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Best Wood Pellets For Pizza Oven

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What Are Wood Pellets

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Wood pellets are a fuel source for wood-fired pizza ovens. They work best with a wood pellet pizza oven.

Unlike wood chunks, pellets are small and condensed. Typically, wood pellets come as a combination of recycled tree materials.

Common tree materials used for wood pellets include wood chips, tree bark, and oak wood. Wood pellets are best-suited for outdoor pizza ovens like Ooni Frya and smokers. Ultimately, theyre great for barbecues and cooking pizza.

Wood pellets are a great fuel source because they alter the flavor of pizza and are a great heat source that can reach high temperatures. Depending on the type of wood, pellets create a smoky flavor or sweet flavor.

Big Horn Outdoors Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

If you are looking for a pizza oven made of the best quality stainless steel, you should choose this product. Despite having a stainless steel body, this pizza oven is extremely strong. It has a compact size that will allow you to prepare extra pizzas in no time.

This is an outdoor pizza oven that can be used for preparing different types of food. The pellet pizza oven can allow you to prepare 12 meals at once. Isnt that great? Whats more, is that you can also heat pizzas within 90 seconds. While this may sound unbelievable, the pellet pizza ovens did make them accurate.

Unlike other pellet ovens, it is pretty easy to use the Big Horn outdoors pellet pizza oven. Once you push the button, the roasting and cooking will start. The pizza oven, however, takes 18 minutes to be heated. Furthermore, the pizza oven has a pretty large size and a compact design that will allow you to prepare food effectively.


  • The product dimensions include 12L*12W, forming a square shape.
  • Despite the large shape, the product has a very compact design.
  • You can prepare pizza within 90 seconds as the oven takes only 18 minutes to heat.
  • Apart from pizzas, you can prepare a wide range of food items such as tarts and pies.
  • The pellet pizza is made using high-quality stainless steel.

Specialized Portable Pizza Ovens

Traditionally when people think about pizza ovens, they think about large ovens made out of stone. While those ovens are lovely, they arent the best suited to smaller households. There are various portable pizza pellet ovens these days that you can use instead of large stone ovens.

These portable pizza ovens make it easier to plan fun backyard or outdoor activities. They are certainly a lot more affordable compared to big stone ovens. Portable pizza ovens allow you to not only make spontaneous pizza party plans. They also allow a person to slowly get into the world of wood-fired pizza ovens without the commitment of getting a large stone oven.

One of the top-rated portable pizza ovens is the Ooni portable pizza oven. These ovens are designed for easy use. They are pretty small and compact as well. This makes them easy to carry to outdoor events such as picnics or camping trips. As a beginner in the pizza-oven realm, you may want to examine these suggestions.

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How To Light A Gas Pizza Oven

One of the benefits of a gas pizza oven is how easy it is to light. Tom Gozney, the founder of Gozney, explains how to do so correctly:

  • Ensure you have the gas burner set up correctly and a gas canister safely attached before twisting the ignition knob to fire up the oven.
  • If your oven doesnt light on your first attempt, its important that you wait a minute or two to allow any gas that was released with the first attempt to dissipate before trying again.
  • Your oven will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to get up to temperature depending on what temperature you need and the weather conditions.
  • The gas-fired Roccbox from Gozney has a built-in thermometer that tells you when the oven is up to temperature. It’s also available as a dual fuel option

    Where To Get Wood Pellets For A Wood

    Wood Pellet Pizza Oven WPPO1 Portable Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza ...

    Wood pellets are standard material for making pizza and any outdoor cooking. You should be able to find wood pellets in any camping or outdoor cooking sections of departmental stores. You can find specialized wood pellets in stores that sell specialized equipment for outdoor cooking.

    Aside from physical stores, you can also order wood pellets online. You can get them from popular websites such as Amazon or eBay. Aside from this, you can also look into buying from manufacturers directly by researching brands and checking their websites.

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    Best Wood For Ooni Pizza Oven And Perfect Homemade Slices

    Posted on Last updated: June 27, 2022

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    If youre a fan of making pizza for the family, then a pizza oven is an essential yard accessory! However, it is easy to underestimate the importance of the best wood when cooking pizza.

    Using the ideal wood in your Ooni pizza oven will guarantee that you get the best taste and the best cook out of your carefully prepared ingredients, resulting in a perfectly cooked pizza with that authentic wood-fired flavor.

    Using the ideal firewood to cook pizza is as vital as choosing fresh ingredients and toppings. And it can make or break a family pizza night!

    The Best Alternative Wood Pellets For Pizza Ovens

    These pure British virgin timber pellets are tried and tested over many years by hundreds of customers. They are the perfect Ooni pizza wood pellet fuel. Manufactured in the UK from guaranteed pure British virgin softwood timber, they are ENplus® Grade 1 Certified, contain no additives, and are a high-quality, clean, low-emission pellets fuel for pizza ovens and stoves.

    Wondering how our alternative pellets will work with your pizza oven? Worried that softwood pellets wont perform well in your pizza oven? Check out our Blog post, and product reviews .

