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Make Your Own Pizza Oven

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Where To Start When Building A Diy Pizza Oven

How to Build Your Own High-Performing Wood-Fired Pizza Oven from Bricks

If youre thinking you would love to have a pizza oven in your home but are wondering about whether its a practical option, this site is full of the kind of useful answers youre looking for. It talks about all the different considerations when installing one and gives you details of the choices you have to make so in short, this is a site you need to check out before you begin building!

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Build The Thermal Layer For An Effective Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

The purpose of the thermal layer is to hold heat in its dense mass. Use the clay-sand mix we made earlier, take one handful at a time, and press it down to form a 2-3 shell outside the sand form. Be careful not to press into the sand form, which would cause the form to shift.

We also made a molding around the earth oven door opening using strands of straw dipped in clay, and formed it around the door opening to give it a more finished look and as a starting place for the next layer.

The final steps are adding insulation and finish layers.

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Installing A Prefabricated Brick Oven

A handmade, brick pizza oven can be installed with a fraction of the labor involved in building it yourself and comes with a fraction of potential pitfalls. Don’t worry, you are definitely not cheating by not making on yourself! Youll still need to site your new oven, build a sturdy foundation, and make customizations so that it will fit your home and yard.

When starting with an oven that was already built for you, you simply put it in place and build it in.What Do You Need To Do Next?If youre ready to start a project that will let you, your family, and your dog spend countless hours outdoors cooking great food, then let us help you get the process started with one of our industry-standard DIY pizza oven kits. Youll thank us when the kids stop asking for delivery.Or, if you’ve decided a DIY project is too much, we also offer prefabricated, handmade pizza ovens. We have a large eclectic selection of ovens to match your taste, needs, and budget.At the end of the process, youll have an awesome new centerpiece to your yard, delicious pizza, and a un-broken back.As the Italians might say, benissimo!Note: All CBO images were provided by Chicago Brick Ovens.

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How To Build Your Own Pizza Oven


Do you know what types of outdoor pizza oven options are available for you to DIY? And, what are the things you must consider beforehand?

If these questions are troubling your mind, this blog post by Smoked BBQ source is a must-read for you. And once youve got your answers, follow one of the two tutorials to build an excellent pizza oven for yourself!

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What Can You Make In A Simple Diy Earth Outdoor Pizza Oven Does It Really Work

These 3 pictures are from our friend Bill, who bought the DIY pizza oven made by the class last year. He loves it so much and decided to join our class this year so he can build another one for his patio!

Bill has been using his DIY wood fired pizza oven almost once a week for a year now. I asked him to share what are his favorite things to make, heres what Bill said-

you do get a long cooking time from each firing if you think of cooking along the temperature curve with pizza first, bread, then braises of all sorts. pies and cookies and then overnight meats like carnitas. the end temp. in the cob oven is long in the 250 f range and is great for drying fruits, toasting nuts and great grilled cheese. those are my favorites really it works for everything that you can imagine as long as you understand a dishs temperature requirements.

Here are a few shots of a fun Sunday bake. 3.5 hr fire, coals burned out and got 900 F dropping to 600 after coals out. Baked pizza, bread at 500 F then cooled to 400 F and did the bean casserole and still the next day oven still at 250 F for any drying of fruit!!

OK, is this enough temptation for you to run out there and start building yet?

Choose A Location And Map Out The Backyard Pizza Oven

  • The first thing you need to do is choose a location for your backyard pizza oven. Brick is heavy, so choose a sturdy surface on flat ground. If you can, build the oven on the ground and not on any flooring.
  • Then, map out the design. You dont have to be an architect to do this stepjust plan each phase and identify goals for each phase.
  • Then, get your workbench set up. Make sure your workbench supports the weight of the bricks.
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    The Outdoor Pizza Oven: Cheap And Green

    Compared to masonry ovens, which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and usually require cement in their construction , a cob oven can be made from very simple, recycled, and locally available materials. They require little more than some sand, clay, straw, sawdust, some bricks, and a pile of rocks and few other recycled materials.

    So I picked up a copy of Kiko Denzers Build Your Own Earth Oven, a little gem of a book covering the construction of cob ovens from the ground up. And in July, after I settled into my new house, I knew it was time to start building this oven I had been dreaming about, so I could finally make pizza the way it was meant to be baked: on a super hot brick hearth.

