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Best Outdoor Pizza Oven For Home

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Change Moore Outdoor Pizza Oven

Best Outdoor Pizza Oven for Home

Change Moore Outdoor Pizza Oven

The Change Moore outdoor pizza oven is another great option for anyone looking to have fun in their own yard! This model is user-friendly, and stacked with features that make it work effectively.

The bottom of the oven is insulated with ceramic fiber insulation, making the heat retention twice as effective! It also comes with a .06 inch pizza stone. The thickness of the stone helps with the heat retention, so you get that perfect crispy char on your pizza.

It heats and cooks your pizza quickly, is easy to travel with, easy to clean, and easy to use! What more could you want in your wood fired outdoor pizza oven?

Best Outdoor Pizza Oven 202: Why Is It Better Than A Regular Oven

Melty. Gooey. Irresistible. The best pizza is the one that just came out of the oven. When you have a pizza oven at home, you can turn them out every night. It’s a home-cooking trend manufacturers are catching onto. There are more options than ever on the market, and they’re becoming simpler to use all the time.

Today’s pizza ovens are maintenance-free, start with a click of a button, and perform every bit as well as a professional pizzeria’s. They’re available in a range of sizes and configurations, from compact and portable to large and built-in, as well as different fuel types.

You might be wondering, What can a pizza oven do for me that the oven I already have in my kitchen can’t? For starters, pizza ovens are specially designed to get the crust extra crispy without burning the toppings. They heat to nearly twice as hot: 800 and 950 degrees F, compared with traditional kitchen wall ovens or gas ranges that hover between 350 and 475 degrees F. So, the peak temperature diffence between a regular oven and a pizza oven separates the family hero from the rest.

Even if youre not planning on tossing your own homemade dough into the air anytime soon, these high-performance appliances open up a new whole new world of at-home cooking possibilities: You can slide in naan, thinly sliced potatoes, vegetables, fruit pies, and, yes, even frozen pizzas.

There’s An Outdoor Pizza Oven For Every Style And Budgetand They All Leave You With The Crispiest Crusts You Might Just Think You’ve Moved To Italy

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Make every day a pizza party day! Adding an outdoor pizza oven to your backyard oasis instantly upgrades parties and weeknight meals. If youre ordering pizza more than a few times a month, it might be time to invest in a pizza oven instead of delivery fees.

Pizza ovens reach higher temperatures in far less time than typical ovens. Its that high heat that lands you the crispiest pizza crusts on easy pizza recipes that end up looking like straight from the pizzeria. A patio pizza oven can also make scores of other dishes from roasted veggies and bread to fish and meat and everything in between. Your best outdoor grill is getting a run for its money.

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Cuisinart Alfrescamore Outdoor Pizza Oven

Cuisinart Alfrescamore Outdoor Pizza Oven

This pizza oven will make cooking outdoors easy and fun! It was made with crisp, wood-fired pizza in mind, so even though it uses gas, it gives you that delicious authentic taste!

This portable pizza oven comes with a pizza stone, a pizza peel and a pizza guide! It also has a built in smoker box, so you can get that smoky flavor if you dont want to miss out on authentic taste.

The top of the oven has a handle, so you can easily take this pizza oven with you to a tailgate, a friends house, or enjoy it in your backyard! On top of that, it features a pizza warming tray, simple twist to start button, and a top mount thermometer.

Outdoor Pizza Oven Designs

How to Pick the Best Outdoor Pizza Oven (With Recommendations)

Whats the aesthetic youre going for?

While some homeowners are a sucker for the classic brick oven style Most outdoor pizza ovens today have a modern, European chic feel.

You can certainly go for the traditional style if you prefer! However These methods are generally built from scratch and quite costly.

Contemporary designs are more readily available and cost-effective. This is great if youre looking for a modern outdoor kitchen with pizza oven.

And for the purposes of this article The outdoor pizza ovens were covering fall neatly into this modern aesthetic.

Speaking of brands Lets start the review portion of the article.

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Choosing A Pizza Oven: Gas Wood Or Electric

The pizza ovens that we looked at let you reach back to pizzas Italian roots, achieving temperatures over 900 degrees Fahrenheit to execute pies to the strict requirements of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, on your patio, without having to build or permanently install a brick oven. All of the ovens we looked at are simple in design: a chamber designed to hold a flat, thick pizza stone, usually made of ceramic or a manufactured material that contains the mineral cordierite, designed to hold and distribute the high levels of heat needed to evenly bake a pizza.

We tested ovens that use several types of fuel, mainly wood and gas . Some are multi-fuel, meaning they can be configured to burn either wood or gas, swapping out a special refillable hopper, propane or natural gas burner as desired. And we checked out a single electric model, Brevilles Pizzaiolo.

We had no problem reaching the desired 900-degree-plus temperature with any of the gas or wood-fueled ovens we tested. The choice of gas or wood really comes down to taste and how much time you want to spend fine-tuning your technique and managing your fuel supply.

