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Best Countertop Convection Microwave Oven 2020

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What Is The Typical Lifespan Of A Microwave How Often Does It Need To Be Replaced

Top 5 Best Countertop Convection Oven

“Let me put it this way: I’ve never seen a broken microwave.” He says, which is impressive considering the constant use a restaurant microwave receives. “They seem to be indestructible.” Typically, microwaves can need replacing if damaged through user error, if they get wet, or if a power surge fries the electronics. Many manufacturers sell replacement parts if, for example, you break the turntable plate. But it seems that many people replace microwaves because they want a different size, or better features, not because their old ones ceased to perform.

Over The Range Microwaves

Over the range microwaves are predominantly 30-inches wide and designed to fit directly above your stove. They serve dual functions, both as an exhaust fan as well as a fully featured microwave. This design saves you space in your kitchen and also provides high quality lights focused on the cooking surface.

Recently, Haier – the parent company of GE and XO and a niche manufacturer from our very own New Jersey – started making 24-inch wide over-the-range microwaves for smaller urban kitchens. You can check them out at HMV1472bhs and XOOTR24BS.

Over-the-range microwaves are slightly more expensive than even the best countertop microwaves, but come with lots of powerful features. As an example, we reviewed the budget friendly GE JVM3160RFSS in detail in the next section.

You may want to opt for a professional installation as it gets tricky to secure the microwave to the adjacent cabinets. Make sure that you read the manufacturers’ recommendation for the acceptable distance from the cooking surface to the bottom of the microwave in order to prevent a fire hazard. It’s important to note that the fire safety distance varies depending on your type of cooktop, for instance whether it is electric vs. gas.

Microwave Venting OptionsMicrowave Grease Filters

Pick An Integrated Oven To Make Bread

As when it comes to pizza, home-made bread production has actually come to be incredibly popular in the last few years: a house device such as a bread machine has actually seen a real boom in sales. over the past decade is proof for this

Those who have the time and delight to prepare bread in person, instead of turning over all the stages to the device, may simply require to utilize a household stove as well as perhaps a worldly mixer, if making the dough too worn out. To cook scrumptious bread, you need a toaster:

It permits both air flow and fixed cooking: depending upon the size of the furnace, one might offer much better results than the various other, however, you need to experiment a bit.

280-300 ° C: even when the bread is typically baked at 220 ° C, pre-heating should take place at maximum temperature.

It interests note that the heater can likewise be used during the dough stage, to considerably reduce its duration: some ovens, as we have actually seen, have special function details to yeast., however, it is usually adequate to heat the oven to a temperature not going beyond 50 ° C and also bake the dough. The heater can be transformed off and also the dough removed when the desired quantity is reached

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What About A Super

If youre looking for a compact microwave, or if you just want the most inexpensive option, you can pick from about a dozen Midea-made models that are all the same size and wattage. However, this style of oven may pose a small but concerning fire risk that you should know about before you decide to buy one.

Through most of 2020 we recommended the 0.7 cubic foot, 700-watt Amazon Basics Microwave for people who wanted a very cheap, small oven. Its performance was indistinguishable from the other Midea-made models at this size that we tried . But the Amazon stands out a bit from the pack of clones because its usually one of the cheapest microwaves anywhere, its almost always in stock, and its one of the few compact models with a door handle instead of a push button.

However, in September 2020, reporting by CNN uncovered a possible design flaw in the Amazon Basics that may lead it to catch fire. CNN found that more than 150 reviews about the Amazon Basics microwave describe safety concerns including flames and smoke.

As weve written, most microwave fires are the result of overcooked food, and we suspect thats at the root of most incidents in these Amazon reviews, too. For example, several reviews mention bags of popcorn catching on fire, probably because part of the packaging got stuck near the wave emitter .

If you do decide to buy the Amazon Basics Microwave, heres what you should know :

Most Microwaves Come From The Same Factory

12 Best Microwaves of 2020, From Countertop to Convection

We found evidence that most countertop microwaves sold in the US are manufactured by just one company, Midea. We confirmed with Midea that it makes and sells Toshiba, Comfee, and Black+Decker ovens. Were also confident that GE, Whirlpool, Sharp, Breville, Insignia, Magic Chef, Hamilton Beach, and others also sell microwaves that were originally built and probably designed in large part by Midea, though all parties that we contacted declined to comment. But heres why we think Midea is the original manufacturer.

The first clue is that at a given capacity, there are usually at least four different models with the same wattage and dimensions. They have identical contours inside the oven and identical patterns in their ventilation grates, too. They sometimes have the same FCC ID . And some of them say plainly on the rear label that theyre manufactured by Midea.

Import records also confirm that Midea supplies microwaves to those brands.

