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Mobile Pizza Oven For Sale

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Californo Mobile Pizza Ovens Deliver

Mobile Pizza Ovens for Catering and Food Service

We realized that to create the perfect pizza we needed the help of master craftsmen. They assemble and finish these mobile ovens so that you don’t have to struggle with the details. All you need to do is order and start using your brick oven as soon as it’s arrived. You can offer your family, friends or customers exquisite, mouth-watering pizza from day one.

Enhance the flavor and appeal of whatever food you prepare. Artisanal bread, crunchy on the outside with a fluffy core that butter will melt right into. Moist vegetables and crunchy seared meats. And, your brick oven pizza will definitely be out-of-this-world.

A smoky aroma permeates the food due to the “True Dome Shape” of each Californo oven. Building a balanced dome shape is an engineering challenge. The need was to create even heat distribution in an outdoor pizza oven. We have perfected our wood-fired ovens to allow higher cooking temperatures regardless of environmental factors. This translates into faster cooking times, crisp toppings, and a smoke-imbued crust that exudes delicious flavor.

We design these mobile pizza ovens with high quality and practicality in mind.

Where Should An Outdoor Pizza Oven Be Placed

Pizza ovens require ventilation and space because after all, they contain fireand smoke! That means youll want to place your pizza oven several feet away from your home or any flammable items like patio furniture and seat cushions, and far enough away from guests that theyre not inhaling smoke and ash.

Mobile Pizza Ovens For Food Trucks

Forno Bravos modular pizza oven kits can be used in food trucks in the same way as they are for brick and mortar pizzerias and mobile trailers. A key difference is that food trucks typically can bear more weight, so customers opt for the traditional Professionale OK commercial pizza oven kit, Modena OK commercial pizza oven kit, or a Viaggio Mobile Drop-In pizza oven.

Fully assembled commercial ovens are an option, but only when working with Forno Bravo on a semi-custom design for mobile or a professional integrator. Our stands are not designed for mobile applications given each mobile design often carriers unique design requirements so Forno Bravo requires a professional integrator create the support structure necessary to handle up to a 7,000 lb oven.

Many of these companies offer a turnkey mobile food truck with complete kitchen and financing options.

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Torino 300 Wood Burning Oven With Cart

You may end up loving this Torino 300 wood-burning pizza oven more than your oven . It rolls into your backyard or patio like a shiny red fire engine and then goes to work bringing the heat and elegance thanks to its Italian-made design and parts.

Its a large-capacity pizza oven that can hold four large pizzas at once, or a mixture of pizzas and breads, veggies, and meats or whatever else youd like to cook to perfection. Reviewers note the 24-inches by 32-inches of cooking surface being an ideal size for large groups, and cant stop raving about how easy it is to transport this heavy-duty piece thanks to the wheels that allow it to roll.

This is the Ferrari of outdoor pizza ovens, and should be maintained that way. Premium fuel and premium care deliver a premium pizza experience.

Perfect Solutions For Fast Heat

Mobile pizza oven, Pizza ovens and Pizza oven for sale on Pinterest

Our 85 Inferno Series is one of the best pizza ovens on the market for speed and production producing perfect pizza with ease. The revolving deck allows for perfect cooking without the need of turning pizzas back and forth shuffling them all over the place and looking for hot spots.

Propane And Wood Combination allows you to maintain high temperatures and have faster heat-up times and consistent baking. Just set your temperature add some wood to the woodfired door. No need to stack and carry cords of wood and spend hours getting the oven hot and ready.

The oven can use wood or not and still cook perfect Neopolitan pizza.

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Relive Childhood Pizza Night With A New Pizza Oven

Does your mouth water at the thought of a hot, fresh pizza with melty cheese and perfectly cooked toppings? If so, you’re not alone. Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, and for good reason. There’s nothing quite like biting into a slice of piping hot pizza and feeling the cheese stretch as you take a bite. And with your very own pizza oven, you can enjoy that deliciousness any time you want.

Pizza ovens come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs. We carry portable wood fired pizza ovens, pizza oven kits, and gas pizza ovens for all levels of cooking enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we have the perfect option for you.

When it comes to wood fired pizza ovens, we are one of the leading authorized dealers for all our brands. So shop with confidence knowing that you’re getting quality products backed by excellent customer service. And with your new pizza oven, you can relive childhood pizza night or create new memories with friends and family.

So what are you waiting for? Get your very own pizza oven today. Shop our full collection of the best pizza ovens below or use the filter menu to narrow down your options.

Forno Bravo Mobile Pizza Ovens Create A World Of Possibilities For Owning Your Own Food Truck Or Pizza Trailer

Forno Bravos mobile pizza ovens have been used to pioneer the pizza trailer catering business since 2004. Many restaurant owners started in the mobile pizza oven business catering small to large events with a wood fired pizza oven trailer using a Forno Bravo pizza oven.

