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Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

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The Smart Oven Air Fryer By Breville Bov860

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro | Full Review

Crispy golden air fry and so much more.

The Smart Oven Air Fryer powered by our Element IQ system delivers maximum performance and versatility. Smart algorithms replicate the ideal cooking environment for air fry and 10 additional cooking techniques. Higher temperatures and super convection speeds up cooking time with great crispness.

Special Features of the Smart Oven Air Fryer:

  • Dedicated Air Fry Setting

Smart Cooking Functions With Air Fry And Dehydrate

The Smart Oven® Air Fryer Pro with Element IQ® is for the cook who desires a countertop oven that can roast for large gatherings, air fry crispy French fries & family favorites and dehydrate a wide range of healthy foods. The super convection setting reduces cooking time by up to 30% with great crispness.

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro Review: Cooking Performance

In our tests, the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro scored well for cooking Brussels sprouts, breaded chicken and frozen and fresh French fries. It struggled a little when frying chicken wings, but results werent bad. It also scored full marks for roasting a chicken and close to full marks for broiling burgers. When it came to baking, its performance was impressive as it turned out a perfect cake and cookies. In addition, it did a nice job of heating a frozen pizza. The main area it fell down in was toast, which was very uneven.

For many functions, including air fry, the Breville immediately goes into a preheat mode. Once preheating is finished, you need to be ready to put your food in as the timer automatically begins to countdown on the main setting. It will however not count down when the door is open, so as long as you do this you have time. If you want to add more time after cooking is complete, you will need to deactivate the preheat to skip this step. For some modes, including air fry, you can set the oven to remind you to turn the food by flashing Rotate Remind on its display and making an audible noise.

Food air fries in the provided shallow rectangular basket the manufacturer recommends arranging it in one layer. There are no presets for air fried foods, but you can adjust the time and temperature, select a frozen setting and change the speed of the convection fan.

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When To Consider A Regular Toaster Oven

Air frying is just convection baking, smartly rebranded . So any oven with convection works the same way as an air fryer: A fan circulates hot air around the food, crisping the outside in a way that mimics deep frying .

Modern air frying uses more powerful fans, but a good convection toaster oven , can deliver similar results. Generally, if you opt for a convection toaster oven over an air fryer toaster oven, youll pay a little less, and youll need to cook your food a little bit longer to get comparably crispy results. You also wont get features like a specific air fry setting or basket, but those arent necessary to get extra-crispy results.

If air frying isnt a top priority but a smaller footprint or lower price is, you might just want a small, regular toaster oven . Wed recommend the Panasonic FlashXpress . It wont blast food with hot air, but it can still bake relatively quickly and provide crispy results due to its small oven cavity, which is similar in size to a pod-shaped air fryer.

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  • Weve been testing toaster ovens since 2013 and have two favorites: the compact Panasonic FlashXpress and the large Cuisinart Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven.

A Few Other Fabulous Features

the Smart Oven® Air Fryer Pro  Breville

Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

Ive used a handful of other countertop ovens and as flashy as they are, there are some things that are often overlooked. No appliance, no matter how smart, is worth using if its difficult to clean and maintain. Anytime I cook chicken thighs, bacon, or other splattery foods, I let the oven cool down completely, and wipe it down with a towel barely wet with all-purpose surface cleaner. The non-stick interior is a godsend, and theres a good chance I wont ever have to break out the Easy Off to keep the Breville Joule Oven Air-Fryer Pro pristine. Unlike similarly-sized ovens, the door is incredibly easy to clean as well. I took a lot of joy watching food as it cooked to perfection. And the incredibly bright oven light makes everything made in the oven camera-ready, in case you want to flex on the haters for your Instagram.

Other ovens in Joules class cynically make you buy extra accessories to take advantage of all features. Breville Joule Oven Air-Fryer Pro comes with two oven racks, an air-fryer basket, a non-stick pizza pan, and even a broiler pan complete with rack, everything you need to put this machine through the ringer. And because the inside of the oven is so spacious, it can fit oven-ready cookware you already own. My four-quart Staub enamel dutch oven fits with room to spare on all sides, even with its lid.

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Where To Get Your Breville Smart Oven

I bought mine from Williams Sonoma. I used to work there when I was in college and they have great customer service. Amazon is convenient, but not when it comes to addressing problems. When it comes to appliances I dont want to deal with a company that ONLY operates online, call me old fashioned, but its true.

