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Outdoor Brick Grill And Oven

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What Do I Need For A Diy Bbq

How to build a brick oven / Outdoor Kitchen Build – Part 5

In order to successfully build a brick barbecue grill, you will want to make sure you have all the right components and materials. Here is a shortlist of what you will need, including materials for the building and maintenance of BBQ grills. The materials may differ if you have a different build idea, as there are MANY styles of brick barbecues to choose from.

Can You Cook Pizza On A Bbq

If you want to dabble in cooking pizzas, you can also try it on a traditional barbecue, so long as it has a lid. You will need to heat your barbecue to as high a temperature as you can safely do. Then, place your fresh pizza onto a pizza stone and place inside for a couple of minutes. The result should be a deliciously crisp barbecued pizza!

Build The Upper Half Of The Concrete Block

To form the outside of the oven, set the remaining two courses of concrete blocks , being careful not to bump the firebricks. Around the firebox opening , leave an eighth-inch space to allow for expansion and contraction. We stacked CEBs temporarily inside the firebox to keep them in place. Bricks would work just as well. Let the block dry for two to three days.

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How To Choose: Wood Fired Pizza Oven Or Bbq

As you can see, there are a lot of options to choose from when considering an outdoor oven or grill! There are some pros and cons to all of them, but here are some things to bear in mind

  • What will you cook? if you want to try out smoking food and creating some charred edges, go for a charcoal grill or oven. If you dont like smoky flavours, gas might be best
  • How many people will you cook for? for big garden parties that last all day, a brick pizza oven will keep the heat going as long as you need it. If its just a few of you a smaller oven or grill will be just fine
  • Do you want heat for your patio? remember the added benefit of charcoal BBQs is some also give off heat. Check out Chesneys garden stoves for some of the best options
  • How much space do you have? bigger doesnt always mean better, especially if you only have a small outdoor area. If you only have a little patio, you wont want a large oven that fills it with smoke when a smaller BBQ with a pizza stone could do the same job

Still not sure which outdoor oven to buy? You can contact Direct Stoves at any time to find out more about our products.

What Is The Difference Between A Wood Fired Pizza Oven And A Bbq

Build Outdoor Brick Oven Grill / 11 DIY Pizza Oven Tutorials That Will ...

Both wood fired pizza ovens and BBQs use wood or coal to burn a fire for cooking on. They can also cook similar foods, albeit in a slightly different way.

So, what exactly makes a wood fired oven different to a barbecue grill?

The main factor that separates the two is wood fired ovens are designed to reach much hotter temperatures and can retain that heat for longer periods of time a good wood fired oven can reach up to 400°C or higher, with some types staying hot throughout the day. From quick 3 minute pizzas, to slow-cooked meats roasting for a few hours, outdoor ovens can do it all!

However, some barbecues do also have lids and doors which allow you to roast, bake and smoke in a similar way to an oven. However, as they arent as insulated as most outdoor ovens, the time you can spend cooking isnt as long.

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Why You Need A Brick Barbecue Oven

Here are some reasons why you should have a brick barbecue in your garden:

  • Amazing food that will blow your family and friends away.
  • Based on a rich tradition of cooking and grilling.
  • Quick-cooking, easily maintained, long-lasting cooking platform.

Almost everyone loves pizza, burgers, meat or barbequed veggies. Many people would even consider these foods staples in their diet. Having a brick barbeque opens up endless opportunities for innovative, authentic cooking experiences that you can share with your friends and family.

Brick barbecue ovens truly are for everyone. You do not need to be an excellent chef to be able to enjoy using a brick barbeque oven.

Building The Base Of The Brick Oven

Base brick oven plans

Building the base of the brick oven is not hard if you use quality concrete blocks, the right mortar and a spirit level. Place concrete blocks at the beginning and end of the row and use a string to align the rest of them. When, you have completed the row, use the same technique to lay the concrete blocks.

Base oven plans

Use a spirit level to make sure the walls are perfectly plumb. After you have completed the base of the brick oven and barbecue, you should install the form for the concrete ceiling.

Therefore, use 4×4 posts and place them on the foundation, as in the image. The height of the posts should be equal to the height of the base minus 4, as you have to place two 2×4 boards on top of them and afterwards lay the form .

