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Kitchen Layout With Double Oven

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Create A Bank Of Ovens

Massive Double Oven Cabinet Build PT2 | THE HANDYMAN |

Having all your appliances in one bank relies on you having a space large enough. If you dont, cluster them by type, putting hot appliances, such as your oven, hob and microwave, together.

If you do this, stick with one brand of appliance. Manufacturers like Whirlpool, Miele and Baumatic invest heavily in making sure that the control panels, control knobs, badges, handles, displays and doors all align, so that they look symmetrical and elegant in any configuration.

Just remember that theyll all have digital displays with clocks. Synchronising them will be a labour of love, but if you dont, that minutes difference can prove very distracting.

When To Discuss Wall Ovens With Your Designer

Since the first requirement for a wall oven is space, you need to discuss it with an experienced professional at the very beginning of your remodel planning. Not only will the pro help you determine whether your layout will handle a wall oven, but whether it’s the best option for your situation.

CliqStudios kitchen designers average 10 years of experience in the field. They are true kitchen experts, and there is no charge and no obligation for their services.

Ready to get started? Schedule a Complimentary Design Consultation today!

Plumb The Dishwasher Next To The Sink

Having your dishwasher next to the kitchen sink works twofold. For one, it’s far easier for your plumber to use the cold water supply that will already be in place for the kitchen sink, therefore making the installation a breeze.

The close proximity to the sink also makes the job of rinsing the plates down before placing in the dishwasher easier, with no danger of spills onto the floor the journey is from sink straight to the dishwasher shelves.

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Consider Appliances Early In Your Layout Plans

‘Another factor that will affect your kitchen layout is the type of appliances and tall cabinetry you want to incorporate,’ says kitchen designer Sally Hinks. Tall cabinetry and appliances look strongest standing alone or on the end of a cabinet run, so this can dictate potential layouts during the initial stage.’

Pro Range Or Wall Oven/cooktop For Your Kitchen Design

30+ Amazing History of Double Oven Kitchen Layout Islands Refuted ...

The good news is that there really is no bad decision when it comes to choosing between a pro range, or a wall oven/cooktop. It comes down to your personal preference and design aesthetics. The only real issue is that this is a decision you’ll need to make before beginning your kitchen design.

Your decision impacts your overall kitchen layout, including counter tops, cabinets, ventilation, lighting and electrical/gas line placements. If you choose a standard range, you will, in essence, be giving up at least 30 of counter top and a cabinet. But it will not impact your kitchen design beyond this minor inconvenience.

The real issue is if you decide to go with a separate cooktop and wall oven. Your kitchen designer will need to incorporate these elements in your layout. The single or double oven will be placed within the kitchen triangle and may impact cabinet space if a wall is not available. In addition, you’ll need to place your cooktop into your island, or a counter top taking up valuable real estate.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of both a pro range and a wall oven/cooktop to help you make your decision.

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No Plan For Trash Management

These days, especially in cities like Ottawa, its not just about a trash can: there are different types of waste disposal to consider, including recycling and compost. Yet, surprisingly, a common mistake is leaving waste management out of your kitchen design plan. Thankfully, there are many space-efficient options available today. From cabinets to drawers, storage systems specially designed for this purpose exist. Bonus: many of them are cleverly hidden!

You will need a convenient spot to place these so that you dont need to sort them later. Ideally, the trash station is somewhere near an exterior door so that its easy to take it outside when the time comes. But the essential thing is that containers and scraps are easy to get out of your way while cooking.

Basic Kitchen Layout Types

One-wall. Originally called the “Pullman kitchen,” the one-wall kitchen layout is generally found in studio or loft spaces because its the ultimate space saver. Cabinets and appliances are fixed on a single wall. Most modern designs also include an island, which evolves the space into a sort of Galley style with a walk-through corridor.

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Work With Your Space Not Against It

The most important thing to remember when planning your kitchen appliance layout is that you mustwork with the space you have. It might seem obvious, but sometimes our hearts shout louder thanour heads, which can result in a cumbersome layout.

Measure your kitchen, and figure out exactly what size appliances it can hold without comprisingthe space available. This should be considered for every appliance you buy, but most importantlylarge white goods.

The fridge-freezer is the perfect example. You might want an American-style double-door fridge-freezer,but can your kitchen truly accommodate it? Maybe it would be better to have a single door appliance,or a built-in freezer and standalone fridge, or completely built-in fridge and freezer.

Applying some basic layout rules, as well as thinking beyond the current trends, will ensure yourappliances fit smoothly into the overall kitchen design, and make dining and cooking a joy.Alternatively, take a look at our kitchen accessories storage ideas,to keep your space neat and tidy.

How To Plan Your Kitchen Appliance Layout

How To Build A Cabinet For A Double Oven Pt 1 | THE HANDYMAN |

Layout ideas

Whether your appliances are standalone or built into the kitchen units, optimising space in line with yourcooking patterns will help to create a harmonious atmosphere that ensures food prep is a delight.

