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Gas Range With Double Oven

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Are Double Oven Gas Ranges Worth It

GE JGBS86SPSS 30in Double Oven Gas Range

Double oven gas ranges are worth it. You can get an amazing double oven gas range that will be able to handle practically anything you can throw at it.

The big bonus to having a double oven is that you can set each oven to a different temperature so that you can make multiple things at one time without having to play oven Tetris.

The ranges can be pretty awesome as well because you can get 4-8 burners that will increase cooking space and really help you be able to prepare enough food for dinner parties or large family get-togethers.

Best Convection: Ge Profile 30 Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Smart Slide In Gas Convection Range

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Our pick for the best convection option is this GE Profile double oven gas range with endless features. The No Preheat Air Fry enables healthier, crispier versions of your favorite foods in less time. This is thanks to an air fryer built into the oven that doesnt require preheating, a basket, or a special tray. Lastly, the extra-large, reversible griddle and grill combination on this 30 inch double oven gas range lets you enjoy the best in cooking versatility.

Total Capacity: 6.7 cu. ft.

Key Features:

Does A Double Oven Need Two Outlets

No, a gas double oven will need a gas hookup and a standard wall outlet.

The wall outlet will power the clock, timer, and user interface of the oven whereas the gas will be for cooking.

If you get an electric double oven you will just need the standard wall outlet unless you get an oven that requires a 220-240 outlet which is for larger power needs. This is not typical though.

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Zline 48 60 Cu Ft Dual Fuel Range

The ZLINE range provides another double oven range option. It has a dual-fuel feature that uses gas for the cooktop, and electricity for the ovens.

The ovens have a large capacity so youll be able to cook even your largest meals with ease.

Plus, the stainless finish and stainless oven racks add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

The Porcelain cooktop is easy to clean and adds a touch of style.

That said, while a lot of people love the double gas oven range itself, the brands customer service is said to be lacking. So keep that in mind when purchasing.

Best Double Oven Gas Ranges

GE Profile 30 in. 6.8 cu. ft. Double Oven Gas Range with Self

When preparing meals for large families, or any amount of people, someone might find the cooking process to be time-consuming. There could be a lot of time used to cook if home cooks are using a single oven.

That is why double oven ranges are a great solution for any issues that might appear while cooking. Double oven gas ranges are packed with convenient features that allow for less time when assembling different dishes. These types of ovens also offer additional features that will benefit any cook.

The various features included in double oven gas ranges will be explained throughout this article. The article will present different brands with the best double oven gas range options on the market today.

Here is the scoop on the 25 best double oven gas ranges!

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What Is The Difference Between Convection And True Convection

True convection is a setting that includes installing an extra heating element and a fan in the oven. By adding a heating unit and fan that circulate the hot air, True Convection makes sure cookies or cakes on different racks will bake at the same rateas opposed to the cookies near the bottom heat source cooking faster than the rest.

If you don’t see mention of “True Convection” or “European Convection,” but do see the word “convection” in a range’s specs, it means that the unit lacks an additional heating element, but does have a fan to circulate the hot air. While you don’t get the full baking and cooking effect that you would with True Convection, the added heat circulation can cook or bake food more evenly than it would without a fan.

There are also ranges out there that do not offer convection options at all these ovens aren’t bad, it will just take more time to cook and bake food all the way through. If you’re a frequent baker or cook, convection can be a great time saver, but your dinners won’t suffer unduly without it.

Zline 36 In Professional 46 Cu Ft 6 Gas Burner/electric Oven Range

The ZLine 36-inch Professional is a 6 burner hybrid range that features gas burners with an electric oven range. It delivers the even and clean cooking of gas heat with the convenience of electric heat in the oven. You can watch the progress of baked goods through the clear glass oven door panel. Dual oven lighting allows you a perfect view. Three layers of glass with a mesh and aluminum seal keep the heat contained for even cooking without disruption. The burners are hand-crafted of Italian alloys for strength and durability. The sealed burners are easy to detach and clean. This makes it easier to keep your range looking like it did when it was brand new. The stovetop is made of heavy-duty one-piece porcelain that is scratch-proof.


  • Exceptional value for the cost
  • The burners and oven work perfectly
  • Strong and well-made range holds up nicely over time

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Reliability And Customer Service

Reliability and customer service are difficult to pin down, but heres the standard weve set for our picks: Owner reviews shouldnt reveal any clear, consistent pattern of widespread defects, design problems, or egregiously bad product support. For this reason, we favored slightly older and more popular models because they tend to have more user ratings, so we know more about them.

We also took into account reliability data from J.D. Power and Yale Appliance. Neither source is comprehensive, though.

Over our years of reporting on appliances, weve also gathered feedback from repair technicians about the brands that they think are most reliable. But the feedback is highly anecdotal and not very consistent, so we dont weigh it too heavily in our decisions unless there seems to be a consensus about a specific brand or product.

