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Camp Chef Stove With Oven

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The Price Range Or Budget

Camp Chef Camp Oven Review

From the table, it is evident that the cheaper mini ovens are smaller, and the larger and more complex mini ovens are more expensive. Additionally, the brand and the variety of cooking settings offered dictate how much you will have to pay for your mini oven.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your pocket and where you find the most value.

Camp Chef Outdoor Oven Vs Coleman Camp Oven: Which Should You Choose

Were not sure who was the first to think of creating a gas-powered camping oven, but we wholeheartedly salute their genius. Partly because we appreciate its just crazy enough to work ideas, and partly because that concept ultimately led to the incredible products were comparing today: the Camp Chef Outdoor Oven and the Coleman Camp Oven. Whether you live to pursue the call of the open wilderness or simply want to enhance your backyard camping experience, these are a few of the most popular outdoor ovens on the market.

Today, our goal is to help you choose which camping oven best fits your outdoor living needs. Our Camp Chef oven vs. Coleman oven comparison will walk you through all the major factors at play in this decision, from size and portability to cooking versatility and durability in the elements. By laying out all the facts for you, with our 20-plus years of industry expertise adding context where needed, its our hope that the question of the Camp Chef oven or the Coleman oven will become clearer than a wide-open horizon.

A Closer Look At The Camp Chef Oven

  • Multi-purpose cooker features an insulated oven plus 2 top range burners
  • Compact design includes carrying handles for easy portability around the campsite
  • Matchless ignition and fully adjustable temperature dials make cooking a breeze
  • Features a 3-sided burner windscreen and glass oven door for convenient cooking

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Vent Your Propane Cupboard

Propane gas sinks, and you most likely dont want it lingering around the floor of your campervan in case of a leak. Using a dedicated, ventilated cupboard for your propane cannister will ensure any propane goes right outside.

Betsy and Justin Woods of vent their propane through a vent in their campervan floor.

Should You Buy The Camp Chef Everest 2x

Camp Chef® Outdoor Camp Oven with Grill

Compared to the other stoves in our review, our reviewers think the Everest 2X delivers exceptional quality for the price. Many other stoves cost around the same but score less favorably across our test metrics. While there are less expensive stoves on the market and in our review these stoves don’t hold a flame to the power, durability, and simmering ability of this one. Our review team was dazzled enough by this stove to give it our top award, and if your kitchen kit can accommodate a relatively bulky stove, we’re sure you’ll also be impressed by it.

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Tiny House And Old Camper Use

Although I have not lived in one of the tiny houses that are very popular at the moment, I did live for 18 months in a 1978 Holiday Rambler that nothing worked in but the oven and range. So I came to appreciate that little oven more when I discovered it helped us keep it warmer in the camper. It also meant that we could have regular style meals. We used it for canning and cooking after the camper was sold to be converted into a storage trailer.

My point is that a little gas range and oven is so useful when you are living small and want to eat well. We were trying to be frugal so that we could put all our money towards building the house we live in now. That meant all meals at home and no eating out just because we were tired at the end of the day.

The old 78 Holiday Rambler we lived in for two winters to save money and build our little house up on the hillside above this valley. I think this was taken in 2009 maybe. We had a few cows and of course the Great Pyrenees dogs. No running water but we had a dorm fridge and an extension cord.

Our Analysis And Test Results

The Everest 2X is a beefier redux of the original Everest, where every aspect of the stove has been redesigned with durability and power in mind. With 20,000 BTUs and a three-sided nearly seamless windscreen, it performs impressively well in windy conditions. If heating ramen water on full blast isn’t your scene, never fear because this stove can also accommodate low enough heat to simmer to your heart’s content. It is uncommon for a car camping stove to boil water fast but also have the finesse to cook slow and low, which is why our review team was so impressed with this stove. While it is bigger, heftier, and a bit spendier than others in our review we think it is worth these nominal drawbacks.

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A Review Of The Camp Chef Oven Outdoor Gas Range

Backdoor SurvivalCookingPreparednessSurvival GearA Review Of The Camp Chef Oven Outdoor Gas RangeSamantha Biggers

  • Camp Chef Customer Service
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    The Camp Chef Oven is a remarkable and economically priced oven and range for anyone that wants all the convenience of a quality gas range in the great outdoors. At around 32 lbs, it is light enough that a single person can move it and with two people, it is really easy.

    Luxury And Car Camping

    Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Oven Review Camping

    Taking an oven on a camping trip sounds great to me. No eating just one pot meals and convenience foods when you have a portable gas range and oven! If you are camping with kids this can make it easier to feed them better on camping trips where you can take your car to the site. I have cooked plenty of small camp stoves and I think it would be difficult to cook well with just a single little burner to cook for more than 2 people.

    A great thing about this oven is that it can be used where fires are not allowed and during burn bans!

