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Kitchen Designs With Wall Ovens

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Reliability And Customer Service

Elevated Design & Unmatched Power | ZLINE Wall Oven Collection

Reliability and customer service are difficult to pin down. I took into account some reliability data from J.D. Power and Yale Appliance, although neither source is comprehensive.

Over my years of reporting on appliances, Ive also gathered feedback from repair technicians about the brands they think are the most reliable. While this feedback was highly anecdotal, it was quite consistent when it came to wall ovens.

In addition, I pored over owner reviews to be sure they didnt reveal any clear, consistent pattern of widespread defects, design problems, or egregiously bad product support.

How Many Cooks Are In Your Kitchen

Heres an instance where the number of cooks in the kitchen matters. If youre a solo cook, then you dont need to worry about competing for appliance access. If, however, its common for your kitchen to have two chefs operating side by side, its wise to consider a configuration that keeps you from getting in each others way. Using a cooktop and oven allows for the creation of separate cooking and baking zones.

Best Wall Oven Fuel Types

Wall ovens can be fueled by the same sources as traditional ranges: gas and electricity. Both have distinct benefits and drawbacks.

Gas: These wall ovens use natural gas as fuel, a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient option. Gas wall ovens can be a bit more expensive upfront than electric wall ovens, but they can save you money on your energy bill each month. Gas has its drawbacks if you don’t already have a gas line installed in your home, you’ll need to install one, which can be costly. A gas wall oven must also be vented outside, and its internal temperature may fluctuate as it cooks.

Electric: By far the most common and popular wall ovens, electric wall ovens are, well, fueled by electricity. Because they’re electric, they offer incredibly precise internal temperature control, a stellar feature for bakers and particular chefs. Electric wall ovens can cost you more in energy usage, but the appliances themselves tend to be less expensive than gas wall ovens. They also typically cost much less to install, their only additional installation requirement being a 240V electrical outlet nearby.

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What Are Your Aesthetic Preferences

Because there are so many options, the choice between a range and a cooktop/oven combo may come down to looks. Do you like the impact of a pro-style cooking setup? Then a range may be for you. Do you prefer the sleekness of built-ins? Wall ovens and a cooktop are the way to go. Even those who prefer the over-under setup of a range sometimes opt for a sleek fitting cooktop with a wall-oven mounted underneath.

Tip: Architect Mark Reilly, whose Belvedere kitchen remodel won the Remodelista 2013 Best Design Professional Kitchen Award, shares this trick: Adding a stately hood over a cooktop can give it the heft of a range when a strong focal point is desired but a range wont work. Another tip: When possible, center the range/cooktop on the kitchen space, island, and doorway. This helps organize the space and creates a strong visual connection between adjacent rooms.

And the design team at Henrybuilt notes that a benefit of using a cooktop is that the countertop line can carry across for a much more streamlined and linear look. This is often an important consideration in setups where the kitchen and living areas blend together.

What Are Your Kitchens Space Constraints

Rustic Hickory Cabinets and Monogram French Door Wall Oven

The consensus among experts is that a range is the best option for a small kitchen with limited wall and cabinet space. Ranges are straightforward in their space needs: They come in standard widths and fit into a cabinet opening. Cooktops take up counter space but leave the base cabinet space available for storage. A single wall ovens space needs are similar to a standard range and offer great flexibility of placement. Its the double wall oven thats the space hogdouble ovens effectively remove 30 to 33 inches of usable countertop real estate.

How to decide which combination to go with? The choice comes down to available square footage: A range usually takes up less space than a cooktop and a separate wall oven, says Alison Davin of Bay Areabased Jute Home . Our first priority in a kitchen is creating good flow: ample space for working, relaxing, and entertaining. Its followed closely by storage. If these two boxes are checked and theres room to spare, I love the functionality of a cooktop.

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Gorgeous One Wall Kitchen Designs

One wall kitchen designs are often found in smaller homes, apartments and lofts. A one wall or single line kitchen keeps all the cabinets, appliances against one wall of the home to save space. This design can actually be very efficient due to the countertops proximity to appliances and the sink.

A common setup is to have the sink positioned between the refrigerator and the range creating an effective zone for cleanup. The style is so popular that many new construction homes with open floor plans are using one wall kitchen designs with an island for additional counter space.

The black and white one-wall kitchen design in the picture above employs a clean, uncluttered ambiance that is really brought out by the choice of materials and forms. Clean-cut straight lines and edges adorn the space with the black and white checkered vinyl tile flooring, the industrial pipe drawer handles, the large farmhouse sink with the wrought-iron faucet, and the french window aesthetic for the glass overhead cabinets.

  • Small One Wall Kitchen Layout
  • Our Pick: Caf Cts70dp2ns1

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $2,560.

