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Outdoor Fireplace And Pizza Oven

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Preparation And Storage Needs

Brick Pizza Oven | Fireplace | Foundation Build | Outdoor Kitchen

Wood-burning outdoor fireplaces with pizza ovens will need space for pizza prep and storage of wood. Often, it makes the most sense to incorporate a dry area either to the sides of the fireplace or underneath for wood storage, so your client never has to go far to retrieve more wood.

For prep space, consider recommending an outdoor kitchen island with a durable countertop material, such as granite or sintered stone such as Dekton or Neolith. These heat-resistant materials will stand up to hot pizza stones and all the elements of the outdoors.

Outdoor Fireplaces And Kitset Pizza Ovens Nz Loves For Outdoor Entertaining

We have been helping Kiwis across New Zealand take their outdoor entertaining to a new level for well over a decade. Satisfied customers in Kaitaia, Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Coromandel, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, Gisborne, Napier/Hastings, Palmerston North, Wellington, Nelson/Marlborough, Kaikoura, Christchurch, Timaru, Queenstown, Dunedin, and Invercargill cant be wrong!

How To Construct The Walls Of Your Outdoor Fireplace And Pizza Oven

In order to build your Outdoor Fireplace and Pizza Oven, you will need certain tools. Check the list below:

  • Leveler or straight board for leveling purposes
  • Hammer with a nail set
  • Power drill with a masonry bit
  • Jigsaw or circular saw .

Now that you have all of your tools, its time to start construction! The first step is to determine the size and shape of your fireplace. You will want to make sure that the opening of your fireplace is large enough to fit the pizza oven. The length and width of your build will vary depending on how big you want it to be, but generally speaking, the larger it is, the more expensive it becomes.

For this particular Outdoor Fireplace with Pizza Oven project we are building a square shaped fire pit thats roughly 33×33. The first step is to measure and mark the corners of your square on the ground with stakes. Once you have marked all four corners, use a leveler or straight board to ensure that each corner is even. Then, using a hammer and nail set, drive a stake into each corner.

Now its time to dig the fire pit! If you are building your Outdoor Fireplace with Pizza Oven on a dirt surface, start by digging down about six inches. As you proceed through this project, keep in mind that it is not necessary for the base of your fireplace to be dug below ground level. You can build it completely above ground if you choose to, but digging below ground level will help protect your fireplace from the elements.

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Our Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kits Specifications

Picking your outdoor pizza oven kit comes down to the style, and the amount of entertaining you do.

Our range of kits are installed in 3-4 hours, and once done you can personalize and finalize with the look of your choice . From traditional pizza pieces, open faced baguettes, homemade breads, and even roasted vegetables, an outdoor pizza oven is the way to cook and entertain.

A chart comparing our Amerigo, Mezzo, Brick Oven, & Vecchio Pizza Oven Kits
Cooking Area

Can You Turn A Fireplace Into A Pizza Oven

Do It Yourself Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven : Do It Yourself ...

So, you want to make a woodfired pizza at home. Are you tired of all those pre-made oven pizzas? Youre in the right place. If you dont have a pizza oven, dont fear, you can convert your fireplace into a pizza oven.

You can convert your fireplace into a pizza oven, however, you will face some challenges with heat loss, room to cook, smoke, and other issues. The type of fireplace you have will directly impact if you can actually cook pizza in it.

Keep reading this article to find out how you can make your pizza oven with only a fireplace in your home. Youll be an expert fireplace converter after reading this article!

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Top Considerations For Building A Natural Stone Outdoor Pizza Oven

If your client is interested in outdoor fireplace pizza ovens made of natural stone, he or she will be trusting you to handle the specifics and make sure the project is done correctly. With that in mind, there are a few considerations you wont want to overlook as you begin the design process of an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven.

Best Large Sized Outdoor Ovens: Summerset The Oven

Large ovens are 34-42 wide. You will be able to place 4-7 12-inch pizzas in it at the same time. It is perfect for large gatherings or for a large family. It will also allow you to bake several personal pizzas at the same time.

The Summerset The Oven is made from 304 stainless-steel construction with natural gas fuel. This oven reaches up to a maximum of 450° F and with the pizza stone it will reach up to 700° F. The kit includes two racks with three positions available, a cover, a smoker box to hold wood chips, a flame tamer, a large pizza stone , and a grease tray.


The Chicago brick oven is more of a design yourself type oven for those with larger families or who like to entertain. The kit comes with the oven itself, but it is up to the individual to incorporate their design around it.

The fact that it is more of a design yourself option makes this oven appealing because you can easily personalize it to suit your tastes. It has a 41 x 28 cooking space. The Flame Roll Only is their low-dome construction which creates a Flame Roll for unique wood-fired cooking. This is a feature that causes the oven vent to pull the flame horizontally across your dough and vertically down its sides.


