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Microwave Oven With Range Hood

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Installing an Over the Range Microwave Hood

Amanda Lauren is a freelance writer who has written hundreds of articles about kitchen, home, and lifestyle. Shes used countless different brands of microwaves over the years.

This piece was updated by Fran Sales, associate commerce editor for Simply Recipes and a big fan of her parents’ sleek-looking LG over-the-range microwave.

Wmh53521hw Whirlpool 30 21 Cu Ft Over

WMH53521HW Whirlpool 30″ 2.1 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range MicrowaveHoodCombination with Sensor Cooking and CleanRelease Interior – White Enhance your kitchen with this over-the-range microwave by Whirlpool. The microwave offers 2.1 cu. ft. of capacity, giving you the freedom to cook large dishes.The


Wmh53521hb Whirlpool 30 21 Cu Ft Over

WMH53521HB Whirlpool 30″ 2.1 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range MicrowaveHoodCombination with Sensor Cooking and CleanRelease Interior – Black Enhance your kitchen with this over-the-range microwave by Whirlpool. The microwave offers 2.1 cu. ft. of capacity, giving you the freedom to cook large dishes.The


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Added Features & Versatility

Youll be able to enjoy basic functionality from this Samsung microwave, as it features a kitchen timer for when you want to keep track of your cooking time and an auto-defrost function that can use the weight of your frozen food to determine how much power to use, and a sensor cook feature that gets your food prepared by estimating the amount of humidity in it. The microwave also has many auto cook options, like the Samsung 1.6 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Stainless steel, theres a quick start 30-second button that you can use to get it started up at full power.

Over The Range Microwaves: Pros And Cons

Questions and Answers: Whirlpool 1.1 Cu. Ft. Low Profile Over

The main reason most people select an over-the-range microwave is space. First, these microwaves free up counter space. With an OTR microwave, you can combine space, ventilation, and task lighting into one space. If you have a smaller kitchen, you might like the idea of seemingly getting a microwave and range hood in one.

How about the cons? An OTR microwave is not a range hood. Its a microwave with ventilation and lighting. Those are two very different things. They typically dont ventilate as well as a range hood. That means youll have to deal with the effects of poor air quality. This is one of the main reasons people choose to replace their microwave with a range hood. Poor air quality can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat and trigger asthma as well as other respiratory issues. It will also set off your smoke alarm, only adding insult to injury!

OTR microwaves with exhaust fans also dont provide the same level of surface coverage for your range. This might be okay if you never use your range or very rarely. If you have a gas range and/or cook regularly, theyre probably not a good choice.

You also need to know your cabinetry. Many OTR microwaves are taller than your average range hood. So, they may take up more space than you realize. You have to make sure your cabinets provide enough clearance between the bottom of the microwave and your range. If you dont have enough range hood clearance above a gas stove, you run the risk of fire.

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Cons: Why Might It Be The Wrong Fit

  • 30-inches is the maximum width. You have a range that is more than 30 inches wide.
  • Not ideal over a high-output pro stove. Your cabinets are too low to the cooktop .
  • Requires adequate cabinet clearance. Your cabinets are too low to the cooktop .
  • No inverter over-the-range microwaves. You are looking for an inverter microwave similar to Panasonic NN-SN966S. There are currently no inverter over the range microwaves on the market.

Samsung Ms14k6000as 14 Cu Ft Countertop Microwave


WHY WE LIKE IT: A Samsung microwave oven with a triple distribution heat system, 1,000 watts of power, and 1.4 cubic feet of space for an affordable solution for average use households.


  • Triple distribution heat system for even cooking
  • 1.4 cu. ft. is a great medium size for most families
  • 1,000 watts of cooking power


  • May be loud during operation

Samsung microwaves tend to be a pricier option on the market. But they do still have budget-friendly options. We nominated the MS14K6000AS Samsung microwave oven as our Best on a Budget because, in addition to being affordable, it still comes with a variety of intuitive features that will make this a smart choice for price-conscious shoppers. Youll get 1,000 watts and 1.4 cubic feet of cook space. While its not a convection-based microwave it does rely on a triple distribution heat system to ensure even cooking.

