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Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

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Can You Put A Dutch Oven In The Dishwasher

How To Clean Your Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven | Made In Cookware

It depends. Most enameled cast iron-type ovens can go into the dishwasher, but because they tend to take up a lot of space, you might find it easier to hand wash them instead. Non-enameled cast iron should not be put into the dishwasher, as the water and detergent will strip away its seasoning. For more details on caring for raw cast iron, check out this guide.

Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven

Several of the chefs we spoke to said they use Dutch ovens from Le Creuset either at home or in their professional kitchens. Todd Gray, executive chef and co-owner of Federal Fritter in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, said hes a fan of the bright color options and the enameled cast iron material. This Le Creuset has a 4.6-star average rating from more than 460 reviews on Le Creusets site.

Gray also noted that he likes to keep a smaller version on hand specifically for the toaster oven when he wants smaller portions.

Why Choose An Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

We have listed all of the Dutch ovens which work great and are user friendly regarding their maneuvers, cleaning& storage. These Dutch Ovens consume less energy to heat them and distribute the heat evenly, their lid provides a rain drop effect to the food which enhances the taste and flavor of the meal.

The toprated Cast Iron Enameled Dutch Ovens consume very low energy as compared to other apparatuses. Handles and knobs in the lid make it easier to cook with these ovens. As Dutch Ovens are made up of alloy metal you remain very comfortable regarding the level of heat and flame under the pot. It takes a short duration to cook the meals.

Excellent combination of ease of use and durability!

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Buying Guide For Newbies

We know that you already have a general idea about what a decent stew pot can offer. However, if you want to get the most out of the money that you are going to spend, you need to keep these factors in mind:


First of all, you would need to consider the build quality of the pots. The build quality is the thing that is going to dictate the durability of the unit. In this case, what you need to factor in is the material that the manufacturer utilized.

Most of the manufacturers will implement cast iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. And if you want the maximum amount of durability, you would want to opt for the cast iron ones. Those are the most durable among all of the units that are available in the market.

Ease of Use

In the case of ease of use, the heft is going to play an important factor. The heavier the unit, the harder it will be for you to maneuver it around. And even though the cast iron ones are exceptionally durable, they are the most heavier ones.

If you want something that is lighter, we would recommend you opt for the aluminum ones. Those are the most lightweight among the bunch. The stainless steel ones are also reasonably light too. So if you do opt for the stainless steel ones, maneuvering it would not be that much of an issue.

Heat Retention

Heat Distribution

So if you want to cook properly cooked delicious soups, you should opt for the ones that can distribute the heat evenly throughout the entire cooking surface.


Cleaning Process

Is The Le Creuset Signature Model A Better Choice Than Their Classic Line

Lodge Enamel Cast Iron 7.5 Quart Dutch Oven, Blue, EC7D33

Le Creuset’s Signature line is their newer line, and yes: it has some features that make it better than their Classic line.

Here are the differences:

  • Signature lid pull safe up to 500F Classic lid pull safe to 350F.
  • Signature lid pull is also a bit thicker and wider.
  • Signature inner enamel is more thermal resistant than Classic, so it won’t crack as easily.
  • Signature handles are 45% larger than Classic handles.
  • Signature lid fits more snugly .
  • Signature has more pronounced grooves in the lid .

In testing, we also found that the Signature enamel cleaned up more easily than the Classic enamel, though le Creuset doesn’t mention this. Signature enamel was the closest to nonstick of any enameled cookware we’ve ever used.

Classic le Creuset is still a great choice, but you can often find the Signature line for the same price or not a lot more, and we think the upgrades are well worth it.

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The Best Heritage Cast Iron Dutch Oven: Staub 55

What we liked: Rounding out the heritage set of options, Staub’s Dutch oven performed well in all our testing. While it’s the same 5 1/2quart capacity as the Le Creuset, the Staub is heavier by 1 pound. Large side handles and a tall, easy-to-grab knob on the lid make handling the pot easy.

With a pot floor 8 5/16 inches in diameter, it accommodates more food at once for searing, making crowding less of an issue. The fond that develops comes up easily with just a little scraping from a wooden spoon, making it even more of a pleasure to use.

One signature Staub detail is the flat lid. The underside of the top is dotted with raised dimples, which the company claims helps promote even distribution of condensed water back onto the food, though we haven’t been able to think of a cooking scenario in which this would really matter. Another detail worth noting is the black enamel interior, which, for some less experienced home cooks, might make seeing the brown fond a little more difficult. The Staub Dutch oven comes in sizes ranging from 1/4 to 13 1/4 quarts.

