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Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven

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Features: Pizza Any Way You Want It

A Professional Chef Tries Breville’s New Pizza Oven // Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Review

This brags about its ability to cook hot and fast, mimicking a pizzeria or wood-fired oven, but thats not all it does. There are settings for a wide variety of temperatures and pizza styles, including 350 degrees, frozen pizza, pan pizza, New York pizza, thin and crispy pizza, “wood-fired pizza,” and 750 degrees. Choosing one of those also sets a default cooking time, as well as the right balance of upper and lower heat. A third dial allows a darkness adjustment.

I loved the easy controls for the different styles of pizzas because I didnt need to think too hard about what a pan pizza needed compared to New York style.

Those controls do double duty when the manual control is chosen. A magnetic sheet covers the standard settings with a new set of options to choose from. The left dial controls the deck temperature, while the right dial controls the top temperature. Meanwhile, the small dial at the far right controls the upper elements, so the heat can be even across the whole pizza, or it can concentrate more on the outer edges, so the crust gets extra heat.

I tested the manual controls when I used the pan to make a plate of nachos. I kept the bottom temperature low and turned the top temperature higher to melt my cheese with even heat across the top. The chips stayed crisp, a few of them browned a bit, and the cheese melted perfectly. This might be the ideal nacho machine.

The Spruce Eats / Donna Currie

Performance D’un Four Briques Sur Votre Comptoir

Le Pizzaiolo est le premier four de comptoir pouvant atteindre 750°F/400°C et reproduisant la cuisson sur feu de bois en 2 minutes. Il fournit les trois types de chaleur générées par un four à briques : conductive, rayonnante et convective. Notre système Element iQ crée l’environnement idéal pour cuire les pizzas new-yorkaise, à la poêle, mince & croustillante et surgelée.

What Is The Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

The $800 Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo is a countertop oven designed to deliver the intense heat needed to bake pizzas with crisp yet chewy crusts. On the outside, it looks a lot like a modern toaster oven. But behind the door is a different story. The Pizzaiolo can cook at a scorching 750 ºF, whereas most toaster ovens top out at 450 ºF, and regular home ovens dont exceed 550 ºF. Instead of wire racks, the Breville Pizzaiolo is outfitted with a removable ceramic cooking surface called a deck. The squat oven cavity has only 3½ inches of clearance between the deck and the top, meaning the upper and lower heating elements sit very close to the food. This allows your pizza to get more direct heat for a deeply browned, puffy crust.

The Pizzaiolo offers two main baking modes: manual operation or preset functions. In manual mode, you determine the deck and top temperatures and the cook time. It also has a dial that lets you control the level of char on the top crust. The preset functions are programmed for specific pizza types: frozen, pan, New York, thin and crispy, and wood fired . In our tests, we found that the Brevilles preset programs are well calibrated and require little to no tinkering. But the manual function is great for people who like complete control.

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Why We Didnt Include Other Countertop Pizza Makers

The idea of a pizza-specific countertop oven isnt exactly new, and we found plenty of inexpensive ones on Amazon. But the Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo is in a class of its own. Those other pizza makers are small and round and dont pack near as much power as Brevilles 1,800-watt oven. We decided to test the Pizzaiolo on its own because it was evident in our research that none of these smaller, cheaper pizza makers could hold a candle to the Breville Pizzaiolos performance.

Chaleur Convective Pour Garniture Cuite

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven

Pour une pizza napolitaine ou reproduisant la cuisson sur feu de bois, l’écran optimisé du déflecteur protège la garniture contre la chaleur intense tout en réfléchissant la chaleur rayonnante vers la croûte pour obtenir un effet tacheté. Pour les autres styles de pizza, la commutation des éléments internes assure un grillage uniforme de la garniture, du fromage et de la pâte.

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Radiant Heat For Leopard Spotted Crust

Intense radiant heat is evenly controlled by Breville’s patent pending heating elements so you no longer need to rotate food while cooking. Heat intensifying parabolic reflectors maximize the efficiency of the top heating elements by reflecting the energy onto the crust. Integrated deck to door design moves the pizza closer to the elements.

The Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Is The Most Efficient Small Indoor Electric Pizza Oven Offered On Thepizzashopca Perfect For The Passionate And Geeky Pizzaiolo

And why is that? Because this oven is extremely innovative. Its the first countertop oven able to reach 750° F , which means it can basically reproduce the cooking process of a wood-fired oven to create a 12 pizza in only 2 minute

The Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo also boasts 3 different kinds of heat: conductive, radiant, and convective. Hmmm, okay but tell me more!

  • Conductive heat: the natural cordierite baking stone heats up quickly and evenly for a perfectly baked crust, just like a wood-fired oven!
  • Radiant heat: with the parabolic reflectors, you dont need to turn the pizza halfway through the baking process. Now thats what we call revolutionary! And youll even get a leopard spotted crust just like in a restaurant!
  • Convective heat: the optimized deflector shield guarantees that the toppings, cheese, and dough are all evenly baked. Basta to overcooking the top and undercooking the bottom .

And thats not all! The ovens Element iQ System and its range of pre-set functions create the ideal environment needed to bake New-York style, pan-fried, thin and crispy, or even frozen pizzas . Its just like a wood-fired oven, but it fits on your countertop!

Prefer to set your functions manually? Thats also possible. That way, you can create THE pizza of your dreams.

And there you have it, youre ready to wow everyone right from your own kitchen. Want a pan to cook your pizza and all kinds of other foods with that?


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Vos Styles De Pizza Automatiquement

Le Pizzaiolo offre une gamme de fonctions préréglées pour cuire l’authentique pizza sur feu de bois, l’iconique pizza new-yorkaise, la délicieuse pizza à la poêle, la mince & croustillante pizza de bar et la pizza surgelée. Impressionnez la galerie en préparant des pizzas faites maison à l’aide des fiches-recettes crées par Breville et jointes au Pizzaiolo.

Personnaliser Avec Le Mode Manuel

The Smart Oven® Pizzaiolo | A breakthrough for cooking pizza at home | Breville USA

Personnalisez votre four avec le mode manuel. Contrôlez séparément les températures supérieures et de la sole en sélectionnant les éléments en marche. Choisissez la configuration idéale : croûte seulement, pour une croûte tachetée de style pizza napolitaine ou chaleur égale, pour dorer uniformément la garniture, le fromage et la pâte des autres styles de pizza.

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Behind The Serious: Testing The Breville Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven

Kenji’s workaround techniques for home-kitchen Neapolitan pizza produce pretty damn good results, but if you placed them next to wood-oven pies, you wouldn’t have a hard time picking them out of the lineup. It’s like the difference between food photography shot with a cell phone camera versus a DSLR.

But don’t despair! Just like smartphone cameras, at-home pizza-oven technology has improved dramatically over the past decade.

Serious Eats / Vicky Wasik

First came the Baking Steel, which gave traditional home-oven pizza stones a run for their money. Then came a wave of backyard pizza ovens that can reach the infernal temperature needed to make Neapolitan pizza, without the space-eating footprint of a real wood oven.

The only problem: These ovens require outdoor space, something that a lot of us city folk don’t have.

Last year, Breville introduced the Smart Oven Pizzaiolo, a countertop electric pizza oven that can reach 750°F and is about the size of a large microwave oven. Kenji got his hands on one of these ovens, and, after playing around with it himself, he shipped it over to Serious Eats HQ for us to give it a try. So a few weeks ago, I decided to throw a Friday-afternoon office pizza party to take this machine for a test drive. Here’s how it went down.

Convective Heat For Baked Toppings

For wood fired and Neapolitan style pizzas, the optimized deflector shield has been designed to protect your fragile toppings from intense heat while reflecting radiant heat towards the crust to achieve the leopard spotted effect. For other pizza styles, inner element dynamic switching ensures that toppings, cheese and dough are evenly browned.

