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How To Replace Igniter On Gas Oven

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Finding The Right Replacement Part

LG Gas Range Disassembly Range Repair Help

Oven ignitors come in a couple of different styles, so its important to make sure youre getting a compatible part. Start with your appliances model number. If you dont have the manual, you can find it printed on a label on your oven or in the appliance model diagram on

Check the following places:

  • Open the oven door and check around the frame.
  • Open the broiler or range drawer and check along the sides or on the inside of the door, itself.
  • Lift the cooktop and check beneath that.
  • Check the exterior of the stove, it could be on the sides or back, behind the main control panel.

Once you have the model number, search below to find the right part on Youll be able to buy a genuine OEM replacement part and have it shipped to you in just a few days! Our product listings also feature manufacturer diagrams and FAQs and tips from do-it-yourselfers just like you.

Igniter Repair Step 5 Inspect The Ceramic Igniter & Burner & Burner Cap For Clogging Debris Or Damage

Usually a few clogged orifices will not prevent a burner from igniting but it will burn with an uneven flame or flame may be absent at a few orifices.

Also check the burner or burner cap notches or orifices for grease or debris clogging.

Use a toothbrush or a wooden toothpick to clean out gunk if necessary.

Watch out: Don’t use a metal tool that can break, gouge, or enlarge the burner gaps or orifices.

Look at the igniter itself for cracks, chips, grease, soiling, other damage.If the ceramic igniter itself is actually cracked or damaged, it may be shorting to ground and unable to ignite the gas flame.

To clean the cruddy igniter above , I used liquid cleaner, a toothbrush, and a wooden toothpick, taking care not to damage the ceramic igniter.

Once the ceramic igniter itself is clean, look closely for dark lines indicating that the ceramic is cracked or chipped. In that case the ceramic igniter itself needs replacement.

On many cooktops, to inspect the entire ceramic igniter, you’ll need to remove the cast aluminum burner base – typically by unscrewing a center nut or by loosening a couple of screws that hold the burner in place. But on some cooktops the whole cooktop must be disassembled – don’t try that before turning off electricity and gas to the appliance.

Details are at

Remove The Spark Igniter Electrode

The spark igniter electrode will be located under the cooktop. Identify the exact location using your appliance manual, and carefully detach the wire that is connected to the bottom of the spark igniter electrode.

The igniter electrode will probably be held in by a mechanical clip. Release this metal clip from the bottom of the gas burner officer holder and remove it. This will allow you to remove the spark igniter electrode from the burner orifice holder assembly. You will no longer need this part, so it can be discarded.

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Diagnosing Problems Through Noise

Most often, appliance owners are able to diagnose igniter problems through noise alone. By listening to your gas oven, you can actually tell if igniter problems are coming. Obviously, the most concrete sign is when your oven isnt producing heat. As there is no electric element in a gas oven, when the igniter doesnt work, the oven can produce no heat. Though often, signs of the igniter going outcome before this happens.

One noise you want to look out for is a loud boom noise. You can expect to hear gas hissing and then a whoosh as it ignites, but if you hear a relatively loud boom, as in one you can hear in another room, then that is cause for concern. What is actually happening is that the igniter is not working properly, but is still working. The gas is released and built up until when it finally does ignite, it causes a small explosion. This signals slow ignition that most likely comes from dirty igniters. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible because obviously, it is potentially dangerous and hard on your gas oven as well.

How To Replace Silicone Fabric Or Rubber Gaskets

The 10 Best Ge Xl44 Bake Oven Igniter Replacement

To remove the silicone fabric or rubber gasket that lines the inside edges of your oven, use a flat-head screwdriver or pliers to pry a section loose. Replace with another gasket. Dont forget to measure the gasket so its the same length as your original one. You can use a utility knife if you need to make a cut. Then you can simply push one end into the groove of the door using your fingers and press until the edges of the gasket meet.

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Igniter Repair Step 1 Is There Lp Gas Or Natural Fuel

If you don’t hear gas hissing out at the gas burner your appliance may be out of fuel – a condition more likely if your fuel is LP gas supplied from a tank. If your appliance uses piped-in natural gas from a utility company, it’s still possible that the gas supply has been shut off. If that’s the case then none of the gas appliances in your building will be working.

How To Safely Replace A Gas Oven Ignitor

Timothy Thiele has an associate degree in electronics and is an IBEW Local #176 Union Electrician with over 30 years of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial wiring.

  • Working Time: 15 – 30 mins
  • Total Time: 15 – 30 mins
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Estimated Cost: $40 to $80

How often do you slide your roast, pizza, or casserole in the oven, set the temperature, and turn it on to bake? Baking is a cinch…that is, as long as the oven heats up. What happens when the oven doesn’t get hot?

