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Electric Stove With Double Oven

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Best Free Standing: Maytag 30 Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Free Standing Double Oven Electric Range

GE Profile Stainless Steel Double Oven Electric Range Pros and Cons Review

A second oven isnt the only surprise this double oven electric range from Maytag has to offer. Inside the lower oven, true convection with a third heating element adds a boost of performance for more even and precise cooking across every level. Together with the Maytag Power Preheat technology and Precision Cooking System, this model delivers professional-grade outcomes that elevate any dining occasion. Prepare courses efficiently with the addition of five heating elements, including two Bridge Elements that accommodate larger cookware like roasting pans.

Fcwd2727ab Frigidaire 27 Electric Double Convection Wall Oven

Achieve better baking results with Fan Convection Get faster, more even multi-rack baking results with Fan Convection. Your oven cleans itself so you dont have to with Self Clean Self clean options available in convenient 2, 3 and 4-hour cycles. Peace of Mind with our Frigidaire Fit Promise


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What Are The Different Types Of Ranges

One of the main ways to differentiate ranges is by their fuel type: gas, electric, dual-fuel, and induction.

Gas Lower cooktop temperatures, faster water boiling than electric ranges, potential for uneven cooking/baking because of central flame location

Electric Higher cooktop temperatures, slower water boiling compared to gas and induction, more even cooking/baking because of heat distribution over coil

Dual-fuel Gas cooktop with an electric oven, which will give you faster water boiling times than an electric stove, but more even cooking/baking than a gas oven because of heat distribution over coil

Induction Super faster water boiling, very high and low cooktop temperatures, requires induction-safe cookware, may require recipe modification

Depending on your cooking and baking priorities, as well as the way you learned to cook, one of these fuel types might be more appealing than the rest. One more thing to consider: dual-fuel and induction ranges can be more expensive than traditional gas and electric ranges, depending on the features and manufacturer.

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Large Burner Boil Test


It took an average of 12.37 minutes for the Samsung NE59M6850 to boil a pot of water, which is slower than other electric ranges. Still, the time was at least an improvement over the Samsung NE59J7850WS, an older version of the stove that took an average of 13.1 minutes to boil the same amount of water.

It also took longer to broil burgers in this oven than others weve tested. These are the average times it took to bring six hamburger patties to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Double Oven Electric Range What Is It

Maytag MET8800FZ 30

A double oven electric range is a type of stove that has two ovens instead of one. This can be a great option if you need to cook multiple dishes at the same time or if you have a large family. In addition, many double oven ranges come with additional features such as convection cooking.

Advantages of a Double Oven Electric Range:

  • Cook multiple dishes at the same time
  • More cooking space than a traditional oven
  • Variety of features available
  • Can be used for both baking and roasting

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Benefits Of A Double Oven Electric Range

Standard benefits:

Cook multiple courses simultaneously, saving time.

Enjoy double the baking possibilities with a compact footprint that fits into a 30-inch build.

No extra installation costs needed for this range.

Emotional benefits:

Feel empowered to create delicious meals quickly and easily.

Get creative in the kitchen with more options than ever before.

Best Convection: Ge Profile 30 Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Slide In Electric Range

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The highlight of this GE Profile double oven electric range might be its powerful True Convection baking with Precise Air technology, but were also fans of its ultra-minimalist look with glide touch controls and a smooth cooktop design. Additional perks include a Power Boil heating element and synchronized cooking zones above, as well as no-preheat Air Fry inside a 6.7-cubic-foot oven.

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A Cheaper Electric Range: Ge Jb645

If you dont want to spend quite so much on a new electric range, wed recommend any GE model that fits your budget. They all have great features for the money, with above-average owner ratings. We think the GE JB645 is a particularly good deal.

The JB645 is missing only a handful of features compared with the pricier JB735. The JB645 doesnt have a convection mode, so youll have to stick to conventional oven cooking. The cooktop doesnt have a warming zone, so if youre trying to melt something or keep a pot warm, youll have to pay closer attention.

The largest element on the cooktop is just 9 inches in diameter, down from 12 inches on the JB735, so wider pans will not get direct heat all the way out to the edges. The control panel doesnt have a number pad, just up and down arrow buttons. And the stove comes in only four finishes instead of five.

Yet compared with other ranges at this price, the JB645 has great specs. Its uncommon to see two 3,100-watt elements on such an affordable stove. It also has a high-heat self-cleaning option, which is not guaranteed at this price, either.

We had a chance to check out the JB645 at a Lowes in Portland, Maine, and we found everything to be sturdy and well built. The plastic knobs turned smoothly, without too much give. The door was lightweight but not too light. And the racks and storage drawer slid in and out smoothly.

Lg Ltg4715st: User Reviews

Double Oven Installation Model KODE500ESS02

The majority of reviews rated the LG LTG4715ST for its exceptional power and performance. The ProBake convection feature was a clear winner, with many stating their cakes and pies were evenly baked to perfection. Other users praised the huge capacity of the double oven, saying they were able to cook large quantities at once including Thanksgiving turkey in half the time.

