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Oster Compact Air Fryer Oven

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Oster Compact Countertop Air Fryer Oven

Oster Compact Countertop Oven With Air Fryer

This countertop oven is perfect for anyone who wants to make delicious meals and snacks with little fuss. The Oster Compact Countertop Air Fryer Oven combines a convection oven, an air fryer, a toaster, and a broiler, giving you plenty of options for creating your favorite dishes. Plus, it saves valuable counter space!

This oven is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to have more control over their cooking. With independent dial controls for temperature control, cook functions, and cook times, you can customize your meal.

The mesh rack is flimsy and not very strong, but it does a good job overall. The heating element on the bottom and top can cause smoke to form in your house, but overall, its an excellent value for the price.

Dimensions: 16.65 long x 9.8 deep x 9.8 high

How To Use The Air Frying Mode

Place your food ingredients in the fry basket, then slide the basket into oven and position it on top of the baking pan. It should be in the top rack position.

Then choose the air fry setting, set the desired temperature and time by turning the respective dials.

During air frying, only the top heating element and the fan are operating once the timer is set.

The top heating element will alternate between On and Off to maintain the desired cooking temperature.

If cooking large quantities of food, tossing halfway through the cooking cycle is recommended. This helps in even browning and cooking.

Ninja Sp101 Air Fry Countertop Oven

The Ninja SP101 Air Fry Countertop Oven is the perfect air fryer oven for people who want to simplify their lives. It has variable cook features, such as broiling, air roasting, dehydrating, and toasting so you dont need multiple appliances taking up space in your kitchen.

But the coolest thing about it is that you can pivot the whole unit to stand up vertically! This makes it really easy to store when youre not using it.

If youre looking for a small appliance that can handle basic tasks like air frying fries, fish sticks, fish fillets, and slices of toast, this is the perfect option. And the oven rack is removable and easy to clean.

But if you want to use it for larger items, such as toast or pizza, you might need to consider a different model that is taller in size.

Dimensions: 19.72 long x 14.96 deep x 7.56 high

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Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Small Toaster Oven


WHY WE LIKE IT: Fantastic compact-sized toaster oven that features durable stainless steel construction, a pleasing retro aesthetic, and an integrated baking rack with two viable rack positions.


  • Heavy, at over 8lb
  • Rotary-based temperature control

The Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Small Toaster Oven is a great option for those looking to match style with substances, as this aesthetically pleasing model boasts some serious features while looking great on nearly any kitchen countertop. We loved the durable stainless steel construction and the integrated baking rack, which comes with two rack positions for a variety of cooking styles. We also enjoyed that this toaster oven is compact, yet offers enough room to toast four slices of bread at once or cook a 9-inch pizza.

Though the size and maximum capacity were pleasing here, this is a pretty heavy toaster oven, coming in at well over eight pounds. Also, the rotary-based temperature control dials do not have as much precise control as some models. If you need something more precise, especially for roasting chicken, check out the best rotisserie toaster oven.

Why Did You Choose This Model Of Oster Air Fryer Toaster Oven Reviews

Oster® Compact Countertop Oven With Air Fryer, Stainless Steel ...

Due to the differences in size between oster air fryer toaster oven reviews, knowing what will fit comfortably on to use it is important. A good oster air fryer toaster oven reviews company will provide you with support of the highest quality. Although, you may decide that you dont need such a high standard.

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Nutrichef Pkrto28 Rotisserie Toaster Oven

  • Short power cable

The NutriChef PKRTO28 Rotisserie Toaster Oven is a great all-in-one model, as the convection-based heating element excels with broiling, rotisserie-style cooking, toasting, roasting, and more. This unit also includes a pair of hot plates on top of the oven itself, for light cooking duties and for keeping items warm, and can function nicely with an included griddle. We loved the stain-resistant housing, removable components for cleaning, and the built-in timer, complete with auto-shutdown.

The design here is rather bulky, so you may struggle to find a place to put this oven in your kitchen. Additionally, the integrated power cable is on the shorter side, which may further trouble you when looking for a spot in your kitchen. As an alternative, you can also consider the best built-in microwaves on the market.

How To Use The Toast Mode

Food is toasted using the wire rack.

Lighter breads and waffles require a lighter setting. Darker breads, muffins, and English muffins require a darker setting.

Choose the toast mode. The top and bottom heating elements will be activated once timer is set.

Set temperature to 450°F/Toast setting.

Set the timer. Toasting time is normally less than 10 minutes.

To set timer, youll need to turn timer to more than 20 minutes to activate it, then turn back to desired time.

