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Built In Oven Under Cooktop

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Remodeling : How To Choose Between A Range Or A Cooktop And Wall Oven In The Kitchen

Built Under Double Ovens Measurement Guide |

Leaping into a kitchen remodel? If so, youre likely about to make an important appliance decision: whether to install a range or a cooktop/wall oven combination.

The good and bad news is that the options in size, configurations, and cooking functions of ranges, cooktops, and ovens are vast. This allows for better adaptability to your cooking needs and your kitchens physical constraints. But it also makes the selection process complicated. Here are some key questions and tips from architects and designers to help you determine which cooking setup is best for you.

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Are There Significant Cost Differences

The two cost factors are the appliance and the installation. Generally, ranges are the way to go to keep costs down. There more options at the lower end of the budget spectrum, and theyre also easy to install. That said, top-of the-line ranges are not more affordable than cooktop/oven combos. If youre replacing existing units, its obviously less costly from an installation standpoint to stick with the same type of appliance. If youre building a new kitchen, your options are varied.

Another cost consideration is replacement. If one cooking component of a range breaks, you have to replace both functioning parts . With a separate cooktop and oven setup, you can replace them individually. That said, separate cooktops and ovens vary in size from brand to brand and since they integrate closely with the adjacent cabinetry, you might have fewer options when it comes to replacement. Ranges are more standard in size and easy to replace.

What Is The Best Way To Clean The Inside Of An Oven

Regularly cleaning your oven will ensure it cooks efficiently, as well as saving you from more difficult and intensive cleaning in the long term. For best results, you should try to clean your oven while its still warm to wipe fats and food away before they get baked on. Aim to do this at least once a month and you can avoid cooking in a smoky, underperforming oven with a door panel that you cant clearly see through.

Dont forget to check out our range of oven cleaning products that will help with tough, baked on grime. Remember to always use gloves, a face mask, a long sleeve shirt and eye protection, and keep the area well-ventilated when using oven cleaner.

For fuss-free cleaning you may consider an oven with a pyrolytic setting. Pyrolytic ovens can effectively clean themselves by running an ultra-hot cleaning cycle reaching up to 500°C to burn off baked-on fats and residues, leaving a fine ash behind that is easy to wipe away at cycle completion.

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Why Trust The Spruce

This article was written by Erica Puisis, who specializes in researching large and small home appliances, including ranges, ovens, washers, dryers, vacuums, and more. Erica has been writing for The Spruce since 2017. To find the best options for double ovens regardless of your kitchen configuration, she included range models and wall ovens in her research. Oven capacity, cooking process , smart features, and cleaning modes were key aspects of the research process since these features are most likely to impact the usability of the appliance.

In addition, Erica interviewed Albert Fouerti, the CEO of Appliances Connection. With decades of experience in the industry and a familiarity with leading manufacturers of kitchen ranges with double ovens, he spoke on the expanded possibilities that a double range offers. In addition, we also consulted with custom home builder Ben Neely of Riverbend Homes in Austin, Texas. He provided context on the selection and installation of double ovens, along with the benefits of this appliance option.

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Steve Sheinkopf

Steve is the third-generation CEO of Yale and a lifelong Bostonian. He currently resides in Boston, one mile from where he was born. Despite being one of the worst goalies of all time, he is a huge hockey fan of college hockey and the Boston Bruins. The love of his life is his daughter Sophie.

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What Is The Best Oven To Buy In Australia

The best oven is the one that’s suited to your cooking needs. With a wide variety of models on the market, you should first decide whether a built-in or freestanding ovens best fits your space. Then, refine your search by considering the following specifications:

  • Size: 60cm , 90cm , single or double oven design.
  • Installation method: Wall ovens remain separate from the cooktop, under-bench models provide a flush, seamless look.
  • Settings: Check that your chosen oven includes standard features like fan-forced, grill, timer and pizza mode.
  • Colour: Black, white, gunmetal grey, stainless steel take your pick!

Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Built In Ovens

Whether you’re cooking for a large family or a group of friends, a built-in oven can be an excellent addition to your kitchen. It offers a new way of cooking and it doesn’t take much space in your kitchen. Browse the top-ranked list of built in ovens below along with associated reviews and opinions.

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    My last profile walloven lasted 12 yrs.. I look for the same from the walloven….The Built-In Combination Convection-Microwave/Convection WallOven is everything we wanted for the space in our kitchen….and it looks great with the other GE appliances we have already installed.

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Cook food to your liking with this GE Profile Series PT7800DHWW electric wall oven and microwave combination, which offers spacious compartments for your meals. Convection technology circulates heat in both ovens to achieve delicious results.See all Wall Oven & Microwave CombosTop comment

    My last profile walloven lasted 12 yrs.. I look for the same from the walloven….The Built-In Combination Convection-Microwave/Convection WallOven is everything we wanted for the space in our kitchen….and it looks great with the other GE appliances we have already installed.