Ge Gas Sealed Burner Double Oven

KitchenAid Double Oven Gas Range Disassembly Model KFGD500ESS04

The GE Gas Sealed Burner Double Oven is an oven that is easy to clean, has a stylish and sleek design, and comes with two extra-large power boil burners.

This oven is great for large families or entertaining, as it features three adjustable oven racks and can accommodate multiple dishes at once.

The sealed burners prevent spills and splatters from making a mess, and the stainless steel finish is easy to wipe clean.

The LG 6.9 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless Double Oven Gas Range is another option for the best double gas ovens.

It has durable black stainless steel construction and a large 6.9 cu. ft. oven capacity.

The double oven design means you can cook at different temperatures simultaneously, so you can always get your food just right.

The warming drawer below keeps your dishes hot.

The LG ProBake Convection setting allows for even cooking by moving the heating element to the back wall of the oven for optimal heat distribution.

One of the best features of this double oven is its EasyClean feature which allows you to clean an oven in just 10 minutes and three simple steps:

  • spray the oven interior with water
  • press EasyClean
  • quickly wipe away any leftover grime

We also love how the upper oven heats up quickly and is great for smaller meals on the go.

Here are some commonly asked question about double ovens:

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Ge Profile 67 Cu Ft Slide

With GE Profile smart oven, youll get the most up-to-date appearance and the most cutting-edge functionality for your kitchen. In the GE Profile 30 Smart slide-in gas range, edge-to-edge cooktop, and large capacity twin ovens are included.

In addition to its built-in Wi-Fi and voice commands, the no preheat Air Fry setting lets you prepare crispier versions of your meals. With the SmartHQ App, you can control and manage your oven from any location using a smartphone or tablet, and the oven is equipped with GE Profile Connect +.

Smeg Portofino 48 59 Cu Ft Freestanding Dual Fuel Range

Faster multi-rack baking is possible with the Frigidaire 27 Double Wall Oven with Fan Convection. Plus, it has a superior touch screen digital control panel and our Frigidaire Fit Promise, which ensures that it will fit into any existing cutouts.

Using the Keep Warm setting ensures that your food is ready for you to serve at anytime! The Fan Convection in both ovens provides faster, more equal cooking consistency, resulting in better outcomes!

The smeg opera series is another great option to choose!

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Keep Food Warm And Cook Simultaneously

Another benefit of double oven gas ranges includes their ability to keep freshly cooked food warm in one oven while a different dish is being cooked in the other oven.

Below are four double oven gas ranges that are currently on the market and provide the flexibility and multitasking capabilities that homeowners love.

Vpfsgg365dbu Verona 36 Prestige Series Gas Double Oven Range With 5 Sealed Gas Burners And Full Function Convection Oven


Series GasDoubleOvenRangewith 5 Sealed Gas Burners and Full Function Convection Oven – Burgundy Features 304 Stainless steel Stainless steel rounded oven handle New updated knob design Beveled oven door Updated cast-iron grates Electronic ignition Flame failure safety device 5 Sealed gas burners


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Different Types Of Ranges

Different ranges fit different situations you may want to look at before buying a kitchen range. For example, people have different cooking styles that require different ranges to fit the different situations. As a result, you can find a kitchen range that perfectly suits your space, making your cooking experience a more fulfilling one. Here are some ranges you need to consider before settling on a range.

Maytag 30 Inch Freestanding Gas Range With Double Ovens

The Maytagtrue convection double oven is a freestanding gas range that has a combined capacity of 6 cubic feet. A powerful third heating element and a durable convection fan are used to circulate consistent temperatures for speedier cooking time on this burner.

Sensitive heating in the precision cooking system helps to ensure that each meal is cooked with consistent heat distribution.

As a result of the oval burner design, large pots and pans can be evenly heated up top. With a power preheat, youll be able to eat dinner sooner and with consistently juicy meals thanks to the Maytag oven.

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Lg Electronics 69 Cu Ft Double Oven Gas Range

The 6.9 cu. ft. capacity of LGs twin oven is one of the largest on the market. This electric oven is one of the only freestanding ranges for the home to shift the heating elements from the lower oven to the back wall for improved heat distribution, inspired by professional-style ranges. The design includes precision, considerably more power, and LG UltraHeat 18,500 BTU burners.

The clean touch glass control panel makes controlling your range a breeze with a simple touch. Elements with the EasyClean feature help remove soils without using toxic materials and run for just 10-20 minutes in low temperatures to release light soils before hand-cleaning, respectively, in the ranges interior. The LG electric models could be the best choice for a double smart oven gas range.

Zline 30 In Professional 40 Cu Ft 4 Burner Gas On Gas Range

GE 30 Stainless Steel Freestanding Double Oven Gas Range JGB860SEJSS – Overview

The ZLine 30-in Professional is a smaller more traditional 4 burner gas range. It features an attractive stainless steel cabinet that is dent and scratch-resistant. The burners are hand-crafted by Italian artisans for strength and durability. This oven is equipped with a self-clean feature for fast and easy cleaning. A built-in timer tells you when food is done cooking. the stainless steel cabinet is made of a premium alloy that is resistant to denting. The porcelain top also resists scratching for a durable range that stays looking like new for years. It is built for smaller homes and apartments with its compact size.


