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Breville Compact Smart Oven Bov650xl

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Breville Bov650xl Functions & Features

Breville — Tips and Tricks: Compact Smart Oven BOV650XL

The BOV650XL is an 1800- watt 3/5- cubic foot 4- slice oven. It has a modern design that will definitely complement the interior design of your kitchen. The best thing about it is that it is a smart appliance in a portable size.

The BOV650 features a backlit LCD screen, a Time/Temp control dial, defrost button, and a temperature switching button for smooth operation.

The Breville compact toaster oven has a durable tempered glass door that smoothly slides down when opening.

The rack comes out easily, preventing you from getting burnt. The door is wide enough to allow easy viewing of your food inside the machine.

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Review Of Breville Bov650xl Smart Toaster Oven

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Check out my guide to the various Breville Toaster Oven models on the market today!

This is the medium option from the Breville lineup. Here are my favourite features from the BOV650XL.

  • Smart algorithms steer power to where it’s needed
  • 8 Cooking Functions
  • Small capacity – 4 slices of toast, bagels, cookies, tuna melts, 6 cup muffin tray and 11 inch pizza

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Breville Compact Smart Oven


  • Handles almost any oven task: toasting, roasting, baking, broiling or simply reheating
  • Great for apartments, dorm rooms and small-space kitchens
  • Element IQ distributes 1,800 watts of power among independent heating elements
  • Heat settings range from 120°F to 450°F
  • Features intuitive dial controls and easy-to-read LCD display
  • Offers eight pre-set functions and stores customized settings in memory
  • Temperature conversion and frozen food defrost buttons
  • Two-hour timer with auto shut-off
  • Three rack positions
  • Includes nonstick baking pan and broil rack
  • Reinforced stainless-steel body with a top that doubles as a warming tray
  • Features pull-out crumb tray for easy cleanup
  • Capacity: Accommodates four slices of toast or a 12″ pizza
  • Watts: 1800 watts
  • Dimensions: 10″H x 16½”W x 14¼”D
  • Warranty: One year limited
  • Designed in Australia assembled in China
  • Wipe exterior clean with damp cloth

Frozen Foods Defrost Button

Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven

Select this button while using the TOAST, BAGEL, BAKE, and COOKIE cooking functions. It is also the default setting on the PIZZA function.

The Frozen Foods button adds extra time required to defrost your food. Its also used to toast frozen bread or bagels and cook frozen pizza or cookie dough.

While using the TOAST, BAGEL, BAKE, or COOKIE function, the button can be selected before or during the cooking cycle. The setting can be de-selected again by pressing the button. The LCD screen will display the frozen symbol whenever this setting is in use.

When using the PIZZA function, the frozen foods is the default setting. The symbol will show on display. The setting can be de-selected before or during the cooking cycle.

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What I Didnt Like:

  • Not too large: This compact oven can only toast up to four bread slices.
  • Hot exterior: Since the exterior gets quite hot while using it, you not only have to be extra careful, but you may end up using more energy to both cook and keep your kitchen cool.
  • No dishwasher-safe accessories: Youll have to hand wash the included accessories.
  • No convection feature: No in-built fan means more time cooking and removes some of the value that you get out of your investment.
  • No auto-eject rack: Youll need to get your oven mitts ready to take your food out.

Breville Element Iq Cooking Technology

Brevilles Element IQ smart technology is designed to put the power where its needed the most. Ensuring energy-efficient operations.

The Element IQ technology automatically adjusts the power and calculates the cooking time. For each of the 8 pre-set functions available, you will have a computed cooking time.