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Cook food to your liking with this GE Profile Series PT7800DHWW electric wall oven and microwave combination, which offers spacious compartments for your meals. Convection technology circulates heat in both ovens to achieve delicious results.

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    Should You Place A Wall Oven Under A Cooktop

    Steve Sheinkopf | November 17, 2014 | 4 Min. Read

    New Webinar: How to Buy an Induction Range or Cooktop: Best Models, Features, and Problems

    Picture your new kitchen.

    Your countertops can be soapstone, caeserstone, granite, marble in endless permutations.

    Now let’s look at cabinets. They can be sleek glossy modern high sheen white or a very traditional wood with aged brass accents.

    What will you do with your floors? What finish is your tile back guard. I like colorful tile, but my friend has a beach house with blueish, beachy tile. I liked that as well. Now we have to light your kitchen and add plumbing fixtures, door hardware and sinks.

    I mention the common elements of a renovation because they are the personal, unique elements of our kitchens. From a style standpoint, it is not the appliances per se. So you want to try to accentuate the best elements of your kitchen.

    Cook Every Meal To Perfection With A New Oven

    How to install your Electrolux Oven with Hob – Built Under installation

    Serving up reliable gas ovens as well as the latest conventional and convection electric ovens Harvey Norman offers a delectable line-up of popular options for everyday home cooking. Thinking about making more of an investment? Eat clean with steam ovens or reduce after-dinner clean-up with a pyrolytic oven.

    Whether you’re shopping for an apartment-friendly compact oven, microwave, cooktop or a complete cooking package look no further!

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    What Is A Built

    A built-in oven otherwise known as an integrated oven or wall oven is installed inside a kitchen cabinet. This can be a base or tall cabinet of varying heights. Unlike a freestanding oven, a built-in oven is only one appliance and does not include a hob . If you choose to have a built-in oven you will need to include a separate hob as part of your kitchen design. Built-in ovens are available as gas or electric fuel types, although electric has become far more popular and is the norm these days. They also vary in size from compact , single and double in the UK. Most built-in ovens will have a standard width of 60cm and a depth of 55-58cm. This allows them to be installed in standard kitchen cabinets. However, there are extra-wide 90cm built-in ovens available too, there just isnt as much choice on the market. Typically built-in ovens are available with more features and functions than a freestanding oven such as combination microwave or steam cooking, pyrolytic cleaning, WiFi and multifunctional cooking settings.

    What Should I Look For When Buying An Oven

    First consider the size you need. There are two aspects to size: the physical size, and the usable litre capacity. The size will tell you the dimensions of the oven for an accurate idea of what space it will need in your kitchen for a smooth installation, while the usable litre capacity will tell you how much space is in the oven compartment for cooking.

    Consider what you want to be able to cook and how many people you are feeding. The most common built-in oven size is 60cm and the usable capacity can vary depending on the cavity design. A 90cm model like this Westinghouse oven is less common in built-in, with the majority of this size being freestanding ovens. If you have a larger family or love to entertain, then you may want to consider a larger oven size or even a double oven.

    Although it may be tempting to buy the largest capacity oven you can, it is worth keeping cleaning in mind, as larger ovens mean larger trays, which may be a little more awkward to clean. Then there’s aesthetics to consider: from dark stainless, stainless steel, white, red or black – the options are as endless as they are exciting! For more on the right oven for you, check out our oven buying guide.

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    What Do You Need To Install Induction Over Oven

    The induction cooktop is built into a counter and paired with a separate wall oven.

    It requires a cutout in the countertop where the cooktop can be dropped into the hole.

    The induction cooktops placed are usually in sizes of 30 inches and 36 inches.

    If your space is even smaller, go for a 24-inch cooktop with a 24-inch wall oven. Do note that there is a very limited section for the 24-inch range.

    Certain companies have certain requirements for a space or gap between the two and other specifications. Which, if you dont follow, they cancel the warranty.

    Browse through different induction cooktops. Some require small space about 2-3 inches while some big space about 6 inches for ventilation.

    The clearance for induction does not work for all brands though.

    As I have said before, stick with the same manufacturer. They will fit a cutout for your induction cooktop.

    Make sure to take measurements to know the precise dimensions required. The dimensions should be the same.

    For the same manufacturer or different manufacturer, it is a good idea to call an installation team to perform a site check.

    This will help you to invest in an induction cooktop and ensure that the installation of induction over a wall oven takes place smoothly.

    The company GE has a whole list of cooktops approved for installation above wall ovens!

