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Kenmore Elite Double Oven Range

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Kenmore Elite Double Oven

We bought this off the showroom floor! It did have a heat sensor problem but we were under warrenty and able to get it fixed no problem! This range has worked wonderfully and we really like it! I love that I can be baking something in the top oven and have something warming in the bottom oven! Our old range didn’t do that!Temperature ControlTemp is so easy to use!Heat DistributionMy food comes out exactly how it is supposed to!DurabilityI have 3 kids under the age of 3 and has held up pretty well!DesignI love the look!Ease of CleaningI have no problems cleaning my range!


Oven Broiler & Convection

Slow and steady

The 97723 has two 3.6-cubic-foot capacity ovens that are, for the most part, identical. Both ovens have a true convection cooking option which combines a rear-mounted heating element and fan for improved heat circulation. While it can be useful to have two identically sized ovens, they preclude a warming drawer and could prove too small for particularly large dishes.

The Kenmore 97723’s upper oven cavity.

Surprisinglyconsidering their relatively small sizeboth oven cavities took quite a while to heat up. Each cavity took 12 minutes to reach 350°F regardless of whether we were using convection or not. So be prepared to wait a while before bunging your food in the oven. At least the broiler heated up in no time, taking only five minutes to reach 606°F.

One area were the 97723 had little trouble was baking evenness. While it wasn’t perfect, it gave us presentable cookies and cakes, and should prove sufficient for all but the most delicate of dishes.

The cookies we baked in the top cavity using the standard bake setting offered the best overall evenness as far as smaller baked goods are concerned, although we did notice a few dark edges on the cookies in the top right corner. The bottoms were also considerably darker than the topsalthough that can be remedied with a lighter pan or lower temperature.

The broiler warmed up in no time.

Kenmore Elite Ranges Recalled By Electrolux

The phone number and monitoring hours for Kenmore branded products changed on August 31, 2020.

  • Kenmore Elite electric range
  • Location of model and serial numbers
  • Kenmore Elite dual fuel range

The stainless steel trim below the range control panel can have a sharp edge, posing a laceration hazard to consumers.

Contact Transform for Kenmore brand products toll-free at 659-7026 during the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT Monday through Friday.

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Large Burner Boil Test


On the other end of the performance spectrum, I used the Simmer Flex burner to simmer cans of tomato soup. I brought the tomato soup to 165 degrees F, then let it simmer for 20 minutes. The temperature dropped a lot more than I’ve seen with other electric cooktops, but this was the only set of tomato soups I’ve cooked that didn’t burn onto the pot because of the lower temperature. I imagine this burner would be wonderful for melting and warming more delicate foods, like chocolate.

Most Common Kenmore Elite Stove Parts That Need Replacing

Kenmore Elite 97723 Double Oven Electric Range Review
  • Bake element. The bake element is at the bottom of an electric oven and provides heat for baking.
  • Broiler element. The broiler element is at the top of an electric oven interior and provides the heat for the broiling.
  • Ceramic glass cooktop. The ceramic glass cooktop for an electric range provides a flat, smooth cooking surface. The radiant elements attached under the cooktop provide heat.
  • Door light switch. The oven door light switch is a plunger switch on the frame of the oven above the opening to the oven. The oven door pushes the oven light switch plunger in when the door is closed to turn the light off. When the door is open, the plunger is released and the light is on.
  • Control panel. The control panel houses the control keypad, temperature display and other displays. Switches and the electronic control board are attached to the control panel.
  • Kenmore Elite stove knobs. We have the replacement Kenmore Elite stove knobs to replace cracked or broken knobs on your range.
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    Kenmore Elite 75422 59 Cu Ft Double

    • Main Oven Capacity – 3.6Main Oven Interior Dimensions – 24.125″ x 13.188″ x 19.5″Depth with Door Open – 47.563Secondary Oven Interior Dimensions – 24.125″ x 8.375″ x 19.438″Secondary Oven Capacity – 2.3Color Family – WhiteSafety Features – Oven control lockout, auto oven shut-offCooking Surface – Gas: sealed burnersSecondary Oven Light – HalogenBroiler Burner BTUs – 10000Main Oven Bake Burner BTUs – 11500/11500Secondary Oven Bake Burner BTUs – 11500/11500Power Cord Included – YesMinimum Circuit Rating – 15 ampsGeneral Warranty – 1 year parts and laborUL Listed – YesNumber of Ovens – Double ovenSecondary Oven Number of Rack Positions – 2Oven Door Window Type – Extra-largeMain Oven Broiler Location – Top of ovenOven Racks – NickelMain Oven Number of Rack Positions – 4Number of Oven Racks – 2Number Burners – 5Oven Type – StandardBurner Configuration – 1 – 5,000 BTU, 1 – 9,500 BTU, 1 – 10,000 BTU, 1 – 14,200 BTU, 1 – 18,000 BTUlength – 31.5

    Kenmore Elite Range Parts

    Home cooks turn to Kenmore Elite stoves for their streamlined designs and accurate temperature settings. Problems with the cooking functions of a Kenmore Elite range interrupt meal preparation. When failures occur, find the Kenmore Elite stove parts you need to fix your range at Sears PartsDirect.