We took the covers off of some microwaves , and the similarities were even more striking: Many of them use the same magnetron , transformer, and capacitor. We usually found a Midea logo printed on the interior-facing side of the control panel, too.

Some brand representatives we spoke with said generally that they work with a factory partner, though none would confirm a relationship with Midea specifically.

GE told us that its also involved in some of the aspects of the design and does additional quality-control testing.

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Can You Put A Countertop Microwave In A Cabinet

Countertop microwaves are not designed to be kept in enclosed spaces, such as a cabinet. Doing so may block the air vents located on the sides, top, or back of a microwave which creates a safety and fire hazard. Blocking the vents may cause a microwave to overheat or malfunction.

If you have enough clearance so that the vents are 3 inches from cabinet walls, it can be done.

If you want to save counter space, your next best option is to look into having an over the range mounted microwave or drawer microwave added to your kitchen.

The Most Important Factors To Consider

  • Size and StyleThink about where youre planning on storing your microwave. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the available counter space, you may want to consider a built-in or an over-the-range model rather than a traditional countertop microwave. While built-ins and over-the-range microwaves can be more expensive, their space-saving designs can outweigh the initial upfront cost. But youll also want to think about the internal capacity which is always referenced in cubic feet. Microwaves can be as small as 0.6 cubic feet to even larger than 2.2 cubic feet. If youre shopping for a family or use your microwave to cook dishes, then looking for a larger capacity that can accommodate casserole dishes or even a turkey is a good idea. Alternatively, you might want to look into a speed cooking microwave or convection vs inverter microwave for a unit that cooks big meals thoroughly.
  • Control PanelSince convection microwave ovens are more powerful and efficient, its not uncommon to see these models come with more robust features. Still, consider how easily you can operate the control panel by looking for key features like a digital timer and a touchpad. For serious microwave cooks, also look for key features like power levels, sensor cooking technology, or auto-cook presets.
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    Benefits Of Countertop Convection Microwave Oven

    If you never used a countertop convection microwave oven, you might wonder what are the main advantages of such a product. Rest assured knowing that you have plenty of reasons to invest in such an oven. You will not regret getting one as soon as you discover some of its useful benefits.

    Your food cooks faster

    Sometimes, time can be a real problem and not an unlimited resource. A countertop convection microwave oven helps you cook the dishes you want in just a matter of minutes. Some will take longer than others according to the complexity of the dish. But ultimately, everything you cook in such an oven will take less time that it would by using any other oven.

    You save space and money on the long run

    Most microwave ovens come with several functions. You can cook your food in different ways, defrost it, keep it worm and other similar tasks. Therefore, you will not have to use several devices when you can get by with just one of these ovens. All you have to do is plug it in and set it up to accommodate the type of food you are making. A microwave oven shouldnt take too much space in your kitchen either. These devices tend to be efficient on top of the fact that they are very functional.

    Healthier food

    How Is A Convection Microwave Better Than A Standard Microwave

    Best Convection Oven 2020 Top 5

    1. Cooks faster

    The inbuilt fan forces a steady flow of hot air over your food rather than merely creating a hot ambience around it. This leads to faster cooking in a convection mode.

    2. Energy efficient

    Owing to almost 25% faster cooking times, a convection microwave, as compared to other types of microwaves, uses less energy compare to a standard microwave.

    3. No hot spots

    Standard microwaves can have uneven temperature distribution inside the cooking cavity. Convection fans on the other hand eliminate such differences and ensure uniform heat distribution.

    4. Roasts better

    Most convection microwaves are equipped with an exhaust mechanism. This feature eliminates excess humidity inside the cooking cavity and hence creates a dry cooking space inside the cavity. This in turn leads to better browning of meat thatâs still juicy on the inside.

    So, if your current microwave deprives you of any of the above mentioned benefits, itâs about time you experience them with our top picks. Weâve listed our top 10 best Convection Microwaves that are worth every penny theyâre available for.

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    Best Small Microwave: Toshiba Em925a5a

    At a price point around $129, this small Toshiba EM925A5A microwave is a great buy. Its 0.9 cu. ft. footprint means that it can fit on almost every countertop. Its 900 Watt cooking power, though lower than some of the others on this list, is adequate for most small families. It comes with 6 essential preset buttons for your convenience, meaning your perfectly cooked popcorn is just a touch away.

    An exciting feature of this small microwave is that you can turn the indicator sounds off. This simple feature becomes helpful if your kids are sleeping, and you dont want the beeping to wake them up. Another great feature of this microwave is its Energy-saving Eco Mode, which allows you to dim the lights when not in use and save up to 50% of power consumption.