  • The shape reduces cold spots
  • Efficiently stores radiant heat for an even cook
  • Food is cooked from all directions


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What Does An Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven Mean

An outdoor fireplace is a relatively simple and low-cost tool that can be used to keep warm in the winter and provide an intimate atmosphere for your friends and family.

There are three essential features of an outdoor fireplace: a firebox, an insulated roof, and fire bricks.

Firebrick is going to be the key component you need in your pizza oven it will provide all the necessary heat for cooking pizzas.

Pizzas cooked on a brick oven are baked with unparalleled crunch, texture, and flavor. You dont have to buy any additional materials or tools to build this type of pizza oven all you will need is some firebrick and some mortar.

What Is An Outdoor Pizza Oven?This type of pizza oven is a fired brick oven designed to cook pizzas, breads, and other foods using wood or charcoal. It is also a simple-to-build option but requires a lot of work and energy including using durable materials to build your outdoor fireplace with pizza oven.

Pizza ovens are usually installed in the open air since they are built without insulation, they heat up much faster. The outdoor fireplaces also require maintenance and would last longer as long as you clean them regularly.

Please note that fire bricks are not the same as regular bricks. Regular bricks contain a moisture-absorbing substance that can cause the oven to explode and turn into a raging inferno of flames.

Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace With Corner Wood

DIY Brick Pizza Oven and Fireplace | Building the Stand

The fireplace and the pizza oven are detached in this traditional patio. In fact, both of them are not connected at all. The homeowners and the designer decided to use a freestanding front-loading fireplace, which is called a chiminea.

This is indeed not a popular option, but chiminea can produce flames that are directed up and out of the design of the chiminea itself. This way, the chiminea gives a more controlled burn than a fire pit or a fireplace. You and your guests can just sit back and relax, no need to worry about the out-of-control.

The chiminea is placed on the right side of the pizza oven. The oven itself is installed right in the corner. Obviously, it is the focal point of this patio. Since it is a wood-fired oven, the designer placed the oven on top of the wood box.

This is basically a simple oven upon a modular wall block. According to the designer, there is more stone surrounds the oven out there, but they dont cook better than this one. If you are wondering, the oven is pretty similar to the product from Woodland Direct.

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What Makes An Outdoor Fireplace Unique

There are basically two types of outdoor fireplaces going around today: the traditional fireplace surrounded by rocks that you can build in your backyard and the electric commercial-grade style that you will find at home centers or department stores.

The traditional style of fireplace has been around for two centuries. It is simple to build, especially with firebrick as the main component. The electric commercial-grade style of fireplace requires less work but is also more expensive.

There are a few unique features that set an outdoor fireplace apart from a regular indoor fireplace. One of its most important features is its open air design, which is perhaps its most attractive quality.

Many of us have a fear of fire because we associate it with destruction and death. Fear no more.

When you build an outdoor fireplace, you are opening yourself up to the joys of lighting wood in the middle of your backyard, watching the flames dance, and feeling the warmth on your face. This is why you build an outdoor fireplace for the thrill of it all.

Another unique feature that sets out outdoor fireplace apart from its indoor counterpart is its compact size. However, if you have the space and the money, you can build yourself a large outdoor fireplace.

Also, what makes an outdoor fireplace unique is that it can be used to cook, especially because you can use wood or charcoal to cook food.

Benefits Of An Outdoor Pizza Oven

An outdoor fireplace pizza oven thats made of stone offers many advantages to both homeowners and business owners. For restaurant owners, being able to fire up personal pizzas for customers in a fun, outdoor patio setting is an offering that can drum up business. And for homeowners, the ability to maximize outdoor entertaining space is also a plus.

Installing a natural stone pizza oven outdoors also makes it possible to bake delicious pizzas authentically without concerns about lingering food odors in ones home. And of course, when you install a combination fire pit pizza oven, youre able to provide your clients with a dual-purpose project that helps them maximize their outdoor entertaining budgets. When the pizza oven is not in use, the space can be used to create ambiance with a cozy fire.

For both residential and commercial applications, an outdoor stone fireplace and pizza oven can add resale value to the property. Todays buyers are prioritizing great outdoor entertaining spaces, and an outdoor fireplace that doubles as a pizza oven certainly makes for a unique selling feature.

And of course, by offering design and installation services for a natural stone fireplace pizza oven, you can set yourself apart from your competition in the design world. Its a win-win for everybody involved!

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How To Make A Pizza Oven

  • Find a used oil drum, or something similar in size and shape.
  • Cut the barrel in half with a reciprocating saw. You can also use a hacksaw but it will take much longer.
  • Use a jigsaw to cut out an opening for the door of your pizza oven. The opening should be about 12-14 wide and 18-20 high.
  • Be sure to wear a mask and goggles when cutting the metal, as it will produce lots of sparks!
  • Line the inside of the barrel with firebricks. This will help to insulate the oven and keep the heat in.
  • Leave an opening at the top of the barrel to act as the chimney.