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    Pellet Grill Pizza Oven Accessories To Bring The Heat

    Just putting a pizza stone on the cooking grates of a pellet grill is not going to get the best results when cooking a pizza. I will guarantee you that the pizza stone in the Traeger video above is nowhere near 900 degrees.

    The reason is, as standard, the heat from the pellet fire is being directed around the whole cooking chamber and not focused on that pizza stone. Great to avoid hot spots when cooking a load of burgers across the whole grill etc, but not great for pizza.

    You could potentially remove the grease tray/heat deflector from the pellet grill and just leave in the cooking grates with the pizza stone on top. That would indeed get the pizza stone to a higher temperature, the problem being it would also be pretty dangerous, as you could have embers flying around. So whats the solution?

    Well, you need to focus the heat from the pellet fire onto a pizza stone while at the same time creating a safe environment in which to use the pellet grill. We need an enclosure that contains and focuses the heat and wood smoke flavour around the pizza, just like a traditional wood fire pizza oven, and here are some solutions.

    Unifit Red Stag Pizza Oven

    The Red Stag pizza oven enclosure will fit inside many pellet grills, so check the dimensions above: Image

    If you already own a pellet grill, you can check the internal space of your grill against the dimensions above to see if the Red Stag would fit.

    GMG Pellet Grill Pizza Attachment

    Best Wood For Wood Fired Pizza Oven Cooking

    Big Horn Pellet Fired Backyard Pizza Oven Set-up and Review

    Great food depends on the wood you use when it comes to cooking in your wood-fired pizza oven. Cooking in your pizza oven with hardwood brings other benefits as well every wood fired oven seasons differently over time, just like a cast iron skillet, so each will produce food with subtle differences.

    Basically, your wood burning oven will acquire its own environment and personality, infusing your pizza oven recipes with flavors you can’t find anywhere else.

    Other factors including the quality of your meat, oven temperature, spices used, and any added sauces will impact the final taste of your meal as much as the type of wood used. So, spend time experimenting with different woods in addition to all the other factors.

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    Bear Mountain Premium Bbq Woods 100% All

    Bear Mountain Premium BBQ Woods 100% All-Natural Hardwood Pellets are special. Its considered a gourmet blend because it includes several hardwoods that alter the flavor of meat and pizza. It includes pecan wood pellets and some other unique ones like alder.

    These wood pellets also have unique features. The wood pellets have a low moisture content and dont leave a lot of ash. Additionally, these pellets add smoky and sweet flavors to pizza.


    A gourmet blend of different wood pellets

    Tons of flavor options, including rare pellets like pecan and alder

    Perfect for grills, smokers, and wood-pellet pizza ovens


    More expensive than similar wood pellets

    Wood Pellets For Pizza Oven

    Wood pellets are compacted fuel pellets made from recycled organic material such as oak, tree bark and wood chip, etc. Wood pellets are usually used in outdoor ovens to bring the smokey, stone-baked oven taste to your pizza. Wood pellets are ignited on fire for heating in pizza ovens under controlled temperature. The high temperature inside the wood pellet pizza oven gives the pizza a perfect crust and smoked flavor that cannot be achieved by a regular pizza oven.

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    Best Wood For Pizza Oven Overview

    Really the only type of woods that should be used for any cooking, grill, pizza oven, or otherwise, is pure hardwoods.

    Hardwood burns hotter, longer, offers better flavor, and is way safer than using softwood types of wood. Theres just simply no reason to not use hardwood especially when theres no shortage of great options to choose from.

    You also want to make sure that you arent buying wood or logs that use fillers. We want to use real, pure wood when heating up our pizza oven! If you dont, youll be able to tell the difference in the flavor of your food.

    Camerons Smoking Wood Pellets

    Best Wood Pellets for Pizza Oven

    Camerons Smoking Wood Pellets give off a stylistic smokey taste. Each box of pellets is kiln-dried and created in the domestic and worldwide markets with one of the top-performance pellet kinds.

    The capacity of these wood pellets to ignite fast and completely burn, resulting in an even more fragrant smoke than weve ever experienced, is one of the additional advantages of utilizing them. Theyre ideal for any smoker box, gas grill, interior oven, and outdoor grill.

    Although there is a bit more ashes than we would like from these smoker pellets, they burn slowly and provide a great quantity of smoke. Another feature we loved about these pellets is that theyre simple to light and dont need to be presoaked before usage. Theyre also available in quart containers, which are convenient to keep and utilize.


    • They produce quite a bit of ash

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    Why Wood Matters In Pizza Oven

    There are various kinds of wood pellets available on the market, each with different specifications and use. Every type of wood burns at different temperatures and exhibits different properties as every wood has different moisture content and chemical properties.

    The best wood pellet for a pizza oven is the one that has a low moisture content, burns hot, and produces less smoke and ashes. Unlike traditional pizza ovens, smoke generated from burning wood pellets inside the pizza oven gives perfect crust and elevates the flavor of pizza to the next level.

    The taste passes along into pizza through wood pellets depending on the properties of that wood. Some wood brings a smokey flavor profile to your pizza, others bring a refreshing and fruity aroma to your pizza.