Gas is more forgiving in that you dont need to add fuel over the course of your baking, and you can adjust the temperature without learning to manage to vent or waiting for fuel to burn down just turn a knob as you would on a stove or grill.

The Process: How I Evaluated Outdoor Pizza Ovens

I used store-bought dough and sauce along with shredded mozzarella for the cheese pizzas. For the dough, I halved 1-pound pieces in order to make smaller pies . After halving the dough, I kneaded it back into a round shape and allowed it to proof on a room-temperature counter for an hour so that it was easier to work and roll out.

I formed each pie on a cornmeal-dusted pizza peel, which helps the pizza slide right into the oven. For the three ovens that could burn charcoal or wood, I opted for a combination of the twojust as with barbecue, burning too much wood can result in a flavor profile dominated by smoke, which masks the ingredients.

I allowed the Gyber and Le Peppe ovens to preheat to temperatures between 600° F and 700° F, a range many consider to be the sweet spot for crisping the crust and melting cheese, without allowing the pie to burn. For the Ooni, I simply followed the directions and allowed the coals and wood to light fully and ash over slightly before cooking. And for the gas-fired BakerStone, I heated the oven until the thermometer needle pointed to the fire icon, indicating it was up to temperature.

As for the aftermath? All four models required a pretty thorough cleanup after cooking, including scraping burnt cheese and cornmeal from the ceramic stone. The wood-burning models need an extra wipe-down, even after youve dumped the residual ash from the fuel basket.

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Diy Outdoor Pizza Oven How To Build An Outdoor Pizza Oven Step By Step

Now that you have seen some great wood-fire pizza models, you must be itching to choose one. However, if you want, you can make an outdoor pizza oven of your own. A DIY outdoor pizza oven is trending these days, and it isnt too hard to build.

This section will try to share how to build an outdoor pizza oven step by step. It will be a stationary or standing oven. So lets see how to do it.

Identify Space

For a permanent oven, first, identify the space. Usually, it will be your backyard. Ensure that the area has adequate ventilation, so its easier to breathe while the burner is running. Allocate at least 1.5m by 1.5m space on the ground.

Prepare Base

Usually, the base is quite thick. Its a good idea to use a concrete slab of at least 100 mm in width. While laying the slab, ensure that it is at least 50mm above the ground level.

You will need about 50kg of sand to fill up the base area. Prepare a frame with wooden planks and compact that with a stamper.

Concrete Layering

Once the sand base is leveled, add concrete and level the surface. Smoothen the top surface with the help of a plank or masonry tool. Once finished, leave the concrete surface to dry for at least 24 hours.

Burner Walls

Once the base has dried, you can start building walls around the area. For this purpose, face bricks are best because they are lighter and much cheaper. Build the walls on three sides. Each wall must have two layers for better heat retention. Build up to 9 blocks high.

Concrete Lintels

Can You Grill In A Pizza Oven

The Best Pizza Ovens

If you want to try grilling in your pizza oven, instead of firing up both your grill and the pizza oven, you can jump right in. Most pizza oven owners set a rack over the hot coals, and use their pizza oven much like a charcoal grill. The heat will make perfect grill marks, and searing the meat makes it juicy and delicious.

If you were contemplating a pizza oven, but were hesitant because it seemed single purpose, rest assured your money will be well spent. Despite their name, pizza ovens are a great tool for cooking a wide range of foods, and can even help you expand your kitchen skills.

Yes you can roast, bake and grill. Read more on what you can cook in an outdoor pizza oven.

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What To Look For When Buying An Outdoor Pizza Oven

Look for pizza ovens that are ready to use, or almost ready to use, and dont require much assembly, says Chef Laura Pauli, of Cucina Testa Rossa. Seek out pizza ovens that are heavily insulated and built with heavy-gauge stainless steel, stone or brick. She suggests opting for, Ovens that can heat up to or over 900°F.

Choosing a fuel source like wood or charcoal imparts authentic pizza-shop flavor, but can be unpredictable and requires a bit more finesse. Gas-fueled pizza ovens will get to 900° with a standard pound propane tank, she says And last about 20 hours without having to put much effort in.

Dont forget the best pizza-making tools to elevate pizza night!

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Vevor Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

VEVOR Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

This pizza oven can reach higher temperatures than others, with a maximum heat of 1000 degrees fahrenheit in just 10-15 minutes! Its ideal for those of you used to cooking with pizza ovens, because it is professional grade.

The Vevor outdoor pizza oven is complete stainless steel, with a stone floor and ceramic insulation that gives you the perfect slice! Its also portable, and can be used to cook other foods.

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Kettlepizza Pizza Oven For Charcoal Grills

Whether youre low on space or just love the efficiency of a grill accessory that seamlessly turns it into a pizza oven, this KettlePizza device is definitely a genius consideration for charcoal grill users. Its a stainless steel insert that transforms ordinary charcoal grills into a grill-top outdoor pizza oven almost instantly. It just plops on a grill grate and then seamlessly maintains and circulates heat from a combination of charcoal and wood fuel sources. Crispy pizzas are ready in five minutes or less.

