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How To Clean Inside Glass On Oven Door

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You Have A Totally Clean Oven Now

3 Ways How To Clean Oven Glass Inside

And guess what? Thats freaking it!

27 minutes. Thats all it took to get the best results.

You should now have a sparkling, clean oven both inside and out and IN BETWEEN!

The easiest wayto clean the inside of your oven door is to follow these easy steps. The trick to cleaning a dirty oven is to get in between the panes of glass which is often missed. Unless you take the time to clean inside of the oven window, your oven will most likely still look dirty from the outside.

If you found a different way to clean glass oven doors, Id love to hear about your experience! Tell me what worked for you in the comments below!

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Finding The Best Natural Cleaner For Oven Windows

People have many reasons to go all-natural in their cleaning routine. Mine is pets: Our exotic birds are very sensitive to environmental toxins, particularly airborne ones. So for decades now I have learned to happily live without chemical cleaners. My non-toxic cleaning BFFs are various combinations of baking soda, water, vinegar and good, old-fashioned elbow grease.

Finding the ideal cleaning agent for my oven window was a bit of an adventure. I had always used a paste made from baking soda and water, but I wondered, who hasnt had fun adding vinegar to baking soda and making a volcano for their kids? Plus, the combination is known for extra grime-fighting power.

How To Clean Your Oven Glass On The Inside

In order to keep your oven door in tip-top condition, we recommend using a DIY scrub as part of your routine cleaning schedule. Using a baking soda scrub is the best way to clean your oven door and it is quick, simple and cheap to make.

What you will need:

  • Start by mixing baking soda with water in a shallow container or bowl. Use three parts baking soda to one part liquid and mix until you have a loose paste and the baking soda has dissolved.
  • Open your oven door and spread the paste all over the glass. We think that using your fingers to do this is best as it means that you can cover every little bit of the glass.
  • Wait for the paste to do its work for 15 minutes. During this time, the baking soda will set to work on loosening stuck-on grime that is marring the appearance of your oven door.
  • After a quarter of an hour, its your turn to do a little work. Use the scrubbing side of a non-scratch cleaning sponge to loosen any stuck-on foods and then start to rinse using just plain water.
  • Rinse your cleaning sponge and then work from one side of the glass to the other as you clean the baking soda paste off. Make sure that you rinse your sponge regularly and keep going until all traces of the baking soda have been washed away.
  • Next, you should dry off the glass using a dry, clean cloth. If you find any traces of the baking soda, wipe them off with a damp sponge and re-dry the area.
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    Cleaning An Oven Is A Task That Often Inevitably Requires A Bit Of Elbow Grease

    You can clean your glass oven doors with Goo Gone Oven and Grill Cleaner

    Most modern ovens today come with a self-cleaning function, but chances are youve run it a few times only to have an end result that still includes quite a bit of grime and streakiness left behind. Suffice it to say, cleaning an oven is a task that often inevitably requires a bit of elbow grease.

    Fortunately, there are various effective methods, cleaning products, and tools available to help you get the job done efficiently. If your oven doors are in good shape, you can also check out our guide for cleaning oven racks.

    Best Way To Clean Oven Glass Of Any Baked

    How to Clean Oven Glass

    As accredited cleaning experts, we think the best cleaner to have for glass oven doors is a natural cleaning solution of equal parts cleaning vinegar and water with a dash of baking soda, this has the effect regular cleaners have on grease without the harsh chemical cleaners. If your oven door glass is dirty with baked-on grease and grime, spray your oven door with some glass or all-purpose cleaner and use a damp cloth to wipe away excess dirt and grease. Put your natural cleaning solution in a spray bottle and spray your glass oven door before cleaning with a damp cloth.

    If your oven door glass still has baked-on dirt, streaks or fog, sprinkle baking soda onto affected areas, respray the glass door with your vinegar cleaning solution or all-purpose cleaner and clean off with a damp microfibre cloth until all baked on dirt and grease is removed from the door.

    Heres a detailed breakdown of exactly how to clean a dirty oven glass door of baked on grease:

  • To clean baked-on grease off your dirty oven glass door, gather: a microfibre cloth, vinegar, baking soda, an empty spray bottle, paper towel and a tea towel.
  • Open your oven glass door and wipe off any loose dirt and grease from your glass door with a paper towel
  • Make a cleaning paste slowly mix 65g baking soda with water until it forms a wet paste.
  • Wet your microfibre cloth with hot soapy water and wipe off any further excess baked on grease and dirt
  • Wipe away all excess paste and foam from your oven door
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    How To Clean The Inside Of Your Oven Window

    You’ll need investigation skills and this special homemade tool.

    Alina Bradford

    CNET Contributor

    Alina Bradford has been writing how-tos, tech articles and more for almost two decades. She currently writes for CNET’s Smart Home Section, MTVNews’ tech section and for Live Science’s reference section. Follow her on Twitter.