    Wood pellets are often made by combining different wood sources to achieve the perfect blend of flavors. For achieving the desired flavor for your pizza, it becomes essential for you to choose the right wood pellets for your pizza oven. To choose the right wood pellet, you must know the difference between hardwood and softwood.

    Pit Boss Bbq Wood Pellets

    Pit Boss BBQ Wood Pellets are high-standard wood pellets mostly used in high-end restaurants and grills. These wood pellets are a blend of cherry, maple, and hickory hardwood sourced from North America. These wood pellets impart a high blend of flavors including sweet and savory. The packaging is value-pack and lasts for many cooking batches.

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    Wood Pellets Of Assorted Varieties For Pizza Oven

    Pizza may be cooked utilizing a myriad of wood pellets. Most people prefer using hardwood wood pellets, but some softwood wood pellets are also good at getting the job done. There arent any best or worst wood pellets for a pizza oven. Most of it comes down to personal taste and preferences.

    The most common hardwood wood pellets used in pizza ovens are Alder, cherry, maple, apple & manuka. Hickory and Mesquite are also famous for cooking. However, these two kinds of wood are only good at cooking proteins. They lack in helping cook bread, which is an essential part of cooking pizza. This is why these two types of woods usually arent used in pizza ovens.

    The type of wood you use for wood pellets can also affect how your pizza tastes. For instance, Cherry wood gives your pizza a more deep smoked flavour. On the other hand, the smoke from applewood leaves a flavour that is more fruity and refreshing. Many brands use a combination of different woods to make pellets. This allows for a variety of good flavours.

    Where To Buy Wood For Pizza Ovens

    Is Using Hardwood Charcoal in Big Horn Wood Pellet Pizza Oven Better, Best, or Bust?

    Always try to find the best wood for cooking in your pizza oven. If searching online for firewood, you can search for “where to buy wood for pizza oven” or “firewood pizza”. There are online specialty stores like Cutting Edge Firewood that sell premium firewood for use in your pizza oven. We also carry a nice selection of Apple wood, Cherry wood, and Oak firewood that is perfectly cut for use in a pizza oven.

    If the shipping costs prohibit you from purchasing from an online store, you can usually find wood locally by checking your local Craigslist or through word of mouth. Just make sure to ask if it’s a hardwood for cooking that has been seasoned and dried.

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    Tips To Make Lighting A Pizza Oven Easy

    To make lighting a pizza oven easy, its important to get the setup right and use the best fuel. Check out these expert recommendations.

    • Locate it correctly:Ensure your oven is on a stable, heatproof surface that is relatively sheltered from any strong winds, says Tom Gozney. This is particularly important if you are using a pizza oven in winter, when the winds might be stronger.
    • Consider the fuel:You need to know what fuel type you are planning on using and have the appropriate equipment ready, says Tom.
    • Opt for kiln-dried wood:If youre using wood, we would always recommend using kiln-dried hardwood such as ash, beech or oak as they are dense and have lots of energy to burn, explains Tom. Avoid softwoods or anything with a high moisture content and make sure you chop your kindling into manageable pieces.’

    The Fontana Piero gas and wood pizza oven from Home Pizza Ovens

    Fuels Explained: Wood Pellets 101

    Wood pellets. If youve been around for a while, you know they have a special place in our hearts, and have played a big role as a fuel source for previous iterations of Ooni ovens.

    These days, they continue to power our small but mighty Ooni Fyra 12. Why have we been so committed to wood pellets over the years? Because, just like our Fyra 12 oven, wood pellets are highly efficient not to mention upcycled and cost-effective.

    Wood pellets are fuel efficient

    Its amazing how much energy they can produce for something so small.

    Theyre made by compressing wood byproducts and are usually grouped into two types: softwood and hardwood. In their raw form, hardwood pellets tend to burn longer and have a higher heat density than their softwood counterparts. Softwood pellets, on the other hand, typically have a higher energy output, which means they burn hotter, faster. Either type can work well as a fuel source, depending on the oven or stove youre looking to power, but for Ooni ovens, we recommend sticking with hardwood pellets.

    In an optimized environment like an Ooni oven, wood pellets burn at extremely high temperatures while producing very little ash. They pull in oxygen and create an unusually efficient flame, which is why its so easy to reach that high, high heat when using hardwood pellets.

    Theyre also upcycled

    And finally, theyre cost-effective

    Cook with wood pellets

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    What Is The Best

    There are many review sites for wood pellet pizza ovens that work very well with our locally produced wood pellets. A link to one such site is below. Please note we take no responsibility for the content of external websites.

    To read more about the top 10 indoor and outdoor pizza ovens, please visit:

    Dedicated Portable Pellet Pizza Ovens

    Wood Pellet Pizza Oven + 5LB Pellets Package WPPO Stainless Steel ...

    Small/portable pellet pizza ovens are typically made from stainless steel, and if you dont already own a pellet grill, they can be one of the cheapest means to get into cooking pizza with pellets.

    Another advantage of these portable pellet pizza ovens compared to a dedicated pellet grill is they require no source of electrical power to operate. Hence they are not only truly portable due to their size, but as they do not require a source of power like a pellet grill, they can be used anywhere.

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