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Double Oven Electric Slide In Range

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Winning Examples Of Double Oven Electric Ranges

GE Cafe 30″ Smart Slide-In Double Oven Induction Range Review

For entertainers and avid cooks alike, a kitchen with two ovens is a dream come true. Having two separate ovens means enjoying the ability to effortlessly handle multiple courses at the same time, like a main entrée and a dessert, for example. However, double wall ovens require giving up valuable cabinet space, not to mention the extra cost for installation. Luckily, theres a solution a double oven range. In this specific article, were taking a look at what it takes to be considered a best double oven electric range in our quick product spotlight featuring what to expect and the pros and cons, followed by a roundup of the top double oven electric ranges from our catalog.

Budget Pick: Ge Js645

*At the time of publishing, the price was $858.

If youre certain you want a slide-in range but want something affordable, the GE JS645 is your best bet. Usually found for less than $1,000, it has surprisingly decent specs. The cooktop rivals others in this guide, though theres no convection mode. Its very well-reviewed, looks nice, and comes in four finishes. And we couldnt find evidence of any long-term reliability issues.

When we looked at the JS645 in person, we could tell it was cheaper than its competitors. The burner knobs felt a little flimsy and we couldnt help but think the control panel looked a little goofy. The construction generally feels cheaper than most, and the exposed bake element in the oven suggests cooking temperatures might not be as even or consistent as youd like. However, the four finish options offer some versatility in designing your kitchen: stainless steel , fingerprint-resistant slate , fingerprint-resistant black slate , and white .

Despite the cheaper feel, the JS645 is very well-reviewed. We couldnt find any evidence of widespread quality-control issues, and on Home Depot its got an average of 4.6 stars out of 5, drawn from over 430 reviews.

Best Freestanding: Lg 30 Stainless Steel Free Standing Electric Double Oven Range

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Go for the original range design with twice the practicality on this best freestanding double oven electric range from LG. The brands iconic flair for modern design shines across every surface of this model, starting with the glass smooth top surface with dual cooktop elements that offer the fastest heating performance of its kind. Open up the compartments below to enjoy the largest oven capacity in its class, along with ProBake Convection and EasyCleans technology for 10-minute oven cleanups using only water.

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Best Value: Ge 30 Stainless Steel Free Standing Electric Double Oven Convection Range

This GE freestanding double oven electric range provides the power of convection baking below, along with five cooktop heating elements above for a you to handle every menu with poise. Two adjustable ring burners adapt to pots and pans as small as six inches and up to 12 inches in diameter, while Power Boil technology means foods heat up faster. Inside the oven, speedy preheating and steam cleaning along with Proof and Warm modes give this range mega value for its price.

What Is The Difference Between Slide

6.7 Cu. Ft. Slide

In a nutshell, slide-in ranges are meant to sit flush with your countertops, while freestanding ranges can be placed anywhere there is a compatible electrical outlet. Freestanding ranges are finished on the sides, which may be exposed if they’re not placed between cabinets, while slide-in ranges may not have finished sides because they’re meant to be hidden.

Additionally, since slide-in ranges sit flush with your countertop, they’re a bit easier to clean because they do not have a large lip around the edge. Freestanding ranges often have larger lips around the edge of the cooktop to corral any crumbs that would otherwise decorate your floor. Freestanding ranges also typically have a back-mounted control panel for the same reason.

While freestanding ranges will do fine in a slide-in arrangement, the reverse is less true. If your current cooking setup has the range sitting in a cabinet or countertop cutout, we recommend replacing that range with another slide-in range. Conversely, if your range stands alone in your kitchen, we’d recommend replacing it with another freestanding range to cut down on food debris spilling everywhere.

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Ttn5267bw Fivestar 48 Dual

The range features a Full Size Electric Self-Cleaning Convection Oven and an Auxiliary Gas Oven with Lower Gas Broiler 16″ Wide, 2.46 cu.ft.), 6-Open Surface Burners, 3 with Vari-Flame, Built-in Reversible Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Griddle/Grill Features Burners – 14,000 BTU,


LOWER Price In Cart.

Cafe Ces750m2ns5 Smart Slide

The Best Double Oven Electric Range

Well start the line-up of the best electric ranges money can buy with an exquisite smart slide-in front control unit, the Cafe CES750M2NS5 respectively. This electric range has it all, including a high-end finish, amazing features and a hefty price tag: for something around $3k give or take youll get a radiant convection double oven, front controls and a wonderful platinum glass finish.