There are many ways to approach opening your very own mobile pizza oven business, and Forno Bravo wants to help you on this journey.

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Chicago Brick Oven 750 Hybrid: Is It Worth It

If youre thinking about buying a brick oven, look no further than the Chicago Brick Oven 750 Hybrid. It is a highly durable and well-made oven, which holds heat for a long time and reaches optimum cooking temperature in a concise amount of time. The oven is built and manufactured entirely in the USA.

The company has had success throughout the US and has been praised for its unique products. The products are most commonly praised for their performance and durability. This model has been constructed to outperform its previous models, so let us get right into it.

Why Buy Portable When You Can Buy Big

Mobile Pizza Oven on Trailer

Outdoor pizza ovens are incredibly popular backyard additions. Offering a unique cooking experience unlike anything else, these ovens aren’t just great for making pizza, but offer home cooks the flexibility to also roast, sear, and bake steaks, chicken, bread, fish, vegetables, and more. Anything you can cook in your kitchen oven, you can also cook in an outdoor pizza oven.

As cool and popular as they are, most wood-burning ovens can be expensive. They’re also physically large, with the potential to take up a significant amount of space on your deck, patio, or lawn. A portable pizza oven changes that.

Portable pizza ovens are essentially miniaturized versions of full-scale outdoor models. While cooking space is significantly smaller, these ovens are equipped with many of the same cool features regular pizza ovens provide. Not only that, but many boast new and improved cooking technology that renders delicious Neapolitan-style pizza. Lightweight and compact, these ovens are also more budget-friendly, ranging anywhere from $100 to $600.

Here are some other cool features that make buying portable the smart play for many homeowners, apartment-dwellers, and adventure-seekers:

Flexibility– need to move your pizza oven to make room for a table? Want to store it away? Relocate it to a different part of the yard? You can with a portable pizza oven. As much as they’re designed to hit the road, they offer just as much flexibility in your own backyard, too.

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Mobile Pizza Oven Vermont

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Our wood fired pizzas are handmade with fresh local ingredients, starting with our own naturally leavened wholegrain crust made with locally grown organic stone ground wheat from Northeast Kingdom Grains. We are honored to work with several local farms and businesses to source our meats & produce.

Max Heat And Preheat Time

This oven might not reach super high temperatures, but it does heat up fast. The stainless steel oven with its u-shaped burner heats up to 450F in five minutes. If you wait a little longer, itll reach 500 or 550F, but this oven will not go above that due to the lack of insulation.

This is substantially lower than a traditional pizza oven, so your pizza will resemble a home oven bake rather than one made by a conventional pizza oven. Some reviews and tutorials suggest fixing this by modifying the Mont Alpi ovens chimney to increase the heat capacity to 750F. We dont recommend this. There can be serious consequences to an improperly ventilated gas oven, so forget the modifications. If you want a pizza oven that cooks to a higher temperature, its best to look for one designed to produce and handle such temperatures. Take a look here at our list of top rated pizza ovens.

The Mont Alpi, as it is, cooks a 12 pizza in under five minutes and in theory three pizzas in under 15 minutes. We say in theory because while its technically possible to make three pizzas one after the other in this oven, our experience is that the quality of the pizzas slips between the first and third.

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What Do You Need To Consider When Operating A Pizza Trailer Business

âPizza trailer business plan. This is the first step and also a very important step. Maybe you only have a one-person team and you are familiar with the business, but a detailed plan will help you a lot. When your business is bottlenecked , check your pizza trailer business plan and you will find out how to improve your business.
âMenus and recipes. Please pay attention to your menus and recipes, which are related to the number of employees you want to hire and the cooking equipment used. More importantly, your pizza vending trailer needs to provide enough space for employees’ work and cooking equipment.
âLocation. Location is very important, and it is closely related to daily sales. In addition, you have to consider whether the size of the trailer can find a suitable parking space.

Big Horn Outdoors Pizza Oven

Chicago Brick Oven 500 Mobile Pizza Oven at Hayneedle

Attention Amazon shoppers! The Big Horn Outdoors pizza oven not only tops our list as the best Amazon outdoor pizza oven, but its easily one of the most budget-friendly options as well thanks to a modest price point of around $200 and top-notch construction.

We love that it uses easy-to-find-and-maneuver wood pellets as its fuel choice, and the sturdy and compact size still manages to reach up to 860ºF quicker than you can spread your dough.

It does require a small amount of assembly with tools though, so its better suited for slightly handy types who dont mind having a 15-minute project ahead of several seasons of mouth-watering pizza.

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What We Dont Like

  • Struggles to get much hotter than a domestic oven. Due to lack of insulation, this oven doesnt go much over 550F, making this more of an outdoor oven than a dedicated pizza oven.
  • The lack of insulation also affects the ovens ability to retain heat on cold or windy days.
  • Can heat the pizza stone too quickly without getting the oven up to heat, causing the base of the pizzas to burn before the top side is fully cooked.
  • Struggles to cope with cooking multiple pizzas. The oven temperature drops when you open the door, but the pizza stone remains hot, causing the second pizza base to burn before the top cooks.
  • Would benefit from handles to help you carry it.
  • Other pizza ovens perform to a higher level, reaching higher temperatures and cooking better pizza.

