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Oven Door Won’t Close

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Electric Motorized Lock Switch


Fix electronic lock switch by following the steps below:

Step 1: Open the oven door. Press and hold the small door jamb switch, which looks like a small post and is found in the center of your ovens face.

Step 2: Run a self-cleaning cycle while still holding the door jamb switch. Do this for about ten seconds.

Step 3: Press the Clean/Off or Cancel button on the control panel to stop the self-cleaning cycle. You can expect the control panel to clear after 10 seconds.

Step 4: Close the oven door.

The Oven Door Is Misaligned

If the door of your oven is not perfectly aligned, it will be difficult to close. Misalignment can occur if the entry has loose hinges or any worn part.

In this case, replace the hinges correctly or replace worn-out components. If the hinges are loose, you can use a screwdriver to tighten them properly.

How Do You Get Your Oven Door To Close All The Way

  • The first step is to check to make sure that the door handle is properly installed. Sometimes, the knob can become loose over time and cause the door to not close. If this is the case, you can tighten the knob by hand.
  • If the door handle is not the issue, you may need to adjust the doors alignment. This can be done by opening the oven door and pressing down on each side of the door until it closes fully.
  • Then, close and open the door several times to check for proper alignment. If necessary, you can adjust the alignment by using a hex key or a screwdriver.
  • If none of these solutions work, you may need to replace your oven door. Oven doors are usually very cheap and easy to replace, so there is no need to worry about them becoming irreparable.

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Kitchenaid Oven Is Not Closing Properly

If the oven door will not close, check to make sure the door latch is not preventing it from closing.

  • Open the oven door
  • Look at the top front of the oven frame above the gasket to verify the lock latch arm is not bent/bowed up or down preventing the door from closing.
  • Refer to picture below, arrow points to correctly aligned Lock Arm Latch:

    If you would like to download or view product literature for your appliance, please visit our Manuals and Literature page.

    Accidental Lock Without Food Inside

    What to Do When Your Oven Door Wont Close?

    If your stove or oven door has been accidentally locked and theres no food inside, you can start running a self-clean cycle and hit the Clear/Off button after a minute. This typically unlocks the door. However, if this trick doesnt work, try running a self-clean cycle for an hour or two.

    You can also turn off the circuit breaker for a few minutes then turn it back on, which would also release the door latch.

    If none of these tricks work, you may need to call GE customer service.

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    What To Do When The Oven Door Wont Shut

    The oven is a high temperature chamber. The heating element creates enough heat to cook everything from bread toast to frozen casseroles. This makes it essential for your oven to keep the heat on the inside. To heat to 400+ degrees, you certainly dont want all that heat sweltering the kitchen instead of efficiently cooking your meals. To do this, your oven door needs to close completely.

    When the oven door doesnt close, its incredibly well-insulated design is wasted. The temperature of your kitchen will fly through the roof and your food will cook more slowly. The oven will require more electricity, the kitchen will heat up, food wont cook evenly, and someone might get burnt. There are many possible reasons why your oven door wont close completely. You will need to closely examine the oven in order to know what the answer is and enact the right solution.

    Inspect The Ovens Door Lock

    Check if the ovens door lock is functioning flawlessly.

    Like the oven racks and gunk buildup obstructing the doors closing, a broken, faulty, or grimy lock can cause the same problem. A bad door lock may also have the latch closed even when the oven is open. As a result, the closed latch or locked lever will prevent the door from closing.

    Here is how you can inspect and troubleshoot an ovens door lock:

  • Check if the latch is open before you close the oven door.
  • Clean the ovens door latch. Preferably, use a lint-free microfiber cloth.
  • Test if the latch is working properly, be it a manual, electromechanical, or electric lock.
  • Replace a faulty door lock or its motor assembly if the latter is broken.
  • Electric and gas ovens with a self-cleaning feature have a motor assembly mounted at the back. A bad door lock motor may interfere with your self-cleaning ovens closing and opening. In this scenario, replacing it is the only solution.

    Heres a video from RepairClinic on how to replace the door lock motor on an LG oven:

    Refer to the manual to check the location of this assembly. You can match the motor for the door lock. The other steps shown in the video are broadly applicable to most ovens.

