its variations are some of the most comforting, hearty food on the planet! If you love roast, dont miss Crockpot Pot Roast, Mississippi Pot Roast, and Beef Tips and Gravy.

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    Prepare The Meat For Roasting

    Preheat the oven to the temperature dictated by your beef cut unless the chart specifies otherwise, roast at 325°F. You can choose to simply season your beef with just a sprinkle of salt and pepper or rub all over with olive oil and apply an herb or spice rub.

    Place the meat, fat side up, on a rack in a shallow roasting pan. Roasts with a bone, such as a rib roast, don’t need a rack. Insert an oven-safe thermometer or probe thermometer into the thickest part of the roast, making sure it isn’t touching the fat, bone, or pan. Do not add water or liquid and do not cover the roast. Covering the roast would result in more steaming than roasting in the oven so we cook a beef roast uncovered.

    Test Kitchen Tip: A roasting pan is a shallow pan specifically designed for roasting. It has a rack, which keeps the meat above the juices and allows the heat to circulate around the meat. Ideally, the roasting pan sides should be 2 to 3 inches high. If you don’t have a roasting pan, place an oven-safe wire rack inside a 13×9-inch baking pan.

    What Is The Most Tender Juicy Roast

    A four-pound chuck roast is just about the perfect cut for this recipe. Since the chuck roast cut comes from the hard-working shoulder of a cow, it can be pretty chewy, especially if you cook it quickly over high heat.

    But when you cook chuck roast low and slow or under pressure, the collagen in the muscle breaks down, creating a rich, juicy tenderness that few other cuts of meat can offer.

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    Can I Freeze Baked Pot Roast

    You can freeze the baked chuck roast without the carrots because they will become mushy when frozen. To freeze:

    • Let chuck roast cool completely.
    • Transfer beef to an air-tight container or a heavy-duty freezer bag along with some of the juices . You can also portion into many smaller container/bags.
    • Squeeze out any excess air to prevent freezer burn.
    • Label and freeze for up to 3 months.
    • When ready to eat, thaw pot roast in the refrigerator overnight.
    • Reheat in the slow cooker, microwave or stove.

    The gravy also freezes well. You can either freeze it with the roast instead of the cooking liquid or freeze it separately in an airtight container or freezer bag for up to three months.

    How Long To Cook Roast Beef Per Pound

    Pot roast is slow cooked in an oven bag with gravy and vegetables ...

    To correctly calculate the cooking time of roast beef, you need to weigh the meat. The desired degree of cooking also plays an important role. For a low degree of roasting, you should cook every 500 grams of meat for 40 minutes.

    If you need an average degree of roasting, cook the same amount of meat for 50 minutes. If you want to get a perfectly roasted roast beef, cook it for at least 60 minutes.

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    Pairing And Serving Ideas

    To serve, transfer the vegetables around a large platter and the meat in the center. As you pull it out, it will fall apart a bit, which is what you want. Spoon all the juice over the meat and vegetables. Or you can do what I did and serve it straight from the Dutch oven pot!

    This Dutch oven pot roast is already a full meal on its own because its got plenty of potatoes and carrots. However, I like to make extra side dishes to go with it, especially when I am hosting.

    Here are a few side dishes I love:

    • Easy Garlic Buttered Noodles
    • Tender and Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits
    • Garlic Herb Dinner Rolls
    • Super Soft Honey Dinner Rolls

    Add Vegetables And Finish Cooking

    After 1.5 hours have passed, remove from the oven and add the carrots and potatoes. The meat will not fall apart at this point yet. If desired, at this point you can add more salt and pepper to taste, but I didnt find it necessary.

    Cover with the lid again, and return to the oven for another 2 hours. And there you have ita delicious and tender Dutch oven pot roast!

    Tip: If you want the meat to be even more tender, cook for another 15-30 minutes in the oven.

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    How To Make The Au Jus

  • Drain the roast drippings from the pan through a mesh sieve into a medium saucepan, keeping out any vegetable pieces or skins. Cook over high heat until it begins to boil, but be careful not to burn it.
  • Pour in the red wine, and allow to cook and reduce for about 5 minutes, stirring often. Add the stock and stir together well, then add the butter and allow to melt. Keep warm and serve over the beef and puddings.
  • How Do You Cook A Beef Roast At Low Temperature

    Roast beef, Simple easy instructions

    Roast Beef at lowest temperature recommended for tenderness. Roasting Beef is a slow process, which means that the meat is cooked slowly over a period of time. This allows the juices to seep out of both the beef and the pan. When the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees, this is the point when the roast is done. If the temperature is too high, there is no need to add any additional fat.

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    How To Choose A Good Eye Of Round Roast

    Ideally, buy your roast from a butcher. And avoid buying meat thats vacuum-packed or covered with cling film. Meat sweats, and it needs air to stay in prime condition and age properly.

    A good piece of beef should be dry to the touch and smell slightly sweet. Unless it has just been cut, the meat should not be colored bright red. Eye of round is a lean cut, so you shouldnt see much visible marbling.

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