Staub also has a solid reputation for standing behind its lifetime warranty. The company is the only one we found that didn’t mind cooks using coals on their pot lids, which replicates an oven-like environment outdoors. During our research, we didn’t turn up many complaints about Staub cast iron failing.

Price at time of publish: $360.

What About Staub Dutch Ovens

Staub is a premium brand. Like le Creuset, it is made in France and has a lifetime warranty. It comes at a premium price, though not quite as premium as le Creuset.

People love their Staub Dutch ovens . And while it performed well in our tests and is certainly a top quality product, we decided against recommending it. It had a few features that we just didn’t like, including:

  • The dark interior made it harder to gauge browning and doneness.
  • The lid is bulky, making it a little harder to handle than other brands
  • The lid actually fit too well: Staub had the least amount of evaporation, to the point that our stews and braises didn’t concentrate flavors as well as we like them to.
  • The knobbly bumps on the underside of the lid are supposed to promote condensation, but we didn’t really think they did much of anything except make the lid harder to clean.
  • At 13 pounds, it’s heavier than the le Creuset .

Most of our testers also just preferred the aesthetics of the other brands. The Staub just isn’t very pretty.

You may disagree with these points. You may want a dark interior because it doesn’t stain. And full disclosure, the Staub interior was extremely smooth and cleaned up quite easily.

You may prefer the tighter lid fit, especially if you’re using it for bread. And you may like the smaller handles, particularly if you have small hands. And yes, the quality is excellent.

But overall, we thought that for the layout of cash required for the Staub, there were better options.

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The Best Dutch Oven For Big Families And Batch Cooking: Le Creuset 725

Ive been a 5.5-quart gal for the last decade. But this year I decided I wouldnt stuff the entire contents of my freezer stock bag into a too-small pot again: Ive upgraded to a 7.25-quart enameled cast-iron pot. This option from Le Creuset is the ideal size for people who love to make soup, stocks, or big-batch beans, or those cooking for a big group. One note: This Dutch oven is heavy. At 13.1-pounds, I need both hands and a deep breath to lift it from stovetop to oven when its full. But, once I get it there, Im set up to make 68 servings of any one-pot meal, or enough stock for nearly a month of cold winter cooking. L.J.

Test : Heat Conduction And Retention

How to season an Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven ( TRAMONTINA )

Serious Eats / Emily Dryden

The first question we had about our lineup of enameled cast iron Dutch ovens was whether there was much difference from one to the next in how they conducted and retained heat. We know that iron is a poor conductor of heat and a great retainer of it, but given that each pot has a different mass and slightly different build, including variations in floor and wall thickness, it’s conceivable that some would conduct heat better than others, while others might retain the heat better.

We tested heat conduction by placing each Dutch oven on an induction burner set to a fixed, moderate heat setting. We then snapped photos with a thermal imaging camera and measured floor and wall heat in timed increments with an infrared thermometer.

We then tested heat retention by preheating each lidded pot in the same 350°F oven, then recording the pots’ loss of heat in both the walls and the floors using the infrared thermometer.

While our methods of measuring the temperature of the pots weren’t perfect , they gave us a decent enough picture to confidently draw an interesting conclusion: There isn’t a significant difference that sets one enameled cast iron Dutch oven apart from another in terms of thermal properties. They all heated and cooled in remarkably similar patterns and at remarkably similar rates. This is not the area where one pot will distinguish itself.

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Our Recommendations: Le Creuset Cuisinart Marquette Castings

Our three recommendations have a few things in common, including great handles, light colored interior, and straight sides that maximize the flat cooking surface. le Creuset is a premium brand at a premium price both Cuisinart and Marquette Castings cost significantly less, but still all the features we like, including a lifetime warranty and a reputation for good customer service.

Can You Put A Cold Dutch Oven In The Oven

Rapid changes in heat can potentially damage cast iron, causing it to crack. If your Dutch oven is cold , you will want to let it come to room temperature or gently heat it up on the stove before putting it in a hot oven. You can put a cold/room temperature Dutch oven into a cold oven and let them preheat at the same time.

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Why Trust The Spruce Eats

From baking pans, iron skillets, and griddles, to the Lodge Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven she tested for this roundup, Donna Currie knows a good cast iron product when she sees one. The Spruce Eats writer is a self-proclaimed lover of all things cast iron: “Ive had cast-iron skillets knocking around in my kitchen for decades, acquiring seasoning and becoming beautifully nonstick,” she says.

This piece was updated by Bernadette Machard de Gramont, an LA-based writer who specializes in global food and wine content. She researches and tests a variety of cookware, bakeware, and wine tools, and interviews field experts for their insight.

The Top Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Ovens:

Simply Calphalon Blue Enamel Cast Iron 7 Quart Dutch Oven

In a rush? Here are our favorite Enameled Dutch Oven recommendations. We go into more detail about why we like them later on in this article.

