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How To Replace Oven Element

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Remove Oven Heating Element

How To Replace: Electric Oven Bake Element

1. disconnect the wires if you havent already

2. remove the oven racks.

3. The inside of the oven can be greasy, so its best to give it a quick wipe.

4. If youre replacing the broil element then youll have to remove the two mounting screws at the front as well as the two mounting screws at the back.

5. Slide the element forward and remove it.

Bake elements on the bottom are removed similarly but only have two mounting screws at the back.

if you have a convection oven then youll most likely have a hidden bake element installed under a smooth metal plate:

1. remove the screws and lift up the plate.

In some models, the plate will slide out from the back of the oven.

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Remove Wires From The Oven Heating Element

  • Remove the metal spade connectors from the element terminals using your fingers or needlenose pliers. Make sure to only pull on the metal spade connectors and not the wires.
  • Dont let the wires fall back into the oven cavity. Youll need them in the next step to connect to the new heating element.

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Install The New Heating Element

Install the new oven element by sliding each wire connector onto one of the element probes. Use pliers, if necessary, to force the wire connectors onto the probes and make sure they are fully inserted.

Slide the element into place so the mounting bracket is against the oven wall and the screw holes are aligned.

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How To Replace An Oven Element

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If your oven isn’t warming up the way it should, the problem might be a bad heating element. Replacing a faulty element isn’t hard, but it can be a little tricky to manipulate some of the smaller parts within the tight confines of the oven. First, shut off the power to the oven at your home’s main breaker to ensure that you’re working safely. Then, identify and detach the old element. The new element will attach in the same fashion as the old one. Once you’re done, you can switch the power back on and give the oven a trial run.

Reattach The Mounting Plate And Test The Oven

How to Replace an Electric Oven Broiler Element

Secure the element’s mounting plate to the back wall of the oven with the mounting screws. Make sure the screws are firmly anchored.

Plug the oven into the wall outlet or turn on the circuit breaker to restore power to the oven. Turn the oven to BAKE to check the new element for proper operation. It should glow with a consistent bright-orange color while heating.

If you removed the bottom drawer, slide it back into place. Return the oven racks to the oven.

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What Can Else If Element Cracked

Work gloves are a must if the heating element breaks in your hands. But dont be alarmed. That heating element was destined for the trash because of the high number of heating cycles and the element breaks. Dont worry Ill take care of it. Scrape the broken bits using an old towel or cloth instead of an industrial vacuum cleaner. A tiny dustpan might be pretty helpful in removing all the shattered fragments. The rest of the old components may be removed, and the repair can be completed by simply disconnecting the wires.

If the heating element in your oven doesnt break, replacing it with a new one is one of the most straightforward oven repairs you can accomplish. A repair professional may be needed if your oven has problems beyond the simple replacement of a broken element.

Diagnosing A Faulty Bake Element

If it is the often hidden bake element of an oven that has gone faulty, you will likely notice it pretty fast. This is the workhorse of your oven when it comes to heat. When it is not working, it will feel significantly cooler inside the oven tub and may take ages for food to cook.

As you cannot see a bake element in most newer designs, a visual inspection wont be easily done. However, after a preheat cycle is done, you will be able to feel if it is working. If you do want to do a visual inspection, the metal plate covering the bake element can be removed and the preheat can be run. Similar to a faulty broil element, a working bake element will have even coloring and no patches of discoloration.

There is a chance it could be electrically open and a simple continuity test is required when either element has been removed from the oven completely.

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How To Replace An Oven Heating Element

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Replacing your oven heating element is something that you should not often have to do. In fact, the heating element is a tough old thing and rarely needs to be replaced before the rest of the oven breaks down. However, if you have an oven heating element that does need replacing, for example if it has developed a fault, don’t worry. Replacing your oven heating element is not that difficult to do. Of course, you could have someone come into your home and do the work for you, but if you are reasonably competent with a screwdriver, you should have absolutely no problem in changing the heating element yourself.

Set Up A New Heater Element


The new oven element may be installed by sliding each wire connection onto one of the element monitors. Use pliers if required to ensure that the wires are securely attached to the probe.