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Breville Bov650xl Compact Smart Oven

Introducing the convenient new Breville Compact Smart Oven – BOV650XL. When creating this new smart oven, Breville chose a design that offers enough space to cook a full pizza, without taking up too much of your counter space. By doing so, they have created one of the most powerful toasters that is completely compact, making it a great option for small apartments, dorms, or even kitchens without much counter space. Though small, this Smart Oven uses 1800 watts and 4 quartz heating elements to thoroughly cook your food. In order to do so, Breville has combined these elements with Element IQ, which delivers the right power at exactly the right time. For even more convenience, this small toaster comes with a pull out crumb tray to make cleaning it simple! For even more ease-of-use, Breville has included preset functions such as Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, and Reheat to the BOV650XL, making it the perfect alternative to a full oven. Topping it all off, a Backlit Easy-Read LCD display lets you easily read the remaining time and temperature. The display even illuminates orange during preheat, then once heated, changes to blue letting you see exactly what the oven is doing from across the room. Enjoy having more counter space without sacrificing the power with the new Breville Compact Smart Oven.

Key Features:

  • Pull-Out Crumb Tray


  • Element IQ Independent Heating Elements
  • 8 Pre-Set Programs

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Accessories And Extra Features

The BOV650XL comes with a 10 square broil rack and baking pan. You can adjust the rack in three positions. That way you can use the top rack when broiling, the middle one for pizzas, toasts and cookies and the bottom one for roasting, baking and reheating.

This model does not come with auto-eject, so youll need to pull out the tray by hand.

Breville Bov650xl Vs Bov800xl

People are often asking about the difference between Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven and BOV800XL Smart ovens.

The critical difference is the convection feature the more expensive Breville BOV800XL DOES have it.

The Breville BOV650 XL is a smaller version of the BOV800, ideal for small household and countertops. But it has the same smart feature, which allows you to bake small batches of cookies, a 12 pizza, and bagels. The larger model can take a 13-inch pizza.

Also, you can toast 4 bread slices at a time, roast a chicken, or broil. And like the bigger BOV800XL model, BOV650 also has the Element IQ smart sensor technology, which puts the power where it is needed.

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Breville Bov650xl Reviews From Customers

Breville BOV650XL toaster oven is a smart oven in both name and usage. It contains features that were never thought of before. It has been successful in gaining a significant level of interest after its initial release.

One of the owners in his Breville BOV650XL review points out how this oven has been working flawlessly for two years, which means durability is never an issue where the Breville Compact Smart Oven is concerned. Backed up by Brevilles outstanding service in kitchenware, this fantastic model can prepare almost all kinds of food, from sweets to savory to sour.

Keeping track of the food stored in the house and having them eaten at the right time is never worry where this model is concerned. Like toast and desserts, common food can be re-heated using multiple available features, cementing the term Smart Oven by being a powerful device in all rights.

The controls are fully electronic, and no specific complaints have been raised about the Breville BOV650XLs build quality. The lack of design flaws with a LED screen helps everyday users get more from the oven.

The door is easy to open, and the tray is made of solid metal that will never deform in excessive heat.

The strength of the Breville toaster oven BOV650XL is exactly what causes its downfall, as customers have reported the overall power of the machine to be strong enough to burn food if close attention is not paid. Still, this flaw is more or less subverted by the existence of an auto-off function.

Temperature Control & Time Dial

Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven® w/ 8 Cooking Functions

Use the TEMP/TIME dial to change the cooking temperature or time.

Pressing the dial will activate the display. The corresponding temperature or time will be displayed on the screen afterward.

Turning the dial to the right will increase the settings, and turning it to the left will decrease them.

The dial also controls the Darkness Level setting and Slice selection control. This is used for the TOAST and BAGEL toast settings.

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Functionality And Heating Methods

The Breville BOV650XL oven has Brevilles patented Element IQ. The Element IQ is great for cooking. With it, the oven can adjust its 4 quartz heating elements automatically, distributing heat where your food needs it the most. That way, you can cook food evenly and quickly.

However, even with the Element IQ, you need to know this isnt a convection oven. That ends up being the biggest drawback of this particular oven. A convection oven uses an in-built fan to properly spread the heat and cook quickly.

This oven will only have the Element IQ to manage the heat so, if youre looking to do more cooking and baking than toasting and reheating, you may need to find a convection oven instead.

Also, like many other toaster ovens like this one, the Breville BOV650XLs exterior gets pretty hot while using it.