    I have a dirty secret to admit: Even when my oven’s spotless, there are still drips of who-knows-what in-between the two glasses of the oven window. How did they get there? I don’t know.

    For the longest time I thought this particular area of my oven was impossible to clean. I was wrong! There’s a secret to getting between the windows, but it’s tricky.

    How To Clean Glass Oven Doors

    Cleaning glass oven doors involves cleaning both the outside and the outside. Unsurprisingly, cleaning the outside of glass oven doors is going to be the easiest, as theres unlikely to be any food build-up there. You can use a mainstream glass cleaner like Windex, or something more natural like lemon juice or distilled white vinegar. Just spritz it all over the outside and wipe away with a microfiber cloth.

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    How To Clean Oven Racks

    TMB Studio

    Believe it or not, soaking your oven racks in the bathtub is an effective way to remove all the gunk on them. Heres what to do:

  • Remove oven racks.
  • Set oven racks in your bathtub.
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the racks.
  • Pour vinegar on the racks and let the combination fizz.
  • After the fizzing stops, run hot water over the racks until theyre covered, and leave them in the tub overnight.
  • In the morning, grab a cleaning brush with bristles to scrub off any leftover debris.
  • Rinse the racks, dry them, and put them back in the oven.
  • If you decide to clean your oven racks with a commercial cleaner, make sure you take them outside so you dont inhale the fumes, and that you follow the cleaning instructions on the packaging.

    How To Clean A Glass Oven Door By Removing The Glass

    Cleaning the Glass Inside Your Oven Door
  • According to Burkey, the first step to cleaning a glass oven door is to make sure the oven is coolyou don’t want to accidentally burn yourself.
  • Remove the glass from the oven door. “Open the door and rest it on your leg for support as you unscrew along the top of the door. Your legs will protect the glass in case it falls off,” Burkey says.
  • Once the glass is removed, “you will have access to the in-between layers of your oven, which is often filled with crumbs and dust,” she says. Burkey suggests taking a vacuum hose to the empty space. Look for a vacuum with a crevice attachment that is small enough to get into the tiniest spaces. Every last crumb will be sucked out.
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    Effective Ways How To Clean An Oven Door Glass

    It is now clear to you that if your oven door glass is dirty, there are a lot of ways to do it. You can either clean it yourself using a few simple materials or hire a professional to do it.

    Either way, the most important thing is to make your beloved ovens glass door to its former glory. Follow these tips on how to clean an oven door glass to ensure that it will be sparkling clean in no time.

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    What Can You Use To Clean The Inside Glass Of An Oven Door

  • Open the door and wipe off any loose bits of grime with a damp microfiber cloth.
  • Pour the baking soda in the bowl.
  • Slowly add water to the baking soda to make a paste. …
  • Spread the paste on the inside of the oven window.
  • Let this sit for around 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Moisten a clean microfiber cloth and wipe the paste away.
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    How To Clean A Glass Oven Door Without Removing It

    While it is best to remove the glass door from your oven before cleaning it, there are times when that isn’t an option. While you may need to clean the door, you may not be physically capable of removing itor you may not want to risk potentially breaking the glass. Luckily, it’s easy to clean the glass without removing it. Here’s how.

  • Make sure the oven is cooled off and not hot to the touch.
  • Create a thick paste using baking soda mixed with water. Spread it on the glass using a sponge, rag, or even your hands . Let the paste sit for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how dirty the glass is. If needed, you can let it sit up to overnight. Note that the mixture will darken as it absorbs the dirt, grime, and grease.
  • When you’re ready, remove the paste with a warm, wet rag. This cleaning solution is entirely natural, cost-effective, and easy to use.
  • If the glass oven door still appears foggy or shows streaks, apply a drop of grease-cutting dish soap to a damp cloth and use it to wipe down the door. Then rinse with a clean, damp cloth and dry thoroughly.
  • Alternatively, you can mix one part vinegar to one part water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the door. Wipe with a lint-free cleaning cloth.
  • Clean the Exterior of the Door:

  • To remove stubborn residue or grease splatters, apply a drop of grease-cutting dish soap to a damp cloth. Work the dish soap onto the sticky spots until they are gone. Rinse with a damp cloth and dry.
  • How To Clean An Oven With Diy Cleaner

    How to Clean the Glass Inside Your Oven Door

    TMB Studio

    If you dont want to use commercial oven cleaners, you can always create natural oven cleaners with common household items. Berger has two natural oven-cleaning solutions you can make easily.

