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Brick Oven Pizza At Home

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What If I Dont Have A Wood Fired Pizza Oven

How to Build Your Own High-Performing Wood-Fired Pizza Oven from Bricks

You can still make delicious pizzas at home using your hot and fast BBQ and a pizza stone, or even your oven at home at a push.

Make the dough base exactly as above, and you want to get your BBQ as hot as you can get it. The next best thing to a wood fired pizza oven is a kamado style BBQ, such as a Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe, as these can get up some super high temps.

For fuel, use lump charcoal as this will burn hotter and push your temps up. You can add a chunk or two of some smoking wood like cherry to add additional flavor.

At a push, set your oven to the highest fan forced temp it will go. With any of these methods, its important to preheat your pizza stone in the BBQ or oven before putting on the pizza.

Generally, these methods take a bit longer to cook, especially the oven, which will take 12-15 mins, but just keep an eye on it, regardless of which method you use, and youll still turn out good results.

Does A Pizza Oven Need To Be Domed

This depends on what you prefer your outdoor brick pizza oven to look like. You can go for the look of a dome, but be prepared to spend a lot of money to achieve that look. You will need much more than 40 bricks, a lot of cement, and some additional tools to make a domed oven. Not only are domed pizza ovens more expensive, but they also take more time to make. If you are looking to make a DIY brick pizza oven fast and simple, the domed look isnt the way to go.

Size Of Opening And Cooking Surface

Ovens with wider openings make it easier for you to launch your pie and rotate it as it cooks. You must rotate your pizza mid-bake so that it emerges from the oven with an evenly browned and crispy crust. And you have to work fast, because an 800 ºF oven cooks pizza in about two minutes. A narrower oven opening doesnt allow you as much mobility to move and twist your baking pie compared with a wider one. The size of the baking surface is an important factor too: A 16-inch oven will give you more space to work with than a 12-inch model. However, note that the size of the opening may not match the interior. When we compared the 12-inch models we tested, one ovens opening measured 1 inch narrower than the other two. It may not sound like much, but that inch made a big difference in how well we could maneuver the pizzas as they baked.

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Instructions For Making Dough

This recipe is adapted from the Vera Napoletana Pizza Dough Authentic Recipe from the Forno Bravo website.

Within the recipe below, you will find my detailed pizza dough-making process.

I added lots of info to guide you if you make Neapolitan Pizza Dough for the first time.

Experiment and adjust to fit your own style and tastes.

There are so many ways to get to the perfect pizza pie. Andiamo!

Top And Bake Your Pizzas

What Is Brick Oven Pizza? (with pictures)

To make pizza, ensure the dough is at room temperature and place each dough ball on a floured surface.

Stretch the dough with your hands and shape it into rounds or squares.

Place it on your work surface and flatten it out using your hands or a rolling pin.

If you use a pizza peel, lightly sprinkle it with flour and place the dough on it.

Put on your sauce and/or toppings and bake

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The Benefits Of Cold Fermentation

Cold fermentation is a fundamental technique for dough-making for a few key reasons:

Flavor: Cold fermentation develops a complexity of flavor in the dough that a fast fermentation can’t, thanks to the sorts of flavorful compounds that form only when a dough proofs at low temperatures.

Easy Stretching: This slow fermentation gives the dough time to relax, which makes it easy to stretch out into a nice round disk without the dough fighting back. Not only does this help improve the look of your pies, it keeps them tender, because an overworked dough yields a tough, chewy pizza.

Convenience: While this method does require advanced planning, you can make pizza anytime within a 3-day window once the doughs are in the fridge, only an hour or two after you pull them out.

The recipe makes four 225-gram dough ballssized to make 10-inch pies, which I think are an ideal diameter for a smaller ovenor three 300-gram dough balls, sized to make 12-inch pies in a larger oven.

I strongly recommend that you cold-proof the dough in individual containerslike the 7-inch plastic takeout container pictured aboverather than side-by-side on a rimmed baking sheet. This helps to prevent the dough balls from kissing one another, which will make them hard to separate without tearing, but it also means you can handle each ball as gently as possible, which will help you to avoid overworking the dough before you shape it.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Brick Oven

This answer will vary depending on how many materials you get. If you are resourceful and you love going out on adventures in the wilderness, you can find old bricks that are free of cost. I initially bought 40 bricks, but I added 4 more bricks that I found from my journeys on my local river. You may spend anywhere from $10 to $40 if you find a bunch of old bricks that were discarded by others. Slabs, angle and flat iron pieces, and other materials add to the cost.I will calculate the total amount of money it took for me to build my brick pizza oven. Most of the materials I bought came from my local Lowes store, or find them on Amazon via the links below. * 40 red bricks at $1.78 each = $71.20* 3 16 x 16 inch Patio Stones at $3.18 each = $9.54* 4 Brickface 16 x 16 inch Patio Stones at $3.98 each = $15.92* 2 bags of EarthEssentials Pea Gravel by Quikrete at $3.98 each = $7.96* Pizza pan * Grand total? $121.41

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Premier Brick Oven Pizza

  • Is there gluten free crust?

