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How To Fix Pilot Light On Gas Oven

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Lighting The Pilot Light

Lighting the pilots on the Stove/Oven
  • 1Push in and hold the oven knob and turn it to the “ignite” setting. Push in the oven knob with one hand so you can turn it and keep holding it until you have lit the pilot light. Turn it to the left to the “ignite” symbol or the first temperature setting.XResearch source
  • Every oven model is different, but there should be either a little picture of a flame or the start of the temperature numbers right in the middle of the dial on the left hand side. This is where you want to turn the knob.
  • 2Hold a long match or lighter near or in the pilot light hole to light it. Light a long match with your hand that isnt holding the oven knob, or use a lighter with a long tip . Slowly move the flame towards the pilot light hole until it lights.XResearch source
  • If you only have small matches, you can light one and drop it into the hole to be safe. Another alternative is lighting a twisted up piece of paper or a wooden skewer to use as the lighter.
  • 3Keep holding the oven knob for 10 seconds to let the pilot light heat up. You need to let the pilot light heat up for about 10 seconds before you adjust the temperature. The pilot light will just go out if you try to change the ovens temperature too soon.XResearch source
  • If you accidentally let go of the knob and the pilot light goes out, then you should turn everything off and start from the beginning.
  • How Do You Light A Hotpoint Gas Oven Without Electricity

    Most appliances these days rely on electricity a lot. So if by any chance the power is gone, you are out to dry. But a gas-fueled cooking stove typically will give you some ability to cook meals even when there is no electricity.

    If the electric power goes out and the electronic burner ignition goes off on most gas cooking stoves, the top burners can be lighted using a match. Hold a lit match to the top burner and turn the burner control knob to the low-flame setting to ignite it with a match.

    In some older stove types, ovens with a standing pilot flame may function in the event of a power outage. If the pilot flame sensor and temperature sensors in your gas oven rely on capillary hydraulic pressure to physically activate the gas valve, the oven will continue to operate in the event of a power outage.

    But if the pilot requires the pilot flame sensor and temperature sensor electrically activate the oven gas valve, then it will not operate without electricity. But without that, there are no issues to light a Hotpoint gas oven.

    Clogged Or Dirty Pilot Light

    Dirt and food debris may accumulate on the tip of the pilot light and close it off.

    Follow these steps to diagnose and clean your pilot light:

    How to clean a pilot light on a gas stovetop:

    Sometimes food particles and dirt may accumulate on the tip of the pilot light and block it off. When this occurs, clean up the tips using soap and a small brush:

    • Switch off the gas and remove the range top so that you can see the pilot lights.
    • Next, remove the small cover and clean any food debris that may be visible. You may use soap and water to clean. Just make sure that you do not pour a lot of water and fill out the tube.
    • Use a needle or a straight long pin to clean the tip of the burner holes. Dry the range, with a dry soft cloth and switch the gas back on.
    • Light the gas hole in the pilot light and now it should light. If it does not light, check to confirm whether you still have your gas supply turned on.
    • After turning on the gas supply and still nothing works, you may need to call an appliance technician to establish if you have a bigger problem.

    How to clean a pilot light on a gas oven:

    At the back of the oven in the boiler compartment is where you will find the pilot light on most gas ovens. Some models may have electric igniters which can be recognized by a clicking sound when it is turned on.

    It is important to regularly clean up your gas appliance to prevent the build-up of food debris. This will minimize the probability of tubes and burner blockage.


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    How To Fix A Pilot Light On A Gas Stove

    Gas stoves will come in different forms and sizes from different manufacturers, however, most of them will function the same way and may only differ in aesthetics or design.

    Many older gas stoves will have a pilot light, which is a small gas flame that serves as an ignition source for larger and powerful gas burners and ovens.

    Recently, some gas stove manufacturers have replaced the pilot light with electrical igniters.

    Today will look at what might cause a pilot to fail, and share steps on how to fix a pilot light on a gas stove.

    Pilot Light Went Out On Gas Stove

    How To Turn Off Pilot Light On Gas Oven

    The pilot light is the light on the surface of the stove on each of your burners that guide the gas into burning when they are released from the pipeline. Without the pilot light, the released gas will not burn and flood into the room, causing invisible danger. Read more to learn what to do if your pilot light went out on the gas stove.

    Technical Problems

    There are really only two ways a pilot light could be turned off:

    You spill water/liquid on the light and the liquid floods over the pilot light.

    The flow of gas that keeps the pilot light going is switched off.

