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Blue Fish Terracotta Pizza Oven

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Stone Oven Pizza And Panzerotti

Unboxing a Blue FIsh Terracotta Pizza Oven from World Market
  • 14″ traditional thin crust gourmet pizza topped with authentic homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella

    *1 topping substitution allowed per pizza. Additional charge may be applied for topping substitutions that are of greater cost.

    *Half topping, split pizzas are only valid on a cheese or pepperoni pizza.

  • Gluten Free Dough

  • Side tomato dipping sauce included.

    add $2.50

  • Italiana Pizza

    Traditional pizza topped with homemade tomato sauce, fior di latte cheese and fresh basil, lightly drizzled with olive oil.


  • Traditional pizza topped with pepperoni.


  • Traditional pizza with pepperoni, fresh mushrooms and green peppers.


  • Traditional pizza topped with pineapple, bacon, onion and hot banana peppers.


  • Traditional pizza topped with grilled eggplant and zucchini, roasted sweet peppers and fresh mushrooms.


  • Traditional pizza topped with Italian sausage, pepperoni and bacon.


  • Calabrese Pizza

    Traditional pizza topped with hot sopressata, roasted peppers, hot peppers in oil and black sliced olives.


  • Traditional pizza topped with fresh mushrooms, Italian sausage, and roasted sweet red peppers.


  • Traditional pizza topped with grilled chicken breast, sundried tomato, roasted peppers and goat cheese.


  • Traditional pizza with pesto, grilled chicken, grilled eggplant and goat cheese, topped with sundried tomato.


  • Fantasia Pizza

    Traditional pizza topped with arugula lettuce, prosciutto crudo and parmigiano cheese. .


Appetizers To Cook In Your Pizza Oven

If you need some appetizers to get you started when cooking in your wood fired oven then look no further, this article has you covered. Use that heat while the pizza oven heats up for some delicious dishes.

It can be a long wait until the pizza oven is fully fired to the top temperatures, so getting some cooking in first can satisfy you and your hungry guests.

Ive found the best appetizers that you can cook in your wood fired oven and made a list for you below. Ive included recipes so you can follow some easy step by step instructions. Youll be able to get some inspiration as to what you can cook, and maybe adapt some of your own dishes.

Guide To Cooking Temperatures

You can cook lots of dishes in the wood fired oven. Ive put together this table as a guide to temperatures. Once you try a few things then you can adapt your regular recipes to be used in your pizza oven. Most items in this list are cooked at the grilling or roasting temperature range.

Pulled pork, BBQ ribs, stews

What Is Curing The Oven

Your oven is made from heat-resistant clay, but the water used to form the clay must be cooked out before your oven can be put into use. This process is called curing. The first step involves drying the water out of the clay and the second is tempering the clay. This is achieved by lighting several small fires inside the oven, over a period of two days, gradually increasing the pizza oven temperature.

WARNINGWe recommend a total of 4 hours of curing at a temperature of no more than 100°C on the first day. On the second day, we recommend bringing the oven to a temperature of 100°C and holding it there for 2 hours. you should then take it up to 200°C and hold it there for another 2 hours. After that from 200°C to 300°C and hold it for a further 2 hours. Your oven should then be brought up to 400°C and held there for 30 minutes before finally taking it from 400°C to 500°C and holding it there for a final 30 minutes. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR DOOR AND FLUE ARE OPEN AT ALL TIMES DURING THE CURING PROCESS, FAILURE TO DO SO CAN LEAD TO DAMAGE TO YOUR OVEN.

Simple steps to curing your wood-fired oven:

1. Open the flue and door.

2. Place a firelighter in the centre of the oven floor.

3. Stack small pieces of kindling around it to form a Jenga-style tower that is five or six rows high .

4. Place two small hardwood logs on top of the tower.

5. Light the fire.

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We Believe We Should All Love Where We Live

Were a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And were so happy to have you here.

