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Outdoor Fireplace Kits With Pizza Oven

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Cost Of Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven

How to Build our Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven Kit

The budget always needs to be considered where theres an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven involved. Everything is customizable and will depend on the amenities and features that you might possibly think about adding to your outdoor fireplace with pizza oven.

If youre entertaining custom-built outdoor fireplace ideas, you have to allot a budget of around $3000 or higher than that. Any additional features will add on to that initial cost as well, depending on the area that youre in. if you want something thats so much larger than that, then the prices could easily go higher.

A modular or prefab model though can cost you something thats considerably less. The starting cost of a store-bought outdoor fireplace with oven pizza can be as low as $1500.

If you want specific aesthetics such as classic or contemporary designs for your fireplace/oven, allot a budget of $2000 or so and it will fetch you a decent enough contraption already.

All About Outdoor Fireplace Kits With Pizza Oven

Wouldnt it be nice if your outdoor fireplace also functioned as a pizza oven? Though this might seem like a pipe dream, it is an actual product available for purchase. Take a look at the market and you will find several outdoor fireplaces and pizza oven combinations. However, these combo units are not all the same. Some outdoor fireplace kits with pizza ovens emphasize the wood-fired pizza oven while others are more balanced. Without further ado, lets take a look at the basics of outdoor fireplace kits to help you determine if a regular brick oven/backyard pizza oven will suffice or if a combo unit is ideal for you and your family.

How To Build An Outdoor Fireplace With A Pizza Oven

More and more Kansas City homeowners are talking to our outdoor kitchen designers about including a pizza oven with their outdoor fireplace. We love outdoor living elements that do double duty, but unfortunately, we dont recommend combining an outdoor fireplace with a pizza oven.

Why? Pizza ovens require specific materials and shapes to truly act as an oventhe enclosed space, the extreme heat retention, air convention, etc. If you prefer one or the other, we recommend using a pizza stone on a grate over your outdoor fireplace. If youre set on a pizza oven, then there are some things you should know and consider to ensure you get exactly the cooking option you want.

Pizza ovens come in wood-fired and gas models. Each type has advantages. Wood-fired pizza ovens are for the pizza purists who want to replicate the best wood-fired pies and dont mind stocking wood. Gas pizza ovens are for those who want the simplicity of gas cooking and ease of quick heating and cleaning.

How Much Should You Budget for an Outdoor Pizza Oven?While it may seem like an extravagance, including a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen or living space is possible for almost any budget. Theres a wide range of pizza oven styles, ranging from full-sized, custom brick pizza ovens in the thousands to smaller, pre-fabricated options to much less. A portable pizza oven can cost hundreds. And, if you want the ultimate budget-friendly outdoor pizza option, there are pizza stones designed for use on your grill.

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Traditional Patio With Trellis An Outdoor Fireplace And A Custom Pizza Oven

This traditional paver patio features large granite boulders that overhang the edges. The boulders invite you into the area where the fireplace is set with a pizza oven. The fireplace has an elevated hearth. And below the hearth, the homeowners used that space as wood storage. What an intelligent way to optimize the space!

The custom pizza oven is installed right on top of the fireplace. The half-circle space is also made of bricks, like the whole fireplace. It is clear that the oven is heated by the fireplace.

The fireplace is beautifully rustic, with its own character and style. The firebox features multicolor and realistic flickering flames as well as glowing embers. It is completed with an interior brick design for a more natural look.

We can see that the fireplace area is bordered by a trellis made by local craftsmen. The unfinished and untreated logs used for the trellis enhance the rustic and country-style look. What an ideal example of a traditional patio.

View Combo Units From Round Grove

Wellington Outdoor diy Fireplace/BBQ grill kit Pizza Oven All in One ...

When looking to upgrade your homes backyard living space, it can be difficult choosing the perfect backyard pizza oven and combo fireplace to match your style! Thats why Round Grove Products offers custom options to help bring your own layer of design and creativity to your backyard! Lets start looking for inspiration and click on an image below to learn more and see our entire gallery of ideas and designs!

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United But Separated Stone Surround Outdoor Fireplace And Pizza Oven

This fireplace and the pizza oven were built with the same material. Commonly, if the pizza oven is installed right on top of the fireplace, they will share the same fuel, which means the oven uses the heat from the fireplace to roast the pizza. However, we can see the unique design here. Even though the fireplace and the pizza oven are united, they are basically separated.

The fireplace and the pizza oven are separated by a stone mantel that overhangs from the top of the fireplace. The top of the fireplace also seems thick, too thick to penetrate. So it is impossible for the pizza oven to get the heat from it. The pizza oven has a bottleneck design with a chimney on the very top.

Both fireplace and the pizza oven are made of stone, which looks in contrast with the white trellis surrounding it.

This area looks a lot like a covered patio, even though there is no seat at all in this space. Alternatively, there are two stone benches run along this area from the opening and the fireplace to the perimeter of this patio. Those benches can be used as a seating area for the guests and the homeowners.