    In either case, you will need to turn it back on. To do so, follow these directions:

    1. For safety measures, shut the gas behind the stove before doing anything. Moving the stove out to turn off the gas can also be dangerous due to the weight and the sheer volume of the stove have someone to do it with you. Carry it out and place it gently so that it would not scratch up the surface.

    2. Shut down the gas valve there should be a knob that indicates the flow of gas. After shutting the flow of gas, wait for a while, and open the windows to aerate the area of any residual gas.

    3. Get a candle one of those birthday candles will be fine. Light it up using a match. Position the candle so that the flame replaces the area where the pilot light used to be. Make sure that the position of the candle stable before turning the gas back on.

    Additional Help

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    How Do You Light A Gas Oven Without A Pilot

    Due to the usage of piezo-electric ignitors, modern ovens, gas ranges, and water heaters do not require a pilot light. As a result, youll need to seek for a button to click to turn on the oven. So simply crank and press the knob, then release and adjust the temperature a few seconds after the fire has kindled.

    For Electronic Ignition Stove Tops

    Newer model stove tops will be this type. This is the kind with the clicking sound just before it lights.

    Check the power

    Make sure that your stove is plugged in securely to the outlet and that the circuit breaker isnt tripped.

    Check the gas

    If a match wont light the burner, then there is no gas getting to where it needs to be.

    Check that the gas shut-off valve is in the open position under the stovetop handle must be in line with the pipe.

    You can try loosening the gas connection to the stove very slowly and carefully.

    You should hear the slightest hiss and even smell the familiar gas odor. If so, close it immediately you know there is gas being supplied.

    If not, then youll need to contact the gas company to help you with your gas stove repair.

    Check the ignitor

    If the burner lights with a match, the igniter might be to blame.

    This would be true if you dont hear clicking or see sparks when lighting the stove. If not, replace the igniter.

    Otherwise, it may just need cleaning. Try using a cloth or small brush for cleaning.

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    Problem: It’s Clogged With Food Debris

    Whether it’s grease buildup or food crumbs, one of the most common causes for a gas burner that has trouble igniting is debris blocking gas flow to the igniter.

    The fix: Begin by removing the grate covering the troubled burner. Next, remove the burner cap, which should lift off with ease. The sealed burner base will either lift off or you may need to remove a couple screws before removing it. Clean the surrounding area with a warm, soapy wash cloth. Soak the sealed burner base in vinegar or warm water and use a stiff brush to remove any debris. Finally, clean any remaining debris out of the burner holes with a toothpick, sewing needle or compressed air. Reinstall the burner, cover and the grill, and try igniting the burner once more.

    If this doesn’t work, there could be a kink in the gas supply line or a larger issue, and you may want to consult a professional.

    How To Adjust An Oven Pilot Light

    Range Pilot Light is Not Working

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    If your gas oven isn’t heating, save yourself a call to the appliance repair specialist. If your pilot light keeps going out, the flame might be too low, but if the flame is too high, you’ll waste money on gas. Simply turn the shutter screw to adjust the gas flow so your pilot light stays lit and efficient. If the pilot light inside the oven has gone out, all you need to do is relight it.

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    Where Is The Pilot Light Located

    The pilot light is usually located beneath the burners, typically at the front. You may be able to find it by using a flashlight and looking for a small flame or burner below the surface of your gas stove.

    Many manufacturers will add the label pilot light next to it. In some appliances, it can be found on the bottom of the stove/oven, near the door opening, or in the back corner.

    If you still cant find it, then its probably located in the broiler compartment.

    Its best however that you refer to your appliances manual to confirm where exactly the pilot light on your stove may be located.

    Oven Burner Doesnt Light

    The oven pilot light is usually located in the back of the oven. You can see it if you open the broiler compartment. If it has gone out, clean and relight it by following the steps outlined above for the stove-top burner light. Use a long wooden match to relight the oven pilot.

    -Adapted from: Quick Fix Home Repair Manual

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    Problem: There’s A Loose Connection

    While there aren’t a ton of moving parts on a stovetop, it is possible for connections to come loose, particularly during cleaning or installation. If the wires which connect the igniter to the control module aren’t making a solid connection, you won’t get the spark needed to properly ignite the burner.

    The fix: First, kill power to the appliance by unplugging it from the wall or flipping the breaker switch. Remove the grate and burner cap from the problematic burner. Remove the sealed burner base and look for loose connections or disconnected wires. Secure any loose connections and reconnect any disconnected wires, reinstall the burner base, cap and grate. Restore power to the stove and test the connection.

    Repairing Pilot Lights And Thermocouples

    How do I fix the pilot light on my Hotpoint oven model RGB745EEH5BB ...