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    Electric Dual Oven Range By Kenmore Elite

    This electric dual oven range is one of the most stylish models available today. Unique design highlights include new Kenmore Elite visual elements, full width glass touch controls, newly designed metal handle, blue LED display and picture window door design. Performance and function wise, the dual oven range offers outstanding value, allowing you to cook multiple dishes at various temperatures at the same time. Its 5-element cooking surface offers a 9/12 diameter 3.0/1.8 kW dual element a 9 diameter Turbo Boil 3.4 kW element two 6 diameter elements, 1.2 kW each a Warm and Ready zoneThe electric Turbo Boil element is Kenmore most powerful and versatile radiant element, delivering 3,200 watts as well as the ability to turn off one of the ribbon elements allowing for incredible range of power. Precision Set Controls let you increase power to the elements in small increments for incredible control. The digital readout enables you to easily repeat cooking results over and over. The industry exclusive upper oven with hidden bake element ensures easier clean up and a cleaner look. The lower true convection oven combines a fan and hidden third heating element to deliver better browning throughout the oven. Multi rack baking saves time. It also roasts food faster with better results than a standard oven. Other features of this electric dual oven range are Sabbath mode, automatic shut-off for both ovens and hot surface indicators. Price is around $2,000. Sears.

    Nice Electric Double Oven Range

    The Revolutionary Kenmore Elite Double Oven

    The kenmore elite electric double oven range is a really nice looking stove/ oven. I usually prefer gas stoves, but electric is nice too. It’s much easier to clean and keeps the kitchen very sleek and clutter free. In my opinion, the best part about this range, and the reason why I purchased it is because of the double oven. Two ovens are better than one. I can cook two separate dishes at the same time in the same oven and that is worth a lot to me. The stove and oven work well in what they are supposed to do. They keep the correct temperate and distribute heat fairly evenly. I haven’t done very precise tests, but just from my usual use my food comes out fine. I hope that this oven range is durable as it has been in the past but only time will tell. No problems so far. The design is great and I like the look of the electric top. Its design is also very functional as it makes it very easy to clean. I would recommend this range as it has served me well. Although I didn’t want an electric range at first, I am happy with my purchase.


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    Very Happy With Purchase

    We moved into a new home and wouldn’t you know it? The old stove completely broke down just as we got settled. Off to the store we went, armed with as much internet research as we could handle. I had bought Kenmore’s in the past, so I knew they were a brand I trusted and so far, we could not be happier with this double oven. It self-cleans both top and bottom, which if you’ve done the research, you know not all double ovens do that. It has a broiler. It looks sleek. There are multiple cook settings. It has a convection option. And you can cook two things at two different temperatures at one time. Seriously? What is not to love. This oven works great so far and we could not be more pleased.


    Great Conveniences One Flaw

    Only flaw is that when you clean the double oven , you must clean them one at a time, because of the intense heat it makes, otherwise your cabinets around the oven could get deformed. . This is a very time consuming thing, and it does smell a little. Takes over 4 hours, so unless you are going to wake up at midnight to do the other oven, you have to do it over two days. Otherwise, good and convenient. Third rack is very nice for heating and keeping warm. Racks remove and adjust easily. With 6 racks total, it is easy to have all the food heated for a Holiday. Easy buttons, to push and read and easily adjust temperatures between the ovens. Clear displays, large viewing window and substantial light for looking into the oven.


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    Oven & Broiler Performance

    We test oven evenness by baking a batch of cookies and then measuring the difference in brownness among cookies, as well as the overall difference in browning between the tops and bottoms of all cookies. We do the same with our test cakes. However, we measure the difference in browning between set sections of the cakes.

    Baking evenness was good in both oven cavities, although the lower cavity had a slight edge.

    We noticed a few burnt edges on the cookies baked using the upper oven’s standard bake setting, but the bottoms were extremely even. The tops of the cookies baked in the lower cavity using the convection setting had less top evenness, but the bottoms were considerably more even and we saw little to no difference between the tops and bottoms.

    Both cavities did extremely well in cake tests regardless of the setting. We noticed little difference in doneness when comparing sections of the cakes, andoveralltop and bottom evenness was almost flawless.

    The Kenmore 97723’s broilers are quick to heat, and our tests revealed that they took only five minutes to reach 606°F. Sadly this speed was not matched by the oven preheats. Both cavities took 12 minutes to reach 350°F.

    Page 1: Consumer Defined Control

    Kenmore Elite
  • Page 16 Consumer Defined Control Setting Temperature Display Fahrenheit or Celsius pads control the Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature display modes. The oven control can be programmed to display temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The oven has been preset at the factory to display in Fahrenheit. Note: both ovens will be changed at the same time.
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    Capable And Stylish But This Modern Kenmore Will Cost You

    If you’re looking for a versatile cooking appliance the Kenmore Elite 97723 freestanding electric range with a double oven is a pretty good place to start.