Custom Built Outdoor Fireplace With Raised Hearth A Pair Of Wood Boxes And Pizza Oven

This beautiful outdoor fireplace is completed with a combination of a BBQ grill and pizza oven. The fireplace looks grande with stone surrounds. It has a three-tiered top that serves as a chimney and a raised hearth that can be used as a display.

There are two identical wood boxes on both sides of the fireplace. On the right side, however, the woodbox is topped with a pizza oven.

Similar to the previous pizza ovens, this one is also a wood-burning one. Since there are two wood boxes here, it is obvious the firewoods stored on the right side are meant for the oven, while those on the left are for the fireplace.

This majestic fireplace with a built-in pizza oven and BBQ grill is obviously a custom-built and custom-made product. The stone outdoor kitchen set like this is perfect for a mountain-style patio.

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Outdoor Fireplace Kits With Pizza Oven

If you dont have the patience to build one out yourself nor the resources to get something custom built, you can buy an outdoor fireplace kit with pizza oven. Its ready-made, it can be shipped right to your doorstep, and it can be pretty easy to install. Here are some of the best kits on the market right now.

Necessories Grand Fireplace

It includes all of the elements you need for a complete fireplace.

It comes on pallets and as separate blocks. You can easily move the parts around with a wheelbarrow.

It comes with a step-by-step manual. You can put this together like a puzzle.

Round Grove Kiva Fireplace With Pizza Oven

Its finished right upon delivery and based on the material of your choice.

Theres no need to build the structure out as its shipped ready for use and as a whole unit.

Specially built in the United States and with guaranteed quality and warranty.

Temp-Cast Fireplace With Pizza Oven

Has a unique masonry heater design that provides radiant heat for prolonged periods of time

Offers efficient wood-burning technology that can get a fire running for a period of 12 to 24 hours running on pure wood.

Can be installed with refractory mortar and can be built onside due to its interlocking features.

Most Economical Outdoor Fireplace Kit

Round Grove Fireplace Pizza Oven Installation

One of the most popular fireplace kit for smaller areas is the Necessories Compact Fireplace. This one is designed for a much more intimate entertaining area. This kit is perfect for nearly every patio and will add so much joy and relaxation to your home!At more than five feet high, and over eight feet wide , these DIY outdoor fireplace kits are the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor living room. Its appeal comes from its large profile, universal design, and aged appearance. The Compact prefab outdoor fireplace kit is a great size for warming up your patio area.

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Stacked Of Outdoor Stone Fireplace With A Side Pizza Oven

FYI, the pizza oven was added after the fireplace had been just completed. However, the designer managed to add the oven nicely right beside the fireplace.

Both fireplace and the built-in oven are made of stone, with mantel and hearth in light brown color. The oven is fifteen feet up on a full masonry fireplace.

The pizza oven is completed with a metal screen. And because there is no woodbox or wood storage in this fireplace oven combo, it seems that both are gas-fueled. On top of the pizza oven, there is a countertop that can be used as a display.

Basically, this fireplace and the built-in oven is the right piece to add in a Tuscan patio design.

Kiva Fireplace And Pizza Oven Combo Features

  • The outdoor pizza oven has plenty of cooking space for 12-14″ pizza or smaller personal pizzas
  • The high-temperature oven cooks Neapolitan pizzas in less than 2 minutes!
  • The blazing firebox creates a perfect centerpiece in your patio design
  • Includes chimney cap to protect from moisture. Optional extension kit available.
  • Includes pizza peel to turn your pizzas in the brick oven
  • This outdoor fireplace kit is made from 18-gauge galvanized steel U-channel framing, with glass-fiber reinforced sheathing and factory-applied scratch-coat on all sides, they are a durable component for your outdoor living space
  • Real, pre-installed firebrick rather than a precast refractory insert that is prone to crack.

The Kiva model DIY kit is Round Grove’s original fireplace combo unit. It has a wood burning fireplace and brick oven built together with two separate flue systems that combine into a single chimney vent. The size of the outdoor oven is the same for the Mezzo and the Largo but the fireplace is wider in the Largo unit.

Rather than spending months building a wood-fired brick pizza oven using a pizza oven kit, you can have a completely manufactured ready-to-finish outdoor pizza oven fireplace delivered to your house. You or a contractor can easily install and finish this diy outdoor fireplace in a couple of days. Be cooking in days rather than months!

The fireplace can be modified to permit a gas log insert , however the brick oven is wood-fired only.


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Learning To Cook In A Brick Oven

The next day, we were able to use the oven while the rest of the crew finished the pavilion roof. Wood-fired cooking is an art! Bonnie from Brick Oven Lifestyle gave us a personal tutorial on how to start a fire. Thankfully, Bonnie has a Youtube channel along with her website and provides video tutorials on recipes and cleaning techniques.