    The Café CTS70DP2NS1 stands out among wall ovens thanks to its customizable, pro-style design and great reputation for cooking performancefor about half what youd pay for a similar model from an upscale brand.

    The defining feature of the Café is its clean styling, which should look good in any kitchen. It has no visible knobs or buttons, and the 7-inch color display and its touch controls light up only when the oven is on. The round towel-bar handle contributes to its pro-style aesthetic, and you can pick from four brushed-metal finishes for the bar: stainless steel , black stainless, copper, or bronze. The window is large, and the two halogen lights give excellent visibility into the interior. You usually have to pay more to get such a sharp-looking oven.

    Though the Café doesnt have traditional knobs or even buttons, it should be easy to become comfortable cooking with this oven. In the showroom, I was able to figure out how to set the oven using the touchscreen without any trial and error.

    The Café has a handful of features that make it simpler to use than most wall ovens. For example, it has a glide-out rack, which is a semi-common design that makes it easier to load and unload big trays, or to top a casserole or baste a chicken during roasting.

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    Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

    This Café model is available only in stainless steel . Because this is the most popular finish choice, we dont consider it a major drawback. But a slightly different Café model, the CTS70DM2NS5, is available in a platinum finish, if youd like another shade of silver .

    There are only two oven racks, versus the three that many ovens come with. If youre an impatient cookie baker, you may wish you could pack in three sheets at once. And at Thanksgiving, when youre trying to get all of your sides done quickly after the turkeys been hogging the oven, you may miss the additional rack. However, in truth, cookies will bake more evenly on only one or two racks, and most people cook a huge, multidish holiday meal only once a year.

    Provide Adequate Aisle Space

    Kitchen Design & Layout Tips: How to Create a Functional Kitchen – Interior Design

    A 42-inch-wide aisle between opposite countertops is fine, but 48 inches is best where appliances compete with each other. The larger clearance also applies to spots where two people work back-to-back or stools pull out. More than 48 inches is generally overkill. In a tiny kitchen, the minimum aisle width is 36 inches.

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    Like Architecture & Interior Design Follow Us

    You’ve got just one wall on which to set a run of kitchen cabinets doesnt really set the creative juices flowing – or does it? One wall kitchen designs often require us to get even more creative with our space to ensure that every culinary need is met in an arrangement that suits our personal style. The one wall kitchens in this collection each bring a unique flavour to the table and explore different layouts. Yes we did say layouts, because even though these kitchen ideas follow a straight run, there are multiple ways in which to situate appliances and accessories, plus accompanying kitchen islands and dining areas.

    Why You Should Trust Us

    I tested and wrote about kitchen equipment at the Good Housekeeping Institute for more than 30 years. At GHI, I did hands-on testing on cooking appliances of all types from almost every major manufacturer. Before my stint at GHI, I spent seven years rustling pots and pans as a professional chef in restaurants in New York City. Recently, Ive been writing about appliances for Reviewed and Kitchn, and I wrote Wirecutters updated guide to high-end ranges.

    To research this guide to wall ovens, I consulted multiple sources.

    I tracked down industry sales and trends data from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, the National Kitchen & Bath Industry, and Yale Appliance.

    I also interviewed repair companies in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Texas representatives from the major appliance brands and retailers of home appliances and a Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer.

    In addition, I spent some time at appliance showrooms getting a feel for the design, ease of use, build, and sturdiness of some of the most popular models. To be clear, I did not do any hands-on performance testing for this guide, but I did draw on what Id learned from my years of testing experience at GHI. I also consulted the wall-oven reviews at Reviewed, which are based on hands-on testing.

    I also scanned through reader comments to identify owner concerns, and I read oven owner manuals to get an understanding of the various features and how to use them.

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    Remodeling : How To Choose Between A Range Or A Cooktop And Wall Oven In The Kitchen

    Leaping into a kitchen remodel? If so, youre likely about to make an important appliance decision: whether to install a range or a cooktop/wall oven combination.

    The good and bad news is that the options in size, configurations, and cooking functions of ranges, cooktops, and ovens are vast. This allows for better adaptability to your cooking needs and your kitchens physical constraints. But it also makes the selection process complicated. Here are some key questions and tips from architects and designers to help you determine which cooking setup is best for you.

    Made this decision recently? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

    Benefits Of A Single Wall Kitchen

    GE Café Series 30"  Built

    With its compact size as its main advantage, there are so many other reasons to go with a one wall kitchen. Here are some other benefits of a one wall kitchen layout design:

    Compact size One wall kitchen layouts are best known for their compact size, thus they are often dubbed as the ultimate space saver in the kitchen design scene. Also, the well integrated layout of a one wall kitchen makes it the top alternative for large kitchens and the first choice for houses with limited spaces.