The top and bottom heating elements will alternate between the on and off function to maintain the desired temperature.

Beware of high heat on the door, handle, metal rack and food.

Because your toaster oven is smaller than your regular oven, it will heat up faster and will maintain the temperature better. Therefore, cooking times in a toaster oven will generally be shorter than those in a regular oven

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Oster Compact Countertop Oven With Air Fryer Stainless Steel

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Budget Pick: Cosori Pro Air Fryer

Oster Compact Countertop Oven With Air Fryer Review

*At the time of publishing, the price was $85.

The Cosori Pro Air Fryer was the best pod-shaped model we tested for under $100. Although the Cosoris 3.7-quart capacity is slightly larger than that of the Philips Premium Airfryer HD9741/96, it doesnt cook as evenly, but considering its relatively low price, we think its results were good enough. The Cosoris many preprogrammed settings werent as accurate as those of the Philips, eitherwe preferred using the manual controls for selecting the time and temperature instead. Like the Philips, the Cosori has a square-shaped basket that fits more food than the round baskets in other models. The Cosori also comes with a recipe booklet, which is helpful if youre new to cooking with convection technology.

Like the Philips, the Cosori has a removable basket to hold your food while it cooks. We prefer this design to the removable trays of a lot of newer models, because trays tend to fall out when you flip the bucket upside down to transfer food to a platethis was the case with the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer we testedand when the tray comes flying out, it could potentially cause burns. We also like that the Cosori has a plastic guard that covers the baskets release button , which prevents you from inadvertently pressing it while shaking your food. Without the guard, its easier to accidentally press the button, which would release the bucket and send it crashing onto the floor.

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Due to the Cuisinart TOB-260N1s large interior, this model took about five minutes longer to cook frozen french fries than some of the smaller air fryers we tested took. That said, its slightly slower cooking time often produced more evenly cooked food that was better tasting. We think thats a trade-off well worth the few extra minutes of your time. And the Cuisinart is still small enough that it can preheat and cook faster than a standard oven.

Since Cuisinart doesnt market the TOB-260N1 as an air fryer, it doesnt come with a cooking chart for commonly air-fried foods. However, we found that in most cases, the same temperatures youd use to cook in a standard oven can also be used in the Cuisinart, whereas smaller, pod-shaped air fryers require you to cook at lower temperatures. We also found that when youre air frying vegetables with lots of moisture, such as eggplant and zucchini, its best to chop them into 1-inch or smaller pieces to prevent them from getting mushy. We have more tips for cooking air-fryer recipes in the Cuisinart below.

The Cuisinarts baking pan may warp slightly when the oven is roasting at high temperatures, but this in no way affects its cooking performance the pan will return to its normal shape when it cools. If you want a better pan, we recommend that you get a Nordic Ware quarter-sheet pan, a smaller version of our favorite baking sheet, which fits perfectly inside the Cuisinart oven.

Okay Then Whats A Toaster Oven

A toaster oven helps you cook food without taking up a lot of space. It has a removable wire rack and baking pan, so its easy to clean. Plus, convectiontoaster ovens use less energy than traditional ovens perfect for those trying to save on their electric bill!

There are different models with various cooking functions, like broiling or defrosting.

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What About Using A Full

For the record, you can get similar air-fried results when cooking food in a full-size oven with convection. But because a full-size oven is so much larger than a toaster oven or an air fryer, it takes much longer to preheat and can take longer to cook food. The Cuisinart TOB-260N1 toaster oven preheats almost immediately, making it the better choice if speed is part of what appeals to you about an air fryer.

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

Oster Compact Countertop Oven With Air Fryer, Stainless Steel ...

The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro is the powerhouse of kitchen appliances. It can toast, bake, broil, and air fry making it perfect for anyone who wants to have one oven that can do it all.

The Breville has a large capacity and is bigger than a typical toaster oven. But it cooks food faster, so it might be worth the trade-off if youre tight on space.

It has enough space to cook a 14lb turkey, which is more than anyone would need. It also has more heating elements than any other oven, which heats up quickly and cooks food evenly making it perfect for large meals or party hosting!

The knurled control buttons are easier to use, and the flat door handle is more comfortable to grip. And best of all, it doesnt take up as much space, so it can easily fit in a cabinet.

Dimensions: 20 long x 15 deep x 11 high

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Cosori Wifi Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

The Cosori Wifi Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo is incredibly fun to use. The wings, fish, fries, and sweet potato fries come out perfectly cooked every time. Plus, the Alexa integration makes it super easy to control I just need to say, Alexa, tell the air fryer to preheat, and its ready to go!