For other features, this microwave comes with Sensor Cook technology for perfectly cooked or reheated foods at all times. Youll get 10 power levels and a variety of cooking presets. The ceramic enamel interior is scratch resistant and easy to keep clean. This model also comes with Eco Mode to help reduce power consumption when not in use. And youll like the classic LED display with push-button controls. For dorm-friendly options, check out our best microwaves for dorms buying guide.

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Samsung Microwave Me19r7041fs Review

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Expert Rating

The one kitchen appliance that everyone probably has in their kitchen is a microwave. Its essential because it helps save up on time whenever youre in a hurry and is also a lifesaver for people who dont know how to cook.

When buying one, you can opt for a countertop microwave, a built-in microwave, or one that is installed just above your cooktop. The Samsung model ME19R7041FS happens to be an over-the-range microwave, and its great for anyone who doesnt have a lot of space on their countertop to play around with.

If youre a person of simple needs, it could be one of the best microwaves for your needs, and even though youre going to have to cough up a bit more money for it, we still think it would be a worthwhile purchase.

Service Is Convenient And Easy

DIY Over the Range Microwave Oven Removal/Under Cabinet Range Hood Installation

Simply call the number on the front of your service contract. You can receive service anywhere in the continental United States* and Hawaii.Existing customers may schedule repair or check on coverage by visiting

A comprehensive 4 Year plan that covers repairs to your microwave. Coverage begins upon the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Samsung Me21k7010dg 21 Cu Ft Over


WHY WE LIKE IT: A smart over the range microwave with 2.1 cubic feet of space, a fingerprint-resistant exterior, and plenty of intuitive cooking features that will make it your new cooking companion.


  • 2.1 cu. ft. of cook space
  • Comes with Sensor Cook and Power Grill


  • Ventilation system can be noisy when activated

Serious microwave power users know that when you get the right model, your microwave can almost completely replace your oven. The ME21K7010DG over-the-range microwave is a great option if you dont like using ovens but want to duplicate the tasty treats you can make with one. The range microwave comes with 2.1 cubic feet of space and 1,000 watts of power. This model measures 30 inches wide, 18 inches tall, and 17 inches deep.

Youll also get a four-speed 400 CFM ventilation system with a built-in LED cooktop light. However, note that many reviewers found the vents to be noisy especially at the higher levels. In addition to Sensor Cook, youll also get the Power Grill which gives you the ability to create tasty grilled treats thanks to the included grilling element. The ceramic enamel interior is easy to keep clean as is the fingerprint-resistant black stainless steel exterior. If you arent brand loyal, you might also like to consider the best Panasonic microwaves for additional options.

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Erica Puisis is an interior design expert and writer who has been covering topics on home and lifestyle for The Spruce and The Spruce Eats since 2017. In addition to the best over-the-range microwaves, Erica has written similar roundups on other kitchen appliances, including our roundup on the best microwaves.

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Whats So Special About This Microwave

Upper cabinets for hoods are typically taller than upper cabinets for microwaves. This is because most microwaves are significantly taller than the hoods in most homes and, depending on the brand, you need 13 to 16 inches of clearance from the top of the cooking surface to the bottom of your hood/microwave.

So, as a result, if you currently have a hood and simply replace with a microwave, the clearance will likely be less than 13 inches.

That is, until now.

Samsung Me21r7051ss 21 Cu Ft Over

30 Inch Microwave Hood Combination : 30 Inch Microwave Combination Wall ...


WHY WE LIKE IT: A Samsung smart microwave with a massive 2.1-cubic foot capacity, a four-speed ventilation system, a ceramic enamel interior thats easy to clean, and an intuitive Sensor Cook function for perfectly cooked food every time.


