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Do It Yourself Pizza Oven

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Cementing The Bricks In Place

How to Build Your Own High-Performing Wood-Fired Pizza Oven from Bricks

The first step here is to cement the first layer of bricks in place using a fine mix of cement and fine sand . At this stage I would also cement in place the arch. Lay the cellophane sheet across the base layer and begin to fill with sand. A sand mould of the inside of the oven is created so that the bricks can be supported on the sand whilst being cemented in place . The sand is wrapped in cellophane or plastic sheeting to prevent the sand from sticking to the inside of the oven where there may be some wet cement. Begin layering up the bricks working up the side of the cellophane sheeting. At this stage it is good to cement in place the chimney. Having the chimney slightly higher than the door ensures that the smoke travels out of the chimney as opposed to just coming out of the front of the oven. Don’t worry about the cement looking a bit messy. This will be sorted in the next step.

The Diy Pizza Oven Base

First of all, determine what type of DIY pizza oven base you require. Delta core concrete made this light and strong and transportable. Deltacore are in Perth, Western Australia. I got my base home with my 6×4 trailer. This means I can pick the brick oven up with my forklift and place it anywhere I want. Most people will choose to build theirs in place using concrete or bricks.

The base is 1500 x 1200 mm and 150mm deep. You will need to add two tension bars across the base to give tension in that direction. If not, the concrete will crack.

My First Pompeii Brick Pizza Oven

Building the pizza oven in this video was a significant undertaking since it took this YouTuber a full 20 days to complete. However, as youll see at the end of the video, the result looks amazing as does the pizza he cooks in it so were thinking this was probably 20 days he considers well spent.

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Slabs For Your Diy Pizza Oven

Better known as stepping stones, slabs are integral parts of the outdoor brick pizza oven.

If you can find it in your local department store, the preferred size for your slabs should be 16 inches long by 16 inches wide.

If measurements are slightly off this mark when you find a slab you like, dont worry. Customization is key when making an outdoor brick pizza oven DIY-style.

The recommended amount of slabs to get is three.

One slab should be used as part of your foundation, while another slab should be used in the middle as the resting place for your pizza. The third slab is more for cosmetic purposes than anything else since it is positioned at the very top.

The third slab can be used to put the pizza on after it has been fully cooked.

Easy Homemade Pizza Oven Plans

29 DIY Pizza Oven Ideas

Pizza is, without doubt, one of the most popular foods around the world, but theres no beating one cooked in a proper pizza oven and preferably a wood-fired one.

The problem with that is, having a pizza oven installed in your home can involve a serious investment unless, of course, you DIY it. And for anyone who wants to try, here are our top 19 plans for a DIY pizza oven for you to try at home.

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Insulation Layer For The Earth / Cob Oven

The difference between this layer and the thermal layer is that the mixture here has more air, which is great for preventing heat loss of the thermal layer!

When coarse saw dust or wood shavings are mixed with just enough clay to hold the shape, and when they are exposed to the high temperature from the thermal layer, a new material- clay foam is created. Its sort of a light weight charcoal-clay which is airy, thus conducts heat slowly.

And of course, dont forget to take a nice break and show off your muddy hands!

Cuore Ovens New Model 1000 Plus Gourmet Wood

The Cuore Ovens New Model 1000 Plus Gourmet Wood-Fired Oven Kit is exceptional. It comes with everything necessary to cook pizza at high temperatures. The cooking surface is also large and flexible for endless menu items.

Due to its size and design, its also one of the few outdoor ovens thats good for reliable year-round cooking. The kit also includes everything you need, which includes combustible and non-combustible materials. Overall, this precut kit gives you a pro pizza oven once you finish it.

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Buildipedia Brick Bread Oven

This Mediterranean style bread oven from Buildipedia is not only ideal for baking your favorite olive bread or focaccia, but it will also make traditional Italian style pizzas. This design uses a combination of ceramic fiber blanket, vermiculite and Portland cement to create the insulated oven. The bread oven is a black oven, which means that the wood fire is burned inside the oven for about an hour and you prepare your chosen bread or pizza after almost all of that fire has been removed. This style of pizza oven retains the smoky flavor you want.

In This Diy Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven Tutorial I Will Share:


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  • Step by step process on how to build a simple and effective DIY pizza oven.
  • Helpful tips and resources, including a free ebook with lots more details on each step, DIY wood fired pizza oven design variations, etc.

Recently I attended an Earth Oven building classtaught by one of the best teachers in this field, Kiko Denzer. Years ago, I was greatly inspired by his book : one of the best on oven building .