The Cafe CES750M2NS5 looks like it was teleported from Starship Enterprises holodeck or something, and by that we mean it has a very futuristic and state of the art design, which would make it the ideal appliance for a modern kitchen. Looks aside, this electric range is very easy to clean, especially due to its platinum glass finish, and youll be flabbergasted by the seamless glass cooktop that would make any master chef proud.

The edge to edge glass cooktop provides more than adequate cooking space real-estate so to speak , and features a 12/9/6 element with Power Boil technology that allows you to adjust the burner size to perfectly fit the cookware. The two separate ovens are easy to control via a modern digital temperature display, thats very easy to navigate thanks to its electronic touchpad, and that means youll be able to cook at least two different dishes simultaneously at different temperatures.

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Our Top Electric Double Oven Range Picks

Twice the ovens mean double the convenience, power, and performance, especially when its these double oven range models picked by our experts. Whether youre looking for the best overall, a model with tons of oven room or a luxury double oven electric range to fulfill your dream kitchen, this list has you covered.

What Are The Features Of A Slide

LG LTG4715SS Slide in Double Oven Gas Stove

Slide-in ranges have a sleek, built-in look that can give your kitchen a more modern feel. They also tend to be easier to clean than traditional ranges, since there are no gaps or spaces for food to get trapped in. Additionally, slide-in ranges typically have more powerful burners than traditional ranges, making them better suited for cooking large meals or multiple dishes at once.

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How Is A Slide

A slide-in range is different from a freestanding range in that it is designed to fit in between two cabinets or other storage units in your kitchen. Slide-in ranges also have a slightly different installation process, as they need to be properly secured to the cabinets on either side. The main advantage of a slide-in range is that it gives your kitchen a built-in look, as the range will be flush with the cabinets.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Ive been writing about appliances professionally since 2012, first as a staff writer at Reviewed and now at Wirecutter. Over the years Ive spent countless hours working on guides to ranges and cooking appliances, including research into nearly 60 electric slide-in stoves for this guide alone .

Heres the research weve done for this guide:

  • We tracked down as much industry sales and trends data as we could from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, Yale Appliance + Lighting, and J.D. Power.
  • We interviewed repair technicians from Maine and Las Vegas, and we interviewed both the CEO and resident chef of an appliance store in Boston.
  • We spoke to product engineers and from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Underwriters Laboratory, as well as product representatives from the likes of Whirlpool, GE, LG, and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers , among others.
  • We spent time at a bunch of different showrooms to get a feel for the build quality and sturdiness of some of the most promising models.
  • We read through hundreds of owner reviews, reader comments, and message boards to identify any reliability problems or real-world quirks.

The Best Electric Ranges In 2022

Samsung NE58K9850WS Flex Duo 5.8 cu. ft. Slide

Given the plethora of options out there due to free market capitalism and all that, choosing the best electric range may be a tad overwhelming for the average customer, but fortunately for you, weve already done the research and combed the internet for the best deals, so you wont have to.

To make your decision-making process as simple as possible, you must focus on things like features, design, and, most importantly, budget. In this way, the task of choosing the best electric range becomes easier.

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How Do You Care For A Slide

Assuming you are referring to a stove:

Caring for a slide-in range is not difficult, but there are a few things you need to do on a regular basis to keep it looking and working its best. First, always wipe up any spills or drips on the cooktop as soon as they happen. This will prevent them from hardening and becoming difficult to clean. Second, clean the cooktop after each use with a mild soap and a soft cloth. Be sure to avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbers, as they can damage the cooktop. Finally, once a week or so, give the stove a more thorough cleaning by removing the burner grates and cleaning them in hot, soapy water. Wipe down the inside of the stove, including the oven door, with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

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Who Should Get This

In this guide, we focus on electric-powered versions of stoves that are 30 inches wide with front-mounted controls and no backguardtypically known as slide-in ranges.

These ranges cost more than freestanding models because they look better: Slide-ins sit nearly flush with your counters and wont block the view of your backsplash. Otherwise, they tend to have similar cooking specs and are likely to have similar lifespans.

Slide-ins actually come in two subtly different subtypes:

A true slide-in range needs to be installed between two cabinets. The edges of its cooktop will overlap your countertop by about an inch on each side, which makes it look almost like its built into your cabinetry. It also prevents debris and liquid from falling between the stove and the cabinets. The sides of a true slide-in range are unfinished, and there will be a gap of a couple inches between the back of the stove and your wall, which you can cover with a trim kit or countertop material.