  • Large 2.1 cu. ft. interior


  • Built-in vent can be noisy when running

The ME21R7051SS is another great over-the-range option that would be ideal for anyone who doesnt like the look of a traditional countertop microwave cluttering up their counter spaces. The range microwave features a massive 2.1 cubic feet capacity which is the largest weve seen from Samsung. While it is only 1,000 watts which is in the lower range for Samsungs capabilities we do like that you get a four-speed ventilation that runs on 400 CFM.

The range microwave comes with a variety of fairly standard features for the brand. This Samsung smart microwave includes Sensor Cooking technology, a ceramic enamel interior, Eco Mode, a fingerprint-resistant exterior, 10 power levels, and features child safety lock. This model measures 33 inches wide, 21 inches deep, and 19 inches tall. But we liked that the control panel is located in the door in a horizontal configuration. Its a good choice if you want the best microwave for seniors.

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Samsung Microwave Me19r7041fs Wrap Up

Youll only be able to get the ME19R7041FS microwave in a black stainless exterior, so if youre looking for a range of color options to choose from, you wont get them with this particular microwave. Nonetheless, we still think that its color is still just fine, as it makes the microwave look both modern and elegant.

Pcor30s Dacor Professional Over The Range Microwave

range microwave from Dacor A hood, an oven and a microwave come together in one neat, space saving design. With a powerful 300 CFM ventilation, it is the perfect complement to any Dacor 30″ range or cooktop. Besides microwave capacity, this oven features convection cooking and even a combination


and Roast Microwave Convection, Combination and Broil Options Convection element – 1400 watts Built-In Exhaust – Offers horizontal or vertical discharge or ductless recirculation Sensor Cook – Includes 12 smart sensor settings for the most popular microwaved foods – no guesswork Hood light and


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Do I Need A Grill On My Microwave

The grill function is great for on the go families, who want to cook food in a hurry. It can cook all kinds of meats including chops, sausages, steaks, hamburgers, bacon, and even thin fish. If you use the combination mode, the grill and microwave work together to give you speedier results.

To get the most out of the grill, use the grill accessory to place your food close to the heating element at the top of the microwave. Theyre not ideal for baking enthusiasts, but are perfect if you need a quick fix like grilled cheese sandwiches or reheated pizza.

Over the range microwave w/grill

Cutting Your Cabinets To Accommodate An Over

How to install a microwave (and remove a range hood)

You have probably looked for an over-the-range microwave solution to replace your range hood.

However, you have encountered a height restriction problem.

Over-the-range microwaves are about 15.5 to 17 inches high, yet most hoods are 10 inches tall.

You could not install the microwave hood because the bottom would be too low for the cooking surface.

You could always cut the cabinets, but who wants to do that?

Here is a better option: replacing your hood with a low-profile microwave hood .

KitchenAid Low Profile Over-the-Range Microwave

KitchenAid has two models, the KMLS311HSS and the KHMC319ESS , with only a 10-inch height designed to replace a hood.

  • Tap-to-Open Door

KitchenAid’s low-profile microwave hoods have surprisingly good features.

Although they aren’t tall, you still have a 1.1 cubic foot capacity. This is midsize. Other over-the-range microwaves can have up to 2 cubic feet.

You have to choose whether you want to cut the cabinets for a larger capacity or whether 1.1 cubic feet is enough.

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Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Microwave Range Hood Combo

The range hood is a key component of your kitchen’s design, and it’s also one of the most important features in terms of cleaning and safety. If you’re looking for a microwave that can double as a range hood for your kitchen, you’re in the right place. Browse the top-ranked list of microwave range hood combos below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Be the first to write a review

    Product Description

    Go beyond reheating and defrosting with a microwave that does so much more. KitchenAid Over-the-Range Convection Microwaves combine an air fryer, convection mode, grill mode, steamer and ventilation hood, all in one space-saving appliance that fits above your cooktop or range, freeing up your countertops for more making.See all All Microwaves