This is a particular drawback if your kids have easy access to it or if you need to store it away after using it, since youll have to wait for a while until it cools down.

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So you want a great toaster oven but you dont have ample counter space. Youre in luck some of the best toaster ovens on the market today are compact units that dont require much real estate.

And small toaster ovens often cost significantly less than larger models.

In our lab, we measure not only how well a toaster oven toasts breada single slice as well as a batchbut also how well it performs at reheating leftovers and baking food. Our experts also evaluate ease of use and how easy a machine is to clean. In our toaster oven ratings, we incorporate reliability and satisfaction data from our survey of CR members experiences with more than 27,000 toaster ovens purchased between 2011 and 2019all to help you determine which toaster ovens are worth making space for on your counter.

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Breville Compact Smart Toaster Oven Bov650xl

Breville BOV650XL Toaster Oven Compact Smart Review (Should I Buy It?)
  • Toasts bread quickly and consistently
  • Bakes a cake as well as a full-size oven
  • Roasts a three-pound chicken very well
  • Excellent at baking potatoes
  • Seven toast settings and controls are easy to use
  • Settings for cooking bagels, cookies and pizza reheating roasting defrosting and warming
  • Shuts off automatically when not in use
  • Comes with heavy-duty enamel baking/broil pan
  • Great customer service
  • Can only cook four slices of bread at a time
  • The exterior gets very hot when its in use
  • None of the accessories are dishwasher safe

Breville’s Compact Smart Oven is more than just a pretty face it’s a crackerjack toaster oven, too. All a conventional oven has on this four-slice unit is size this top-pick toaster oven turns out perfectly baked potatoes, cake, and even a three-pound chicken. The Compact Smart Oven also toasts bread quickly and consistently, and, with seven settings, will brown your slices to the exact shade you want. Electronic controls and preset cooking programs for bagels, cookies, pizza , and more make it exceptionally user-friendly. Its excellent user manual helps too it comes with recipes and cooking charts. Plus there’s a shortened “quick start” guide to operation. Drawbacks: It can only toast four slices of bread at a time, and when the cooking is done, you’ll have to hand-wash the rack and pan. If you’re looking for more space, its six-slice brother is also superb for $250.

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Compact Smart Oven Wrap Up

The Breville Smart Oven BOV650XL is a good toaster oven for those that need a little more counter space. While its not a high end oven, and does not include an air fryer, it does have many more useful settings over other toaster ovens. However, the user must be careful when using the machine, as the outside can get hot keep this in mind as you do your research.

An Overview On Toaster Ovens

If youve never used a toaster oven, the first thing you need to know is that its not a toaster. Mind you, you can make toast with it, but thats hardly its only use or even the primary one. Depending on the household, it can fill a surprisingly wide gap between the microwave and a traditional oven. Need your snacks warmed up quickly, but hate that microwave sogginess? Need your potatoes, pies or side dishes baked while your main course is taking up the oven? The toaster oven is a perfect solution, and it does all that while using less power.

Depending on the size of the toaster oven, it can even be used to cook those main dishes. Many models have modes tailored to pizza, for instance. The same goes for baked goods like cookies, cupcakes and bread, which toaster ovens are particularly good at in small batches. And finally, theyre a life-saver when foods need thawing out quickly.

How does it do all this? The heating methods vary depending on the model. Like traditional ovens, many toaster ovens use convection heating or at least offer it as an option for baking. That essentially means theres a fan inside the oven to circulate the heat, and while its not as crucial in a small area as it is with a full-size oven, convection does generally mean things will cook more evenly. Other models make up for the lack of convection with multiple heating elements placed around the oven.

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What I Liked:

  • Great cooking experience: With a very accurate temperature and an even distribution of heat, this oven gives outstanding cooking results all the time.
  • Great pre-set functions: With seven customizable settings, its easy to get your oven going.
  • Automatic shut-off: Preventing waste of energy and hazard potential.
  • Great design: Its sleek design is long-lasting and fits in every kitchen.
  • Compact, yet functional: A perfectly sized oven to occupy as little of your countertop while giving you as much oven space as possible.

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