Others mentioned the fast-heating burners and found the middle griddle pan to be particularly useful. The ease of use, Wi-Fi connectivity, and overall look and stylish appearance were also highly rated.

A drawback mentioned was the poorly lit, LED touchscreen panel, which makes it difficult to see clearly in dim light. One user reported problems with the screen freezing, or settings being accidentally touched while wiping down to clean.

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Vpfsee365bu Verona 36 Prestige Electric Range With Single Oven

Duty Oven Racks 4 Rack Positions Approximate Dimensions Height: 36 37 13/32 Width: 35 7/8 Depth: 23 31/32 Consult product specification sheet for exact dimensions. $600 Range-Hood Instant Rebate Model Number: VPFSEE365BU VPFSEE365BU Verona 36 Prestige Electric Range with Single Oven


Best Overall: Samsung 30 Stainless Steel Smart Freestanding Gas Range

Elevate your kitchen design with this new smart Samsung freestanding gas range, our best overall pick. Install this range between your cabinetry or let it standalone as you cook large meals fast and easy in its spacious large capacity oven or on the 5-burner cooktop with two powerful burners. The cast iron edge-to-edge grates are enclosed over the burners to create a more usable cooktop space, making cookware transference a breeze. And with smart technology, manage your range from your smart device or use the SmartThings Cooking app for recipes, meal planning, or home-delivered groceries. Best of all, if you love to grill but dont feel like using your outdoor grill, make your familys favorite barbeque using the integrated griddle on the cooktop.

Finish: Black, stainless steel, and white

Oven Capacity: 6.0 cu. ft.


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Ge Profile 66 Cu Ft Slide


The GE Profile 6.6 Cu. Ft. Slide-In Double Oven Electric True Convection Range with No Preheat Air Fry Stainless steel is the best slide in double oven electric range. It features a No Preheat Air Fry option that allows you to cook healthier and crisper versions of your favorite dishes without preheating, as well as 12/9/6 3,600W Power Boil and 8/5 and 8 synchronized elements for maximum cooking flexibility.

Additionally, it comes with precision temperature probes, fast preheat options, Never-scrub oven racks, a hidden bake oven interior for easy clean up, and 6.7 cu. ft. total double oven capacity for large meals and dinner parties. Finally, it has Built-In WiFi, Powered by SmartHQ App to connect, control and manage your oven from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet or your voice assistant. This is the best range with double oven electric range you can find!

The good

Eliminate the mess of scrubbing oven racks with never-scrub technology

Perfect for large meals and dinner parties

Built in WiFi connects to SmartHQ App controls from anywhere with smartphone or tablet or voice assistant

The bad

Requires preheating for specific features such as Air Fry

Can be difficult to find replacement parts if needed

SmartHQ App may experience compatibility issues with older devices

How Many Burners Do I Need

GE® 30"  Free

Depending on how much time you spend in the kitchen, it might be worth it to investigate in some extra options for your range. When it comes to the cooktop, anything above the standard four-burner setup is a bonus. Some ranges can have five, or even six burners however, the more burners a range has, the more difficult it becomes to fit large pieces of cookware, such as a spaghetti pot and a frying pan, on their respective burners at the same time.

Sometimes, those extra burners are specialty burners are designed to accommodate special cookware such as a griddle or a wok other burners are bridge burners that are meant to keep food warm without continuing to cook it.

Another possibility is to have a dual-ring burner, or a burner that includes a stronger heat source wrapped around a weaker heat source. That way, on a single burner, you can choose to use just the smaller heat source for lower temperatures, but you can add the stronger heat source if you need higher temperatures.

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How To Use A Double Oven At The Same Time

Cooking with two ovens at the same time can be a great way to utilize your double oven electric range and maximize your cooking efficiency. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of cooking with two ovens at once.

Set temperatures accurately The key to success when using two ovens at the same time is to make sure the temperatures of both ovens are accurate. The temperature difference between the two ovens should be no more than 100°F. The upper oven should be set a little hotter as it gets additional heat from the broiler.

Use different cooking methods Taking advantage of different cooking methods can help you make the most of both ovens. Use the top oven for items that require a high heat like roasting and baking, while using the bottom oven for slow-cooking methods such as braising or steaming.

Dont mix flavors When cooking with two ovens at once, its important to keep different flavors separated. Dont mix sweet and savory items, as the aromas and flavors from one can easily get into food in the other oven.

With these tips, youll be able to cook with two ovens at once more efficiently and easily!

What Are The Benefits Of Using 2 Burner Electric Stove With Oven

Quite a few! Aside from making cooking easier and more efficient, many 2 burner electric stove with oven can also help you make healthier choices by allowing you to prepare foods without added oils or fats. Additionally, some tools like blenders and food processors can actually help you save time in the kitchen by eliminating the need to chop or shred ingredients by hand.

