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High Temperature Oven Light Bulbs

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Are There Led Oven Bulbs Available

How To Change an Oven Light – 40 Watt Range Appliance Bulb Light Replacement

It may sound surprising, but there are currently no LED bulbs for the oven. The reason for this is the lack of temperature resistance of LED bulbs. An oven has temperatures of up to 500 degrees. Current LED bulbs cannot withstand this heat and would burn out very quickly. On the other hand, LED bulbs for the refrigerator are naturally not a problem.

Are Appliance Bulbs Safe For Ovens

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Dear Home-Ec 101,

Does appliance bulb mean any appliance?

My oven light bulb went out. The previous homeowners did not leave the manual, and Ive had no luck finding one on the internet.

My Lowes sales clerk was almost positive that the bulbs that include appliances in the list of recommended uses would be safe because of the thick glass cover that goes over the bulb. I also found the following statement:

Most interior oven lights require a universal 40-watt appliance bulb, which can be found in our parts section.

As the bulb I took out was labeled a 40-watt appliance bulb, I suspect that I am fine using the Sylvania 40-watt appliance bulb that I bought .

But I could start a fire here. So I thought I would ask Home-Ec 101.

Signed,Burnt-Out in Berkeley

Heather says:

Yes, appliance bulbs are simply the standard size for most appliances. Glass has a ridiculously high melting point, and the tungsten filament burns hot. An oven designed for residential use, even with the self-cleaning setting, is not going to come anywhere close to the design threshold of the light.

The only time you could approach this temperature would be in a kiln or blast furnace at that point, lighting is the least of your worries.

Dont stress, your appliance bulb is just fine to use in your oven.

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Common Questions Relating To Oven Light Bulb

What is an appliance light bulb?

Appliance light bulbs come in different shapes and sizes. They have a range of bases, wattages, color types, and finishes. Appliance bulbs are specially designed bulbs that are used to replace oven light bulbs, microwave bulbs, and refrigerator bulbs. The A15 incandescent light bulb is the most common appliance bulb available. And then there are LED appliance bulbs that consume less energy and have a longer life.

How Does an Oven Light Work?

While some oven models have a light that turns on automatically when you open the electrical door, others have a manual switch that you can use to manually operate the light.If your oven has a manual On/Off switch, you can turn on the light to check on your food without opening the door. The switch is provided on the control panel or you can find it somewhere above the door.When you set the switch to the on position and the light bulb doesnt turn on, youll have to replace it with the new one.

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Can Oven Heat Affect Led Bulb

So the ovens you use at home are built pretty sturdily and during regular use can go up to 500 F or even another 100 F above that.

Going one step ahead, If youve ever tried, or been curious about the self-care button on the oven, it is meant to take the internal temperature around 800F .

This high heat function literally burns any food residue stuck inside the oven. It turns it into ash, which you can simply flick off with a poof.

Now in this extra hot environment, imagine a tiny little computer made of microprocessors and semiconductors, covered in a plastic body.

Because that is what an LED bulb essentially is. The LED will simply melt in this excessive heat.

Keep in mind that LEDs are closer to being a computer than lighting technology. So they love being kept cool while on and give optimum performance when the heat is carried away from the sensitive circuitry inside an LED bulb.

Regular LED bulbs typically operate most efficiently in temperature ranges between 25°C and 40°C , and otherwise love cool environments.

The bulbs lose light output with increasing junction temperature. Anything too high, and the body will start melting.

So subjecting these fragile electronics is not going to work out.

Would The Conversion Be Worth It

CLAITE LED Light Bulb AC220 240V High Temperature 300 E14 25W Microwave ...

On the one hand, it is a shame that the oven lighting cannot currently be converted to LED. But in many households, the oven is only in operation for a few hours per month. Given the short burn time, the energy savings would be very small anyway and would hardly be noticeable in your electricity bill.

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What Bulbs Should Be Used As Oven Light

So now what? Your oven light has stopped working, your stock of LED bulbs isnt much help here, what is your alternative?

In this case, the traditional incandescent bulb is the answer. These special bulbs are called appliance-rated.

They are different from regular incandescent bulbs in that they are designed to stay on even if the bulb is exposed to high temperatures for a long time.

Additionally, they are shatterproof in case of a hot liquid touches it.

As with any bulb, you should check the three basic things before buying the new bulb:

  • The voltage of your oven. Most ovens in North America run on 100-120 Volts, as opposed to the rest of the majority countries that run on 220-240 Volts.
  • Next, you decide the light wattage and the brightness of the incandescent. Oven bulbs range from 15 watts to 40 watts.
  • Finally, you have to check the type of bulb base in your oven. It might likely be an E14 base type, but can also be E26 if its a bigger and brighter bulb of 40 watt.

Here is an example of a 25W, E14 bulb for appliances. And this is a bigger option of 40W, E25/E27 bulb.