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Fast And Easy Cooking

Its not only the cleaning that is quick. The oven operates quite fast. I think its the fastest countertop oven Ive ever had. It heats up in minutes and is ready to go. But take care if you have small children around, because the exterior warms up quickly too, faster than youd expect.

It also has a loud alarm that rings when the cooking process is over. I often leave the kitchen and let it do all the work. After all, thats what I want from kitchen appliances. They have to earn their place on my countertop by making my life easier. The Brevilles Smart Oven Air really does that.

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Mengapa Cosori Pro Ii Air Fryer Lebih Baik Daripada Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

  • Memiliki keranjang pencuci piring yang aman?
  • Konsumsi daya saat beroperasi 100W lebih rendah?
  • Volume bodi 56.69% lebih kecil?

Tidak diketahui. Bantu kami dengan menyarankan nilai.


Goreng udara, Memanggang, Memanggang, Memanggang, Panaskan kembali, Menjadi kering, Tetap hangat, Masak lambat, Roti panggang

2 years

2 years

Testing The Joule Oven Pro

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro Review | Roasting a 14 lb Turkey

The Breville Joule Oven app has streamlined the recipe-following process so much, I think every cooking app should follow in its footsteps. Each recipe shows a full breakdown of ingredients, equipment needed, cooking plan, and instructions broken down into steps.

I made a few recipes in the Joule Oven during testing, but well use this New York Times Cooking recipe for chicken thighs with garlicky cucumber yogurt as our main example. When I started the recipe, I was able to preheat the oven from my app before getting a look at all the steps.

Each step can be clicked on and expanded to show an instructional video that gives you a better picture of what youre supposed to be doing . The app gives you a good idea of exactly whats happening to your food through the cooking process, in the form of pop-ups and phone notifications.

In all, the prep took me even less time than the recipe said it would. Not only was each step easy to follow, the app also gave me efficient instructions, so I was able to multitask. While the chicken was cooking, I made the yogurt sauce, and when that was done, I just relaxed until everything was cooked.

I was genuinely surprised at how accurate the cooking times were for each recipe in the Joule Oven app. Even when cooking meat, the temperature and cooking times were always exactly correct, and I never once had over or undercooked food.

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The Best Large Toaster Oven: Cuisinart Chefs Convection Toaster Oven

*At the time of publishing, the price was $248.

The versatile Cuisinart Chefs Convection Toaster Oven is one of the best toaster ovens weve found for bigger jobs, like cooking a 13-inch pizza, roasting a whole chicken, or toasting up to nine slices of bread at once. This model is a different beast entirely than the Panasonic FlashXpress : The Cuisinart is almost twice the size, and its much bigger oven cavity can handle a wider variety of cooking tasks. The Cuisinart toasted bread more evenly than the other toaster ovens we tried at this price level. It also has a better warranty, more accessories, and one of the shortest preheating times of all the models we tested. Plus, the two-speed convection fan makes it better at air-frying than any air fryer weve tested.

Without a doubt, the Cuisinart distributed heat evenly across its voluminous cavity, toasting nine slices of bread in a single batch to near golden-brown perfection. Corner to corner, no other oven was as consistent . Similarly priced large toaster ovens concentrated heat in the center of the oven and had more significant fall-off of heat toward the edges.

Who Is A Toaster Oven Good For

Toaster ovens do more than just toast bread. Theyre a multi-purpose kitchen appliance that can cook anything a conventional oven cooks, only on a smaller scale.

  • If you live in a warm climate, these smaller ovens are an excellent option as they wont turn your kitchen into a furnace.
  • People renting a house with a rundown oven can use a toaster oven as a backup if the landlord isnt cooperating.
  • Large families and entertainer will appreciate the extra capacity to cook more food at the same time.

If youre happy with your current oven you may want to consider this analogy of transport in Downtown, New York. Think of a toaster oven as a bicycle and a large oven as a limousine. They both have their uses and youll get to your destination across town no matter which choice of transport you go for. The limo has the comfort of space, but the bike will get you there faster and will be a lot more efficient for short trips. This sums up a toaster oven, its exceptionally quick and efficient for those smaller dishes. The ideal add-on to a regular oven.

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Review Of Breville Smart Oven Air Bov900bss

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Check out my guide to the various Breville Toaster Oven models on the market today!


