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Harbor Freight Powder Coating Oven

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Do I Need An Oven To Powder Coat

Harbor freight powder coating oven

Many DIYers are now using powder coating instead of painting to coat wheels, springs, engine valve covers and other small parts. The process of powder coating is fairly simple: blow statically-charged powder over an item, then cure it to the temperatures required by the powder . Once the powder is cured and cooled, it is extremely durable and ready to install. This makes it extremely popular for DIY hobbyists.

The vast majority of enthusiasts use an oven to achieve the consistent high temperatures needed to successfully cure powders. But do you need an oven to powder coat your projects? Not necessarily. We discuss this below.

Alternatives To Powder Coating Ovens

To successfully cure, not only do the powder and substrate have to reach the required temperature, but they have to remain at this temperature for at least 20 minutes without fluctuation to successfully flow out and cure. This eliminates several options, including air drying, forced air heaters and heat guns. These solutions either dont reach a high enough temperature, cant maintain that temperature without fluctuating or dont get heat to a large enough area .

Curing Powder Coats with Infrared Heat Lamps

Chicago Electric Power Tools Portable Powder Coating System 10

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  • Uses any standard powder coating paint
  • Requires 10-30 PSI air pressure
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First Time Using The Powder Coater It Came Out So Nice I Baked It For 20 Minutes At 400 Degrees Im Overly Impressed By It

What did you use to bake the part? We used a discarded toaster oven. We joked “Set your powdercoating oven to “pizza” for 20 minutes. You definitely don’t want to use an appliance still used for food!

So I hooked up a full-size oven house oven that we had left over from redoing our kitchen into the shed. I can put a very large piece in it and it only takes about 20 minutes at 400°. What Im really impressed about is the mill thickness of the powder coating on it its really strong sturdy and thick. I bought the powder coating on Amazon. It was $20 a pound. From what I gather I can do 20 parts to 30. I also have a dedicated vacuum cleaner thats brushless no spark to clean the powder coat thats all over the place. Its just an old shark that broke but I can actually get all the powder coating out of the shark. I painted Cars for a living and there is no way that I could have done that part in paint for as quick easy and cost effective thatI did. Super awesome. On a personal note Ive seen people on YouTube videos knock off excess powder coating I dont think you should do that. I honestly dont think it would be a problem it doesnt give off any gas it doesnt make any smells it doesnt get in the oven I dont think it would be a problem if you had to do one or two parts inside your home if they were big parts. The biggest thing is not knocking off the excess powder coat just be very careful when you move the part.

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Powder Coating And Anodizing

For those of you that have in house powder coating capabilities within your team, would you mind providing some tips and tricks and a primer on how you do it for those of us that dont currently have powder coating capability but are looking to get started?

I know that Harbor Freight sells a very inexpensive powder coat gun and that Eastwood sells some better quality powder coat equipment that is probably more suitable for FRC team uses. I also know that an affordable oven can be made from an electric smoker. Beyond that I have nearly zero knowledge of powder coating other than the basic principles of the electrostatic process. I have questions:

  • What equipment do you have/use/recommend? What should we stay away from?
  • How messy is the process?
  • What is your paint booth setup? Is a dedicated paint room a must or is there a reasonable alternative that doesnt require significant infrastructure? My impression is the actual powder coating equipment isnt a huge investment but I have a feeling that is only a small piece of the entire setup needed. How much ventilation/exhaust equipment is needed? ? What are the temperature and humidity control requirements?
  • What are the air compressor requirements? CFM? Air dryer/filtration needs?
  • When in your fabrication and assembly process do you send the robot to the paint department? Are individual parts powder coated separately and then assembled or do you tend to assemble sub-assemblies and powder coat as assemblies?
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  • Page 6heating up time and the dwell time. The heating up time is the time it takes for the powder coated object to reach the desired temperature. The dwell time is the time required for the powder to cure properly. SKU 47901 PAGE 6…
  • Page 7 To insure a safe cool down of the Oven, and avoid having the hot open door as a possible obstacle, it is best to close the Oven Door , and allow the Oven to completely cool. SKU 47901 PAGE 7…
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    This item Chicago Electric Power Tools Portable Powder Coating System 10-30 PSI with Powder Coating Gun, Foot Switch, Power Source, Inline Filter and Two Powder Cups
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    The Ultimate Glossary Of Terms About Powder Coating Oven Harbor Freight

    I have personally seen powder coat oven harbor freight, but havent tried it yet myself, so I cant speak to the product. It is an oven, not a paint, so it will require a bit more consideration, but if you want to make your oven a home, powder coating it is a way to do it. I have read reviews of the product and the product is described as having no drying time and a paint-like consistency.

    It is a little more expensive than most of the other oven primers, but it is a good option for the same purpose. Powder coating ovens dont have to be painted, and they can be made to look like any standard oven. If you are looking for a home oven, this primer will give you one of the best ones.

    Powder coating ovens are another option that makes the oven look like a home. These ovens can be painted, but they do not have to be. Most ovens have a metal pan with a thin, painted layer of ceramic powder mixed in. The paint-like consistency is a result of the ceramics absorbing the paint.

    The powder coating oven idea is another way you can make a new oven look like a home. If you buy a new oven you will most likely get a few paint overs along the edges, especially if you paint the sides of the oven. To make the oven look like a new oven you would be painting the pan, the oven, and the oven door. You would also have to paint the ceramic powder on the oven. Its a pretty simple, inexpensive, and doable project.

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    Powder Coating At Home: A How

    Harbor Freights powder-coating kit comes with almost everything included. You will need an electric oven, metal cleaner or prep, and solid powder in the color of your choice.

    Powder-coated is often touted as one of the benefits and features whenever a manufacturer is describing its latest products. Although we hear the term often, not many people really understand what powder coating is, and fewer realize the process can be done at home with great results.

    Powder coating is stronger than solvent-based paint coatings, takes very little training or practice, and the cost is very competitive to paints. For the do-it-yourselfer, a tougher coating with improved corrosion protection is easily achieved with one of the home use kits on the market now. Were going to peel back the coating and show you how its done.

    Why Is It Better?

    A dry powder coat is not dependent on the evaporation of solvents to create a solid coating. Solvent-based paints, on the other hand, must have this evaporation to bond to the surface of the material being covered. Many times the evaporation process is quicker than intended by the paint manufacturer, causing porosity issues in the coating.

    Many hobbyists prefer to use mineral spirits to clean the surface of the metal prior to spaying. We opted to use acetone because, like mineral spirits, it doesnt leave residue behind.

    It is imperative to clean every inch of the part that you will be powder coating.

    How You Apply Powder Coating

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