    The first homemade cleaning solution involves baking soda:

  • Mix a half cup of baking soda with just enough water to create a paste.
  • Spread the paste inside your empty and cool oven.
  • Let it sit overnight and wipe away in the morning.
  • The perk of cleaning an oven with baking soda is that the baking soda naturally breaks down grease and grime. Its a great non-toxic product that gets the job done, even if it takes a little longer.

    The second homemade cleaning solution includes vinegarBerger calls it Grandmas Green All-Purpose Cleaner:

  • Fill an empty spray bottle with a half cup of white distilled vinegar.
  • Add two tablespoons of baking soda, and wait for the fizzing to stop.
  • Add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil for a nice aroma.
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with tap water, swirl to mix, and spray the inside of your oven.
  • Let the spray sit for 10 minutes and wipe away. Repeat the process if theres still debris in your oven.
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    How To Keep Your Oven Clean

    The key to keeping your oven clean is to be proactive and attentive. If you see crumbs on the bottom of your oven, clean them out as quickly as possible so they dont burn. If you see grease and grime building up, clean your oven so it works properly and stays sanitary. Mark your calendar and add it to your cleaning schedule so you wont forget.

    Next, learn how clean a dishwasher and make it look brand new. Your kitchen will thank you later.

    10 Things You Should Never Do to Your Oven

    What To Use For Heavy Grime

    Bar Keepers Friend has a full line up of specialty cleaning Products that can be used on glass surfaces. For example, some of our fans prefer Cookware Cleanser & Polish as shown in this under 2 minute video, How To Clean An Oven Door, Oven Door Glass, Remove Burned Stains, with Bar Keepers Friend.

    However, when it comes to cutting through sticky, greasy burnt on food residue, its hard to beat the same product your grandmother used to clean her glass casserole dish after she burned the bottom of it baking her famous green bean casserole. Your grandma used Bar Keepers Friend Powder Cleanser and so can you.

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    Removing The Glass Door:

    Apparently some oven doors come in two parts. This one is actually all one part , with a large sheet of glass on the front thats held on by a ledge running along the bottom, and the frame of the door on top.

    When I started unscrewing screws, I got several removed before I realized I didnt need most of them. So I put them all back in and got on with the actual productive part. Here it is in three easy steps.

    1. Open the oven door slightly, to the point where it naturally rests open a few inches. Remove the three screws from the top of the door and set them aside.

    2. Slightly lift the top frame section of the door. It wont come off, but it will rock up a little bit, just enough so its not holding the glass from the top.

    3. Gently grasp the glass on each side and pull up from the bottom ledge. The glass may be difficult to remove because it has a few little adhesive pads along the sides. Just work it gently out and set it aside on a blanket or the carpet.

    Whew! That wasnt so bad. Now all you have to do is take a little glass cleaner to the inside of the glass.

    Then do the front of the door thats still attached to the oven. I also dusted all around the inside of the door. There was a lot of gunk built up in the springs and along the bottom ledge, but that came right off with a paper towel and some Spic and Span.

    While youre cleaning the door, make sure you watch out for exposed screws. Those suckers are sharp!

    Using A Steam Cleaner

    How To Clean an Oven Glass Door | Inside & Out

    To clean an oven door glass using a steam cleaner, simply fill the steam cleaner with water and vinegar according to the manufacturers instructions. Then, place the steam cleaner nozzle on the glass and turn on the machine.

    Let the steam cleaner do its work for a few minutes before wiping the glass clean with a microfiber cloth. Use the steam cleaner to clean the door glass by moving it back and forth over the surface.

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    Using Baking Soda And Vinegar

    Cleaning an oven door glass with baking soda and vinegar is a simple process. You just have to make a baking soda paste by mixing baking soda with just enough water to form a thick paste.

    Then, spread the paste onto the glass door and let it sit for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, use a sponge or cloth to clean the door. After that, you can rinse the door with vinegar and water to remove any residue.

    How To Clean An Oven Door Glass

    Mans hand cleaning the kitchen oven

    Do you firmly believe that theres no such thing as too clean? If so, then you may be the kind of person who likes a tidy household in general and an immaculate oven in particular.

    Youre probably a no crumbs on my counter kind of person as well and will want to know how to clean an oven door glass properly. Simply put, the whole door from the insides to the outside.

    Now, if youre the latter and want to keep your oven doors in shining condition, keep reading to find out how you can achieve this.

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    Hire A Professional Cleaner

    To effectively do this, you will need to research different professional cleaners in your area. Read reviews and compare prices. You can visit for reliable, predictable, and repeat quality cleaners.

    Schedule a consultation with the cleaner. This will give you an opportunity to ask questions and get a feel for their personality and professionalism. Be sure to ask the cleaner about their experience cleaning oven door glass.

    Inquire about what type of cleaning products and tools they use. Discuss your expectations and agree on a price. Once youve hired the cleaner, be sure to provide them with clear instructions on what you expect to be done.

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