Bakerstone Portable Gas Series Pizza Oven Box

This portable BakerStone pizza oven sits nicely on outdoor surfaces and quickly works up to an impressive 800 degrees to make personal pies in about two minutes. The entire setup weighs around 45 pounds and includes an oven box, firebox with regulator and folding legs for simple transport. The oven component itself is removable for easy cleaning, and its something reviewers cant stop raving about.

If you really want to impress your friends, its easily transported to someone elses backyard to whip up brunch pizzas for the whole crew. Plus, its one of the few outdoor pizza ovens that comes as-is or with an upgrade option that includes necessary accessories.

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Mobile Pizza Oven Menu Options

Prices include 2 hours of serving time, an experienced Isola pizzaiolo. Additional fees may apply.*

$27 Per Person Sample Menu

  • Choice of 3 pizzas from Catering menu, unlimited

  • Choice of Arugula or Mista Salad, unlimited

  • Minimum of $1250 for week days, $1500 for weekends

$32 Per Person Sample Menu

  • Choice of 3 pizzas from catering menu, unlimited.

  • Choice of Arugula or Mista Salad, unlimited.

  • Caprese Skewers, unlimited

Types Of Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Say hello to Ooni Fyra – Portable Wood-fired Outdoor Pizza Oven!

There are a few different types of outdoor ovens, well take a closer look at each kind, so you can figure out the right fit for you.There are two main categories of outdoor ovens is:


A stationary oven is large and basically immovable. It is usually built into the backyard the designs and style vary as widely as the prices. You can hire a professional or try your hand at building one yourself. These are usually too expensive for the average Joe, but if youve recently won the lottery, then enjoy your new pizza oven. Nonetheless, we have collaborated some of the best high-end pizza ovens that wont require a second mortgage.


Portable outdoor ovens are the most compact and affordable. In fact, all of our Value Ovens Under $500 are all classified as portable. Typically, these types of outdoor ovens are made of metal instead of brick and are fueled with either wood pellets or propane gas. Building the ovens out of metal instead of brick offer obvious advantages.

First, brick ovens are massive, while metal ovens are smaller and lighter. Their small, compact frames make them more mobile and convenient for storage. Metal ovens can also incorporate a variety of features such as convection motors or rotating cooking surfaces.

Understanding Creative Manufacture Verbiage

Portable oven manufactures are known for advertising insane high temperature and short cook times. They explain their products something like this:

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Advantages Of The Mobile Pizza Oven Bike

We have created a pizza bike that allows you to prepare and serve a real Neapolitan pizza in less than 90 seconds while on the go! Next to the oven is a stainless steel prep area. You can also count on a comfortable pull-out work table. Under the oven there are drawers for the balls of dough, the ingredients for the pizza and the wood for the fire. The Mobile Pizza Bike comes ready for use. It is reasonably priced, has no hidden costs, it has been designed to operate for years without the need for maintenance. The only parts you will need to change over the years are the normal parts of a bicycle, such as tires and brake pads. To be successful, all you need to do is find a strategic position!

Professionale Te Commercial Pizza Oven Kit

The Professionale TE commercial pizza oven kit is available in two sizes, 44 and 48 internal cooking surfaces. Its stainless steel throat and integral vent design are several hundred pounds lighter than the traditional brick and mortar Professionale OK commercial pizza oven kit, making it ideal for trailers looking to reduce weight on the axles, without sacrificing oven dome and the thermal mass required for small pizzerias. Forno Bravos Professionale TE is the preferred modular oven kit for many of our mobile pizza trailer and food truck integration partners.

Key features include:

  • Double-wall insulated door with a built-in thermometer
  • Easy delivery using a lift gate no forklift required.

The Professionale TE commercial pizza oven kit is the product of choice for Fire Within, an industry-leading seller of turnkey pizza trailers.Contact Us

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Variety To Choose From

Apart from the extensive Chicago brick oven products collection, the Chicago brick oven 750 has two versions. The residential oven is built and certified for outdoor use only, while the commercial Chicago brick oven 750 is constructed and approved for both inside use and outside use.

There are a few differences between both versions due to their placement compatibility. It gives you a choice to decide and purchase according to your cooking needs and preferences. In both ways, whatever you choose, you will get to experience the best Chicago brick oven in the market.

Oh, and there are colour options for the models as well, which will go well with any theme that you have going in your workspace or ambience. So, they got you covered in the department as well.

In both the versions, you have three separate options to buy from. Your buying preference depends entirely upon where you want to fit this oven and how are you planning to use it. All different options are mentioned below:

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