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Chaleur Conductive Pour Crote Grille

La sole active à contrôle indépendant a été conçue pour reposer directement au-dessus des éléments chauffants sensibles en Incoloy. La pierre cordiérite naturelle chauffe rapidement et uniformément et maintient la température requise pour obtenir une croute tachetée à votre goût. Vous obtiendrez une pizza classique, telle une pizza cuite sur feu de bois.

What Others Are Saying

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven

Of all the chatter we saw online and on Instagram about the Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo, we found the reviews from Wired and Eater the most helpful. Adrienne So at Wired tested the Breville and we agree with her assessment that the Pizzaiolo is a remarkably easy, foolproof way to turn out restaurant-quality pie. Though we agree that the Breville is simple to use and bakes great pizza, absolutely nothing in this world is foolproof, especially when youre working with yeasted dough and very hot temperatures. If you want to see the Breville Pizzaiolo in action, the Eater video features Esther Choi and Justin Bazdarich, owner of the pizza restaurant Speedy Romeo in NYC, baking and analyzing several pizzas.

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Setting Up The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

I was sent the Smart Oven Pizzaiolo by Sage, which is the UK trading name for Breville. Beyond the name though, the machine itself is the exact same no matter where in the world you buy it.

It comes with a pizza paddle, pizza stone, pan with removable handle, a magnetic sticker that sits over the controls to tell you what temperature to use for what type of pizza, and of course, the oven itself.

It’s pretty heavy to lift onto the kitchen counter, but I was able to do it myself. This is partly because it has a handle that makes it easy to lift from the front, and because it’s quite compact for a pizza oven, you should find storing it easy enough if you have a little space to spare.

You can place a sticker over the control panel to switch from a temperature-based display to one that makes it easy to adjust based on what type of pizza you’re cooking. You can adjust the darkness of the pizza, and while the right temperature is selected automatically you can override this if you want a more crisp or more doughy pizza.

Cleaning: A Bit Cramped

Lets face it, the oven space is small, so cleaning it isnt as simple as wiping out a roomy toaster oven. The stone is removable if it needs to be cleaned more thoroughly, but for the most part, its suggested that the oven should simply be wiped with a damp cloth. Fortunately, a rounded shroud inside the oven keeps the pizza from sliding too far back and making a mess.

The carbon steel pizza pan is practically nonstickeven when the cheese from my nachos dripped, it was simple to just pick off the cheese. Still, its a good idea to pay attention to the care instructions and remember that it shouldnt go into the dishwasher.

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Cooking In The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

I have reviewed more traditional outdoor pizza ovens by making some bread dough in my stand mixer and then rolling out the dough and cooking garlic bread and a range of pizzas for the family. I find that it typically takes a few tries to get the perfect pizza, as you can see in my Gozney Roccbox review, but because of the timer on the Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo I had no such trouble with this oven.

When you select your desired temperature the oven takes a few minutes to come to temperature. It will beep loudly when it’s ready, and you can shimmy your pizza from the peel onto the pizza stone, which lifts towards you as you open up the oven.

Radiant heat will give your pizza that classic Neapolitan leopard charring, mimicking the conditions of a wood-fired oven while not burning toppings.

My main concern when heating this oven up to the brick oven temperature of 750°F was that it would scorch my wooden countertops, which would have been difficult to explain to my landlord. Thankfully this oven has excellent heat retention and it was actually safe to touch throughout.

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Small Electric Pizza Oven

The Smart Oven® Pizzaiolo | Manual mode for personalized pizza control | Breville USA

1 399,00 $

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We love this oven because its the only indoor oven that gives such stunning results.

  • Combustible : electric
  • Preheat time: 30 minutes
  • Max temperature: 750°F

The perfect pizza oven for all pizza-lovers and passionate pizzaiolosWhether youre looking to keep it simple or longing to be in total control theres a setting for everyone!

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Design: Attractive Enough For Counter Life

When it comes to countertop ovens, some boast large capacities that let them roast a chicken. This oven is the opposite because its built specifically for pizza, which requires even top and bottom heat.