Countertop brick oven plans

The concrete countertop should should be 6 thick, therefore you should use 2×6 wooden boards to build the sides of the form. Work with great care and secure the sides of the form with screws .

Next, install a structure of rebars over the form. We recommend you to tie the rebars with construction wire and to place the whole structure on spacers, at least 1-2 from the formwork.

Oven countertop

Pour the concrete in the form and hit gently the sides of the form to remove the pockets of air . Mix thoroughly 3 parts cement, 2 parts sand, 4 parts gravel and water until you get a compound wit the consistency of cream.

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How to build a brick pizza oven

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Using Brick Oven Coals For An Open Grill

Your brick oven makes a great BBQ, but there are some limitations. Specifically, the size of the grill is limited to the opening of your oven typically between 17 and 20. While residential brick ovens are quite deep, they generally have less grilling real estate than an open grill or an extra-large Weber.

Also, if you are cooking several things in your oven, such as pizzas, vegetables, and side dishes, there might not be time or a place for grilling. If this is the case, or if you need more space to work, you can use your brick oven to create wood coals for you. Nothing tastes better than food cooked over real wood, and your brick oven is an efficient source of coals. Simply fire your oven, and then use a metal pizza peel or a metal shovel to transfer them to an attached open grill for the best of both worlds. This is a very common practice in Italy.

Casa90 and Argentinian Open Grill Combination installed by Jims Wood Fired Ovens and the Arch, NC

Handmade Vs A Prefabricated Grill

We hope that this “how-to build a brick BBQ” guide has helped you feel more confident in your project and aids in bringing your new BBQ to life.

Choosing between a DIY project and a pre-manufactured grill can be a difficult decision. However, with all of the money you can save doing it yourself, you may find that building your own DIY brick barbecue is the best option and not to mention, immense fun.

The process of building your own brick barbecue and subsequently enjoying it with your family will bring forth wonderful memories and stories for years or even generations to come.

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Volta Is Our Most Popular Pizza Oven Kit It’s Very Versatile Can Be Used Both Indoor & Outdoor Commercially And At Home This Is A Classic Italian Pizza Oven Kit It Cooks Everything From Pizza To Bread To Slow Roasts To A Whole Lamb Thousands Of These Ovens Are In Use Right Now In Restaurants Pizzerias On Mobile Pizza Trailers And Of Course: In Backyards The Kit Assembles Very Easily Without Mortar Can Reach 1000f In About 45 Min And Will Stay Hot Past 24 Hours One Reason To Get This Kit Instead Of A Ready To Go Portuguese Oven Is That This Kit Is Easy To Transport Piece By Piece And It Can Be Installed In Places Inaccessible To The 1200lb Portuguese Ovens This Kit Is Also Available In Much Larger Sizes Than The Portuguese Ovens And Finally: This Is The Right Pizza Oven If You Are Enclosing It With Stones Stucco Bricks See The Many Pictures On This Page It Can Match The Design Of Your House Outdoor Kitchen Etc You Can View Many Projects Showing Assembly Of This Kit Here: Pizza Oven Projects

Special note: we often get asked how to attach a chimney to this oven. You can easily attach a 6″ insulated chimney with the help of a matching anchor plate, please see how this is done in this project: chimney. These items are commonly available online.

The kit includes the dome, the floor, the landing area with chimney support, the door, and ceramic fiber insulation for both the dome and the floor.

So… enough excuses: just build it!

Benefits Of Building Your Own Brick Barbecue Grill

Chicago Brick Oven CBO

From an exceptional conversation piece to creating delicious food, have you ever wondered about what the benefits of a brick BBQ oven are? There has been a lot of research conducted as to the benefits of an open flame cooking style.

In prehistoric times, it was commonplace for man to always cook and prepare food over an open-fire.

We bring this tradition alive with a modern-day twist. We supply materials which you can use to design and build your very own brick barbecues.

We only offer the highest quality materials that will withstand for years to come. We make building your personal, customised barbeque simple. Follow along with us in this step-by-step guide so you can feel confident in building your very own brick barbecue.

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Grilling Directly In A Brick Oven

There are two ways of grilling with a brick oven. For most owners, using a rack over coals in a brick oven makes a great grill setting seared grill marks, and sealing in moisture for food that is crisp, and not dried out. The process is very simple.