    Saves space Since all the essentials are found in a single wall, a one wall kitchen layout makes room for other furniture pieces in your home. This is highly appropriate for homeowners who want to save space in the kitchen in order to accommodate a dining table with more seating area.

    Also a one wall kitchen layout makes any home appear bigger and broader as the need for bulky kitchen units are eliminated. This type of kitchen layout is not only suited for small areas like apartments but for large houses with open floor plans as well. In some cases, a one wall kitchen layout also functions as an efficient secondary kitchen for large homes.

    Cost effective In terms of construction, a one wall kitchen layout reduces materials and labor costs significantly. Less budget is needed to manufacture this type of kitchen layout because it only makes use of one single bank of cabinets.

    Disadvantages of a Single Wall kitchen Layout

    Key tips to Optimizing a One Wall Kitchen Layout

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    What Is Convection Pro

    Our 800 Series and Benchmark Series Bosch wall ovens come with Convection Pro, which is slightly different from regular convection.

    Convection Pro has a third heating element and a back fan, for perfect results every time. The heat is evenly circulated throughout the oven and there is no more need to rotate your pans halfway through cooking – a true luxury so you don’t have to constantly monitor your food. You can bake three trays of cookies – one tray on each rack -and expect every cookie to come out perfectly even and golden. To use this feature, simply select the “Convection Multi-Rack” button on the control panel.

    Features that are invented for your life.

    Consider the little details for your new wall oven, as they will make a big difference in your daily cooking. Once you upgrade to a Bosch oven, you won’t ever want to go back!

    What Is A Stand Alone Oven

    A stand alone oven is also known as a freestanding oven. This is a more traditional type of oven for modern kitchens, standing on four legs and built into the kitchen area often surrounded by counterspace and cabinets, but they can also stand alone. Stand alone ovens are also often range ovens, which means they have a built-in stovetop on top in addition to the oven underneath. For this reason, they are multi-functional and convenient for homeowners.

    Keep in mind that that they are usually larger in size than wall ovens, and take up more room in your kitchen. However, ovens are often a focal point in the kitchen, so you may not mind reserving this space for your stand alone oven.

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    Stow Dishes And Flatware Near The Dishwasher

    Outfit drawers and cabinets directly around the dishwasher with your everyday dishware and utensils. This will make the chore of unloading clean dishes a little less wearisome. For dishes you use less frequently, such as serving platters or fine china, it’s OK to store them in another area like the pantry or dining room.

    What Is A Combination Wall Oven

    Wall Oven and Cooktop or Range Top vs Ranges
    By Jenny Cazares

    A combination wall oven is an appliance that functions as a standard oven, but also has 2 or more additional functions. These additional functions might include convection, steam, convection and steam, broil, and microwave.

    A combination wall oven can be installed in a wall section of cabinetry. Depending on its height, it might also be installed in a base cabinet.

    Are combination wall ovens sold as a single appliance?

    You can purchase one as a single appliance. You can also purchase them in combination with another appliance, usually an oven.

    There are many appliance companies to choose from to find the perfect one for your kitchen. Pricing will vary depending on the brand, style, and finish you select.

    Where can I put a combination wall oven?

    They can be stacked both vertically and horizontally, to suit any space.

    They can be stacked with another wall oven, an oven, a microwave, or a warming drawer. Your kitchen designer will check the specifications on each unit to determine if this can be done. Here are a few options:

    • In a wall unit of cabinetry
    • In a base cabinet
    • Above another oven or combo oven

    If you have any questions about whether the combination wall oven you choose will fit in your new kitchen design, speak with your kitchen designer. They will help you create a beautiful and functional kitchen design.

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    Divert Traffic From The Core

    Position doorways and aisles so traffic flows around, not through, the primary work triangle. Use an island as a friendly barrier: Designate one side for working and the other for seating and conversation. An auxiliary station, such as a wet bar or family message center, should be outside the primary work area.

    Sleek Stainless Steel Oven

    For the kitchens with the space and budget to accommodate them, wall ovens are a nice alternative to the standard all-in-one range. Placed high on the wall, these ovens make it easier to insert and remove heavy food items. But that ease-of-use comes at a price, with wall ovens starting around $700, not counting installation.

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    Plan For Sufficient Counter Space

    You need at least 36 inches of clear, uninterrupted counter space for prep work, and 42 inches is better if you frequently roll out dough. The National Kitchen and Bath Association offers these guidelines for minimum landing space: Near the fridge and wall oven, leave 15 inches on both sides . For an island cooktop, more surrounding counter space is better for comfort, and you need a backsplash or at least 9 inches of countertop behind the burners for safety. At the main sink, plan for 18 inches of counter space on one side and 24 inches on the other.

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