    The thermocouple is a safety device it shuts the gas off ifthe pilot light goes out. A faulty thermocouple should be replaced.

    Older gas appliances may have pilot lights that provide instant ignition when the gas is turned on. The pilot light is a small open flame that is fed by a steady flow of gas.

    Problems occur when the gas flow is obstructed or misdirected, or when the pilot is blown out. In newer appliances, ignition may be achieved by a sparking device or a glow bar instead of a pilot light. In furnaces and water heaters, and in some ranges and dryers, the pilot light is accompanied by a safety device called a thermocouple — a heat sensor that turns the gas off if the pilot flame is extinguished. Newer gas appliances have igniters that start the pilot light as needed.

    Caution: Some older appliances may not have a safety device to turn the gas off when the pilot is extinguished. With any gas-fired appliance, if a strong smell of gas is present, do not try to relight the pilot or turn the appliance on, or turn any lights on or off. Get out of the house, leaving the door open, and call the gas company or the fire department immediately to report a leak.

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    I Have A Garland Oven Model St286 It Wont Light Even Though There Is Gas Getting To It And The Spark Is Working It Lights If You Light It Manually

  • Accessthe burners inside your oven by removing the access panel in the frontof the oven or by opening the broiling drawer, depending on yourparticular model.
  • Determineif the pilot itself is lit, since some ovens have a small flame on thepilot at all times that then grows and extends to the burner when theoven is turned on. The lack of a pilot flame indicates the oventhermostat is malfunctioning or there is a problem with the gas hose.Check the pilot itself to see if it is clogged with debris or greasethat could be preventing the flame from staying lit.
  • Determineif the pilot flame will grow if it is lit by turning on the thermostat.If the pilot flame doesn’t extend, the thermostat itself likely needsreplacement. If the flame is extending but the gas valve is notopening, the safety valve could be dirty or defective. The flame shouldbe blue in color. A yellow flame indicates the pilot is dirty and isnot burning hot enough to get the main burner to ignite.
  • Lightthe burner on the top of the oven with a match if the igniter doesn’tappear to be effective. If it lights manually but will not lightautomatically, the igniter is likely faulty. Do not do this if there isa heavy smell of gas in the kitchen, since there could be a risk of afire. In that circumstance, turn the oven off, ventilate the room andcall a technician.
  • The Gas Line Is Closed

    Even less likely but equally important to electricity is a lack of gas. It is possible that someone closed your gas line behind the stove. This could have been a seemingly friendly prank, an uninformed safety precaution, or done as a move-out step from the last person who lived in the house. While it may seem impossible, entertain the possibility of the gas line being closed. Peer behind the stove and ensure the gas line valve is switched open, not closed. The oval or lever-shaped knob should be perpendicular from the pipe, not parallel.

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    Check If The Pilot Light Has Been Switched Off Manually

    A quick diagnosis is required to establish where the problem may lie.

    The first thing you can check is whether the pilot light has been switched off manually, the second thing is to check and reposition the gas stove if it has been moved or if the tip of the pilot light has been blocked, three things.

    The Stove Is Unplugged

    How To Relight Apartment Oven Pilot Light

    First, check to see if your stove has power. We know, it seems incredibly obvious. You would know if your stove was plugged in or not, right? In reality, some of the longest, most frustrating repair investigations have ended in an eye-roll, realizing that a pet or child pulled the plug before your burner wouldnt start the first time.

    Take a moment and peer around the stove. Make sure you can see the plug firmly set into the wall. If its not firmly set, reach back and push the plug into the wall firmly.

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    Pilot Light On Stove Won’t Ignite

    Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 11:08 am

    I have a Hotpoint stove that I think is the original stove in this house. Therefore, it is about 27yo now or so. It’s a gas stove and here is the issue. The pilot light for the burners on top work fine. However, the pilot light for the oven won’t turn on. I’ll light it and nothing happens.So, what are some things that I can try to get it to work?Thanks.EDIT: It’s fixed. Well, nothing was really broken with the oven in the first place but it’s working now. Some idiot didn’t know how to light the pilot light correctly and spent a bunch of hours working on this issue and fuming over it. Some idiot has learned their lesson though.

    So, what are some things that I can try to get it to work?

    Get a new stove.

    So, what are some things that I can try to get it to work?

    Get a new stove.

    Unfortunately, I think that that is a very likely possibility at this point. I’m already scrounging craigslist ads for a new one. I have a feeling that this stove is nearly dead which is fine by me. Now, if I could only find a decent excuse for getting a new dishwasher.

    I’ve never seen a gas stove with a pilot light.You probably just have to replace the igniter.

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