A front-control range, on the other hand, doesnt need to be installed among your cabinets . It doesnt overlap with your countertops and wont leave a gap with your wall. You could argue that theyre more like freestanding ranges, but retailers almost always group them with true slide-ins, so thats how weve chosen to do it as well.

Is It Cheaper To Cook With Gas Or Electric Ranges

5 Best Electric Ranges You Can Buy In 2022

Gas is cheaper, Eason says, but not everyone has the option to have gas appliances. Also, if youre not using your range every single daysome people use theirs multiple times a dayyou might not see much of a difference in your utility bill.

In general, all gas appliances are known to be up to 30% cheaper than electric versions. However, its good to bear in mind that gas prices fluctuate and utility costs differ in each state.

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Best Overall: Whirlpool 30 Stainless Steel Free Standing Double Oven Electric Range

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This Whirlpool double oven electric range pairs convenient features like Frozen Bake technology that takes popular frozen dinners from box to the table without preheating and smart temperature sensors that regulate cooking times and temperatures for delicious results. Do even more using True Convection Cooking that surrounds dishes in even heat for picture-perfect results the whole family will enjoy. While the main entrée prepares inside 6.7 cubic feet of oven capacity, get started on the sides atop a smooth glass surface equipped with a FlexHeat triple radiant element and five heating zones for flexibility and performance, all on a beautiful stainless steel double oven electric range presentation.

Top Double Oven Electric Range Brands

When it comes to cooking, you can count on the following brands to make the job easier. Read about some of the attributes each brand offers with our brand profiles below.


Making dinner can be a production, which is why Whirlpool seeks to simplify the routine with easy-to-use features and powerful cooking technology. Like its lineup of single oven ranges, Whirlpool double oven ranges are made with convenience in mind. On double oven electric range models, that includes the FlexHeat triple radiant heating element that accommodates up to three different cookware sizes on a single heating zone, as well as handy oven functions, from true convection to Frozen Bake technology.


If you enjoy the familiarity of Whirlpool but are looking for something a little more upscale, consider KitchenAid double oven electric ranges. The brand is part of the Whirlpool family of appliances, so reliability comes standard as part of its complete package of upgraded features. Of those, KitchenAid offers professional designs that complement its powerful range functions, including KitchenAid Even-Heat True Convection with a patented bowtie fan design for superior air circulation. Along with flexible heating elements, premium oven racks, and large capacities, these appliances are part of an affordable luxury line we highly recommend.



GE, Café& GE Profile

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How Many Burners Do I Need

Depending on how much time you spend in the kitchen, it might be worth it to investigate in some extra options for your range. When it comes to the cooktop, anything above the standard four-burner setup is a bonus. Some ranges can have five, or even six burners however, the more burners a range has, the more difficult it becomes to fit large pieces of cookware, such as a spaghetti pot and a frying pan, on their respective burners at the same time.

Sometimes, those extra burners are specialty burners are designed to accommodate special cookware such as a griddle or a wok other burners are bridge burners that are meant to keep food warm without continuing to cook it.

Another possibility is to have a dual-ring burner, or a burner that includes a stronger heat source wrapped around a weaker heat source. That way, on a single burner, you can choose to use just the smaller heat source for lower temperatures, but you can add the stronger heat source if you need higher temperatures.

What Is The Difference Between Convection And True Convection

GE 6.6 Cu. Ft. Slide

True Convection is an oven setting that includes installing an extra heating element and a fan in the oven. By adding an additional heating unit and fan that circulates the hot air, True Convection is great for ensuring that cookies or cakes baked on different racks will bake through at the same rate, rather than the cookies closest to the bottom heat source cooking faster than those on the rack higher up. If you don’t see mention of “True Convection” or “European Convection”, but do see the word “convection” in a range’s specs, it means that the unit lacks an additional heating element, but does have a fan to circulate the hot air. While you don’t get the full baking and cooking effect that you would with True Convection, the added heat circulation can cook or bake food more evenly than it would without a fan.

There are also ranges out there that do not offer convection options at all these ovens aren’t bad, it will just take more time to cook and bake food all the way through. If you’re a frequent baker or cook, convection can be a great time saver, but your dinners won’t suffer unduly without it.

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