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Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

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Crownful 19 Quart Countertop Air Fryer Toaster Oven

TOP 5: Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo 2022

The Crownful 19 QT biggest air fryer is recommended air fryer toaster oven for a big family. The stainless steel cooking chamber of the air fryer is big, measuring 19 QT. In a single batch of frying, one single air fryer can serve the entire family. The air fryer has enough room to hold an entire chicken, turkey, or another big item. Its ideal for preparing big amounts of food, as well as for entertaining guests.

This biggest air fryer uses a revolutionary 360° hot air circulation technology to cook food. Only a small amount of oil is used, if any at all. You may obtain a crispy, crunchy texture similar to the old-fashioned deep-frying method. Youll be able to eat your favorite fried foods and snacks without having to worry about extra calories and fats.

On the front of the air fryer, a clear digital display and a dial allow you to set the time and temperature for your recipes. In addition, it comes 10 preset functions for frying, baking, roasting, toasting, grilling, dehydrating, reheating, and more. With this All-in-One cooking machine, cooking has never been so simple, quick, or handy.

The air fryer comes with 8 attachments that can be used to cook a variety of foods: 1x Rotisserie Shaft, 1x Roasting Basket, 1x Skewer Rack, 1x Removal Tools, 1x Wire Rack, 1x Drip Tray, 1x Crumb Tray, 1x Fry Basket, so that you can make a lot of food at once.

General Specifications:

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

You want big? Well give you big! Sorry, thats not a threat we just get excited about this Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro from Breville. This beast of an air fryer oven comes with 13 cooking functions and the ability to cook a 14-pound turkey, fit a 5-quart Dutch oven, and cook a 12-inch pizza. Youll be using this air fryer oven so much your regular one will undoubtedly get jealous. It comes equipped with a 13-inch pizza pan, two oven racks, a 9 x 13-inch broil rack, an enamel roasting pan, and a mesh basket.

Ensure You Know How To Use The Rotisserie Set And Function

Air fryers with rotisserie mode usually contain the cooking set, but it might not be too easy to use it right from the first try. So if possible, read the manual carefully or check the instruction video on the internet to correctly utilize this set and function.

Still figuring out how to use your air fryer for rotisserie? If so, you should not skip this demonstration.

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What To Look For In A Hybrid Toaster And Air Fryer Oven

Since you’re potentially going all-in on one machine, there are a few functions you want it to perform and perform well. For the purposes of this list, I took four main cooking functions into account: Air fry, broil, bake and toast. These, along with roast, are the oven duties the average home cook will rely on most. While some of these cookers sport dehydrate, proof, pizza and other niche cooking functions, most didn’t, so I stuck to testing functions that were possible across all the hybrid ovens.

Air frying: This trendy term has nothing to do with frying but rather mimics the results of deep-frying using super hot, fast-moving convection air for food that’s crispy outside and moist inside. Having an air fry function was the baseline criteria for consideration on this list. You can air fry lots of things, but chicken wings and french fries are two popular options, so I employed them for testing.

Broiling: I’m a big broiler person, especially for fish but also for things like mac and cheese, certain chicken recipes and anything else I want a crispy crust on top of. I find that ovens differ wildly in broiling ability so I wanted to see which of these ovens did it best.

Baking: Baking can mean a lot of things but when it comes to, let’s say cookies and cupcakes, consistency is key. The sign of an oven that bakes well is simple: Will it hit the temperature you set it to and then stay there consistently throughout the bake?

How To Choose: Convection Toaster Oven Vs Air Fryer

10 Best Air Fryer Toaster Ovens for 2022, According to Reviews

If youre having trouble choosing which type of air fryer to get, heres how wed decide.

Get the Cuisinart oven if:

  • You have room in your kitchen for a larger oven.
  • You have a family or larger household, and/or want to be able to cook larger portions of food at once.
  • You want to make a variety of foods, such as baked goods, toast, frozen pizzas up to 13 inches, or roast chicken as big as 6 pounds.
  • You want the option to adjust the convection fans speed or turn it off completely.
  • You dont want to buy extra accessories to get the most out of your appliance.
  • You dont mind turning your food to achieve even browning while cooking.
  • You like to avoid nonstick coating, which lines the baskets in most pod-shaped air fryers and tends to wear off quickly.
  • You want faster cleanup.

Get a pod-shaped air fryer if:

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Top 10 Of The Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo Reviews 2022

It might not be easy to find the best air fryer toaster oven combo as there are a thousand products out there. But in this post, I will not only show you the all-inclusive review about the best 10 items but also provide you with a full buying guide when it comes to air fryers in general.

Most of you are familiar with regular air fryers that normally come with a detachable basket or drawer, but how does an air fryer toaster oven differ from these normal air fryers? Keep rolling down to understand what and how important they are.