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    Obstruction In Between The Door And The Oven

    From fallen food bits in between the bottom of the oven door and the oven frame to metal plates and racks sticking slightly out, your oven door may fail to close, due to physical obstructions. Inspect the issue closely and try to move trays and racks in and out of the oven. Chances are that these dont slide as they should because of grease build up. So, again, we come to the fact that you may need to clean well inside of your oven and remove all fallen food bits from between the door and the oven frame, in order to solve the problem.

    The Hinge Has Come Off

    GE Profile Oven Door Wonât Close

    Oven door hinge problems are not uncommon. If for some reason, youve pulled the oven door a bit forcefully, its possible for one of the hinges to come off. So, now its not in a locked-in position. Then, try to place the hinge back into the slot in the oven door frame, lift the little hinge leg and lock it back into position.

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    Ge Stove Keeps Saying Unlock Door

    If your stove or oven door is open but still says Unlock and wont turn on, you can choose to open it up and see if something is pushing the button in the interior of your oven.

    If youre not comfortable opening up your stove or oven and youve checked everything that could go wrong from the outside, seek assistance from GEs customer support.

    Copyright protected content owner: and was initially posted on 2021-04-17.

    Issues With The Oven Door Seal

    Your oven door seal is also prone to wear and tear. If it comes off a bit on one side, for example, and doesnt fit perfectly the door frame, then, its bound to obstruct the oven door, which wont close tightly and as it should. So, your best bet is to clean the gasket and try to align it back in place. If the seal is actually broken and beyond repair, and it wont stay in place, then you better replace it with a new one altogether.

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    Replace Other Broken Parts

    Most ovens have similar but not identical parts. Additionally, gas ovens have a few different parts than the electric ranges. Furthermore, built-in ovens and ranges have differences.

    In most cases, the oven door should have the same parts I have discussed in this guide. However, a few ovens seals or gaskets, mounting brackets, springs, locks, and other parts may be slightly different.

    Bearing this in mind, check any such components on the door or its frame on the oven to find any anomaly. Clean those parts and test if they are working alright. Replace broken components that cant be repaired.

    Push The Oven Door Closed

    Ge Monogram Oven Door Won T Close
    • Push the oven door closed against the wash cloths using one hand to limit the inward force
    • Use three progressive inward pushes. With each push, go slightly further toward the oven
    • The oven door wont close all the way but should come within 1/4 inch from the oven during this step.

    Scott Flint for Family Handyman

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    How Do You Fix An Oven Door That Will Not Close Properly

    Your oven door needs fixing when you notice gaps along the sides of the door, it doesn’t fit properly, or the oven light won’t turn off. When this happens, inspect your oven carefully.

    But first, make sure you turn it off and unplug the appliance for your safety. Wait for it to cool down completely before you handle it.

    How Do You Turn Off The Lock On Your Bosch Oven

    To turn off the lock on your Bosch oven, follow these steps:

  • Open the oven door. Close the oven door so that its touching the front of the oven.
  • Hold down the Cook button on your oven keypad for 3 seconds to turn off the power to your oven.
  • Use a thin object like a toothpick to pry open the small tab on the side of your oven door.
  • This will unlock the main door and you can open it from the inside.
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    Disassemble And Repair The Door

    You can also fully take the door apart. The oven door has inner and outer layer panels. It can be taken apart by laying the oven door handle-side down on a towel. Use a screwdriver or nut driver to remove the mounting screws around the perimeter of the door. This will allow the halves of the door to come apart. You can hammer out a dent in either the inner or outer panel. You can replace the oven door handle and clean or replace the glass if it is cracked.

    Take A Look At Your Oven Lock


    If you cant get your oven to close, the first thing you should do is take a look at your oven lock. A lot of ovens have an automatic locking system in place. This locking system is important because it keeps the door closed when you are cooking something. This locking system is also important because it can help you keep kids out of the oven when you are using it.

    Because this is an automatic lock, it can also engage when you dont want it to. If you are having a hard time getting your oven door to close, it might be because the latch has already been engaged. Think of this as trying to close the door to your house when the deadbolt is sticking out. You will not be able to do so.