During the 6 hour long class, we built 2 portable earth ovens, which were auctioned the next day. I learned so much about building with earth and other readily available materials. Theres such simplicity and beauty to the process that I find deeply inspiring.

Now you are probably wondering

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Build An Arched Brick Pizza Oven In One Day

For anyone who wants a functioning pizza oven and who is willing to put more than ten minutes into building one, this is a plan that should be of interest. The blogger claims he put it together in one day, and the result looks highly respectable, so if you think youd enjoy having one in your yard too, this is the plan that will show you how its done.

Does A Pizza Oven Need To Be Domed

This depends on what you prefer your outdoor brick pizza oven to look like. You can go for the look of a dome, but be prepared to spend a lot of money to achieve that look. You will need much more than 40 bricks, a lot of cement, and some additional tools to make a domed oven. Not only are domed pizza ovens more expensive, but they also take more time to make. If you are looking to make a DIY brick pizza oven fast and simple, the domed look isnt the way to go.

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The Year Of Mud Cob Pizza Oven

Like the adobe oven, a cob oven is one that is made from mud and it gives a truly rustic and traditional feeling to any outdoor area. Cob actually combines clay sand, straw, and water and it hardens to a solid shell when left to dry. This build also uses a stone base that is ideal because it retains the natural outdoor look: perfect for building a wilder area of the garden. This guide shows you how to make a pizza oven from building a shelter to diging and installing a drainage trench before digging a foundation and creating the dry-stone base. It is quite the undertaking but absolutely worth it.

Mattone Barile Grande Pizza Oven By Brickwood Ovens


If you have an outdoor kitchen, this oven is the perfect option. It is quite significant to need a bit of room and more expensive than the other options. However, it is also extremely versatile. You can cook a large variety of things in it.

It looks professionally-made. You may have seen a similar oven at your favorite pizza place.

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Diy Video: How To Build A Backyard Wood Fire Pizza Oven Under $100

Heres a 7-step written tutorial to build a backyard wood fire pizza oven for under $100! Even if youre just a beginner in construction DIYs, you can easily build this beginner-friendly DIY oven.

If you want to accomplish something more advanced, find more awesome free DIY pizza oven plans at the end of the blog.

Wood Fired Oven Plans From Flamesmiths

The Flamesmiths wood oven plans include detailed instructions on building your own cinder block base, as well as a choice of oven sizes. All the plans utilize refractory insulation over the dome and under the floor, which ensures that the oven stays hotter for longer and yields the best tasting food. They offer plans for the three different wood fired ovens, giving you a selection of sizes to choose from so that you can download and print them off. Theres also a time-lapse video that you can use to make sure youre doing everything right.

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The Pompeii Brick Oven Plans From Forno Bravo

The Pompeii Oven from Forno Bravo is a traditional Italian pizza oven that uses fire bricks as the primary material. It also uses high temperature mortar and insulation. The oven got its name from the brick ovens that have been unearthed at ancient sites in Pompeii and its domed design ensures that the oven retains the heat of the burning wood, which allows you to cook the perfect pizza without running out of fuel.

Classic Backyard Pizza Oven

How to Build a Pizza Oven

The most iconic backyard pizza oven is the brick and mortar, dome-shaped oven. You might have seen it in a pizza restaurant or a friends backyard at some point, but you might have never thought youd own one.

Surprisingly, a brick-and-mortar pizza oven is actually pretty easy to build. All you need is the proper mortar, the right kind of bricks, and a plan. There are dozens of tutorials online for the perfect backyard pizza oven, including this step-by-step video guide. However, the best one to use is whatever shape you like best.

Most wood fire pizza ovens are domed, but you can make a square-shaped oven or rounded oven if you so desire. Its your house and your pizza, after all. As long as the range is well insulated and gets hot enough, it will work just fine. The shape is totally up to you.

Once you decide on a design, use that template to determine how much material you need. A standard pizza oven will need several bricks and enough mortar to keep them together. Some ovens have a second layer of putty along the top to smooth the overall appearance.

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Plenty Of Options For Building An Oven For Your Home

As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities, giving you lots of choice over how to build a pizza oven in your home.

We hope youve enjoyed reading and watching these plans as much as we have finding them for you, and hopefully, youve also found the inspiration you needed for building a pizza oven of your own.

Build Your Own Pizza Oven

The function of a masonry oven is to trap and radiate heat from a fire, built inside the oven. The design of a pizza oven is heat-efficient, allowing the use of stored heat and coals for long bakes instead of requiring a live fire at all times. Smoke is vented through the front of the oven by means of a chimney, built above the oven door. This oven is built with fire-resistant materials. Similar ovens, designed for bread-making, are generally quite heavily built to store several hours worth of heat after completely burning a load of wood, while ovens designed for pizza or other live-fire cooking techniques can have a thinner construction.