Best Rated Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo

Air fryers are much more than a simply clever marketing gimmick. You dont need to use as much oil while cooking using these gadgets. Equipped with powerful heating elements and a fast fan, hot air is distributed uniformly throughout the cooking chamber, resulting in beautifully browned and crisp food. If you are looking for Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo in 2022, then you are in the right place.

In a Hurry? Check Out Our Top 3 Picks of the Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo.

  • Smart Thermometer
  • 26-Quart Capacity
  • 16 Liters Capacity

A toaster oven and an air fryer are much more than just toast bread using something different from a standard toaster. Reducing the number of appliances is a strategy to free up more space in the kitchen for those who do not have a lot of kitchen space. The combination of several cooking activities in a single potent appliance is called a combo unit. Combination cooking appliances are reviewed today to help you choose the one that fits your price range and cooking requirements. Unless you plan to use all the cooking methods, dont look for the most feature-rich combo device.

We have created a list of the top 10 best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo. As our reviews are completed, we will include a quick buying guide to assist you in making the appropriate air fryer toaster oven purchase. These innovative gadgets will also have the most often asked questions regarding them.

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What To Look For Before Buying The Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

Here are some features that you must consider if you are planning to purchase this multi-functional appliance for your kitchen.


The air fryers unit comes with a compact footprint, while the toaster ovens are quite bulky. When these two combine in a single unit named as air fryer toaster oven combo, it is bulkier than the regular toaster oven and air fryer units.

However, the combo ensures less storage and counter space rather than keeping two appliances separately but are still bigger and takes much space. So, before buying the one, make sure to measure the counter space where you want to keep it.

The air fryer toaster oven combo is available in two sizes- medium and large. So, you may consider the one that easily gets fit to your kitchen countertop.

Also, keep in mind that these are bulkier units that are quite hard to move from one place to another. So, make sure to keep it at such a fixed place where you donât need to haul it around.


The bigger allows more room for larger yield, while the smaller one can be enough for smaller food preparation. So, this can be your choice. If you often prepare food for large families, or even organize frequent parties or gatherings, the one with large capacity is a good deal. Some also allow you to prepare multiple foods at a time having multiple food racks.

Various Cooking Functions

Preset Menus

Extra Accessories


Easy to Use Interface

Geek Chef Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Top 5 Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven 2022 | A Buying Guide

No need to buy separate appliances for air frying, baking, and dehydrating, as this multi-functional appliance from Geek Chef combines all. Thus, it saves more counter space making it absolutely clutter-free and mess-free.

The design includes sturdy stainless steel exterior, glass door with bar handle, non-stick interior, large LED display, and dial controls. All makes it look stylish and appealing with easy to use functionality.

Making various delicious meals is now only one touch away with this smart appliance. Plus, the large capacity of it enables you to cook a large amount of meals in one go. Also, with multiple rack settings, you can cook more than one meal at a time.

No more guesswork in making all your mouth-watering delicacies with the whole perfection. Its convenient seven smart modes allow you to cook a variety of meals easily by just turning the knob. So, you can easily choose Cake/Chicken/Fish/Pizza/Steak/Toast/Wings/Cookie/Defrost/Skewer/Vegetables/French Fries/keep Warm, etc.,for perfect cooking.

The air fryer of this appliance combines AeroCrisp Technology. So, when you air fry the snacks, it always delivers the deep-fried flavor with little to no oil. Also, it ensures the crispiness outside and moist inside of the snacks. It also includes an Express Heat system that allows 30% faster cooking than other air fryer toaster ovens.

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Other Air Fryer Toaster Ovens We Reviewed

The handsome, brushed stainless steel Breville Smart Oven Air commands top dollar, but delivers a state-of-the-art toaster oven and a consistently excellent air fryer. Its large enough that it could truly replace your ovenBreville claims it can roast a 14-pound turkey. It can also proof bread, dehydrate and slow cook.

The digital controls are intuitive to program and theres a bright oven light, but I do have one major quibble. The manual doesnt have any recommendations for what, how much, or how long to cook various foods. This may not be a problem for baking or roasting, but if youre new to air frying, youre on your own for getting started. Also, all of the parts require hand washing.


Best Splurge Air Fryer: Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

by Breville

This option is certainly not the cheapest one $400 minimum. You get what you pay for, though. Foods that go in come out perfect, tasting to me exactly like deep fried foods. The device has toaster oven and baking functionalities in addition to air frying too, so it can replace the need for an oven. Lastly, it looks beautiful. The exterior is made from brushed stainless steel, and a bright oven light inside the fryer provides an attractive glow while its in use.