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Will You Be Using Both Ovens

If you are not going to be using both ovens regularly, it may not make sense to purchase one with two separate compartments made especially for cooking at different temperatures. Typically, if both ovens are used at the same time, their heat will affect the other compartments cooking temperature. If you use the smaller oven for quick heating and the larger one for cooking, take note of how well they work together to keep your temperature even for consistent baking results. What Will You Use It For? Knowing what kind of food you intend on cooking in your new double oven is another important consideration. If you plan on only baking things like bread, cookies, and pies, then a large oven will serve your needs well. However, if you would like to cook a pot roast or a turkey in one of the ovens, look for a double oven range with at least one larger capacity compartment because these dishes need more room for cooking.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Dual Fuel Range

LG Range – Electric Range Installation

While the best electric ranges and gas ranges have much to offer, dual fuel ranges combine the advantages of both. A gas hob offers the immediate response that adventurous cooks need, while electric ovens offer the precision and predictability favored by bakers. Keep reading to learn about the size, design, and cooking power offered by a dual fuel range.

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Samsung Nx60a6751ss 6 Cu Ft 30 In Freestanding Smart Double Oven Gas Range With Air Fry

Courtesy of Lowe’s

  • Use dual ovens separately or together

  • Convection cooking with air fryer function

  • Rangetop griddle included

  • Air fryer can only be used in single-oven mode

Clear your countertop clutter by picking a kitchen range with an air fryer function. The Samsung NX60A6751SS is a smart double oven with an air fryer that can keep up with just about any cooking challenge you can think of. Like other models in the FlexDuo lineup, this option features a removable divider that morphs the single 6.0 cubic foot oven cavity into a 3.4-cubic-foot upper oven and 2.5-cubic-foot lower oven. Samsung also includes a lower storage drawer on this model, which is a rare find in a double oven range. In fact, Fouerti points out that “on double oven ranges, the warming or storage drawer is often removed, making the lower cavity open to floor level, which could be a potential hazard or just uncomfortable.” However, this pick from Samsung avoids that pitfall of double ovens and gives you space to store pans or bakeware.

Rounding out the feature set of this double oven with an air fryer is a five-burner gas cooktop. The sealed burners use front control knobs for greater accessibility and convenience, compared to other freestanding ranges with knobs located on the back panel. An edge-to-edge grate system and included griddle add to the user-friendly features of this model.

Price at time of publishing: $1,699

Ge Jtd3000snss 30 In Smart Double Electric Wall Oven Self

Courtesy of Lowe’s

  • Large, spacious upper and lower oven

  • Compatible with smart home assistants

  • Steam-cleaning and self-cleaning modes

  • Not equipped with convection cooking

If youre looking to maximize your cooking capacity, then a wall double oven is the best option. According to Ben Neely of Riverbend Homes, “30 inches wide is standard width for a wall-insert double oven. Really, the only disadvantage of a double oven is the amount of cabinet space they take up.” These models usually feature matching, full-sized ovens for cooking up a whole host of dishes simultaneously. The GE JTD3000SNSS is a popular pick for a wall double oven, since it adds modern conveniences to this specialty appliance. In particular, the smart features, a hidden bake element, and self-cleaning oven function make this product a practical pick for home cooks.

The main attractions of this appliance are the twin-sized upper and lower oven compartments. Each one offers 5 cubic feet of interior room, so you can easily prepare anything you would in a freestanding oventimes two. Roast a large turkey dinner in one oven while you bake multiple trays of cookies in the other oven. Both ovens also contain an eight-pass broiler that helps to ensure edge-to-edge browning. While the convenience of the supersized oven capacity isnt to be overlooked, you should also know that this oven does not offer convection cooking.

Price at time of publishing: $2,999

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Why You Should Trust Us

Writer Tyler Wells Lynch, co-author of the guide to high-end ranges, undertook initial research and testing for this guide in 2018. His research included the following:

  • He tracked down as much industry sales and trends data as possible from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, TraQLine, Yale Appliance, and J.D. Power.
  • He interviewed repair technicians from Maine and Las Vegas, as well as the CEO and the resident chef of an appliance store in Boston.
  • He spoke with product engineers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, as well as with product representatives from the likes of Whirlpool and Gaggenau, among others.
  • He spent time at showrooms getting a feel for the build quality and sturdiness of some of the most promising models.
  • He read through hundreds of owner reviews and reader comments to identify any reliability problems or real-world quirks.

In 2022, senior staff writer Rachel Wharton completed a new round of research for this guide. She evaluated our picks that had been redesigned, and she updated our discussion on evolving features like air fry, convection, and Wi-Fienabled smart apps. Rachel also added information on the differences between induction stovetops and radiant-electric stovetops and why you might want to consider switching to an electric stove if you currently own a gas model.

To be clear, we have not done our own hands-on cooking and testing, but that will play more of a role in future guides to ranges and stoves.

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