    I like that this oven runs on gas so you can cook outside and at campsites where open fires are not allowed. During a burn ban it can be nice to cook outside. In my area, a burn ban often coincides with hot and dry temperatures where some relief from the heat is welcome.

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    Stainless Steel And Enamel Construction

    This oven seems to be made of quality components.It offers a contemporary design that looks good out in the woods but also in a nice little cabin kitchen. This is not a rough looking stove that you dont want to be seen cooking on. This is an excellent option for cooking out on some acreage. You dont have to feel limited to just your kitchen or patio when you have a nice little stove and oven like this.

    What Is In The Name

    So here you have what they call the Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Oven, a modified version of their celebrated Outdoor Oven. This is a very convenient item for outdoor cooking with a great size range that includes two burners, plus a full-size oven. The pictures show its convenient carry handles on both sides.

    The top picture above shows it with the closed lid that doubles as a huge windscreen. It is shown below with the lid open, and the oven is placed on their Camp Chef Sherpa camping table.

    As you realize, the lid has two elements on the side, and they fold in when you close the lid. The picture below shows how you attach them to the stoves body:

    The table which you see in the pictures is with a roll-type aluminum tabletop, but the oven does not heat the tabletop in any case, it is well insulated so you can use it on any table that can support its 32 lb of weight plus the pots and food in them.

    Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Oven vs Camp Chef Outdoor Oven what is the difference

    From what I see the only important difference is the range burners output. You have 9000 BTU/h each in the Deluxe and 7500 BTU/h each in the Camp Chef Outdoor Oven . The dimensions are exactly the same.

    Note that the Deluxe is called Covend model by the manufacturer, while the Outdoor Oven is called Coven model.

    Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Oven vs Camp Chef Professional Outdoor Oven

    So yes, they also have what they call Camp Chef Professional Outdoor Oven. The main differences are:

    The oven structure

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    Panasonic Microwave Oven With Inverter Technology & Genius Sensor

    The Panasonic Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology & Genius Sensor is perfect for your caravans counter top, a campers table or can be built-in to your caravans kitchen space. Its compact design bears a sleek, thin, and seamless exterior, leaving lots of room inside.

    The stainless steel microwave uses inverter technology that generates an even heat stream at all temperature settings, ensuring your meals are cooked perfectly and savoury. The inverter technology also ensures that your defrosted meals are not cooked or charred on the edges, and keeps meals warm until you are ready to serve.

    The turbo defrost based on the above technology thaws food quickly while the genius sensor automatically adjusts cooking power and time, depending on what you are cooking. It offers utmost variety and diversity with 14 auto cook settings to help you prepare all your favourite breakfast, brunch, and dinner meals.

    Among the foods you can prepare in this microwave oven include oatmeal, pizza, pasta, soups and casseroles, frozen vegetables and entrees, omelette, rice, and potatoes.


    • Ability to change and adjust temperatures automatically


    • Non-durable megatrons

    Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven

    Camp Chef: Deluxe Outdoor Oven with 2

    The Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven is an effective and efficient cooking companion in all setups. Its impressive compact design and roll-top door ensure it takes up as little space as it can on your campervan or caravan. This easy reach toaster oven has four main food prep settings for toasting, broiling, convection, and baking all your favorite meals.

    You can prepare almost anything in this hand appliance, including crusty pies, toasted vegetables, evenly-cooked pizza, and perfectly broiled fish. It can fit at least six slices of bread, a 12 pizza, and a 9 × 11 baking pan.

    The Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven features an oven rack, a removable crumb tray, and a baking pan. Its rack can be set in two positions, which allows you to prepare a wider variety of foods to perfection. You can enjoy easy access to your food before, during, and after cooking thanks to the roll-top door.

    Also, you never have to worry about burning yourself as this toaster oven features a 60-minute timer with a bell to alert you when food is ready. Moreover, you can cook foods for longer by selecting the stay-on optional setting.

    The convection option on this oven allows you to enjoy crispy and evenly-cooked pizzas, cakes, and bread. This is due to the fan that continuously circulates heat all around to evenly cook your food. I recommend getting the Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven at an affordable price from



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    Go Sun Solar Oven Portable Stove

    Solar ovens spell out ready for an adventure as they are convenient and efficient for people on the go. The Go Sun Solar Oven Portable Stove is a campers favorite, and it was made for this purpose. It works similar to a hay stove by harnessing the suns heat to steam, bake, and roast food in less than 20 minutes.

    It comes with a stainless-steel cooking tray, an evacuated glass tube oven, double parabolic reflectors, and an Eva frame. There are various models under this oven, and all offer different advantages. For instance, the GoSun Go weighs 2lb , making it easy to carry anywhere, including on a hike from your camping site. On the other hand, GoSun Sports superpower is its ability to absorb broad-spectrum ultraviolet light and stay heated for a long time.