With the official start of summer, and the deck officially broken in, its time start the outdoor entertaining ! Even though were selling our house and are prepping for a big move, we couldnt resist a weekend of rolling out the outdoor rugs, lighting the fireplace, and fluffing the couch cushions. And thanks to this little cutie from World Market, a pizza party broke out.

The very best thing about throwing an outdoor pizza party is that the toppings bar doubles as a snack board. No need to wait for the pizza oven to get hot or the slices to cool down. Chris loaded these beautiful wooden charcuterie boards with prosciutto, tomato bruschetta, Caprese salad, olive tapenade, soft brie, creamy Manchego, Ghost Pepper salami, fig spread, anchovy fillets, briny olives, nuts for sprinkling, and cool Mozzarella. Best of all, World Market has a ton of these pantry staples stocked , and we always keep in a few in our cart just *in case* a pizza party happens.

Chriss Fig & Manchego Wood-Fired Pizza

1 oz. Talatta Anchovy Fillets *

1 oz. Manchego cheese

1 drizzle Iliada Kalamata olive oil *

1 squeeze fresh lemon juice

  • Spread fig preserves evenly over pizza crust. Top with anchovy fillets and Manchego cheese.
  • Build with arugula, drizzle with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice. Enjoy!
  • Chris and Julias Santiago Mocktail

    Placing The Pizza Oven On The Table Makes For A Complete Different Pizza Experience Because Everybody Makes Their Own Pizza And Bakes It On The Table Not One Of Those Greasy Bbqs With Everybody At The Table But In Their Own Digital World This Pizza Making And Baking Will Leave You With Wonderful Memories And A Satisfying Calorie Count

    World Market on Instagram: Lets make it pizza night! Our popular Blue ...

    Our design studio is in Sluis, Netherlands. In 1995 we set up our production in Tlaquepaque, Mexico. Our products are packed in indvidual printed cartons with clor labels. Labels and inserts expain the handwork and the function of the product in the languages of your customers.

    Most of our clients buy mixed container quantities from Mexico. Let us arrange transport to your country. If you are base in Europe, we can deliver the container DDP to your door.

    In the Netherlands, we also stock an assortment for pallet-size orders to retailers .

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    Preparing The Hot Oven

    Once the oven is hot, use a long, metal-handled scraper to push the coals to one side of the oven, and brush the ash from the floor with a metal-bristled brush, again attached to a long handle. Some people also swab the floor of the oven with a damp rag, but this removes heat.To maintain the oven temperature, add a stick to the fire every 10 minutes or so. Some pizzaioli also put a small andiron near the coals, to keep one end of the stick raised so it will burn better.In terms of measuring the temperature, you can buy an infrared thermometer, though the hand is sufficient: put it into the oven, a few inches above the oven floor, and if you can hold it there for more than 2 seconds, add another stick to the fire.And now, cook your pizza!

    How To Make Pizza Dough

    We’ll begin with the dough making it the traditional way will take about 3 hours, most of which is rising time. If you instead use a bread machine, it will take about 90 minutes. Neapolitans, the masters of pizza baking, say the dough should be made from brewer’s yeast, flour, salt, and water. Many people also add a little olive oil.

  • 4 cups stone-milled flour
  • 1 cup warm water
  • 1 ounce brewer’s yeast or 2 teaspoons active dry yeast, dissolved in the water
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • A pinch of salt
  • If you are working by hand, make a mound of the flour, scoop a well in the middle, and add the salt and olive oil. Next, mix in the water-yeast mixture, and knead until the dough is smooth and elastic, and comes easily away from the work surface about 10 minutes, kneading energetically. Shape the dough into a ball, put it into a lightly oiled bowl, cover it with a clean kitchen towel, and put it in a warm place to rise for 2 hours or until doubled in volume. Punch the dough down, knead it briefly, and divide it into 4 balls. Put them on a floured surface, cover them, and let them rise for an hour.Need more dough? For a dozen dough balls, you’ll need 4 1/2 pounds of flour, a quart of water, more salt, 1/4 cup olive oil, and 8 teaspoons yeast.