The ShakeAlert is a cool feature that I really appreciate its a reminder to shake the fryer after each use. It helps ensure even cooking for your fries and fish. Plus, its easy to clean just make sure to use cooking spray or some other form of lubricant and wipe it down after every use.

The design of the basket is a bit impractical. I dont like that you need gloves to remove it, and I wish it had a handle. Its also loud when the fan is blowing out the back, so be sure to give it some space on my countertop.

Dimensions: 13.5 long x 12.7 deep x 14.9 high

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Emeril Lagasse Power 360 Rotisserie Toaster Oven


WHY WE LIKE IT: Extremely easy-to-use rotisserie grill that ships with everything you need to get started, including a rotisserie spit, rotisserie forks, a cookbook, and various cooking racks and trays.


  • On the bulker side
  • Outside gets extremely hot

The Emeril Lagasse Power 360 Rotisserie Toaster Oven is made for simplicity and ease-of-use, making it perfect for beginner rotisserie artists. This model ships with everything you need to get going, such as a high-grade rotisserie spit, rotisserie forks, a cookbook, and a rack for catching grease and other detritus. We loved the multiple presets on offer, which includes a dehydration function, and the durable stainless steel components.

This is a fairly bulky oven, however, so you may struggle to find a good spot for it in your kitchen, especially if you live in a small apartment. Additionally, the exterior of this unit gets extremely hot while not in use, so take that into consideration. For more child-friendly options, the best microwave convection ovens are also great options with similar capabilities.

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Black+decker Crisp N Bake Air Fryer Toaster Oven

The BLACK+DECKER Extra Wide Crisp N Bake Air Fry Toaster Oven is perfect for your kitchen. With five functions and two adjustable settings, it can cook various foods from pizza to chicken nuggets.

Plus, you can also toast bread and make chicken wings with ease! This guy might not fit into a square-shaped area, but hell definitely slide under a low cupboard.

The Black+Decker Crisper is perfect for cooking your food using convection heat and airflow. It has an extra-wide interior that allows you to cook up to 8 slices of bread and a 12 pizza or 9 x 13 pan, complete with handles!

The oven walls are thin, which makes them easy to clean but also means fingerprints show up quickly. In addition, the air fryer has a drip pan that is significantly smaller than the air fryer basket, so crumbs will fall onto the heating elements.

Dimensions: 21.5 long x 23 deep x 11.2 high

How To Adjust Air

Oster Compact Countertop Oven With Air Fryer Review & Test | Top Toaster Oven

You dont need to seek out air-fryer recipes to get great results in a convection toaster ovenany recipe written for a standard oven works. However, if you have your eye on a recipe written specifically for an air fryer but want to prepare it in a convection toaster oven, you have to make some minor adjustments for the best results.

Generally, if youre following an air-fryer recipe but plan to cook it in a convection toaster oven, you need to increase the cooking time and temperature to compensate for the toaster ovens larger cavity. You dont need to buy an air-frying basketa regular quarter-sheet pan will give you similar air-frying results in a convection oven . Here are some tips for cooking some common dishes in a convection toaster oven.


  • Roasted vegetables: Roast at 425 °F with speed convection for 12 to 20 minutes, tossing halfway through cooking time.
  • Air-fryer pickles: Bake at 425 °F with speed convection for 15 minutes, flipping halfway through cooking time.
  • Hand-cut fries: Bake at 425 °F with speed convection for 40 to 45 minutes, tossing occasionally.
  • Frozen fries: Bake with speed convection at the temperature indicated on the package. You may need to cook them longer than the instructions recommend .

Meat, poultry, and fish:


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Oster French Door Rotisserie Toaster Oven


WHY WE LIKE IT: Great rotisserie oven for sale, with a powerful 1500 watt convection-based heating element and a pair of conveniently located French doors on the exterior, making for easy item retrieval.


  • Does not ship with rotisserie spit or forks
  • On the heavier side

The Oster French Door Rotisserie Toaster Oven is a fantastic choice for consumers who want to easily remove an entire rotisserie chicken once it is done cooking, thanks to the integrated pull-open French doors. We appreciated the powerful 1500 watt convection-based heating element, which can perform some air frying tasks, and the built-in timer that boasts an automatic shutdown feature.

Though this model can indeed make a mighty fine rotisserie chicken, it does not ship with some of the tools needed to do so, including a rotisserie spit and rotisserie forks. Also, this oven is on the heavier side, so it may be a hassle to move to different areas of the kitchen as needed. If you need other options, you can check out our best microwave toaster oven combo buying guide.

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