    It has a capacity of 400ml and lets you prepare beverages and solid foods interchangeably in 20-30 minutes. The temperatures on the mini oven reach 290°C when the sun is hot. Your shadow can help you tell the ovens cooking strength, as the darker and sharper it is, the hotter your oven will be. It comes with a user manual, a cleaning brush, and a mini-cookbook to help you set up effectively and guide you to make the best meals.

    Below is a short video from the manufacturer that shows you how to use the solar-powered oven to prepare the most delicious meals:


    • Only efficient for one person
    • You cant cook foods that expand when cooking

    General Household Cooking During The Hot Months

    Cooking outside is a lot nicer in the summer than cooking inside a lot of the time. Cooking inside just gets the house super hot and if you are using air conditioning then you are wasting a lot of power. You can set your Camp Chef up outside on a patio, porch, or anywhere in the yard.

    So you can throw something in the oven and then go enjoy the AC if you want. If you dont have a good exhaust fan on your inside stove then the Camp Chef can be a good way to cook meals that have a lot of odor to them. No more making the whole house smell like onions and garlic for hours at a time!

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    Places To Buy Camp Chef Camping Oven Combo Online In 2022

    Some links in this post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase using these links it will generate a commission which helps fund this informative website.

    Ready to buy a Camp Chef camping oven combo online this year? Heres a big list of online retailers selling these great camping ovens, some at a discounted rate. Keep reading to learn where to purchase these camp ovens both new and used on the internet.

    What Is A Portable Propane Camping Oven

    Using The Camp Chef Oven

    A portable propane oven is an upgrade from the camping stoves that youre probably familiar with. The camp chef is a two-in-one, meaning it has a 2-burner stovetop sitting above a propane powered oven. These items work independently, so you can choose to use just the stovetop or just the oven at any given time. Of course, they can work in tandem as well. You can boil a cup of coffee and bake some morning biscuits at the same time!

    The portable oven was built for campers who want a little bit of extra luxury at a campsite or have a lot of extra mouths to feed. Because of this its completely mobile. We have seen van lifers build the unit directly into their countertops but it will work just as well sitting on an outdoor table. The unit comes standard with a 1lb. propane canister connector, however if you add a longer hose adaptor it can be easily hooked up to larger propane tanks.

    The camp chef oven works similar your household oven, albeit smaller. It is highly insulated to keep the temperature in and can cook for hours on end. We think its best for people who have the space and are able to tow around a tank of propane. It would make a great addition to a large campervan kitchen setup.

    • Constant observation while cooking needed

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    Camp Chef Propane Outdoor Camp Oven Features:

    When you bring along our Outdoor Oven, the cooking possibilities are endless. This oven unlocks capabilities of a home oven and range. Designed to be both portable and versatile, the Outdoor Oven provides you with enough heat to cook anything from a breakfast skillet to your fresh cinnamon rolls. Its perfect for camping, emergency preparedness, tailgating, and more. With a 1 lb. propane bottle, you can hold a temperature of 350º F for up to 7 hours.

    Best Camp Chef Camping Stoves

    • Includes 3 ft. hose and regulator
    • Includes detachable steel legs and 3-sided wind screen
    • Compatible with most 14 in. Camp Chef accessories
    • Two 30,000 BTUs/Hr. cast-aluminum burners
    • Appliance-style temperature controls
    • Fits Models: EX60LW, EX60P, EX60PP, EX60P, EX60B, EX280LW, DB60D, YK60LW, YK60LWC12
    • Weather-Resistant Liner
    • Large, Industrial EZ Glide Zipper
    • Wrap Handle for Added Support
    • 16.5″ x 34.5″ x 9″

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    This Offer Has Expired

    Amazon is offering the Camp Chef Propane Outdoor Camp Oven for $169 shipped. Down from $230 or more at Amazon, todays deal marks the lowest price that weve seen in the past few years. While its designed to be used with a 1-pound propane tank, you can adapt it to be used with a 20-pound tank if you need longer runtime. Itll output 7,500 BTU per burner and the oven is 3,000 BTU. Speaking of the oven, it can reach 400 degrees which means you can make just about any meal while away from home. This portable camp oven is perfect for fall getaways as itll allow you to still enjoy a nice home cooked meal without having to fuss with fires. Keep reading for more.

    You could instead opt for the Coleman Portable Butane Stove with Carrying Case thats available at $35 on Amazon. Sure, it doesnt have the full-on oven that todays lead deal does, but its also far more affordable and much smaller. In the end, itll be easier to transport and use this stove thanks to its compact nature, so if youre in need of something to just boil water for coffee or tea while on-the-go, then this is a great option.

    Dont forget that you can pick up Chefmans indoor grill thats on sale for just $20 at Amazon. Its currently up to 50% off, making now a great time to add this to your cooking arsenal. While it might not be the same as heading outdoor to cook, this will let you enjoy burgers and more whenever the weather gets too cold to hit the patio.

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