Wood Fired Lamb on Tuscan Grill

  • First, bring your oven to temperature.
  • Rake a layer of hot coals over the cooking hearth towards the front of your oven and set a free-standing steel or cast iron Tuscan Grill over the coals.
  • Allow the grill to get nice and hot before placing your food on it for good sear marks. The juices from the meat will drip into the coals, protecting the oven floor, generating a bit of flavorful steam, and creating amazing smells.
  • Poke the coals a bit as they lose their red glow to keep them hot. Avoid blowing on them, though, as you will get cinders on your food not good eats.

Gas & Charcoal Combo Grills

Love the ability to switch up your food when it comes to your grill? Get a combo grill. If you sometimes want the smoky taste of charcoal and other times want the ease of cooking with natural gas, a gas and charcoal combo grill makes perfect sense for you. When you get a combo grill, you can stay worry-free that you have everything you need for your grilling experience.

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How To Build A Brick Bbq

How to Outdoor Living

There is nothing better than a home-cooked meal, right? Well, what about a home-cooked meal that is made in your very own wood-fired brick BBQ oven?!

You can feel the hot air rise, the smell of the grill, and out of every option for a barbeque, grill or open-flame type of cooking, an actual wood-fired brick barbecue always produces the tastiest meals. There are so many reasons why you need a DIY brick BBQ in your back garden. We plan on running you through a few of these reasons along with compiling a complete guide on how to build a brick BBQ. We believe in making everything simple, easy and worry-free.

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Brick : Authentic Terracotta Brick Oven

Do you admire the terracotta bricks of Spanish homes made from rich Mediterranean soil? Do you love to entertain and impress with dramatic new ways to cook? The Fuego Brick 80 is your ideal garden pizza oven.

This artisan brick built pizza oven is perfectly proportioned and finished in authentic and characterful terracotta brick. Hand-built, in Spain, in the traditional way unchanged for centuries, it is the must-have alfresco entertaining centre-piece for any garden.

Its cooking prowess is impressive and every dish that emerges from this terracotta brick pizza oven has that wonderful Mediterranean slightly smoky and charred flavour. That distinctive taste thats simply impossible to replicate with traditional ovens.

The Fuego Brick 80 is the most authentic artisan outdoor pizza ovens for sale today. It has just the right balance of capacity, economy and practicality, and whats more this brick oven really looks the part in any alfresco dining area, drawing admiring looks and delighting up to 10 guests with the wonderful dishes it creates.

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Considerations Before Building Prep

An important thing to consider before starting any of your DIY projects would be the local law and whether the area you live in has any restrictions as it pertains to building a brick barbecue, e.g. requirements for planning permission, local building codes or a need for a building permit.

Pro tip: You may need to lay a concrete foundation depending on your location, hence it is useful to consider if the condition of the ground will support the weight of your construction.

There may be sinkholes or uneven ground you will need to fix. Make sure the ground is level before starting and use only material that will support your oven. Brick barbecue pits are heavy and require strong, firm foundations.

Suggested support material can consist of brick, concrete paver blocks or anything similar that will properly support your oven. Your location should be a permanent spot for your brick BBQ pit, so choose accordingly and carefully.

It is a good idea to place your cooking space as close to a dining or entertainment area as possible for easy accessibility. When picking a spot for your brick barbecue, allow clearance all around and between it and any combustible material such as wooden fences, to ensure safety is preserved.

Next, determine your desired design. There are many different shapes, materials and sizes to consider when thinking about your build. When creating your BBQ you can design something that is pleasing to the eye and accentuates your property or outdoor living space.

Remaining Courses Metal Grill Grates And Horizontal Bricks

Pin by Woodland Direct on BBQ Grills

Step 5 – The next brick will be stepped out or placed horizontally to create the grill grate support ledge. This disperses the weight of the charcoal tray and creates structural integrity. You will want to lay these bricks along the seamlines of the previous work.

Step 6 – After laying the first layer of horizontal brick, you will need to finish the ends with half bricks.

Step 7 – Lay the final course of horizontal brick and then two more regular final course of brick. This is what will hold the cooking grill, where you will have your food cooked.

Now it is time to clean up and make sure everything is level and plumb. If you would like to add any bull nosed bricks to the top or use heat-resistant spray paint, you can do so now.

Enjoy your new grill!

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