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    Summers Almost Here Happy Dance: Outdoor Living Entertaining

    It the lets take the all things house that make a home party outside shall we time of year!

    Go ahead, take a moment to bask in the sunlight of your summers almost here happy dance.

    Numbers show the benefits of outdoor living and entertaining ranks high in the areas of energy and well-being.

    I love this time of year when the hot summer days and nights meet hot styles and cool looks of the outdoor living entertaining decorative accessories season.

    Our Canadian snowbird son will be moving to a new house in a couple of months which means dialing and styling consultations, suggestions, tips and what do you think of this for our outdoor living space is in high demand.

    Curb and yard appeal primps and preps the outdoor living entertaining area for the season.

    The outdoor living loyal take outdoor living seriously. The how we utilize our outdoor living spaces is an interesting fact.

    I dont know about you, but when it comes to outdoor living decorative accessories, I want comfortable, durable, lasting, and affordable style that stands up to the season.

    Patio, porch, terrace, balcony, rooftop and deck accessories must pass the past one season test.

    Resort Stripe Aruba Outdoor Fabric

    Style is important, but if the big ticket items such as outdoor furniture and performance fabrics cant withstand the elements or normal outdoor living wear and tear, what do you have?

    A repeatable, avoidable and unnecessary expense.

    Well that explains that.

    Blue Fish Terracotta Pizza Oven By World Market

    Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

    Blue Fish Terracotta Pizza Oven I World Market Handmade of terracotta with a sculptural fish- head layout, our ornamental oven makes it smooth to bake artisan.

    Be certain to wear each at La Boulangerie BoulMich, a image-ideal Miami-based French artisanal bakery spreading its oven lovin from.

    But is baked in a terra cotta cazuela bowl.

    Create timber-fired pizzas at domestic with our hand-crafted terracotta pizza oven, designed for outside use or to match accurately into your own home wooden oven. When using outdoor, definitely burn dry wooden in the back of the oven and itll be geared up for baking in just fifteen minutes. Keep the hearth burning at around 660 tiers F to bake pizza after delicious pizza.

    Perhaps, if your home consists of a massive brick oven, speared by glowing metallic rotisserie.

    That makes Don & Charlie pté a winner in our global. The reality that it served free as a prelude.

    Best Home Pizza Oven Wood Our preferred pizza ovens are the Roccbox Portable Wood and Gas Pizza Oven and Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven. Since this review changed into in the beginning published, Blackstone has discontinued its pizza oven . Uuni rebranded as Ooni, and the version we examined has been changed

    The REFRACTORY TERRACOTTA ovens are product of a selected and treasured natural clay mixed with top best, pure floor refractory fabric and water.

    Blue FIsh Terracotta Pizza Oven:Unboxing the pizza oven.

    We recognise the fish dish has turn out to be ubiquitous.


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    Certified For Food Preparation

    The Terracotta Ovens respect the regulations on materials and objects in contact with food .

    According to the European regulations in force, objects and materials in contact with food must not transfer large quantities of components to the foods which can:

    • be a danger for human health
    • result in an unacceptable modification in the composition of the food products
    • result in the deterioration of the foods organoleptic characteristics.

    Our ovens are certified for the preparation of food.

    Thanksgiving Ideas That Take Home Sweet Home To Home Stylish Home

    Stylish Thanksgiving ideas for gathering, decorating, entertaining, setting and feasting abound.

    Home sweet home easily becomes home stylish home when thoughtful touches reflect your personal decorating style and grace your holiday home.

    Serving pieces in neutral colors paired with traditional and new traditional serveware sets an elegant holiday dinner table.

    Versatility is the perfect complement to both harvest and Christmas themed tablescapes.

    My number one Thanksgiving ideas suggestion is to invest in pieces that stand the test of time and trend.


    Blue and white porcelain accessories?

    Purple pine cone place card holders?

    Bring a sense of personal style to the holiday table.

    Lighting sets the tone and the mood, and a well placed table lamp achieves the goal of impressive and relaxing entertaining.

    Apply the rule of KISS- keep it seasonal simple.