  • Quality of cooking is bar none
  • Versatiliy it does it all
  • Massive interior you can feed a whole family at once
  • Presets and smart features very easy to use
  • Massive interior
  • Big its the size of four small toaster ovens

Single-purpose kitchen appliances are almost a thing of the past. Currently, the trend is to include more and more functions in a single device. This versatility is one of the main characteristics of the intelligent Smart Oven Air, by Breville.

Air Fryer Vs Nuwave Oven

the Smart Oven® Air Fryer Pro  Breville

The difference between the air dryer and Nuwave oven is actually pretty simple. It is about the type and the temperature used for cooking. They both cook your food fast, both are easy to use and clean. The air fryer and the Nuwave oven are modern, faster and have the modern state of eco-friendly. Nuwave oven is one of those products that made cooking easier. It prepares your food fast and it doesnt harm the food nutrients. You can cook straight away by avoiding many preparations.

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What If My Main Oven Has A Convection Setting

Many home ovens now have convection technology, or even special air fry settings. Weve tested a full-size convection oven against a pod-shaped air fryer and a convection toaster oven, and found you can get similar air fried results. But because a full-size oven is so much larger than a toaster oven or a pod-shaped air fryer, it can take longer to preheat and to cook food. Some manufacturers have even started offering no-preheat air fry settings, though we have yet to test those against our air fryer or air fryer toaster oven picks. If youre considering getting an air fryer toaster oven specifically because you want to air fry food, wed recommend testing out the convection setting on your full-size oven first to see if youre happy with the results. You may find you dont need a separate appliance. However, you may still want an air fryer toaster oven for smaller cooking tasks. A toaster oven also uses less energy and generally wont heat up your kitchen as much.

How It Stacks Up

The Joule Oven is Brevilles first attempt at making a truly connected Smart Oven, with features targeted more toward the home cook who wants to learn to cook more sophisticated meals but needs the extra guidance that recipe testing and app control bring to the table. And it does deliver for this type of cook.

We do think that it may disappoint those looking for more advanced functions or customizability. The Joule Oven lacks the steam and sous vide combi oven features and temperature probe-based functions that some of its smart oven rivals offer, limiting its usefulness for true precision cooking, which was surprising, given the Joule brands history in sous vide precision cooking.

Still, we are hopeful Breville will iterate on the idea and add functionality in subsequent Joule ovens. But for now wed recommend this one mostly to beginners wanting a tool that amounts to a built-in cooking instructor.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers listed price at the time of publication.

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Cuisinart Toa 65 Air Fryer Toaster Oven:

The Cuisinart TOA 65 Air Fryer Toaster Oven is a multi-functional kitchen appliance that makes it easy to prepare a wide variety of foods. It features an 1800 watt dual heating element and a high-intensity fan that delivers a powerful blast of hot air for fast and crispy results or low-temperature cooking, slow cooking, or even dehydrating.

The Cuisinart TOA65 Air Fryer Toaster Oven has a roomy 0.6 cubic ft. capacity and includes several preset functions as well as a Keep Warm function with a variable 30-minute timer. TOA 65 toaster oven is certainly a smart kitchen appliance that will be your best friend in the kitchen.

Accessories Includes:

Oven Rack, Baking Pan, and an Air Fryer Rack


Free Standard Shipping On Orders Over $39

The Smart Oven® Air Fryer Pro | Dehydrate setting | Breville USA

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A Multifunctional Countertop Oven

Out of all the air fryers I tested, the Breville Joule has by far the most versatile functionality. It can operate as a standard convection oven or an air fryer, and it performed all cooking tasks well in my tests. The oven is spacious and large compared to a standard basket-style fryer, so it can accommodate a tray of appetizers, a few pieces of toast, or an entire 14-pound turkey. The thirteen functions include toast, bagel, bake, air fry, broil, roast, pizza, cookies, proof, reheat, slow cook, keep warm, and dehydrate. It has eight rack positions so you can achieve consistent, targeted results for the type of food youre cooking, which makes it more versatile than other air fryers I tested. This oven is a fantastic option for someone looking to save space by replacing multiple gadgets with one d0-it-all machine.

The Breville Joule’s rack can adjust to 8 different positions for different cooking tasks.

Laura Denby

What Are The Best Toaster Ovens

We think the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro is the best toaster oven for most people. In our tests, this multifunctional oven gave great results, especially for baking and roasting, and it has lots of extras to make it convenient to use.

However, its large and pricey. If youre looking for the best value in a toaster oven, the Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Sure Crisp Toaster Oven is your best bet. It toasts, bakes, broils, and air fries, but wont take up a lot of countertop space or break your budget.

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