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    • Design & Usability

    Of course, the high MSRPand $2,089 sale pricemay be enough to convince you to keep shopping. But the 97723 does come equipped with a number of features that go some way to justifying the cost. Split into two identical 3.6-cubic-foot capacity ovens, the range has true convection in each cavity, a temperature probe, a tri-ring burner, and a warming zone.

    The Frigidaire-built 97723 looks decidedly modern, but there is a lot of substance under that stainless steel and glass surface. Along with some impressively fast boiling speeds and a wide range of burner temperatures, both ovens offer even baking.

    Five Years And Counting

    I have owned this range for five years and it’s perfect for my family. The only issue is the same with all self cleaning ranges that I have owned is that it gets too hot and causes an issue. On this range the heat escapes right behind my left rear burner and now the hot surface indicator stays on. The burner still works for now. Luckily my husband will be able to fix it. Otherwise it works like a dream. We have no issues using both ovens at one time. They are huge and are a life saver when cooking a meal with several dishes. I have no plans to replace it.

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    Kenmore Elite 67 Cu Ft Self Clean Electric Double Oven

    Powerful Convection Below

    This double oven’s lower half features True Convection, which uses a powerful fan and hidden element for even heating that helps you bake and brown perfectly.

    Multitasking Made Easy

    The 5-element ceramic glass cooktop features a 3,000-watt triple element that adjusts to 6, 9 or 12 inches plus a 3,200-watt dual element that adjusts to 6 or 9 inches for greater cooking versatility.

    Skip the Preheat with Speed Broil

    No preheating required. Speed Broil uses a quick-heating infrared element that gives meats and veggies that perfectly seared look in less time.

    Step 1 – Measure and Check

    Measure the space for your new appliance and double-check your fuel type. Be sure to walk the same path the delivery team will take when carrying in your appliance to ensure clearance at every turn.

    Watch the full ‘Tips for Buying Appliances Online’ video in the image gallery.

    Step 2 – Buy

    Simply click to buy and while you are at it, don’t forget to purchase the Protection Agreement. Next, you’ll select your desired delivery date and time.

    Step 3 – Schedule Delivery

    We’ll work around your schedule and even provide a delivery checklist via email to help you confirm the new appliance delivery and hookup.

    Step 4 – Hook Up, Haul Away

    We can hook up your new appliance and even haul away the old one.*

    *Exclusions may apply.

    4.4 out of 5 stars

    Page : Setting Delay Start

    Kenmore Black Stainless Steel Double Oven Range | Kenmore Kitchen Appliances
  • Page 22 Setting Oven Controls Setting Broil – Upper Oven Only pad controls the Broil feature. When broiling, heat radiates downward from the oven broiler for even coverage. The Broil temperature may be set between 400°F and 550°F. The broil pan and broil pan insert used together allow dripping grease to drain and be kept away from the high heat of the oven broiler.
  • Page 23 Setting Oven Controls Setting the Food Categories Features and pads may be used when cooking certain food items. These pads have been designed to give optimum cook performance for the foods selected in each category. pad combines a cook cycle with the convection fan and element to roast meats and poultry. Preheating is not necessary for meats and poultry.
  • Page 24 Setting Oven Controls Setting Convection Bake- Lower Oven Only The CONVECTION BAKE pad controls the Convection Bake feature. Use the Convection Bake feature when cooking speed is desired. The oven can be programmed for Convection baking at any temperature between 300°F to 550°F .
  • Page 25 Setting Oven Controls Setting Convection Convert feature- Lower Oven Only The CONV CONVERT pad is used to automatically convert a standard Baking recipe for convection baking. When set properly, this feature is designed to display the oven set converted temperature in the display. Convection Convert MUST be used with the Convection Bake keypad.
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    How To Troubleshoot Kenmore Double Ovens

    Double ovens come in handy when you’re cooking big meals, allowing you to cook different foods at different temperatures. They’re usually stacked, integrated as a single appliance. But with two ovens, your chances of encountering issues that prevent them from operating properly are essentially doubled. Some issues that can occur to a Kenmore double oven may require professional service, but others you can remedy yourself. Troubleshoot before making a service call.

    Worst Appliance Ever We’re Sick We Chose This One

    Shoppers please beware. We are sick to our stomachs after paying so much money for this what has turned out to be the worst appliance we have ever had. It’s a NIGHTMARE. The cooktop is a nightmare to clean and, you cannot just wipe off anything! Even getting a few granules of salt or a spice , you cannot wipe it off. The “cooktop lockout” function that you have to use to clean the control panel gets stuck and then you cannot use your range until you can get it turned off. The bottom oven has emitted a terrible odor when used and all they could tell me was “it’s typical. There is a “film” put on the interior that must burn off” then telling me to run the oven at above 400 for a few hours to burn it off, but that would run everyone out of the house, not to mention unhealthy!!!) The control panel sticks out too far, so reaching to the back burners can cause lower back problems as no other range puts so much extra distance between the cook and the burners. Also, because it sticks out SO much, people bump into it and can hurt themselves because it juts out so unusually far from everything. The burners are very difficult to cool down, so the “turbo boil” will RUIN your pasta or potatoes because it gets the boiling water too hot and disintegrates your food in no time. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF, your sanity and your money and buy something else.

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