    Fill a vase, jar or serving bowl with fresh produce.

    Set out candles surrounded by pine cones, walnuts and seasonally chic cuttings.

    Create a natural centerpiece focal point using acorns, antlers, pumpkins, and moss.

    Set a colorful place at the holiday table with help from natures beauty.

    I picked these full fall colors on parade maple leaves up in the bank parking lot this morning.

    Thanksgiving ideas inspiration is everywhere!

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    Blue Fish Terracotta Pizza Oven

  • Use 10% off World Market CouponsSAVEBIG10
  • Shipping is $12.95.
  • Handcrafted of terracotta with black and blue finish and metal grill stand Due to handcrafting, slight variations may occur For use outdoors or in home wood oven Preheats in approximately 15 minutes To use, burn small pieces of dry wood in back of oven add larger pieces of dry wood on top until fire curls through chimney continue to burn wood in back of oven after adding pizza to the front rotate pizza 180-degrees while cooking using tongs and grilling gloves Available in additional styles, sold separately To prevent cracking, do not use outdoors in extreme cold weather if storing outdoors, place in covered area when not in use Made in Mexico Overall: 21″W x 17″H with stand, approx. 49 lbs. Opening: 12″W x 4″H Inside opening to back of oven: 18.5″D Top to bottom: 10″H

    How To Cook Appetizers

    Blue Fish Terracotta Pizza Oven

    Small dishes are usually cooked quickly with a fairly hot oven and live flame. Give your oven enough time to heat up to around 450F/230C and then push logs to the side for space, this might be 45 minutes or so. This is as if you are grilling such as meat, fish or vegetables. Avoid cooking something for a long period as the oven is increasing in temperature.

    You can cook foods in small oven proof dishes or a larger cast iron skillets and trays. Get creative such as the barbecued sardines which are nailed to a clean piece of wood. Or the salmon cooked on cedar wood.

    Remember that anything in direct heat to the flame and embers will cook fast. You might need to turn these foods nearer the heat otherwise they will burn.

    Useful Tools

    A cast iron skillet is really great tool for wood fired cooking. Its once piece of metal so can go straight in the oven with no problems. It has deep sides and cooks evenly from its thick base. The thickness holds heat well so can be used to serve in, and it looks great.

    You can get an oven hook which allows you to retrieve and move the dishes around to stop them burning on one side. .

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    Do Drop In: Entertaining With Ease

    Several of our family members are taking to the holiday road, and our house is do drop in central.

    I know I have a much better entertaining experience if I access and assign a theme, go with the entertaining with ease flow, and keep the focus on comfortable surroundings, inviting touches and relaxing times.

    Texas times and family memories will be a hot topic of conversation.

    Our companys travels begin in Texas Bluebonnet country, and with Texas being the common denominator of our family tree, I played it up in theme and setting.

    Farmhouse chic makes an effortless foundation to build your theme upon.

    A simple arrangement of carnations mixed with greenery and placed beside an even simpler arrangement of apples and bananas in a milk glass center bowl provides a nice centerpiece in a farmhouse chic kind of way.

    Fresh flowers from the floral department of the local grocery store are my weakness, and when the word clearance enters into the picture my shopping cart runneth over.

    You really get your moneys worth with carnations.

    Carnations can last for weeks with an every other day water change and a quick stem trim.

    I use tepid water, scale back leaves from the stems to prevent contact with the water, and place a couple of drops of food coloring in the water.

    From recipes to table setting decor, I like to source from within meaning I like to use what I have on hand.

    Into each case of design and decorating a little if kitchen kitsch is wrong, I dont want to be right will fall.

    The Project For The Day

    Its that day again Pizza Friday and here is another great recipe this time from . And if you are looking to buy a pizza oven but short on cash no worries. Worldmarket happens to sell the greatest little pizza oven! I originally bought one because I loved the design thinking maybe I would just have it in the backyard more as décor? Turns out its actually is a great for its size to cook pizza, bread, rolls, etc. Grab one while they are available and start trying out all these great pizza recipes and some of your own:

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