    Yes there is in a personal size! Very very good!!!

    Shirley B.

  • Are the pizzas baked in a brick oven?

    Yes it is! And yes better than ANY other franchise pizza parlor in town!! The only other one close as good, is a Semi franchise- that is NOT nation wide. Yes cheaper in $$ price but SSOOOOOOOO much better in taste n flavor of all the varieties of

    Allen B.

1628 Howard Rd Madera, CA 93637

Is this your business?

The Four Fundamental Ingredients

HOW TO BUILD // Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven Part 1

Once I ditched these amendments to my formula, the rest was easy, especially since there were only four ingredients to consider, and because the remainder of my pizza dough chops were solid:

Flour: I landed on a medium-high protein flour here, one like King Arthur all-purposewith about 12% proteininstead of bread flours, which are closer to 13%. The protein percentage determines the amount of gluten that forms in a dough and thus the texture of the finished pizza. That’s because without oil to tenderize the dough, high-protein bread flour produces a pizza that’s a little tough. Reducing the protein slightly helped to restore the lost tenderness.

Water: The percentage of water in a dough also has a profound effect upon the final texture of the pie, since water, like oil, also lubricates gluten. So more water is generally better if you want a tender, not-tough dough. But too much water can make a dough sticky and hard-to-handle, so there’s a limit, especially if you’re trying to create a formula that’s easy for beginners and experts alike. I ended up with a 67% hydration dough , a good compromise between ease of handling and maximum tenderness. One note: I actually prefer 70% hydration myself, though that dough can be a touch hard to handle. I offer instructions in the notes below if you want to increase the hydration once you’re comfortable with this dough.

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Can You Build A Pizza Oven With Normal Bricks

Your brick pizza oven at home can be built with normal bricks. It is only optional to use fire bricks if you feel like you would be safer with the structure of the oven.However, it must be said that if you choose to build your oven with normal bricks, you must carefully monitor them during the cooking process. There is the possibility of normal bricks cracking if the heat reaches extremely high temperatures.

What Can I Use Instead Of Fire Bricks

If for any reason you cant get at least 40 bricks to make your outdoor pizza oven, then there are alternatives to consider. If you make most of your brick pizza oven out of concrete cinder blocks, you will still have something that works. Of course, you still need to monitor the oven so that none of these cinder blocks crack or pop. We used concrete blocks in our fire pit for a while but they didnt last long. They all cracked in the end. Youd be better off getting kiln-fired red bricks or fire bricks for your outdoor DIY pizza oven.

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Choosing The Right Flour For Your Dough

The best flour to use for your pizza dough is type 00 flour. Dont worry, you will be able to get this flour in most supermarkets. So what is 00 flour, and why is it best for pizza dough?

The 00 refers to the texture of the flour Italian flours are classified by numbers according to how finely they are ground, from the coarsest ground tipo 2, to the finest 00.

So why is 00 the best for pizza?

Well, without being too boring around the science of it all, 00 flour has low protein, low starch, and low gluten. This makes it soft and perfect for pasta and pizza as its low gluten content makes it stretchy without springing back when you form it into pizza bases.

It also helps prevent it tearing.

Using 00 flour will also help you get a crispy base with a little bit of chewiness without feeling like rubber, and when you cook it on a wood fire with high heat, youll get that incredible crust with its puffy little bubbles commonly associated with Italian wood-fired pizza.

What Makes Brick Oven Pizzas Special


Neopolitan-style pizzas are special. The crust is crisp and flecked with tell-tale charred spots, evidence of being baked in an extremely hot oven. The interior of the dough is soft, elastic, tender, and fragrant, and the toppings are cooked to perfection.

To achieve this perfect pizza, Italian pizza pros rely on brick ovens that typically heat to 700ºF . This high temperature cooks the pizza fastwere talking under two minutes!

The reason brick ovens can achieve such pizza perfection is due to the thermal conductivity of the bricks, or how efficiently they transfer heat into the dough. When comparing clay and steel, clay is much more slow to heat something placed on it, and this means that even if two ovens made of each material are heated to the same temperature, the crust in the brick oven wont get nearly as hot as the crust in a steel oven.

Along those same lines, the toppings in a clay oven have more time to cook before the crust is done in a steel oven, the crust will be burned at such high temperatures before the cheese is even melted. Brick ovens are ideal because the crust heats at a high but reasonable temperature giving the toppings enough time to properly cook.