Alfresco Countertop Pizza Oven

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens 2020

Why youll love it:

This is more if you want a full-sized outdoor oven than something just for pizza. Its a huge investment from Alfresco Grills, but quite good.

What we liked

  • Size: This gives you a huge 30 x 30 x 24 area to use. That totals up to 456 square inches of cooking space, enough for a 14-inch pizza or several other smaller items at once.
  • Construction: The shell is high-quality stainless steel and very durable, which is good because this oven is not at all portable. Its going to be a permanent fixture in your backyard. The ventilation is arranged so as to keep the control panel cool at all times, which is great.
  • Heat: This oven heats up to a massive 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and keeps that heat locked in, while venting enough moisture to crisp the food up nicely.
  • Light: A built-in halogen light lets you see the interior to tell whats cooking and how well, even when youre cooking in the dark .

What we didnt like

Why youll love it:

This is a great camp-oven style pizza oven.

What we liked

What we didnt like

  • Lack of Accessories: This model doesnt come with any of the usual accessories, besides the cordierite pizza stone, meaning youll have to shell out a bit extra for a pizza peel and similar necessary accessories.
  • Heat: This one only heats up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit which besides making the cooking slower, also affects the quality of the food a bit. Not too much, but enough to be noticeable as compared to a better wood-fired model.

Why youll love it:

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Other Equipment Youll Need To Make Pizzas

Pizza Peel

A pizza peel are those long, flat wooden shovels you see that are designed to glide the pizza in and out of the oven . Donât try to make pizza without one. Weâd recommend sticking with the peel that comes with your oven, as theyâre sized correctly for the cooking area.

If you want to get more gear, then you can also pick up a “turning” peel. These are smaller than a traditional peel, and are usually made of a flat, circular piece of metal. Typically, they’re a smaller diameter than the pizza itself, so that you can easily rotate the pizza while it’s still in the oven. It takes some practice to use it properly.

Whether youâre working with a stainless steel or wooden peel, we found that flouring the surface and building the pizza right on the peel, then sliding it into the oven, led to the best results. Youâll also have to use a peel to pull out your pizza and turn it while itâs cooking, because you want a nice, even char. So get comfortable with your peel â itâs your pizzaâs BFF!

Infrared Thermometer

Another thing that might be worth investing in is an infrared or laser thermometer to measure the temperature of your stone youâll want one that can measure temperatures up to 1,000 degrees F if you plan on making Neapolitan-style pies.

Pizza Cutter

Kitchen scale

If you’re planning to make your own dough, you’ll need a kitchen scale to properly weigh out the ingredients. Measuring cups aren’t as accurate, which could throw off the proportions.

Places To Visit To Find Customer Reviews About The Best Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven You Want To Buy

You know how important it is to read customer reviews before you buy anything online. But, sometimes, it can be hard to find them. Here are seven places you can visit to find customer reviews about the best outdoor wood fired pizza oven you want to buy:

1. Amazon

Amazon is, perhaps, the very first place you should look for customer reviews. Not only does it have a huge selection of products, but it also has a ton of user-generated reviews. To find customer reviews on Amazon, simply search for the product you want to buy and then scroll down to the Customer Reviews section.

2. Best Buy

Best Buy is another great place to find customer reviews. Like Amazon, it has a huge selection of products and plenty of user-generated reviews. To find customer reviews on Best Buy, simply search for the product you want to buy and then click on the Reviews tab.

3. Walmart

Walmart is another retailer that has a lot of user-generated reviews. To find customer reviews on Walmart, simply search for the product you want to buy and then scroll down to the Ratings & Reviews section.

4. Target

Target is yet another retailer with a lot of user-generated reviews. To find customer reviews on Target, simply search for the product you want to buy and then click on the Reviews tab.

5. Home Depot

6. Lowes

7. Wayfair

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Ooni Pro Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ooni Pro Outdoor Pizza Oven comes from Ooni. The company has a wide range of outdoor ovens. From the outset, it looks too large for a portable burner. However, its lightweight and has a user-friendly design.

It is a perfect model for outdoor cooking because of its high chimney and stainless steel body. The heat retention is excellent, allowing it to cook a pizza within a minute. It takes up to 20 minutes to reach a maximum of 932 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even though it can reach such high temperatures, it is adequately insulated to not feel the heat while cooking.

There are multiple fuel options, such as wood, charcoal pellets, and gas. The spacious design allows you to cook as large as a 16-inch pizza. Also, it can cook meals such as fish, meat, and veggies, etc.


  • The spacious interior allows you to cook up to 16-inch pizzas
  • Cook multiple small pizzas at the same time


  • The tall chimney gives it a bulky look and also proves challenging to store
  • Takes much longer to reach max temperature as compared to other models

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