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Best Outdoor Pizza Oven 2021

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Whats The Best Type Of Outdoor Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven: Best Outdoor Pizza Oven 2021 (Buying Guide)

That depends on how you plan to use your outdoor pizza oven! If its just an occasional pizza adventure, adding a grill attachment may be the most practical choice. However, if youre the host of every family gathering and typically feed a small army, investing in a large-format wood-burning pizza oven probably makes the most sense.

Taste of Home writer Camryn Rabideau contributed to this article.

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens 202: Tested And Rated

The best pizza ovens for making pies in your backyard

tâs easy to see why people are shelling out dough on the best outdoor pizza ovens: They’re compact, relatively portable, easy to set up and use, and, because they can reach temperatures upwards of 900 degrees Fahrenheit, they can turn out delicious pies in minutes.

Plus, theyâre affordable. Most outdoor pizza ovens will set you back a couple hundred bucks, a small investment compared to the old days of building tricked-out backyard brick ovens. Lastly, little more than a table and a propane tank or some wood are needed to get many of them up and running.

Interested in tossing some money at an outdoor pizza oven? Letâs slice and dice through the best models that we’ve tested.

The Configuration: Portable Built

Each type offers its own benefitslet’s talk them through.

Portable: You used to need a heavy-duty pizza oven to get the high temperatures required for the perfect pizza. However, new improvements in burner performance and insulation materials have led to more affordable, lighter weight, and smaller models, with Ooni being the market leader. Now you can get a pretty darn good pizza oven for under $499. Being able to put it away is a huge benefit. Theres also next to zero maintenance required.

Built-in: A permanent fixture of your outdoor kitchen, high-end investments are incorporated into a brick structure. A built-in pizza oven lends your set-up an air of luxury and professionalism. Since they are permanent, though, its important to plan your build carefully. You want your pizza oven situated out of the wind, so it’s able to maintain the right heat.

Freestanding: These are also on the high-end side of the spectrum, and are as decorative as they are functional. Freestanding pizza ovens can be a bit more of an up-front investment, but they also can help add value to your home and appeal to your backyard landscape. And while they are large and heavy, theyre not permanent fixturesthey’re on casters, so you can wheel them around and out of the wind when you need to.

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Outdoor Pizza Oven Buying Guide

Choosing the best outdoor pizza oven is easier than you might think, with a fairly limited number of special features to look for. Pizza ovens are simple devices and are carried by their raw performance, which is mostly evident in the construction and materials than anything else. The better materials its made of, and the better its put together, the better the oven.

Best Budget Stoke Gas Powered Pizza Oven

The 10 Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens For 2021

The Stoke pizza oven is an affordable lightweight pizza oven that is easy to use right out of the box.

The overall setup was very easy. You need to screw in the temperature gauge and the burner in the back with the three screws included. Then slide in the pizza stone, hook up the gas, and you are ready to go. It took about 5 minutes to assemble.

The Stoke Pizza oven also comes with a nice pizza peel and cutter, which are always a much-welcomed accessory. Stoke also included a pizza kit with sauce, pepperonis, pesto, and a dough kit. Im not sure if thats just a promotion they have going on, but a nice touch to the overall experience.

It also came with a cover. A lot of value for the price if you ask me.

Weighing in at 34.7 lbs, it is small and compact, and manageable to transport with its folding legs.

The cooking space, which is 13 inches, seemed wide enough for most pizzas, and I was able to slide my pizza in and out with no problems.

You can upgrade to a 16 model for a little extra.

With only one burner in the very back, the pizza cooking was slightly uneven, given the hottest point was in the very back. A Lot of ovens with back burners have a dome feature where the flame rolls forward for more even cooking, but with Stoke, that is not the case.

The flame seems to shoot straight up, leaving all the heat in the very back.

I rotated the pizza several times to ensure the whole thing was cooked evenly.

What we like:

What we dont like:

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Best Pizza Ovens Of 2022

Want to make delicious pizza at home? We researched the most popular models on the market before choosing 12 of the best to test side-by-side. Our team of culinary experts designed tests to uncover the nuanced differences between each of these models. We then backed up that objective information with real-world cooking experience, from setting up to dinner time and everything in between. From propane powerhouses to more traditional wood-fired ovens and even a few indoor options our comprehensive review will help you find the best pizza oven to match your needs and budget.

Homemade pizza is a creative and delicious meal, made even better by a high-quality and high-heat oven. But an oven is only one part of the pizza-making process. Tools like a garlic press, pizza cutter, and rolling pin are essential. And, if you are interested in outfitting a complete outdoor kitchen, you may find a solid grill, iron cookware, and a host of other appliances will come in handy to round out your chef’s paradise.

Editor’s Note: This review was updated on February 14th, 2022, to share more detail on our extensive pizza oven testing and rating process. Additional updates to each individual gear review were made to flesh out product comparisons.