Another thing to note is that the bulb is usually protected by a screwed in cover. So your new replacement bulb must be the right size to fit inside the cover.

If you remember how an incandescent bulb works, you can understand how the heat from the oven actually works as efficiency increasing factor, as the bulb does not consume extra power to heat itself up to produce light. It is already hot from the oven.

Jslinter 40 Watt Appliance Oven Light Bulb

Replacement Oven Light Bulb

4-Pack Replacement Oven Light Bulb, Quantity: 4. Same great brightness. Superior-crafted filaments for long-lasting brightness. Quality glass and packaging so bulbs will show up in factory condition. Specifications: 1.77*2.76in E26/27 110-120V 40W clear oven bulbs.

Light up your oven

Light up your oven with the JSLITNER Appliance Oven Bulb . Put it in place once your current part has run its full life cycle. The E27 bulbs are meant for specific applications. Use this piece to brighten up your oven refrigerator unit. Built with high quality materials, this bulb comes individually packaged. The twist-in design allows for easy installation.


  • High Temp Resistance: 570 degree Fahrenheit
  • Color Rendering Index: Ra> 80
  • Color Temperature: 2300K Warm White

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Baking Spree With No Worry

Some sweets are best frosted while others are best served hot. Light bulbs are like sweets, theres the right one for the right place. Some bulbs are specifically made to withstand high temperatures up to 300 Degrees Celsius, while others are designed to work best in colder settings.

Microwaves and ovens are used in our everyday life to heat and cook food. If you want to have a look at your next meal while its getting heated, you need light. Microwaves and ovens are fitted with small and specialized incandescent light bulbs to provide the necessary small amount of light. Over the years, they need to be replaced.

While LEDs have proved to be an effective, sustainable and much-needed innovation, replacing oven bulbs with LED bulbs is not a good choice. Due to the high temperatures your oven reaches, youll need a traditional incandescent light bulb here that is designed to withstand this environment.

Find our full collection of oven light bulbs here: Oven Rated Lamps

LEDs age with heat and the more they heat, the faster they age. Just like hard drives fail after overheating, LED circuitry stops functioning reliably on exposure to heat and might even melt and release toxic fumes into the food.

If you are looking to change your oven or microwave light, there are abundant options in incandescent light bulbs that we offer to choose from, ranging from shape to size to base to wattage. Here are some of the most common types:

Can Led Bulbs Be Used In Ovens

Changing Light Bulbs in Your Oven

While replacing your fixture and home lights with an LED is more or less straightforward and almost always the better option to go with when it comes to appliances. In this case, gas or electric ovens, an LED is not going to work.

The ideal bulb to use in ovens is the traditional halogen or incandescent bulb, which is suited for sustained high temperatures and made of thick glass to protect the filament and be shatterproof.

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Best Bulb For Microwave Ovens

If you are looking to replace the bulb in a GE or Whirpool microwave oven, the SerBion 40 Watt Appliance Light Bulb is your best bet. This incandescent light bulb is ideal for many other small appliances like refrigerators, fans and sewing machines. 40 watts of power light up your oven while sustaining heat without problems.

What Is The Base Of The Oven Bulb

In order for the bulb to fit into the socket of your oven, it must have the correct lamp base. Most oven lamps have an A15 or G45 screw base, while some models require a G4 or G9 pin base. In addition, you should also pay attention to the shape of the glass bulb, so that the lamp will fit under the cover in the oven. Round or cylindrical bulb shapes are most common here.

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Can Led Bulb Work In The Oven

Are you still curious to find out if LED bulbs can actually work inside ovens? Well, to satiate your curiosity, many people have tried to check what happens, or just didnt know any better.

To cut to the chase, and if you havent guessed it already, wellan LED bulb will melt in the oven if the oven is heated up. Take a look:

To take the caution one step further, it is also possible that the melted bulbs exposed circuitry or some other part may catch fire in the hot oven, so please dont try to test it out.

And as the last straw on the camels back, you will most likely end up damaging your ovens light socket and will be stuck in an even tighter spot than before!

Bosch Neff And Siemens Ovens

Best High Temperature Light Bulb For Oven Range

Sometimes, cooking grease and dirt can jam the plastic shield which makes it difficult to remove when you intend to replace the oven light bulb. However, some helpful tools are available that fit the covers of the Bosch, Neff, and Siemens Ovens. These tools are available in 48mm and 63mm diameter sizes and help you apply some extra force to remove the cover easily.

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Get A Replacement Bulb

After checking the details on your faulty oven light bulb or reading its manual, the next thing you will want to do is to get the new bulb. There are a lot of options available on the market and it can be a daunting task for you to select the best among them. So, we have recommended a few reliable options below.

  • Can last more than 3000 hours.

  • Designed to withstand low and high temperatures, making it ideal for both ovens and refrigerators

  • Features rugged filament to resist vibrations

This 40W appliance light bulb from General Electric can be used with a variety of home appliances. The bulb has been designed to work both in high and low temperatures, meaning you can use it with your ovens and refrigerators. Additionally, its rugged filament ensures safety from vibrations.