Other than the price, the only real downside of the Breville Smart Oven is that its parts are not machine washable.

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Pro Breeze Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

If you need an oven air fryer to comfortably make your favorite French fries, Pro Breeze will be your ultimate answer. This unit is a great bargain as it has 12 cooking modes to make your jobs in the kitchen more convenient and cost-saving.

And as it offers 19 accessories, you do not have to buy other tools to prepare healthy meals, from fries to steak. But make sure you are already familiar with using your air fryer to ensure the best cooking performance.

With the high-tech Cyclone technology, it is a good companion to reduce up to 80% oil in your dishes. So no more fat or cholesterol, now you can enjoy all of your favorite treats healthy and tasty.

Key Features:

  • 12-in-1 product with can prepare fries, steak, fish, shrimp, chicken, baking, rotisserie, pizza, dehydrator, frozen foods, or reheat and keep warm your foods
  • Include perfect cooking set for a rotisserie and other accessories
  • 90-minute timer
  • A spacious device with a 12-quart capacity that is enough for making a big meal
  • Cyclone Technology with high-intensity hot air to prepare dishes fast, healthy, and yummy with less than 80% oil


  • Simple and convenient to operate
  • Provide high safety feature with Overheat Protection and auto shut-off or pause system when you open the machines door
  • Dishwasher-proof accessories for hassle-free cleanup
  • Smart display with a bright screen, allowing you to see its modes and functions clearer
  • Come in a great size


Product Specifications:

What Is An Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

10 Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo for your Kitchen

Let me explain it simply by splitting it into two different appliances- An Air Fryer and A Toaster Oven.

We are all now health-conscious. Therefore, a lot of us avoid eating deep-fried foods at all. But what if we get cravings for such types of foods like crispy fries, chicken wings, nuggets, fritters, etc. Here comes a great solution for this- An Air Fryer. With little or no oil, the appliance can make all these for you with perfect crunchiness outside and tenderness inside.

Well, an air fryer is an appliance that works much similar to a countertop convection oven. It actually circulates the hot air around the food kept in a basket. Thus, with a little drip of oil, you will get the perfectly crispy food from outside and juicy inside. The taste of the food remains the same as you cook it using a deep frying method.

Now, the other one is a toaster oven that is used for baking, broiling, toasting, roasting, grilling, heating leftovers, etc. This one smart kitchen appliance is somewhat the same as the large conventional ovens. But these are more functional, energy-efficient and takes less space over the conventional ovens.

So, an air fryer toaster oven is the beautiful combination of both the two appliances in a single one. It let you toast, bake, broil, grill, and even air frying too, and much more. Some more smart models also come with the feature of dehydrating and slow cooking options.

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

This oven is significantly more expensive than our runner-up pick, and we realize the cost may be prohibitive for some people. Heres our advice: If you have high demands for this appliance to be both your air fryer and a great toaster oven, and if you can afford it, we think youll be happiest with the Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro. But if you plan to air fry only every so often, or if you want to spend less money, we think the Cuisinart TOB-260N1s turbo fan speed achieves similar results for far less money. It just may take a bit longer to get your fries extra crispy.

Also, on the Smart Oven Air Fryer Pros super convection fan speed, the fan is noticeably louder than on the slower setting, but its still quieter than a hair dryer, and its not as noisy as some models we tested, like the Ninja DT201 Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fryer Toaster Oven. If you think the noise might bother you, wed recommend getting our runner-up pick, the Cuisinart Chefs Convection Toaster Oven TOB-260N1, which is very quiet on both its high and low settings.

The Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro didnt toast bread quite as evenly as our runner-up pick, but it excelled at cooking just about everything else we prepared in it. We also prefer the Cuisinart TOB-260N1s ceramic pizza stone over the Brevilles nonstick pizza pan, since the coating will wear down over time .

Air Fry : Toaster Ovens

Whether youre making some yummy banana cake or reheating some mini pizzas, a toaster oven is super essential and a must-have in your kitchen. At Target, find a large range of toaster ovens to choose from. A toaster oven lets your bake chicken, broil vegetables, and keep food warm for serving. Look through a variety of toaster ovens with features like time and temperature controls to make cooking fast and easy. Find a collection of convection toaster ovens and countertop ovens made from sturdy stainless steel that will also look attractive on your kitchen counter. Look through a range of air fry ovens that packs a lot of features and cooking capacity in a small countertop footprint. This powerful kitchen appliance lets you create full family-sized meals in no time. Toaster ovens come with features like an easy to read digital display that gives you at-a-glance updates on cooking progress and non-stick interiors that makes for quick and easy clean every time. So go ahead and create all your favorite pies and cakes in a toaster oven that you will love. Browse through a large collection of toaster oven and find the right pick for you.

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