To do that, you’ll need to consider several things when planning your kitchen’s layout,and follow best practice.

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Flooring That Doesnt Match The Space Or Do Its Job

With all the excitement that comes with renovating your new kitchen, dont make one of the most common kitchen design mistakes: treating your floor as an afterthought.

Your floor is a very important aspect of your kitchen it must be durable and function well for your familyand its sheer size means it has a huge impact on the design of your room. Just as there are many beautiful options available for your walls and backsplash, youll find a variety of patterns and materials for your floor. Select a surface that not only works well with your design but is also hard-working and will resist stains and scratches.

Which Is The Best Wall Oven To Buy

There are multitudes of wall oven model options that are available on the market, from many assorted brands. From KitchenAid to Frigidaire, there are several reliable brands that manufacture beautiful and high-quality wall ovens. If you need help choosing a brand, model, or which will look best with your kitchen design, talk to your designer.

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Kitchen Aid Kode500ess 30 10 Cu Ft Electric Double Wall Oven

  • This 30 Double Wall Oven with Even-Heat True Convection offers constant heating and even cooking. An exceptional bow-tie-shaped layout and convection fan helps ensure there are no burnt edges or undercooked facilities.
  • The Temperature Probe delivers a true measurement of internal temperatures of legumes, poultry, and casseroles without opening the oven. Bold design details would be the perfect balance of sophistication and performance.
  • Combines a daring combination of professionally-inspired styling with sleek touches to the house. This Gorgeous built-in wall oven includes Satin Textured Handles, Precision Touch Controls, a gorgeous Chrome Inlaid Frame, the KitchenAid® Badge, and Brand Medallion.

Who Is Installing The Cabinets And Appliances

30+ Amazing History of Double Oven Kitchen Layout Islands Refuted # ...

Wall oven additions will involve on-site customization. It can be one of the trickiest installations in your kitchen and its not for the average do-it-yourselfer. The cabinet opening will have to be customized to the appliance and the cabinet reinforced to support the appliance. Our wall oven cabinet has that reinforcement built in. There are also gas and electrical hook-ups to think about . This may be one place in your project to hire skilled help rather than risk ruining a cabinet.

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Of The Most Popular Oven Arrangements For The Kitchen

Simona GaneaModern kitchen featuring a stacked double oven and stainless steel appliancesContemporary kitchen featuring a refrigerator pantry with an oven, microwave on the sideKitchen island with two side by side built-in ovensContemporary kitchen with white furniture and built-in microwave and oven appliancesModern kitchen with built-in oven and refrigerator and a matching kitchen islandBuy Now

Everyone should feel like a pro in their kitchen. Its why having everything exactly the way you want it is very important. When choosing your appliances, think of your needs and then think of how youll be using them in order to come up with the perfect arrangement. Not everyone prefers the same type of arrangement. For example, there are lots of ways in which you can configure your work space and plenty of options for each type of appliance. To make things easier, today were focusing on ovens.

Kitchenaid Kebs279bwh Architect Ii 27 White Electric Double Wall Oven

  • This 27-inch double wall oven features our advanced Even-Heat True Convection System and Even-Heat Preheat in both ovens. This mixture helps eliminate cold stains to help make certain you receive the results that you crave without the requirement for baking stones or rotating pans. A glass-touch oven screen has instinctive left-to-right programming which makes it effortless to program both ovens.
  • Even-Heat Technology contains innovative heating technology to evenly distribute heat within the oven. Throughout Even-Heat Preheat, the whole oven heats to the appropriate temperature. And accurate convection circulates heated air over, under, and about three racks for absolutely baked facilities without burnt edges.
  • Provides assurance that a KitchenAid built-in toaster will fit your current cutout without having to change your cabinets. Adjustable/removable feet could be placed, helping our ovens to fit within the regular short, medium, or tall cutouts.
  • KitchenAid double ovens permit you to clearly see all racks from edge to edge without opening the oven door. Keeping the door shut helps to minimize temperature swings and promotes even baking.

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The 39 Essential Guidelines Of Kitchen Design

Here is a summary of 39 kitchen design rules that will help you design and plan your new kitchen. I have listed below what I think are the most important considerations when designing a kitchen.

Memorize or bookmark these kitchen layout rules and use it in conjunction with your own kitchen layout. These design rules are not set in concrete and you can vary the distances but they should be considered minimum workable distances.

Choosing A Kitchen Layout

Rebuilding Double Oven Cabinet and Installing Samsung Double Oven – Part 1

Before thinking about what color cabinets youd like or what type of countertops are your favorite, the very first step in planning a kitchen remodel is to nail down a layout. Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and not all layouts will work in every space, so the key is to choose the one that will maximize functionality and flow in YOUR space . There are five basic kitchen layouts, with lots of hybrids and variations of each.

1. The Galley

A galley kitchen has two rows of parallel cabinetry & countertop space. It works really well in small spaces to maximize efficiency, but can also work well in larger spaces, too. All appliances are easily accessible from one another & a work triangle is easy to incorporate .