    What Are Your Aesthetic Preferences

    HOTPOINT DU2540IX Built

    Because there are so many options, the choice between a range and a cooktop/oven combo may come down to looks. Do you like the impact of a pro-style cooking setup? Then a range may be for you. Do you prefer the sleekness of built-ins? Wall ovens and a cooktop are the way to go. Even those who prefer the over-under setup of a range sometimes opt for a sleek fitting cooktop with a wall-oven mounted underneath.

    Tip: Architect Mark Reilly, whose Belvedere kitchen remodel won the Remodelista 2013 Best Design Professional Kitchen Award, shares this trick: Adding a stately hood over a cooktop can give it the heft of a range when a strong focal point is desired but a range wont work. Another tip: When possible, center the range/cooktop on the kitchen space, island, and doorway. This helps organize the space and creates a strong visual connection between adjacent rooms.

    And the design team at Henrybuilt notes that a benefit of using a cooktop is that the countertop line can carry across for a much more streamlined and linear look. This is often an important consideration in setups where the kitchen and living areas blend together.

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    Advantage Of Placing An Induction Over An Oven

    An induction over an oven looks very elegant and pretty. You can design in such a way that you get to keep the granite and the toe kick below.

    A toe kick is a recessed space built into the bottom of the cabinet which sits on the floor. It is designed to allow people to stand close to the cabinet without stubbing their toes against it.

    It is typically only 3 inches deep and about 3 and a half inches high.

    It is better to install induction over a wall oven than purchase a range. The advantage is that a wall oven has more functionality than a range with steam, dual convection, and guided cooking.

    Both the induction and the oven provide a variety of different cuisines cooked differently to suit the occasions and needs of all members of the family and friends.

    Can You Place A Wall Oven Under A Rangetop

    Rangetops are the burners of high output professional ranges. Grills, griddles and French tops are all available in a rangetop.

    Cooktops have only one or two power burners with no grill, griddle or French top functionalityYou cannot install a wall oven under a rangetop because the wall oven will not fit underneath. Rangetops are too tall at 8+ inches tall versus 3-4 inches for a cooktop.

    However you can install a warming drawer underneath most rangetops, which is a nice idea.

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    What Are Your Cooking Habits

    Your cooking habits also impact appliance choice:

    • Do you tend to stand in front of your stovetop tending to your cooking? If so, you might want to avoid the heat radiating from an oven.
    • Do you frequently transfer dishes from the stovetop to finish in the oven? Proximity is important in this case.
    • How close do you want your pots and pans to your appliance?
    • Do you have back issues? Hauling heavy pots out of a range oven can be burdensome. A wall oven at arm and eye height is likely a better choice for those with bad knees or backs. Be mindful, however, of wall oven placement in relation to your height. If the oven is placed too high, your forearms are at risk of getting burned, and reaching into the oven might not be possible, forcing you into an awkward spot at the side of the oven.
    • Is burner configuration important to you? Cooktops offer more flexibility in burner style, size, and options like induction burners.

    Which Oven To Go For

    Samsung NV70K1340BB/EU Electric Built-under Oven | Product Overview | Currys PC World

    Best quality & features The Hotpoint DD2540IX is our all-round winner in terms of quality and features, coming in at a surprisingly low price. Available in 3 colours to match your kitchen aesthetic to a T, the good looks, great capacity, smart features and even-cooking compartments work together to make for a great buy.

    On a budget The Indesit Aria IDU 6430 IX proves that a fitted kitchen doesnt have to be an absolute bank-buster. It boasts all the features youd hope to find, just coming in at a price that might surprise you its got the looks, its got the tech, all it needs is your food in it. Maybe the ideal choice for a first home.

    Cooking for a crowd If you find yourself cooking for a lot of people, look no further than Hotpoints DD2544CIX. By merit of its sheer volume, youll find that fitting a lot of food into just one oven comes easy.

    Beginner chefs choice The SIA DO102 is a great choice for those starting out in the wide world of cooking. Not overly pricey, it wins out here by virtue of its programmable timers with auto on/off settings if youre not in the habit of checking your food while it cooks, as any less-experienced chef may be, this automatic setting will be sure to save you should you get a bit carried away with all of your food preparation.

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    Wall Oven & Cooktop Combination

    There are some real advantages to a wall oven/cooktop set up.

    Modern Kitchen

  • Cleanability: There are no seams on the sides so spills stay on the top and not in the crevices on the sides
  • Appearance: This is the big one. Your granite runs straight across the back. The toe kicks and cabinets are not compromised, so its a much cleaner look
  • Function: Wall ovens and cooktops have better controls and functions in most cases than slide-ins and professional stoves
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