For the mounting bracket to be flush with the oven wall and the screw holes to be aligned, slide the element into position.

The new heating element was placed by slipping wire connections into the probes of the old one.

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Diagnosing A Faulty Heating Element In Your Electric Oven

In order to produce the heat that cooks your food, your electric oven uses heating elements. It uses a broil element that you can typically see at the top of your oven tub and a bake element at the bottom that may be hidden under a protective metal covering. Most oven owners only believe that they have one heating element, the broil element that they can see. However, the majority of the ovens heat comes from the unseen bake element. Knowing this can often help you diagnose which element is faulty more quickly. However, there are some other signs to look for.

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How To Determine Which Oven Heating Element To Buy

Heating elements for electric ovens are widely available online and at home appliance stores. They are fairly inexpensive, costing on average from $25-$100 depending upon your oven make and model. Have your appliances model number on hand when searching for an electric oven element replacement to make sure you get the right one for your appliance.

If you dont have the manual that came with your appliance, you can usually find the model number on a sticker located on the top, bottom, or sides of the door jamb. In some ovens, the sticker is located on the metal frame where the bottom drawer opens or under one of the electric burners on the cooktop.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Element In An Oven

Between 10 and 15 years is the normal lifetime of a range.Depending on the models characteristics, it may cost anywhere from $300 to $2,200 to buy a new gas or electric model. But, a simple oven heating element repair may be all that is needed. The cost of a new heating element can be as little as $25, plus any installation fees that may be incurred.

Are Oven Heating Elements Universal

How To Replace A Logik Oven

Imagine that you are baking your dinner for the night and the oven does not seem to be heating as quickly. It is the baking element in your oven. You wonder, are oven heating elements universal? The answer in most cases is yes but only within the manufacturing company and for specific models. Lets take a look at baking and broiling heating elements.

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How Do You Know Its Time To Replace The Oven Element

Remember how we said that the heating element is the part of the oven that glows? Well, if its not glowing, or if its not glowing uniformly throughout the element, then it might be broken. To test this out, heat your oven to 350 degrees and let it sit for ten minutes. Then open it up and take a look. If it isnt brightly lit up or is only lit up in patches, then its probably time to get it replaced.

The next way to tell if your element needs to be replaced is to give it a good inspection the next time youre down cleaning the oven floor. Check the element for signs of age, such as cracks, blisters, sagging, deformity, or other factors. If it looks like its past its prime, then get it replaced.

This one may seem obvious, but if your food isnt cooking, then thats a pretty good sign that your oven isnt heating up enough, which could mean a bad heating element. However, before blaming a frozen turkey on a bad heating element, try heating the oven with a probe thermometer inside to check the temperature. Also, be careful because while it could be the oven element, it could also be the temperature sensor probe, not to be confused with the probe thermometer. A temperature sensor probe is a component of your oven, which gauges the temperature inside and gives the oven element instructions.

How To Replace The Baking Coil In An Electric Oven

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  • Estimated Cost: $25-40

An oven heating element is an essential, simple part that is easy to replace in most electric ovens and ranges. These are the parts responsible for creating the heat necessary for baking and broilingthey do their job simply by heating up as electric current passes through them. When they stop heating, the solution is usually to replace the heating element.

You can buy a replacement oven element through the oven manufacturer or through online appliance parts retailers. All you need is the appliance’s model number, which should be printed on a metal plate that’s located in one of several places:

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Remove The Heating Element

Use safety gloves at this point in order to safeguard your hands. Remove the screws that are connecting the heating element to the oven – these should be fairly obvious – and then gently pull out the element until you can see the electrical wiring. You should then unplug the heating element and take it away from the oven.

Faqs How To Replace A Heating Element In A Ge Oven


Are GE oven heating elements Universal?

It is a universal bakery element that may utilize in many areas/stoves. Certain Frigidaire Ranges / Ovens / Stoves brands can also have a closed-hinged bake element, including Westinghouse, GE, and others.