Our Favorite Enameled Dutch Oven Review


Not nonstick surface

It takes time to heat up

If you read our previous article about Le Creusets Top 7 Bestsellers, you know how valuable an investment it is in your kitchen.

This is ideal for steaks, sauteed vegetables, pasta sauce, and even chicken roasting. This skillet is perfect for feeding a large group or searing big portions of meat. It has the capacity to prepare meals for 3 to 6 persons.

However, this is not nonstick, it still requires a small amount of oil when cooking to prevent food from sticking to the pan.

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Why Use A Dutch Oven Over Other Cookware

One word: versatility. It lends itself well to a variety of cooking styles and can go from stovetop to oven with ease. Its durable construction will help it stand up to frequent use, and most Dutch ovens are attractive enough to act as a serving dish, too, adding a touch of rustic elegance to the table.

And What Should I Do With My New Dutch Oven

Use it to make tender, gently simmered meaty things like this kimchi bacon chicken braise. Or this rich pomegranate lamb shank stunner. Or pot roasthow you gonna make pot roast without a pot? An enameled cast-iron Dutch oven is perfect for braises because of its heft, which helps with heat retention and distribution. Its ideal for searing meat over high heat on the stovetop and then transferring it to the oven for low-and-slow cooking. Thats functionality and versatility. Youll wonder how you ever got through these miserable winter months without one.

Use it when you make pasta. We all know that the key to glossy, better-than-restaurant pasta is adding starchy-salty pasta water to your sauce and then cooking your noodles right in there so they soak up all that sweet, sweet ambrosia. I used to attempt that in a regular old stainless-steel frying pan, and the pasta would always go everywhere, which is where the Dutch oven comes inits the only vessel in my kitchen that will easily fit a pound of pasta, plus whatever Im doctoring it up with. Sauté a bunch of garlic in plenty of olive oil, throw some cooked pasta in there along with pasta water and a good knob of butter, stir it all around enthusiastically, and youll be sold on this whole Dutch oven thing after one bite.

But maybe the best part? You will cook things in it and then serve those things in it, straight from the oven to the table, because its pretty.

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Which Dutch Oven Shape Is Better: Round Or Oval

The best shape is largely a personal preference. We prefer round because it heats more evenly on a stove top burner and for most people, it’s easier to store. We also think it’s the most versatile choice for most dishes. Round is also a more common shape, and will be available in more colors.

However, if you prefer oval, that’s fine, too. There’s no right or wrong answer here, and as long as you buy a good quality brand, both round and oval are fine choices.

Cook N Home Stainless Steel Lid Stockpot Saucier

Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Ovens 101

Having a large number of options in the case of sizes can be quite convenient when it comes to choosing the best pot for cooking stew. And Cook N Home is here to offer you exactly that.

First of all, there are five different size options available for this unit. The smallest one is available in 3 quarts size, while the largest one that you can get your hands on is 20 quarts in size. So it would not be that difficult for you to find the right size for yourself.

No matter which size you opt for, cleaning will be an effortless task. All of the units are made of stainless steel and have mirror polishing on the exterior. That polishing does not only make them look good but also makes the pots easy to clean.

Apart from that, there is an aluminum disc on the bottom. Because of that disc, the heat is going to get distributed evenly throughout the entire surface. As a result, there is not going to be any hot spots.

You are also going to get a lid that is of tempered glass. It has a steam vent that will make it easier for you to monitor the stew during the cooking process. The handle that it comes along has silicone wrapping. That wrapping makes it comfortable to hold.

Lastly, it is compatible with most of the cookers. It works on gas, glass, ceramic, and even on top of induction cookers.


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Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Getting different options in the case of size is great and all, but do you know what can get even better? Yes, we are talking about having plenty of color options. And you are going to get both with this pot that Lodge is offering.

First, the pot is available in six different sizes. The manufacturer is offering all of them from as small as 1.5 quarts to the large-sized 7.5 quarts. Also, there are ten different color options available. As a result, you will be able to get the one that goes the best with all the other colorful utensils that you might have in your kitchen.

The color coating that these implements are of enamel. Because of that, worrying about the colors chipping off over time would not be something that you would have to do. The coating that is on the inside is of glass. As a result, it would not react to ingredients that you are going to use to cook your delicious stew.

Apart from that, the knob that it boasts on the lid is of stainless steel. That, along with the loop handles that it features on the side, you are going to get a substantial amount of control over the pot while cooking.

Other than that, the units heat retention is up to par with the rest of the pots in the market. The bottom also distributes the heat evenly. As a result, your stews are going to cook perfectly.


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