There’s An Outdoor Pizza Oven For Every Style And Budgetand They All Leave You With The Crispiest Crusts You Might Just Think You’ve Moved To Italy

Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. Ratings and prices are accurate and items are in stock as of time of publication.

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Make every day a pizza party day! Adding an outdoor pizza oven to your backyard oasis instantly upgrades parties and weeknight meals. If youre ordering pizza more than a few times a month, it might be time to invest in a pizza oven instead of delivery fees.

Pizza ovens reach higher temperatures in far less time than typical ovens. Its that high heat that lands you the crispiest pizza crusts on easy pizza recipes that end up looking like straight from the pizzeria. A patio pizza oven can also make scores of other dishes from roasted veggies and bread to fish and meat and everything in between. Your best outdoor grill is getting a run for its money.

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Check The Weight Of Your Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens particularly clay or brick ovens can be VERY heavy and tricky to manoeuvre without equipment or a team of helpers. Its always worth looking at the weight before you order, and check that if it is a beast, that the supplier will move it into position for you.

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Alternatively, pick a design on wheels that you can move around the garden.

Bakerstone Original Box Kit Pizza Oven

Top 5 BEST Pizza Ovens of [2021]


Most people love the versatility of a grill, and while pizza ovens can bake other foods besides pizza, they can take up space and arenât entirely necessary â especially if you purchase the BakerStone Original Box Kit Pizza Oven. This box converts most charcoal, pellet, and the best gas grills into a pizza oven.

It basically raises the temperature of the grill so that the oven box reaches temperatures of 600-800 degrees, which allows you to cook a gourmet pizza in two to four minutes. Since itâs a compact box, you can easily take it camping or on vacation, and it wonât require any additional clean up beyond that which is required of the grill itself.

The kit also includes a wooden pizza peel and metal pizza turner so you can have a true at-home pizza-making experience. We think it is an affordable way to get a taste of at-home pizza if you don’t have room for a separate pizza oven but do have a good grill to put into greater service.

We are currently testing this pizza oven to update this review.

The Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven is gas-powered. It runs on a propane tank, and takes just 15 minutes to heat up. You can control the heat with ease using the control dial at the back of the oven, and because it’s gas-powered, you can be confident that your oven won’t lose heat after prolonged use.

We are currently testing this oven and will update our review when finished.

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Most Convenient: Ooni Koda

Attention, campers and tailgaters: the portable, gas-fueled Ooni Koda is a great choice for you. It has been well reviewed everywhere, and received quality feedback on all its features. Its built-in gas ignition also makes it exceptionally easy to use. As mentioned above, all of Ooni’s pizza ovens have its light but highly effective patented insulation.

How Does A Pizza Oven Work

Pizza ovens are built differently than conventional home and restaurant ovens. They are typically compact, with a stone base and a domed roof. The stone base retains heat to help cook the bottom of the pizza easily, while the tight domed roof conducts heat over and around the top of the pizza to promote even cooking. The design of a pizza oven is meant to retain and optimize as much heat as possible, which makes it cook at temperatures much hotter than conventional ovens.

While some pizza ovens may have a removable door on the front to help retain heat, many do not. Pizza ovens are able to maintain their high temperatures by keeping the front opening relatively small. The high oven temperature makes it possible to cook multiple pizzas in quick succession without losing much heat between pizzas.

Pizza ovens are heated in a variety of ways, including propane gas, wood, charcoal-fired, or electric. Most pizza ovens built for home use are made for the outdoors because its generally safer to use higher-heat equipment outside.

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Best Pizza Ovens 202: Indoor And Outdoor Ovens

Looking for the best pizza oven to light up your yard? Take a look at our top picks from Breville, Gozney, and Ooni for that perfect pizza pie

While they may be a little out of season, the best pizza ovens always sell out as soon as summer hits. Pair that with the wait time on some of our top ovens from Ooni and Gozney, and you’ll be glad that you started your research now.

Many of the best pizza ovens come with different fuel modes to choose between, and while it’s traditional to opt for a wood-fired pizza oven to make your Neapolitan, we’re partial to a gas pizza oven for the convenient controls on offer. We have also included an indoor pizza oven from Breville in our guide, which can be plugged in whether you’re in the kitchen or outside on the porch.

While we’ve not tried all of the best pizza ovens in our guide, we have included some of our Homes & Gardens-approved models. When reviewing them we made tasty margaritas, and tested for how evenly the pizza stone heated, and how long it took to hit the higher temperatures. For more outdoor essentials, take a look at the best grills and best gas grills.

Top 8 Propane Pizza Ovens

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens For 2021

While some people might consider buying a pizza oven a luxury, it can actually be a wise investment! Outdoor pizza ovens are amazing appliances that can cook a lot more than pizza. These ovens reach high temperatures and can accomplish some serious cooking in no time.

Whether youre making delicious pizza, roasting fish, or cooking vegetables, outdoor pizza ovens can do it all. In this article, though, were going to focus on all the amazing things you can do with an outdoor propane pizza oven.