    How To Build Your Own Pizza Oven Smoked Bbq Source

    How to Build a Pizza Oven

    As this blog tells us, theres no better way of making pizza than in a dedicated pizza oven so if you want to make real pizza at home, thats what youre going to need. Fortunately, you can save yourself a lot of cash by building your own, and this post goes on to describe several different techniques you can consider.

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    Diy Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

    Have you ever dreamed of building a simple wood fired outdoor pizza oven and making delicious pizzas or breads in your backyard? It is totally doable: heres a super detailed DIY wood fired pizza oven tutorial to help get you started!

    People have been building ovens for centuries in all parts of the world. You dont need high tech inserts, pizza oven kit or any expensive materials to build an effective outdoor pizza oven.

    This simple DIY wood fire backyard pizza oven uses easy to find natural materials, and it works amazingly well and costs 1% of a pizza oven kit.

    This type of oven is called earth oven, or cob oven. Made with readily available and often free materials, and a proven technique that has been used for hundreds or even thousands of years, its] even easier than a brick pizza oven. No special tools are needed, it is also great as a group project to create with friends!

    Convert An Old Oil Drum

    An oil drum or barrel is a creative way to start off your oven. It has a good shape to reflect heat back into the oven, so anything this shape works well.

    The metal alone wont be enough to retain any heat, so youll end up burning through way too much wood. It needs more mass and insulation, so you can see this creator has lined it with fire bricks which will absorb some heat, and handle the high direct temperatures of the flames.

    They have insulated the outside with some ceramic fibre blanket which is highly insulating can withstand extreme temperatures. The hearth is also insulated, under a layer of fire bricks, which is an important step to ensure a hot oven floor.

    The outer layer has been covered with a sheet of metal to cover everything up. As you can see, the build has taken a lot of work and not for the faint-hearted or unskilled. The final piece looks great though.


    You need to be a skilled metal workerProbably not as efficient as othersNeed a barrel

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    Insulation Layer For The Earth / Cob Oven

    The difference between this layer and the thermal layer is that the mixture here has more air, which is great for preventing heat loss of the thermal layer!

    When coarse saw dust or wood shavings are mixed with just enough clay to hold the shape, and when they are exposed to the high temperature from the thermal layer, a new material- clay foam is created. Its sort of a light weight charcoal-clay which is airy, thus conducts heat slowly.

    And of course, dont forget to take a nice break and show off your muddy hands!

    Building The Barrel Vault

    14 Budget

    Cut two matching pieces of hardboard to make the formwork for building the arches of the barrel.

    Screw three or four pieces of equal length timber between the two pieces of hardboard to set them about 150 to 200 mm apart. At this point it would be a good idea to drill two finger holes in one of the boards to facilitate removal of the formwork.

    Lay out the bricks for the first arch resting on top of the formwork before committing to mortar. Once you are satisfied that they fit, set them in place with mortar.

    We used 40 kg bags of builders mix for the mortar but removed half the cement. The archway bricks with butt joints support themselves so the strength of the mortar is not too important.

    Since the brickwork in the arch is self-supporting, the formwork should be able to be removed immediately.

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    Eliminate These Ingredients For High

    To figure out what I was doing wrong, I decided to reach out to some of those tabletop pizza oven experts for advice. If they could make it work, then I needed to find out why straight from the source. Almost to a one, they told me this: Avoid adding anything to the dough beyond the four fundamental elements of any breadflour, water, salt, and yeastor the pies will burn.

    Then it was obvious: That New York-style pizza dough recipe I mentioned above, the one that had launched countless others, was where Id first gone astray. Thats because in addition to flour, water, salt, and yeast, it contains a few extra ingredients: sugar, oil, andin later iterations and in several spin-off recipessomething called diastatic malt powder.

    All three of these ingredients are essential components in a pizza dough that is meant to be cooked at a much lower temperature in a home oven, where pizza takes awhile8 to 12 minutes or soto brown, because:

    • Sugar promotes browning, since it’s sugarsadded or naturally found in the doughs flourthat caramelize in the heat of the oven.
    • Diastatic malt is an enzyme that converts the starches in flour to sugar, and is often added to doughs to ensure that there is always enough sugar in the crust for good browning.
    • Oil serves to keep the finished pizza tender, since it lubricates the gluten network to keep it supple, even after a relatively long bake.