We Are Ooni Pizza Ovens

Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace And Oven : Custom Pizza Ovens

The Worlds No. 1 Pizza Oven Company

Ooni began with a quest for authentic pizza the type with flame-cooked toppings and a leopard-spotted crust. Weve been empowering people with the knowledge and tools they need to make awesome pizza at home since 2012.

These days, were all about nurturing the deep-rooted, undeniable love of pizza inside all of us. We want to make great pizza possible for everyone, anytime and anywhere hunger strikes.

Make it for yourself make it for your friends make it for the kids make it for a crowd. Its just so good.

Come and gather with us. Lets #makepizza.

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Authentic Brick Oven Flavor

Would you like to be known as the best chef in your neighborhood and the talk of friends and family? With the installation of a Stoneage Manufacturing outdoor pizza oven kits, hand poured and manufactured in Monroe, CT you will be able to take your backyard dining experience to a whole new culinary level! Traditional Italian pies, open-faced baguette pizzas, slow turned chickens and briskets, as roasted vegetables are just some of the items you will be able to add alongside that juicy steak. And the best part is all will have that amazingly authentic, brick-oven flavor.

The building process of an outdoor pizza oven kit just became a lot easier as well! With basic masonry skills, these ovens can be built in 3-4 hours . Once you are done, simply finish with the look of your choice of stone or stucco.

How To Build A Pizza Oven If Youre Fireplace Is Unsuitable

If your fireplace is unsuitable for converting into a pizza oven, you can always build your own pizza oven. This process requires some hard work and hard-to-obtain materials, but it may well be worth it if your family are pizza-lovers.

How To Build A Pizza Oven At Home

You can build your own pizza oven in six steps if you can source suitable materials and are committed.

Step 1: Design and craft the plinth. This step should take around about 4 hours of manual labor.

Step 2: Make the dome mold. This task will take about 1 hour of your time.

Step 3: Research designs and craft your first oven layer. This process takes about 6 hours total. 2 hours for crafting the oven layer and 4 hours of drying time.

Step 4: Cut the entrance to the oven.

Step 5: Build the brick opening of the oven.

Step 6: Craft the final shell.

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Overall Style And Aesthetic

When coming up with natural stone outdoor fireplace or pizza oven plans, dont overlook the importance of a great aesthetic. You can help to make the new fireplace look like a natural extension of the building itself by incorporating some of the same building materials for the fireplace or oven surround, such as natural stone or even ThinStone.

Soft Green Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven Above The Wood Storage

DIY Outdoor Fireplace and Pizza Oven Combo

This is a complete outdoor kitchen featuring an outdoor fireplace, a pizza oven, and a grill. This outdoor kitchen was built on a Mediterranean-style patio. This area can also be considered as a pergola because we can see the exposed beams completed with creepers as its cover.

The fireplaces dimension is quite wide. Instead of filling it with firewood, the homeowners decided to use a bar grate.

On the left side of the fireplace, there is a pizza oven installed at the top of the woodbox. Since this oven is quite far from the fireplace, it is clear that the heating doesnt come from the fireplace. It is a wood-burning oven. No wonder it is installed above the woodbox.

In order to enhance the natural style of this outdoor kitchen, the walls of the fireplace, pizza oven, woodbox, grill, and sink are painted in soft green. It mixes harmoniously with the creepers surrounds it.

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Wood Vs Gas Pizza Ovens

When it comes to pizza, theres two types of fuel you can use to cook it.

The first is traditional mainly wood, but also charcoal.

The second is modern gas .

When creating your own oven, you may be posed with the question of which fuel type to choose. Smaller ovens can be made to run off gas, but maybe wont suit wood. Alternatively, combining an oven with a fireplace may mean you cant get a gas line in there.

In short, wood/charcoal is the more authentic option. It gives you the most flavor, and is the real pizza experience. However, it also takes much longer to heat up, needs more care and maintenance , and is more challenging to learn.

Gas heats up much quicker, and is more reliable at producing a steady temperature. However, you wont get the added flavor from cooking with traditional fire.

Thats essentially all there is to it. The choice between flavor and convenience is up to you! Personally, Im a sucker for tradition and would opt for a traditional oven. If Im in the mood for a quick pizza , Id likely end up ordering takeout. Pizza ovens are amazing, but you really need to be cooking 3 or more pizzas to make the effort worth it.

Get Your Outdoor Combo Right Now

Decorating your outdoor spaces has never been easier. At Isokern Outdoor Living, were ready to provide you with the best customer experience and high-quality products. If youre looking for a pizza oven but also need a fireplace to add a cozy atmosphere to your home, our wood-burning pizza ovens are the perfect option for you. Dont hesitate to call us for more information.

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