  • Accurate and powerful burner heat
  • Even heat distribution for precision cooking
  • Beautiful design that compliments any kitchen decor
  • Simple and easy to clean with the self-cleaning option
  • Very easy to use. There is nothing complicated about the operation


  • Customer service is not responsive for simple issues

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Best Double Oven Gas Ranges To Upgrade Your Kitchen

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

In this comprehensive guide, we will take a look at some of the Best Double Oven Gas Rangeson the market today. Well discuss the features and benefits of each one, and help you decide which one is best for your needs.

If you love to cook, you know that a good oven is a must-have in any kitchen. And if youre looking for something that will upgrade your cooking experience, then you should consider investing in a double gas oven.

So whether youre in the market for a new oven or just curious about whats out there, read on for our recommendations!

Top 1 Cosmo F965 Dual Fuel Range

The Cosmo F965 Dual Fuel Stove with Stainless Steel Finish is a gas range for the kitchen. This best 36 inch dual fuel range includes five burners and an oven with baking and broiling capabilities. The oven has a 3.8 cu. ft. capacity and a self-cleaning feature. This range also comes with a storage drawer for your pots and pans.

Our 18,400 BTU Burner, 10,200 BTU Burner, two 7,500 BTU Burners, and 5,000 BTU Burner all heat up quickly so you can get cooking right away. You have continuous corner-to-corner grates in addition to the precision of gas cooking. This means you wont have to lift heavy pots and pans to shift them. We can also assist you with expert delivery and installation if necessary.

The oval burner on the gas stove is ideal for use with griddles. Its made of 430-grade stainless steel, which resists corrosion. The oval burner is a terrific way to obtain uniformly cooked food every time, whether youre making pancakes, eggs, or grilled cheese sandwiches. This gas stove is ideal for people looking for a simple to clean cooktop. Spills are contained by sealed gas burners, making cleanup a breeze.




The unique, dual fuel design of this range provides the ultimate cooking experience by combining the precision of an electric oven with the power and control of a gas stovetop. Whether youre baking a cake or searing a steak, the Autograph Edition by ZLINE has you covered.


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Kitchenaid Kfgd500ebs 6 Cuft Black Stainless Gas Convection Range

For the best gas double oven range at a more affordable price point, the KitchenAid KFGD500EBS provides just that.

The bottom oven and top oven make up a total of 6 cu.ft. oven capacity, so youll have plenty of space to create your favorite dishes.

The self-cleaning feature ensures that your oven will always look its best.

The stainless steel cooktop is easy to clean and looks great in any kitchen.

And the Satin Glide oven rack makes it easy to access your food.

Whether youre a beginner cook or a seasoned pro, the KitchenAid KFGD500EBS is a customer-favorite appliance with 1,825 positive reviews!

How Does A Dual Fuel Range Work

Maytag MGT8800FZ 30

A dual fuel range works by using two separate sources of power gas and electricity to function. The gas powers the oven, while the electricity powers the stovetop. This allows you to have the best of both worlds in your kitchen an electric stovetop for convenience and a gas oven for precision.

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Ltgl6937d Lg 30 Smart Wifi Enabled Gas Double Oven Slide In Range

Approximate Dimensions Height: 36 Width: 29 7/8 Depth: 29 7/32 Consult product specification sheet for exact dimensions. Sign in to see Price Red Hot Deal Model Number: ltgl6937d LTGL6937D LG 30″ Smart Wifi Enabled GasDoubleOven Slide In Range – Printproof Black


Sign in to see Price Red Hot Deal

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best 36 Dual Fuel Range

If youre in the market for a 36-inch dual fuel range, there are a few things to keep in mind before making your purchase. Here are just a few factors to consider when shopping for the best 36 dual fuel range for your home:

1). The capacity of the oven

This is important because you need to make sure that you can cook enough food for your family or guests. If its too small, you wont be able to feed everyone. If its too big, youll be wasting energy.

2). The number of burners

This is important because you need to make sure that you have enough space to cook all of the food. If its too small, you wont be able to cook everything at once. If its too big, youll be wasting energy.

3). The type of oven

This is important because you need to make sure that you get an oven that can meet your needs. There are many different types of ovens, so youll want to choose one thats right for you.

4). Space

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing any large appliance is how much space you have to work with. A 36-inch dual fuel range is a substantial piece of equipment, so make sure you measure your kitchen before making your purchase.

5). Budget

Like any major purchase, its important to consider your budget before making a final decision. Dual fuel ranges can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, so its important to set a realistic budget before beginning your search.

6). Features

7). Brand

8). Style

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