    Toshiba deliberately keeps this microwave simple and limits its features and functions to the very basics to keep the cost low and the product virtually maintenance-free. The company offers slightly larger, more powerful, and feature-rich versions of this product at a nominally higher step up the pricing ladder. Toshiba provides this microwave in two colors Stainless Steel and Black Stainless Steel.

    Its compact size is perfect for small spaces, like studio apartments, RVs, offices, dorm rooms, and vacation rentals. This Toshiba microwave is well packaged to endure the travel from an online store, so you can rest assured that it will be in perfect condition when you pull it out of the box.

    Microwave Safety Care And Maintenance

    Every year we hear from a few of our readers who tell us that the microwave they bought based on our advice caught fire for an unexplained reason. We looked into it, and the gist of it is that microwaves are a lot less likely to catch fire than other cooking appliancesand when they do, its usually because something got overcooked, or there was something in the microwave that shouldnt have been there.

    If you have lingering suspicions about microwave radiation, theres really nothing to worry aboutits safe for your family and your food. Schiffmann explained that microwaves are exceptionally weak compared with visible light . The doors are designed so that microwaves rarely ever leak, and even when they do, the total energy that could escape over the lifetime of your oven is equivalent to a single Christmas tree light, Schiffmann said. The personal safety risks are minute , and microwaving wont destroy the nutrients in your food to any greater degree than other types of cooking, either.

    If youre planning to keep your microwave on a shelf or in a cabinet cutout, check the installation guidelines first. Some models recommend leaving huge gaps8 to 12 inchesaround the rear and top of the machine.

    Dont run your microwave empty. Without food to absorb the microwaves, some of them will travel back up the waveguide to the magnetron and start to overheat itthough magnetrons generally have a thermal cutoff switch that kills the power when it gets too hot.

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    How To Choose The Best Countertop Microwave Ovens

    In best countertop microwave ovens, prior understanding of the product is always important. Other performance-related factors may be included in these findings. For this reason, we recommend that you evaluate the product’s price to its value before making a decision.

    Only you can avoid wasting your important time by performing thorough research and comparisons. To help you save time, we’ve already done the research and comparisons. With the best countertop microwave ovens, you can get the performance you want in the quickest amount of time feasible, without sacrificing anything.

    What About An Over

    The 8 Best RV Microwave Convection Ovens To Buy In 2020

    An over-the-range microwave is a microwave and a range hood combined into one appliance, installed over your stove. We cover OTR microwaves more thoroughly in another guide. But below we offer a few brief notes.

    Also great

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $400.

    Our OTR pick is the GE JVM6175 because it has most of the control features we like to see, it heats evenly, and the installation is a little easier than that of other models weve hooked up. We also like the Whirlpool WMH31017HS, which is missing some of the express controls that owners tend to appreciate, but it has a quieter ventilation fan.

    If youre trying to decide whether you should install an over-the-range microwave, or get some other type of microwave plus a range hood, you can pick whichever option makes more sense for your space. But if you often use most of your stove-top burners, youll run into two problems with an OTR microwave: First, the microwave handle can get uncomfortably hot to the touch from all the heat radiating upward. Second, the modest vent fan in the OTR microwave may not be able to keep up with the volume of polluted air coming off of a busy stovetop, especially if youre cooking at high heatyoull want a stronger range hood to keep your kitchen smoke-free.

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    Farberware Fmo10ahdbkc 10 Cu Ft 1000

    Farberware offers you a great countertop microwave oven with convection that you can use for a variety of meals. With a more classic look, this microwave will be ideal for any type of background. The cooking capacity of this oven is a generous 1 cubic foot so you can count on it even for large dishes.

    This microwave oven comes in a universal black shade. Even if you cant choose from other colors, you will find this to work with almost any type of background. Both the exterior and interior of this oven are made of stainless steel. Plus, you will be impressed by the 11 programs you can use when you are cooking.

    With this oven you can prepare any type of food you have in your mind. The air fry technology allows you to enjoy the tasty fried foods without the extra calories. You will not have to use oil which will work in the benefit of your health. You get to use five different temperature controls in order to keep food worm or cook it slowly.


    • It doesnt come in different designs
    • Less features than other similar products

    Length And Contour Of The Best Microwave Convection Oven Combo Countertop Handles

    The best microwave convection oven combo countertop is a tool used for driving nails, screws, and bolts into the ground. It can be used by carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters.

    The most common size of the best microwave convection oven combo countertop handle is 14 to 18 inches long, and it’s available in either straight or curved shapes. A straight handle has a flat surface, while the curved handles have a concave surface. The length of the best microwave convection oven combo countertop handle determines its use as it varies from one area to another.

    The most popular best microwave convection oven combo countertop handle is the 14-inch straight handle. This shape is easy to grip and use. It has a good balance between power and control. The curved handle has a better grip, but it also feels more comfortable to use in hand.

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