It was a long and hot couple of days but well worth it! Our pizza oven is installed and ready to bake. We hope to share some of our favorite recipes and how to cook them in a brick oven. Check out the inspiration gallery on Brick Oven Lifestyle to see some other beautiful brick oven fireplaces.

Why Choose Round Grove Products For Your Outdoor Cooking Space

Pin on Home Outdoor
  • A small business that takes pride in their custom to order fireplace and combination oven and fireplace products
  • Experts in designing custom brick ovens
  • Lighter than masonry block or precast fireplaces
  • Easily finish to match home or building exterior
  • Pre-assembled and ready to finish
  • Will ship to you and help with install
  • Units come optimized for safe shipping and installation
  • Open access for handling, strapping, or anchoring
  • No separate footer foundation needed
  • Custom sizes and designs available
  • Online video tutorials to show you how to cook like a pro in your brick oven
  • Above all, outdoor brick ovens and fireplaces are relaxing, entertaining, and enjoyable to cook in. It is a wonderful centerpiece for outdoor events. Let Round Grove help you make the most of your outdoor lifestyle!

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Things To Consider When Buying A Backyard Fireplace

The first consideration when adding a fireplace with an outdoor pizza oven in your space is location. Safety should be on the top of the list. The area should be free from bushes, shrubs, and low-hanging branches. If there are plants near your oven, you should trim your shrubbery regularly, so it doesnt become a fire hazard.

Next, consider the design of your fireplace, and how it will look in your backyard. You can hire a stonemason/contractor to create a custom build or you can purchase one that is already made.

Custom builds tend to be pricier than ones that are modular or prefabricated. However, you can build them to suit your own tastes and space. Some prefabricated/modular designs will allow you to customize your own façade or veneer with finishes like stucco, stone, granite, or brick. This will allow you to have the look of a custom build but at a lower cost.

Outdoor Stone Fireplace With Built

This stone fireplace is completed with a built-in pizza oven. Unlike the pizza oven youve seen before, this oven is installed in the fireplace, right on top of it.

And judging from its dimension, it is pretty clear that this pizza oven is heated by the fireplace below because it is too small to be a wood-burning oven. It seems that the fireplace and the oven share the same chimney.

It seems that the fireplace and the oven are made of fieldstone with a concrete hearth. On both sides of this fireplace, there are two concrete benches that look similar to the hearth. These elevated benches provide extra seating.

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Forno Bravo Outdoor Fireplace Gallery

The Forno Bravo outdoor fireplace gallery features photos to provide inspiration. These modular outdoor fireplace kits are the perfect complement to your Forno Bravo pizza oven, or just to enjoy a quiet fire with family and friends. The Calore Modular Fireplace Kit is easy to assemble, built with quality refractory materials, and uses real firebricks to line the firebox for great, long-lasting performance.

Forno Bravo fireplace photos to provide inspiration. These modular outdoor fireplace kits are the perfect complement to your Forno Bravo pizza oven, or just to enjoy a quiet fire with family and friends.

To purchase a modular fireplace kit, call us at 800-407-5119 or visit our online store.

Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven

How to Build Your Own High-Performing Wood-Fired Pizza Oven from Bricks

In this outdoor fireplace with pizza oven guide youll see the different backyard designs, cost, DIY building process, the best kits, and tips on how to build.If there are two things in the world that can easily bring people together, it would have to be fireplaces and pizza. This is why outdoor fireplaces with pizza ovens are two for two.

Outdoor fireplaces with pizza ovens have become quite popular these days. Honestly, it really isnt all that hard to see why. For starters, what they bring in is a conduit to provide an easy and quick way for you to be able to produce some pizza with wood-fired flavor right from the comforts of your very own backyard.

They can turn out to offer the same conveniences that a classic grill can but theyre just so much more versatile. They can cook all types of food and more than that, they can handle really high temperatures as well. This isnt something that a lot of classic grills have the luxury of providing.

Another thing about outdoor fireplaces with pizza oven is that they dont require the use of electricity or gas to cook food or to turn it on. What this means is that you will be able to cook your pizza even during the event of a power outage.

This means that you dont ever have to worry about problems cooking your food for when problems hit the power grid or for when a thunderstorm hits. Not only are they economical, but they can also be quite surprisingly efficient.

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Buying Guide: Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven

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From discussing a movie to spending some quality time with family, gathering around a fire is the best way out on a chilly night. Humans have gathered around the fire since the mists of time. Today, outdoor fireplaces are getting popular as it brings the family and friends together and sets up the vibe. And how can we forget the AmericansâLove for Pizza.

Having an Outdoor fireplace on the deck or patio is the best move for a house owner, not only because it brings the cozy vibe but also it gets a better resale value for your property. And what better than having an Outdoor fireplace with pizza oven. Just a small increase in the height or the width can accommodate a pizza oven with your outdoor fireplace. If you are considering purchasing an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven, you can go for a portable commercial pizza oven like Uuni 3 pizza oven or if you are planning to build one, then do read further.

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