    How Much Does It Cost To Build A Brick Oven

    This answer will vary depending on how many materials you get. If you are resourceful and you love going out on adventures in the wilderness, you can find old bricks that are free of cost. I initially bought 40 bricks, but I added 4 more bricks that I found from my journeys on my local river. You may spend anywhere from $10 to $40 if you find a bunch of old bricks that were discarded by others. Slabs, angle and flat iron pieces, and other materials add to the cost.I will calculate the total amount of money it took for me to build my brick pizza oven. Most of the materials I bought came from my local Lowes store, or find them on Amazon via the links below. * 40 red bricks at $1.78 each = $71.20* 3 16 x 16 inch Patio Stones at $3.18 each = $9.54* 4 Brickface 16 x 16 inch Patio Stones at $3.98 each = $15.92* 2 bags of EarthEssentials Pea Gravel by Quikrete at $3.98 each = $7.96* Pizza pan * Grand total? $121.41

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    Convert An Old Beer Keg

    Another more advance build, this guy shows you how to take another existing item and recycle it to make an oven this time a beer keg that has been cut in half.

    He lines the keg with refractory concrete to insulate, but would have been better to use some vermiculite in the mix to make it insulate even better, and also make it lighter as vermiculite is porous and light weight.

    It differs from the barrel build in that this has an external burner added to the oven. This allows you to pack the burner with fuel and then this flame and heat is pulled into the main oven. Its a similar mechanism to some portable pizza ovens that are on the market such as the Ooni or Roccbox. You can put any fuel here such as wood, pellets, charcoal or even hook it up to a gas burner.

    Hes got a lot of impressive metal work skills, and he says it took him a long time to build, but nonetheless it is a great build and cooks him pizza in 90 seconds. You could see this as being fairly portable perhaps serving pizzas as a quirky food stand.


    You need to be a skilled metal workerNeed a beer keg

    How To Build An Outdoor Pizza Oven

    Make Your Own PIZZA OVEN

    Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 13 years.

    Deane Biermeier is an expert contractor with nearly 30 years of experience in all types of home repair, maintenance, and remodeling. He is a certified lead carpenter and also holds a certification from the EPA. Deane is a member of The Spruce’s Home Improvement Review Board.

    Richard Drury / Getty Images

    • Working Time: 2 – 3 days
    • Total Time: 1 wk
    • Skill Level: Intermediate
    • Estimated Cost: $300 to $400

    Once you build your own outdoor pizza oven, you’ll be able to enjoy the combined pleasures of pizza, outdoors, and a wood fire for a unique experience that you’ll love to share with family and friends. Your yard will become nothing less than a social mecca. After all, who can resist the allure of quick-baked pizza with the unmistakable flavors of oak, maple, ash, beech, or birch wood smoke? Let an outdoor pizza oven complement your backyard patio or add one to your outdoor kitchen.

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    Backyard Pizza Oven For Under $30

    While we were looking for pizza oven plans, we found a few great examples of the kind of thing you can build with a tight budget, some basic skills and a healthy dose of determination. This plan is a great example since if you want to recreate one in your home, you wont need to spend more than about $30.

    Form The Pizza Dough And Place It On A Peel Dusted With A Little Flour Or Cornmeal

    If you like, lightly brush the crust with olive oil. This helps create a golden brown, crispy crust rather than a dry, dusty outer crust. See how to make and form your pizza dough.

    Okay, the oven is hot, and the pizza’s all topped and ready to roll. You need to grab your pizza peel , the large shovel-like tool that easily moves pizza from counter to stone without catastrophe. Slide your pizza onto the peel. It’s time for the oven.

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    How To Make A Homemade Pizza Oven

    This is a step by step guide on how to build a homemade pizza oven from scratch!! This is a great, relatively cheap project, that will keep you entertained all through the summer and surprisingly, even the winter!! I made it with Darren Lewis and Josh Bagshawe and it always ends up getting lit at every party and actually becomes quite the centre piece!! As you will discover, as well as making fantastic pizzas, this oven comes into its element when slow cooking large joints of meat! Lovely slow cooked shoulder of lamb, belly pork, beef ribs, pork ribs and even a whole pot of curry! Whatever joint you decide, wrapping it in layers of tin foil will protect it from the fire and keep it tender and succulent! Happy building! I look forward to seeing what you make! For further designs and projects please check out my website –

    I am currently working on a new minimalist ballpoint pen and stylus, check it out at: or follow me on instagram @529studio

    All the best,

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