If your oven isn’t heating up, the problem may be with the electric oven ignitor. Those very words sound a little daunting and dangerous, but not to worry: With a few tools from the electrical toolbox and a little patience, you can change it yourself and save a little money.

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Cleaning A Gas Igniter

In most gas ovens, the igniters are hidden away under a bottom covering. This protects from direct exposure to food from boiling over the pan, for example. However, grease and food particles can still reach it through the ambient air. Over time, this can affect the igniters function, but unfortunately, most oven ignitors use hot-surface ignition which makes it tough to clean without damaging or breaking the ignitor. Most cases, its best to just replace the igniter.

Can You Manually Ignite A Gas Oven

My Stove wont stop CLICKING – SO ANNOYING – Easy Fix

If you dont have the owners manual, open the oven door and look in the bottom of the oven for a small hole marked Pilot Light or something similar. If the oven is designed to be manually lit for each use, turn the temperature dial on slowly. The gas should ignite. Remove your hand and the match immediately.

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Gas Range Top Igniter Repair: Burners Won’t Light

This article begins with 7 easy steps to fixing a gas igniter / gas burner no-light problem.

If none of those steps gets your gas burner working we continue with a detailed case history exploring other less obvious causes of gas burners that fail to ignite when they should.

You can usually get the igniter working, stop igniter clicking, and get the gas burner on without having to do much disassembly and without having to move the gas stove out from the wall or cooktop from its mount.

If none of those steps brings you success then post a comment describing your gas appliance ignition problem along with a photo at the end of this page and we’ll reply.

We replaced this item as well as the wiring and individual igniters to cure chronic gas burner ignition problems: endless clicking. Details of that repair are found in the article below.

Article Contents

How Do You Remove An Ignitor From A Gas Oven

Remove the ignitor: Locate the ignitor and observe carefully how it is situated. You will install the new ignitor in exactly the same way. Unplug the two wires connected to the ignitor.

How does an igniter work in an oven?

The oven igniter heats up until its hot enough to ignite the gas from the oven burner. Its wired in series with the safety gas valve for the oven. The safety gas valve wont open unless it detects that the igniter is hot enough to light the burner gas.

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Cost To Replace An Oven Igniter

It costs an average of $225 to replace an oven igniter with professional help. However, it can cost as much as $300 to replace an oven igniter depending on the cost of the part and labor rates. Oven igniters only cost $60 on average and you can save hundreds if you install one without help.

Igniters cost as little as $40 depending on where you get yours from. A professional can repair an oven igniter instead of replacing it altogether, and that typically costs $170. Oven igniter repairs can cost upwards of $230 in some cases, so it may be worth it to simply replace the part.

Labor is a major part of the cost to replace an oven igniter, and you will generally spend at least $100. Each professional has a different rate, but $100 an hour is a common rate for an electrician or handyman. The process varies in how long it takes based on your oven and how difficult the job is which ultimately determines the labor cost.


Easy Steps In Gas Igniter Troubleshooting

Top 10 How To Replace Igniter On Gas Oven

When a gas-fired heating appliance stops working, the problem may be with the igniter, not other gas valve components.

Our photo shows an LP gas stove top burner igniter sparking away.

Watch out: we disassembled the stove top burner to make this photo. But don’t turn on your gas stove with burner parts missing – the flame won’t ignite properly and you could cause a dangerous gas explosion.

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How To Troubleshoot An Oven Igniter

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All appliances in a home will eventually go through wear and tear that require troubleshooting in order for the homeowner to determine if a costly repair is needed or just some basic maintenance. Nowhere is this more true than with oven igniters, for which a variety of problems can crop up over time to disturb their overall effectiveness. Knowing how to properly troubleshoot your oven igniter can help you keep your kitchen in top working order without spending money on unnecessary repairs.

Take Caution Before You Fix Oven

Make sure you stay safe when fixing either any kind of oven. If its a gas range or oven, make sure its unplugged before you start any work. You can also turn off the electric power to the unit. Remove a fuse or trip the breaker circuit. If you see a grounding wire to the range, disconnect it first.

You should also close the gas supply valve when working to shut off the units gas supply. And make sure you replace your old parts with identical new ones. Take them to your hardware store to ensure you get the right parts.

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Why Is The Gas Stove Working But The Oven Is Not

While your gas stove and gas oven are part of the same appliance, they do not use the same parts and components. This is why your gas burners can work while your gas oven wont light. Your gas range has its own set of igniters, gas valves and safety features. If everything is in working order, your range can work independently of your gas oven.

However, if your gas oven is not receiving power, natural gas or propane, neither the oven nor the gas stovetop will work.