2. The U

U kitchens are great in spaces that are closed off from other rooms in the home because they utilize three walls, forming a U. U kitchens provide lots of counter space and allow for easy placement of the fridge, range and sink to create a work triangle. In really large kitchens, its possible to fit an island within the U for extra seating & storage.

3. The G
4. The L
5. The Single Wall

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Create A Chefs Table Experience With A Long Island

For serious foodies, cooking and serving dinner is the main event, especially when entertaining guests with equally strong culinary inclinations. Upgrade your islands seating area from a casual breakfast bar to a full-blown dining area, by choosing a larger-than-life island that can accommodate a dinner party.

Bringing guests into the kitchen space can help create a unique Chefs Table experience, as demonstrated in this stunning kitchen in a bar conversion by Richard Felix-Ashman . A large kitchen for entertaining, it also hosts two dining tables for when you want to give a more intimate feeling to a gathering.

Where Can I Find Stylish Smeg Ovens In San Diego

If youre on the lookout for a state-of-the-art oven or another modern kitchen appliance, Lars Home & Kitchen Appliances Showroom is the right place for you. Discover our wide selection of appliances, including wall ovens manufactured by the leading companies such as JennAir, Fisher & Paykel, Wolf, Miele, Verona, and other quality brands.

Whether you live in La Jolla or another part of San Diego County, weve got you covered. Drop by and let our friendly staff show you around!

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Make The Most Of Natural Light In Small Kitchens

Galley kitchen styles may be great for small spaces and ergonomically sound for keen cooks, but they can have a reputation for being a little dark and pokey. To counter this predicament, be sure to make the most of any natural light coming into the space when planning a kitchen.

In this example with interiors by Beth Webb , a window at the short end of the galley has been extended to stretch from floor to ceiling. The window on the right hand side is free from the constraints of upper level cupboards, meaning that light can travel freely into the rest of the kitchen.

Design Tips For Incorporating Appliances Into Your Kitchen

30+ Amazing History of Double Oven Kitchen Layout Islands Refuted ...

Whenever possible, we like to use full-sized appliances in the homes we renovate, meaning a 30 range, 24 dishwasher, and 30+ fridge. In super small spaces, though, it might be necessary to go with smaller appliances. This doesnt have to be a bad thing in fact, weve seen lots of tiny spaces that are beautiful & have small appliances. The trick is that if youre going to go with one small appliance, scale down the others, too. This will make your kitchen design feel cohesive & well planned instead of awkward.


We chatted above about the work triangle & how important it is to have good flow between the fridge, range and sink. The location of each appliance within that triangle can further impact the flow, depending on how accessible each one should be.

The fridge, for example, should be off to the side in a location thats easily accessible by both the cook + everyone else in the house. If your kids need to grab a snack, or your guests grab a drink, you want them to be able to access the fridge without having to walk past you cooking at the range or doing dishes at the sink. We like to have a clear pathway in front of the fridge, and avoid putting it behind an island or in a corner for this reason.

Last, whenever possible, stagger the dishwasher and range locations so that they dont swing open into one another. This is mostly applicable to small spaces where theres not a ton of room between cabinet walls & appliances.

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Can You Afford To Lose Counter Space

The tall wall oven cabinet can be overbearing in small kitchens and will limits countertop space. If you’re kitchen is still spacious and you’re not lacking in countertop, go for it! However, in smaller kitchens, if you find your workspace is tighter than ever with a wall oven worked into the floor plan, it might be best to stick with a range.

How Should Kitchen Appliances Be Arranged

Arrange kitchen appliances to suit your needs. It’s crucial to design a kitchen with a cooking and usage journey in mind. A kitchen layout will take into account the ‘working triangle’, referring to the cooking journey from fridge, to sink to oven.

Place appliances in an optimum place to best cater for this layout. For freestanding frequently used appliances, it’s most advisable to store them on countertops in an easily accessible point within the layout.

‘I always recommend to customers that they remember to keep their kitchen functional,’ advises Andy Briggs, interior designer at Optiplan Kitchens. ‘As well as ensuring your kitchen looks the part, it also needs to fulfil the day-to-day needs of a busy household. When designing an effective layout, try to incorporate the working triangle.’

‘The idea is to have a clear path between the three main appliances in the room so that they are all easily accessible and not blocked by any obstacles. We know this isnt always possible, but the more you’re able to move freely between your most used appliances, the more relaxed the space will be.’

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Position Your Hob For Socializing

If your U-shape is more generous, it’s worth sticking to the work triangle principle as closely as possible, but ensuring the three important elements are grouped on just two sides of the kitchen, with the third side given over to kitchen storage.

‘If your kitchen’s third side is an island, like the one above, storing cutlery, plates, china in fact any items use use for dining is the best option,’ advises Homes and Gardens’ Editor in Chief Lucy Searle.

‘If you are keen, unflappable cooks who like to entertain regularly, having the hob on that unit with the cookware you need below will also work brilliantly and be much more sociable.’

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