Can you replace the heating element in the oven yourself?

A vital, simple piece of oven heating element is easily replaced in most electric ovens and ranges. You can purchase a replacement oven element from the oven manufacturer or dealers of internet equipment.

Why do oven elements burn out?

The spirals of metal, which form the oven element, can grow by 10mm when fully heated. This continual expansion and retraction can play an essential role in the wear and tear of the element and contribute to its inability to work properly.

How much does it cost to replace the heating element in the oven?

Heating elements usually only cost 20 to 25 dollars. You should anticipate paying about $220 to replace your old component with work and wondering where your heating element is? Look down the next time you use your oven.

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Test The New Heating Element

Now you can restore power to the oven. Plug it in and turn the circuit breaker back on. Turn on the oven with the temperature set to High. If the new element is functioning properly, your oven will reach the desired temperature and the element will have an even, bright orange or red glow.

You may notice some smoke coming from the new element, which happens as the protective coating on the element burns off. You dont need to be concerned about it. If everything looks good and your oven is heating up, you can replace the element cover panel and your oven racks.

Now youre ready to cook, bake, and reheat!

What Is An Oven Heating Element And Where Can I Find It

A heating element is the part of the oven that produces heat to warm and cook food. As electric current passes through the element, it heats up and glows bright orangeif its working properly.

Most electric ovens have two different heating elements, one at the bottom for baking and one at the top for broiling food. Some ovens also have a third convection element that is located behind the rear panel at the back of the oven. Check your owners manual if youre unsure whether or not your oven contains a convection element.

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Hotpoint Oven Bottom Element Not Working How To Fix

If your Hotpoint oven element is not working, it should be replaced. Below we show you how to replace your Hotpoint oven element step by step

Step 1: Pull the oven away from the wall and unplug the power cord. You could also switch off the circuit breaker.

Step 2: Open the door of the oven.

Step 3: Remove the racks in the oven.

Step 4: Take out the screws on the back wall of the oven which secure the heating element. If you cant easily access the screws, uninstall the door.

Step 5: Flip the locks on the door hinges forward using a flat blade screwdriver.

Step 6: Close the door till it stops.

Step 7: Lift the door up, tilt it in, then remove it.

Step 8: Pull out the heating element carefully.

Step 9: Disconnect the wires connected to the element.

Step 10: Remove the element and get a new one.

Step 11: Connect the wires to the new element.

Step 12: Secure the element to the oven using the two screws.

Step 13: Reposition the door hinges into the slots in the sides of the oven.

Step 14: Lower the door and flip the locks back.

Step 15: Return the oven racks.

Step 16: Close the door and plug the ovens power cord back into the outlet.

Watch the video below for a visual of how to replace a Hotpoint oven element.

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Hotpoint Oven Fan And Element Not Working How To Fix

How to Replace a Bake Element in an Electric Oven

If the fan and heating element in your Hotpoint oven arent working, the control board is most likely faulty. To replace a faulty control board in a Hotpoint oven, follow these steps

Step 1: Pull the oven away from the wall.

Step 2: Before going any further, make sure to disconnect the ovens power by unplugging the power cord from the outlet.

Step 3: Take out the screws which secure the upper back panel of the oven using a Philips head screwdriver.

Step 4: Set the upper back panel aside.

Step 5: Take out the screws which hold the control board in place.

Step 6: Note where each wire is connected to on the control board. Take a picture if its too difficult to remember.

Step 7: Disconnect the wires from the control board.

Step 8: Peel off the touchpad from the control board. If its very difficult to peel off, use a heat gun to melt the glue a bit. Be careful not to damage the touchpad as you do this.

Step 9: Get a control board.

Step 10: Stick the touchpad to the new board making sure its properly aligned.

Step 11: Reconnect all the wires to the control board. Make sure you connect each wire to the right places or the oven wont work.

Step 12: Secure the control board to the control panel using the screws.

Step 13: Reposition the upper back panel and hold it in place with the screws.

Step 14: Plug the oven back in.

The video below will show you how to replace the control board in a Hotpoint oven.

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