Gas Burner Wont Light

Range/Stove/Oven Repair – Replacing the Sealed Burner Cap (Whirlpool Part # 3412D024-26)

For gas oven repair where the burner wont light, its usually an easy repair. In some cases, all it really takes is a lighter or match to relight the pilot light when it goes out. However, if that doesnt fix the problem, youll need to lift off the burner grate, burner cap, and burner base. Next, clear off any debris around the burner. A toothpick or compressed air helps clear out stuck on food more easily.

Clean out the grate, cap, and case. Then check the wires that connect the igniter to the control module. Tighten up any loose connections. If your burner still wont light, you may need a new igniter or theres an issue with the gas line. At this point, contacting a professional is your best option.

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Where Is The Igniter On A Frigidaire Gas Stove

The igniter is located inside the oven. To gain access, lower the oven door and flip the hinge locks down. These locks are on either side of the door. Once theyre down the door is no longer held in place, so you can swing the door almost completely shut, lift it up by the sides, and pull the door free.

How To Replace A Range Spark Igniter Electrode

This DIY repair guide gives instructions on how to replace the spark igniter electrode for the surface burner on a freestanding gas or dual-fuel range, but can be adapted to a built-in range as well. Replace the spark igniter electrode with a manufacturer-approved range part if you see physical damage or if the spark won’t light the burner because the ceramic insulation below the electrode tip cracks.

This basic procedure works for Kenmore, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, GE, LG and Samsung ranges.

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Range Burner Wont Heat

For electric oven repair where the range burner isnt heating up, its possible the burner is bad and needs replacing. Start by replacing the burner that isnt working with a burner you know does work properly. You just need to unplug the bad one from the burner socket and plug in the working burner in its place. If that burner works, you know the old burner is dead and you need to replace it.

If it still wont work, your issues are either with the infinite switch or the socket itself. Check the socket for burn marks or other signs of damage. Replace it if you see obvious signs of damage. Once replaced, test it again. If it still doesnt work, replace the infinite switch. If, after all that, the range burner still wont heat, you need a professional.

Igniter Repair Step 3 Is A Gas Burner Cap Askew

The burner cap may look straight, especially when viewed from above, but in fact it might be improperly placed. This problem can be subtle so check carefully – see if you can rotate the burner cap to assure that it is level and properly seated.

Above: the gas burner cap on this Bosch cooktop is askew – a SNAFU you may miss when you just look at the burner from above.

Below: the same gas burner cap, properly installed, lies flat on the burner and doesn’t wobble when I rotate it.

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Install The New Igniter

Now that the old igniter has successfully been removed, its time to install the new igniter. To do that:

  • Connect the new igniter up to the wire harness. When connecting the harness, be careful that you dont touch the carbide electrode, as sometimes it can get damaged if you touch it with oil on your hands.
  • Place the new igniter onto the bracket so that the screw holes line up. You can now thread the screws in tightly. Once the screws are in, you need to position the wires away from the igniter to avoid the wires from getting damaged.
  • You can now put the bottom panel of your oven back into the oven . Once the panel is in the oven, you can secure it in place with the screws that you removed earlier.
  • Put the oven racks back into the oven.
  • Igniter Repair Step 6 Continue By Checking The Igniter Wiring Itself

    If the igniter wire connection is loose or damaged that could be the problem. Check:

    • the wire connection at the bottom of the igniter
    • the wire connection at the other end – at the igniter control module

    Check the igniter wire for nicks, shorts, or wetness along its entire length. We have seen recurrent problems with some stove-top gas igniters whose wires ran across the interior pan of the stovetop where they rested in water or cleaners used to clean that appliance.

    The result was a shorted igniter wire and constant clicking that drove the homeowners crazy.

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    Question On Stray Currents And Gas Igniter Problems On A Maytag Range

    8/24/14 Sue Deaunym said:

    So, my Maytag gas range was installed about 6 years ago. Its never been exactly “right,” and from time to time, the igniter would begin clicking every 10 seconds or so, even when the burners were fully off. The gas range replaced an electric one.

    But we’ve always had some funky electrical problems in the kitchen that we’ve never before associated with the range. An outlet strip wired into the outlet box into which the range was plugged would occasionally shock people who touched it.

    I inspected the outlet box and the strip, and could find nothing wrong with it. Checked with a volt meter, it seems OK.

    I installed an underground gas line to a propane tank last week, and the guy hooking it up aid he was shocked on several occasions. So I went under the house and measured 120VAC on the copper pipe leaving the house. Disconnecting the range the stray current disappeared.

    Looking at the starter devices at each burner, I see no problem.

    Reply: gas appliance or heater flame igniter shock hazards

    Thanks for this excellent tip about gas flame igniters – it’s not one I’d considered and it makes perfect sense. Some igniters depend on proper electrical grounding for proper operation including the sensing of when gas or an actual flame is present. I’ll add your notes to the article above.

    It sounds as if there is a wiring error or accidental short circuit in your range.

    It’s certainly possible that the stray current was a factor in damaging those components.

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