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Insulating The Dome And Chimney

Create the first layer of insulation by filling old tights with vermiculite or perlite and wrapping them around the dome, or using a purchased ceramic fibre insulating blanket.

We used a ceramic fibre insulation blanket and then placed vermiculite-filled tights around the chimney. Put two layers of tin foil over the entire dome area and the edges of the door arches and use chicken wire to secure this layer in place. Push perlite or a mix of refractory cement and vermiculite into the chicken wire and cover the entire dome.

This is the stage to start shaping the outer final form of the oven. Theres no set depth for this layer, but work to a minimum of 50mm. Run this material up around the vent and chimney to the desired height . Its best to leave this layer to set for a few days before continuing with the finishing layers.

Should I Build From Scratch Or With A Diy Kit


Unlike brick ovens built totally from scratch by a homeowner or mason using local materials, our DIY pizza oven kits are engineered to perform. They can be easily installed in a fraction of the time that a hand-built brick oven would require.

Forno Bravo provides many resources for the DIY pizza oven kit installer to be successful with YouTube videos, detailed manuals, and the worlds largest forum dedicated to pizza oven projects. We also provide technical support before and after installation via email or by phone during business hours.

Through our time-tested Pompeii brick oven plans and forum contributors, we also encourage our from-scratch builders, as we believe that every home and restaurant can benefit from having a pizza oven! However, we also recognize that building from scratch, even with our with wood burning pizza oven plans, is a labor of love and requires both a major time commitment, solid masonry skills, and access to an extensive set of tools to succeed.

If a DIY pizza oven is a little intimidating, we do offer a full range of pre-assembled pizza ovens for restaurants and homes, many of which can be customized. Also, several of our dealer partners offer installation services for our DIY pizza oven kits to help bring your vision to reality.

From Scratch

  • Stand/Hearth = 2 to 3 days
  • Set Floor/Dome = 5+ days
  • Exterior Facade = 1 to 3 days
  • Tools = Extensive masonry
  • Materials = Must be sourced by you

With A DIY Kit

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Installing The Inner Door Arch

There are two parts to the door arch the inner and outer. Create the inner arch first, to a width of 530mm using a thick piece of polystyrene cut into a semicircle with a 265mm radius. Use the halved fire bricks to build the arch, working inwards from both sides, placing the bricks in a fan shape.

Helpful Resources On Building A Wood Fired Pizza Oven

  • Here is one of the best books on oven building by our teacher Kiko Denzer, Building Your Own Earth Oven. It offers lots of valuable information from planning, site considerations, to foundations and roof options, as well as many pizza oven plans. And Kikos website, where you can find great articles on building with earth, as well as his future workshops. You will not only appreciate his knowledge, but also his wisdom on how to live life more simply and more fully.
  • another of my favorite books on earth building: The Hand-Sculpted House by the great pioneers Ianto Evans and Michael Smith. I took a week long class from Michael and built a cob / straw bale room at a Waldorf School one of the best weeks ever! Michaels website, lots of great natural building methods, and workshops!

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Brick Pizza Oven Dimensions

Determine the inside diameter of the brick pizza oven. This brick pizza oven is one metre inside diameter. Thats 39 inches diameter. The internal height is half a metre, half the diameter of the internal diameter.

Here I have marked it out and placed the outside base layer of red solids in place. Glue the red bricks into the concrete with a mixture of clay, lime and cement. Remember you are building a brick pizza oven, not a mortar pizza oven. To do this keep the gaps between your bricks less than 3mm.

To set the base out I drew the one-metre diameter on a 6mm sheet of cement sheet with the entrance of the brick pizza oven door too. Under the sheet went a 25mm layer of high-temperature ceramic insulation.

To cut and shape the bricks I used a 14-inch friction saw, with a masonry disk. Old bricks are easy to cut and if soaked in a bucket of water have a reduced amount of dust. You can use the brick dust in your mortar mix.

Build The Thermal Layer For An Effective Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

TIMELAPSE – Building a PIZZA OVEN easy with DOG HOUSE! (diy start to finish)

The purpose of the thermal layer is to hold heat in its dense mass. Use the clay-sand mix we made earlier, take one handful at a time, and press it down to form a 2-3 shell outside the sand form. Be careful not to press into the sand form, which would cause the form to shift.

We also made a molding around the earth oven door opening using strands of straw dipped in clay, and formed it around the door opening to give it a more finished look and as a starting place for the next layer.

The final steps are adding insulation and finish layers.

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