The bulb features an E26 standard medium base and an A15 shape. It works on 40W of energy and has a brightness of 400 lumens.

Other key features of this oven light bulb include a lifespan of more than 2000 hours and a 2700K warm white color temperature. Moreover, it can work at a temperature of up to up to 570°F. Overall, this bulb is an excellent light source for indoor, residential, and commercial use.

  • Features a warm white 2700K color temperature

  • Has an average life of 1500 plus hours

  • Has the capability to work in high temperatures

This oven light bulb from WSDCN features an E14 base type and operates on 15 watts. The package comes with two bulbs, each with a diameter of 22mm and a length of 48mm.

About Oven Light Bulbs

When your ovens light bulb dies, you may want to replace it with any bulb you have to hand. That is a mistake as bulbs made for appliances are specially designed to work in hostile environments. For your oven, you will need a bulb designed to withstand heat of up to 400 degrees. Also, it features a rugged filament to protect against the vibrations from opening and closing the doors.

Similarly, before using the bulb, its also important to check the wattage and base size. Bulbs with these specialized features can be a halogen light bulb or SES bulb and are used in a lot of home appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, ranges, and more.

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Jslinter 40 Watt Appliance Oven Light Bulb High Temp 120v Clear 415 Lumens Medium Brass Base G45 4

  • Specification US Standard G15 11ov / 120v / 130v/40 Watt / 415 Lumens / 300 °C High Temp
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation E26/E27 Medium Brass Base and Special Seal Silicone are More Durable and Safe, they last longer
  • Appliance Light Bulb Ideally used in microwaves, refrigerators, oven, fridge, celling fans, party string, garden light fixtures, hanging lamps and other household appliances
  • Pack of 4 Glass Bulbs .Each bulb size:
  • Rated at 1500 hours, One year warranty, Any questions about JSLINTER products, Welcome to contact JSLINTER Support for exchange or return at any time


Input Voltage: 110V-130VBrightness: 415 LumenApplications: Fit for Microwave Oven, Kitchen appliances, Over the counter range hood, Stove-top light, Refrigerator lights, etc.High Temp Resistance: 570 degree Fahrenheit Color Rendering Index: Ra> 80Color Temperature: 2300K Warm White

  • Compatible with Electrolux brands which include Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, & Westinghouse. This is also compatible with various models for Sears / Kenmore.
  • Can be used on other appliances too such as Freezer lights and/or Refrigerator lights.
  • This bulb comes frosted as the original did.
  • Alternate part numbers include 1466168, 171840, 173421, 218926201, 5300063749, 5304448955, AH2332756, AP4339192, C000501851, EA2332756
  • Screw in installation. 3-1/2 in length.

When a kitchen appliance bulb goes, its often something that frustrates you every time you use that appliance

Will Any Light Bulb Work As An Oven Light Bulb

160W LED High Bay Light_100°C Heat Resistant Test_THT-EX High Temperature Light

Take a minute to look around your house and the various lights you have. Theyre not just in the living room, kitchen and bedrooms, youll find them in the garage, outside the home, and in utility rooms. But, what do you do if a kitchen oven light bulb goes?

Its bound to be something that frustrates you every time you use the appliance. Whether its your oven light, a cooker hood bulb, or the light in your microwave, theres a vast array of lights to keep an eye on and maintain.

At Lightbulbs Direct we stock a huge range of kitchen appliance bulbs to get you back up and running in no time. From trusted brands such as Samsung, Osram and Crompton, you can rest assured youre choosing a brand thats reliable.

  • Will any light bulb work in an oven?

    You will require a specialist light bulb to work in an oven. The light bulb will be manufactured in a way to make it suitable for use in the high temperatures created inside an oven.We recommend replacing an oven bulb with a trusted brand such as Samsung, Osram and Crompton Lamps, you can rest assured you’re choosing a brand that’s reliable.

  • Can I use LED light bulbs in my oven?

    No, LED light bulbs do not have the heat resisting properties of a specialist light bulb designed to operate in the high temperatures of an oven. We recommend the use of a halogen or incandescent light bulb designed specifically for this purpose.

    So, what light bulb is best to use and save the day in your kitchen? Heres our top five, to keep you in the know!

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    All You Need To Know About Appliance Light Bulbs

    Sometimes you dont notice the things you had around you all along until theyre gone. Avoid this happening with your appliance lights too.Just the way a single attire doesnt suit every occasion, one kind of light bulb wont work everywhere. And just like you need to change your outfits once in a while, your lights need to get changed once in a while too.To make your life easier, the bulbs are now clearly labelled and rated according to their functions and compatibility.If you are looking to change the lights in any of your appliances, make sure that the bulbs are suited for the purpose before moving forward.

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