    Product Description

    Go beyond reheating and defrosting with a microwave that does so much more. KitchenAid Over-the-Range Convection Microwaves combine an air fryer, convection mode, grill mode, steamer and ventilation hood, all in one space-saving appliance that fits above your cooktop or range, freeing up your countertops for more making.$999.99Your price for this item is $999.99Save $95

  • Whirlpool 19 Cu Ft Smart Over

    Courtesy of Best Buy

    • Very spacious interior with optional rack

    • Powerful ventilation fan

    • Prone to fingerprint smudges

    • Clock often reboots

    Microwaves make quick work of reheating your favorite foods, but Whirlpools model with Scan-to-Cook technology takes fast, intuitive cooking to the next level. This over-the-range microwave for smart homes is loaded with tech-savvy features and an easy-to-use digital display. An app lets you control many microwave functionsyou can even turn on the microwaves convection mode and start the pre-heating cycle.

    While full-featured, over-the-range microwaves for smart homes are not always user-friendly, this innovative model is easy to use. The scan-to-cook functionality enables you to scan the barcode of many different frozen foods with an app on your phone. This information is sent to your microwave and triggers a series of step-by-step instructions from your microwave on how to perfectly heat that item.

    Even if youre not big on pre-packaged frozen food, users appreciate that this microwave learns some of your most frequent functions and stores themsaving you time and steps in prepping your favorite foods or beverages.

    Price at time of publish: $882

    Capacity: 1.9 cubic feet | Power Rating: 1100 watts | Dimensions: 16 x 30 x 17.13 inches | Turntable Size: 14 inches | Weight: 78 pounds

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    Changing The Electrical System For An Over

    You must change and adjust to the microwave’s electrical requirements.

    If your range hood is hard-wired, you may need to move install and relocate an outlet.

    A Whirlpool microwave hood installs like a regular over-the-range microwave. However, your hood is probably directly hard-wired.

    Whirlpool Over-the-Range Microwave

    Older under cabinet hoods are usually directly wired and not on a plug. If that is the case, the wire will have to be moved into a receptacle in the cabinet above.

    It is not difficult because the power is already there. Yet, you will still need an electrician.

    Samsung Me16k3000as 16 Cu Ft Over

    Microwave Range Hood ComboBestMicrowave

    Award:TOP PICK

    WHY WE LIKE IT: A powerful mounted microwave oven with 1,580 watts, a stainless steel finish, and 1.6 cubic feet of cook space makes this the best Samsung over the range microwave.


    • Exhaust fan may be noisy for some

    Over-the-range microwave ovens are a popular option for many people because they can serve as a space-saving solution when countertop space is limited. While they tend to be pricier than their countertop alternatives, the built-in lighting and multi-speed ventilation can make them an attractive solution when you cant sacrifice countertops but still want a microwave. The Samsung ME16K3000AS is, in our opinion, the best Samsung over the range microwave from our research. This pick measures 29.87 inches wide, 15.12 inches deep, and 16.9 inches high.

    With this pick, youll get a powerful 1,580-watt Samsung microwave that offers 1.6 cubic feet of cook space. This larger microwave comes with 10 power settings and a two-speed 300 CFM ventilation system. The sleek stainless steel exterior will blend in with most home interiors. Youll also get the built-in lighting so you can see what youre doing when you use your stovetop. Other important but standard Samsung features include an Eco Mode to reduce power consumption, Soften/Melt, and cooking presets. Thats why weve designated it as our best over the range microwave on our list.

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    Me21m706bas Samsung 30 21 Cu Ft Over

    ME21M706BAS Samsung 30″ 2.1 cu. ft. Over-The-Range Microwave with Sensor Cook and Precise Glass Controls – Fingerprint Resistant Stainless SteelItem#: 17333$79.00Why don’t we show the price on the product page?Some manufacturers restrict how prices may be advertised. We are showing you our lowest sale price here in our pop-up cart.You may simply remove the item from the cart if you do not wish to purchase it. Remove From Cart

    A comprehensive 2 Year plan that covers repairs to your microwave. Coverage begins upon the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

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