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Kitchen Aid Double Wall Oven

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Kitchenaid Electric Double Wall Oven Installation (Model #KODE500ESS02)

The KitchenAid KEBS109BSS is a 5.1 cubic foot electric wall oven designed to complement the current crop of KitchenAid stovetops. At $2,249.00 the KEBS109BSS represents a pretty sizable investment for any homeowner or renovator. While the KEBS109BSS may feature some impressive features and an understated elegance, our test results were unremarkable. If you’re simply looking for pure performance, that $2,249 could be better spent.

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Business up front, party in the back.

There is nothing wrong with the KEBS109BSS’s exterior appearance. Like a millionaire who drives the same car for a decade, this oven is unassuming, and likely won’t look out of place in most kitchens. However, opening the oven reveals a bit of a surprise, as the cavity’s striking blue interior does a great Zoolander impression. Like a staid suit with a colorful lining, it’s quite eye-catching if you notice it.

Insert obligatory Zoolander reference here.

Appearances arent everything, and fortunately the KEBS109BSS has a few more tricks up its sleeve. The SatinGlide rack is true to its name, and slides easily in and out. That makes dealing with heavy baking trays less of a hassle. The KEBS109BSS also makes use of KitchenAid’s FIT system, which allows users to install a wall oven in an existing kitchen cutout regardless of the size.

Kode500ess Kitchenaid 30 Double Wall Oven With Even

KODE500ESS KitchenAid 30″ Double Wall Oven with Even-Heat True Convection – Stainless SteelItem#: 23094$1,158.62Why don’t we show the price on the product page?Some manufacturers restrict how prices may be advertised. We are showing you our lowest sale price here in our pop-up cart.You may simply remove the item from the cart if you do not wish to purchase it.

KODE500ESS KitchenAid 30″ Double Wall Oven with Even-Heat True Convection – Stainless SteelExplore the features of the KODE500ESS double wall oven from KitchenAidThis 30″ Double Wall Oven with Even-Heat True Convection provides consistent heating and even cooking. A unique bow-tie shaped design and convection fan helps ensure there are no burnt edges or undercooked centers. The Temperature Probe delivers accurate measurement of internal temperatures of meats, poultry, and casseroles without opening the oven. Bold design details are the perfect balance of elegance and functionality.Features

  • Even-Heat True Convection Oven
  • Temperature Probe
  • 5.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Even-Heat Preheat
  • SatinGlide Roll-Out Extension Rack
  • Glass-Touch Display with Control Lock Function
  • Self Cleaning Cycle
  • 1 Year Limited – Parts and Labor. Check Owner’s Manual for complete details.

    Extended Service Plans begin when manufacturer warranty expires

    A comprehensive 2 Year plan that covers repairs to your appliance. Coverage begins upon the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Kitchenaid Double Wall Oven

    provides professionalism in every kitchen. They’re all about making the best use of your time in the kitchen, whether that be prepping food, cooking, cleaning, or storing it. Since 1919, they have been a trusted brand leaving its legacy in every home. The built-in KitchenAid double wall oven fits perfectly and . The two cooking spaces allow you to finish dinner and get started on baking dessert at the exact same time. This electric double oven includes a 5.0 cu. ft. capacity in each section allowing optimal use of space giving you enough room to make multiple dishes at once. Both chambers were created the same allowing each to have even-heat true convection and temperature probes. The even-heat convection provides consistent heating and even cooking throughout both chambers allowing every inch of food to cook to perfection. You no longer have to worry about a burnt pizza crust or a soggy bottom with this feature.


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    Most Popular Covered Issues

    When the manufacturer’s warranty on your product expires, service repair costs come out of your pocket. Save with Service Protection Plans.

    Refrigerator – Not cooling, leaking water, running too often, icemaker not making iceRange/Oven – Oven not heating, oven not turning on, range burner not igniting, oven temperature not stable, control panel not workingDishwasher – Leaking, not turning on, water not draining, door not latchingWasher – Not spinning, water not draining, leaking water, will not turn onDryer – Clothes will not dry, will not turn on, overheating, drum not turningMicrowave – Will not turn on, control panel not working, not heating

    Oven Broiler & Convection

    KitchenAid 30 in. Double Electric Wall Oven Self

    Peaks are more prevalent than valleys here

    The KEBS109BSS features an eight-pass broiler element this allows for a greater surface area andideallyeven heat distribution. In our tests the aforementioned broiler burnt the competition to a crisp. It reached the target temperature of 605ºF in a staggering four minutes.

    The Keep Warm setting of 150ºFthe standard is 170ºFwas the most accurate and precise of the bunch with an average temperature of 162ºF. The 350ºF settingarguably the most important oven settingdid not do so well. We didn’t mind that temperatures varied as much as 26ºF above and -14ºF below our target temperature, as that kind of flux falls within an acceptable window. But we weren’t thrilled that the oven only reached 326ºF when we told it to go 24ºF higher than that.

    Often the Convection setting results in improved accuracy and precision. In this case, recorded average temperatures shot up to 367ºF, but variance tightened up to ±13ºF. Oh well, one out of two ain’t bad. The Maximum setting was equally disappointing. It failed to reach the target temperature of 550ºF, averaging 525ºF.

    Finally the preheat struck the final blow, taking an abysmal 15 minutes to reach 350ºF. The Convection setting shaved off only a minute.

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    Service Is Convenient And Easy

    Simply call the number on the front of your service contract. You can receive service anywhere in the continental United States* and Hawaii.Existing customers may schedule repair or check on coverage by visiting

    A comprehensive 4 Year plan that covers repairs to your appliance. Coverage begins upon the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Common Kitchenaid Oven Problems

    KitchenAid has been known as one of the most reliable oven brands. They have professional designs that have made them a favorite among professional bakers, pasta makers, and those who like to bake at home.

    The KitchenAid oven has excellent features like Even-heat preheat and temperature probe and is easily placed anywhere. No doubt, it is highly durable however, users have also faced some problems running the KitchenAid ovens. In this article, we will take you through some of those problems.

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    Create Culinary Masterpieces With A Double Wall Oven From Kitchenaid

    Offering more cook space and convenient accessibility, a double oven gives you the freedom to match your cooking to your creativity. Let the premium features and sleek design of our double wall ovens spark your imagination with their ability to manage multiple cook times and temperatures. Roll-out extension racks allow for easy loading and unloading, Even-Heat ensures meals are fully cooked and the EasyConvect conversion system takes the math out of convection cooking. Whether youre cooking for Thanksgiving or just a normal Thursday, our wall ovens with double the cook space help you prepare a delicious meal every day. Browse the full selection of KitchenAid® double wall oven options to find the ideal appliance to help you make more.

    Kmbd104gss Kitchenaid 24 Undercounter 12 Cu Ft Microwave Oven Drawer With Sensor Functions And Keep Warm Function

    KitchenAid Double Wall Oven Disassembly (Model KODE500ESS02)

    KMBD104GSS KitchenAid24″ Undercounter Microwave Oven Drawer with Sensor Functions and Keep Warm Function – Stainless Steel Give your kitchen more room for creativity with an ingenious top-loading microwave oven drawer that installs in your wall or island, saving you valuable countertop space for


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