The front is attractive in an industrial sort of way, with a window to peek inside and simple dials with LED lights. The oven is wider than it is tall, which makes it easier to store on a shelf if its not going to live on a counter.

This comes with a shiny metal pizza peel and a carbon steel pan with a removable handle for baking pan pizzas. I was a little surprised at the choice of carbon steel for the pan since it requires a little extra care, but it was a good surprise. The handle was easy to attach and remove and made it simple to get the pan in and out of the oven safely without needing mitts.

I checked the stones temperature with an infrared thermometer, and it did indeed hit 750 degreesplenty hot for any pizza.

When I had leftover pizza dough, I decided to spread butter, cinnamon, sugar, and nuts on the thinly rolled dough and roll it into a log. I placed it in the pan, planning on baking it in the oven once it had risen a bit. Unfortunately, when it was ready to go into the oven, I worried that it would rise too much and touch the top of the oven. Instead, I heated up my regular oven and used the pan there, where it worked well. I suspect Ill find other uses for that pan as well.

The Spruce Eats / Donna Currie

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven Performance

To the delight of my co-workers, I made about two dozen pizzas in the Breville Pizzaiolo, using both store-bought and homemade pizza dough. . I made pizzas with fresh mozzarella, pizzas with pre-shredded mozzarella and pepperoni pizzas. All of them came out great, with nicely charred crusts and bubbling cheese. On average, it was able to bake a pizza in about two minutes when set to either Wood-Fired or 750 degrees.

One thing to note: Benny Tudino’s this isn’t. The size of the Pizzaiolo means you’re limited to making 12-inch pies, so if you’re cooking for a crowd, you’re going to be slinging dough for a while.

As with any oven, the Pizzaiolo needed a few minutes to heat up 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how hot you set it. And, as with any pizza stone, the one in the Pizzaiolo needed a few minutes between pies to come back to temperature if I rushed it, I wouldn’t get the nice charring on the underside of the pizza.

While not cool to the touch, the oven’s exterior wasn’t so hot that I was afraid of burning my hand if I accidentally touched it. Still, you’ll want to use this oven in a well-ventilated space. Enough smoke poured out of the oven when I opened the door that I was afraid I’d set off the fire alarms in the office. After I pulled a pizza out of the oven, any flour that remained inside would spontaneously combust, which was both alarming and awesome to watch.

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Customize With Manual Mode

Fully customize how the oven functions. Manual Mode allows you to individually control deck and top temperatures and to select which heating elements are in operation. Choose the ideal heat: select Crust Only to achieve leopard spotting on a Neapolitan style pizza or Even Heat for other styles where toppings, cheese and dough are evenly browned.

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven Design

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

The stainless-steel-clad Pizzaiolo pizza oven has a modern aesthetic that will fit in with the other appliances in your kitchen. That is, if you have the spare counter space for the Pizzaiolo. Measuring 18.5 x 18.3 x 10.8 inches, it’s about the size of a typical microwave or a large toaster oven. Unless you have a kitchen as large as Ina Garten’s, you’re not going to leave this 37-pound contraption out on the counter.

The front of the Pizzaiolo is a spring-loaded door that snaps shut with conviction. The center of the door has a glass window that lets you peer in to see how your pizza is cooking. But it’s a little dark inside the oven, so I often found myself opening the door a crack to see just how charred the crust was.

Inside the oven are two electric heating elements: one on the roof of the oven, and one directly underneath the pizza stone. The stone is removable, so you can clean it easily.

Three knobs on the door control the oven. In automatic mode, the leftmost dial functions as a timer, while the middle dial has presets for several types of pizza: 350 degrees , Frozen , Pan, New York, Thin & Crispy, Wood-Fired and 750 degrees. The rightmost knob lets you fine-tune each setting if you prefer a lighter or darker crust.

In manual mode, the two large dials let you control the temperature of the two heating elements. In this mode, you have to slap a small magnetic label with temperature markings atop the dials.

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