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What Kind Of Brick Do I Use For A Pizza Oven

For my DIY brick pizza oven, I used regular bricks and the oven seems to work just fine. However, if you are concerned about the possibility of regular bricks cracking or breaking due to the intense heat that is developed, then fire bricks wouldnt be a bad idea. They are called fire bricks for a reason. They are supposed to endure extremely high levels of heat.

Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Donna Currie is a food writer, product tester, and author of the cookbook Make Ahead Bread. She’smade more than her fair share of pizzain the oven, on grills, and with dedicated pizza makersand personally tested the Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven, Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven, and Onlyfire Pizza Oven Kit for this roundup, in addition to some pizza stones if you’re looking for one of those.

This roundup was updated by Jenny Kellerhals, who also wrote the accompanying pizza oven buying guide. After a decade in NYC pastry kitchens, Jenny has finally learned how to balance yeasted dough recipes and baking intuition to perfect her favorite pizza dough.

The Spruce Eats commerce writer Jason Horn further updated this roundup. A native Chicagoan, his preferred pizza style is deep dish.

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The Perfect Pizza Oven For You

No matter your preference kit or assembled, big or small, rustic or sleek, portable or integrated, your Forno Bravo Residential Pizza Oven is built to last. Featuring unmatched, industry-leading quality and community-tested longevity, our ovens have proven themselves over time and through the experience of thousands of satisfied owners. We offer the largest range of sizes and styles to meet your specific goals, and can tailor any oven to match your individual specs. Give us a challenge and well work together with you to bring your vision to life.

  • Kits or Fully Assembled Options
  • Custom colors, patterns, tiles, and branding available
  • Wide variety of choices in standard colors, finishes, oven thicknesses, and sizes
  • Different body styles, footprints, and oven bases to match your space
  • Flexible fuel options Wood fired, natural gas or propane available outdoor and indoor models to meet your cooking and entertaining needs.

Pompeii brick oven installations throughout the world. Check out our gallery.

What Can You Cook In An Outdoor Pizza Oven

How to build a brick oven / Outdoor Kitchen Build – Part 5

Though you can call your oven a pizza oven, you dont have to limit your cooking experiences to just pizza! If you want to make cheesy bread, soup, or burger patties then you can give it a go with an outdoor brick oven. I suggest you monitor the cooking process just like you would with pizza and make sure the oven retains its heat. Honestly, there are very few limits as to what you can cook in an outdoor pizza oven. I can imagine you can cook steak and eggs for breakfast in a brick pizza oven, and they will turn out just fine. Want to make coffee in a tin can? I dont see why a brick oven wouldnt accommodate!

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

The word portable is accurate for this oven, in that its not built into your patio. But at 40 pounds, the Koda 16 is pretty heavy, and its wide shape makes the oven awkward to carry. You dont want to lug it around on a long walk. But its still good for backyards and chill outings, like tailgating and car campingbasically any situation where you dont have to carry it too far.

The Koda 16 is the most expensive portable outdoor pizza oven we tested. We understand that $500 is a lot to spend on a niche cooking appliance. But its half the price of the Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo and a little more versatile, in that it has a larger oven cavity that gives you more room to cook things other than pizza. If you want a more affordable optionone that gets just as hot but comes with its own set of quirkscheck out our budget pick, the wood-pellet-burning Ooni Fyra.

Our Pick: Ooni Koda 16 Gas Powered Pizza Oven

May be out of stock

*At the time of publishing, the price was $500.

If you want a convenient, portable outdoor pizza ovenone that ignites and heats up with the turn of a dialthe Ooni Koda 16 is it. This propane-fueled pizza oven is the largest model we tested. With a square 16¾-inch cordierite-ceramic baking surface and a roomy 21-by-4½-inch opening in front, the Koda 16 gave us ample room to launch pies, as well as rotate and move them around the oven as they baked. Ooni claims the Koda 16 can reach 932 °F, and in our tests it came close. The maximum temperature we measured on the stone was 890 °Fstill impressive, and definitely hot enough to torch a pizza.

I made at least 30 pizzas in the Koda 16 alone. This wasnt because I was playing favorites I just had it for a month before the other ovens arrived, and I was eager to start using it. This oven made pretty perfect homemade pizzas, with spotted crispy bottoms and chewy crusts punctuated with golf-ball-sized air bubbles. As weve mentioned, we managed to do this in every oven we tested, but the Koda 16 stood out from the competition because it was the easiest to use and has the biggest cooking surface.

The first time I used the Koda 16, I melted part of my puffer jacket on the oven roof andwait for itstuck my face too close to the opening and singed my eyelashes. Dont be me.

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