Lets take a look at what makes these ovens so great, and our top picks for the best propane pizza oven.

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Kettlepizza Pizza Oven For Charcoal Grills

Whether youre low on space or just love the efficiency of a grill accessory that seamlessly turns it into a pizza oven, this KettlePizza device is definitely a genius consideration for charcoal grill users. Its a stainless steel insert that transforms ordinary charcoal grills into a grill-top outdoor pizza oven almost instantly. It just plops on a grill grate and then seamlessly maintains and circulates heat from a combination of charcoal and wood fuel sources. Crispy pizzas are ready in five minutes or less.

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens Reviews For 2022

What We Liked

  • Lightweight: Minimalist construction keeps this pizza ovens weight down, making it easy to transport, especially combined with its fairly compact size.
  • Wood Pellets: Use of wood pellets for heating adds a lot to the flavor of the pizza made with this pizza oven, giving it superior taste compared to gas-fueled pizza ovens. It also makes this model cheaper and easier to fuel in the long term, particularly if youre already buying wood pellets for something like a wood pellet grill smoker.
  • Fast Heating: Insulated design and excellent air flow combine to create a very fast heating pizza oven, reaching temperatures above 950 degrees Fahrenheit in under 15 minutes.
  • Fast Cooking: Due to the ultra-high heat design, this pizza oven can make delicious, fully-cooked 12-inch pizzas in under 60 seconds. Combined with the fast heating above, this pizza oven is perfect for making quick dinners on the fly, instead of needing to make your pizza night a meticulously planned activity.
  • Very Affordable: The Fyra 12 comes in at an extremely good price for the quality of this pizza oven, providing excellent performance compared to similarly priced models it only falls short of larger or more powerful variants from the same brand.

What We Didnt Like

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How Hot Does A Pizza Oven Get

Some pizza ovens claim to reach temperatures of over 900 F. These ovens are typically gas-fired, although some wood-fired ovens can also reach very high temperatures. Most outdoor pizza ovens heat up to temperatures from 700 to 800 F, while most indoor electric pizza ovens heat up to temperatures from 600 to 750 F.

Why A Propane Pizza Oven

6 Best Pizza Ovens in 2022

Like a wood fired pizza oven, pizza ovens that use propane should be used outdoors. Out of all the types of outdoor pizza ovens out there, these are the easiest to operate with the gas allowing it to heat to cooking temperature quicker than wood. The lack of ash and smoke it produces also makes them incredibly easy to clean. If youre looking for the best outdoor pizza oven, a propane oven is a great choice!

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Most Flexible: Kalamazoo Pizza Oven

Another high-end option, the Kalamazoo pizza oven ranks among the best with its luxury finishes and quick heating time. It cranks up to around 800 degrees F in about 20 minutesaround the same time as a regular kitchen oven, and much faster than its wood-fired competitors. Yetbonusyou can add cedar to its interior to get that signature smoky flavor. Another smart detail: The back of this pizza oven is designed to be naturally hotter than the front, so you can adjust your food to cook to perfection. This model can also function as a regular oven simply replace the pizza stone with a cast-iron skillet or a sheet pan.

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens : Tested And Rated

administrator 21 November 2021Teknologi

Outdoor pizza ovens are hot right now and we dont just mean because some can reach temperatures upwards of 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its easy to see why people are shelling out dough on the best outdoor pizza ovens: These models are compact, relatively portable, easy to set up and use, and surprisingly powerful . Plus, theyre affordable. Most will set you back a couple hundred bucks, a small investment compared to the old days of building tricked-out backyard brick ovens. Lastly, little more than a table and a propane tank are needed to get many of them up and running.

Interested in tossing some money at an outdoor pizza oven? Lets slice and dice through the best models.

Daftar Isi

  • Other equipment youll need to make pizzas
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    How We Tested Pizza Ovens

    We tested a range of portable, freestanding and barbecue-top pizza ovens. We included gas- and wood-fired pizza ovens, plus outdoor cooking gadgets that double up as pizza ovens, including wood burners and stoves.

    We used our basic pizza dough recipe to test the ovens and used manufacturers instructions around fuel. We received boxed pizza ovens and built them using instruction manuals. We also checked the size of the pizza oven cavity to see if there was any extra space for addition pieces of cookware or food, like roasting tins and cast iron skillets.

    Our reviews experts tested 25 pizza ovens across budget, mid-range and luxury brands to bring you this list of the ones we’d buy ourselves. Each model was scored against standardised criteria and marked out of five on the following core aspects: overall build quality, performance and cooking results, ease of build, use, safety and value for money. These scores determined the overall star rating of each pizza oven.

    We also made notes on the following criteria:

    • Fuel source and ease of use: How easy is it to get cooking? Is the fuel source easy to add and efficient? We looked for ovens that were intuitive to use, scoring accessories, too.
    • Storage and handling: How easy is it to move ovens claiming to be portable? How quickly do the ovens cool down and are they safe to handle?

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