    To fix this issue, take a look at the lock and make sure it is not engaged. If it is, turn it off. Then, try to close your oven door. If you are having a difficult time getting the lock to disengage, you may want to clean it first. If you move dust and debris out of the way, you should be able to fix the lock again.

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    Components Of The Oven Block The Door

    There is a possibility that the grates or sheets are shifted and are the reason that the oven door wont close properly. They can also be deformed, hindering the closing of the door.

    If this is the problem then it would be hard to fix. In this situation, I will recommend either call the professional or buy a new oven.

    Steel Wool Soap Pads

    The Door Handle Is Damaged

    Another common problem to look out for is the oven door handle getting damaged. This can happen due to age or accidental damage, it might not always be noticeable though because it could be an internal part of the handle that is broken.

    So, carry out regular checks of the handle and listen carefully to the sound it makes when you pull or turn the handle. This can help you work out whether its damaged. If the door handle is damaged then your best option is to call in a professional to repair or replace it.

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    How Do You Lock A Bosch Oven Door

    First, check to see if the lock is properly engaged. You can do this by turning the knob on the side of the oven to the lock position and checking to see if the door will stay closed when you pull it shut.

    If it doesnt, you may need to adjust the lock. If the lock is not the problem, you can also try installing a new latch. To do this, remove the screws that hold on the latch and replace it with a new ones. You can find replacement latches online or at your local hardware store. Finally, if all else fails, you may need to replace the oven door itself.

    What Can I Do About My Loose Oven Door

    My Oven Door Is Locked And Won T Open

    If your oven door won’t close, it’s leaking heat. That kind of problem won’t only lead to higher utility bills, but will have an adverse effect on your cooking, the appliance itself, and even your safety.

    • An improperly closing oven door is a serious safety hazard, especially for children
    • Leaking heat will cause uneven baking
    • The oven light will remain on at all times and burn out much sooner
    • The knobs above the oven door may reach a dangerous temperature because of rising heat

    So, what can you do if your oven door won’t shut properly? Start by inspecting the four components most likely to be to blame.

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    Check The Seal Of The Door

    There is also a possibility that you may have to replace the seal of your oven door entirely. Similar to other parts of various machines, the seal to your oven door is going to wear out eventually. When this happens, it may begin to crack, bubble, or expand, preventing you from closing your oven door.

    If you take a look at the seal to your oven door and you spot cracks, this is a sign that you may need to replace it. This is a simple piece of rubber, so this is not particularly challenging however, you do need to make sure you get the right seal for your oven door. If you have questions about what size seal you need, you should take a look at the manual.

    When the new seal arrives, make sure it is pressed firmly in place. Otherwise, your oven may start to leak heat into your kitchen, increasing your utility bills.

    Examine The Oven Racks

    Another possible reason why you might be having a difficult time getting your oven door to close is that something is wrong with the oven racks. You probably have multiple racks on your oven that you used to cook dishes. You might even have multiple racks you swap out from time to time depending on what you are cooking.

    Keep in mind that every oven is slightly different. Therefore, the racks you use for one oven may not necessarily be the right racks for another oven. If you are having a difficult time getting the door to close, and take a look at the racks and make sure they are not in the way.

    If the oven racks are in the way, you may need to adjust them slightly to get the oven door to close. If you still cannot get the door to close, you may need to switch the racks you are using. This is one of the most common mechanical reasons why you might have a difficult time getting the door to your oven to close.

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    Stuck Crumbs In Door Hinges:

    Every Oster toaster oven has a crumb collecting tray called a crumb tray. When we cook something in the appliance, crumbs of that food automatically get collected in this tray.

    We often remove this tray from the device to make it crumb-free. But sometimes very tiny food crumbs fall near door hinges, and they get stuck in the hinges space. Once they get stuck, they prevent the door from fully rotating with its hinges, and this leaves the door unclosed.

    If youre a guy who doesnt clean his toaster oven often, you must consider cleaning it. If the stuck crumbs or dust particles are the problems, this will be fixed by cleaning.

    What If The Bosch Oven Door Hinge Snapped Shut

    How to fix an oven door that won’t close properly, Hotpoint Ultima gas cooker

    If the Bosch oven door hinge snapped shut, there are several easy fixes that can be done.

    • If the oven door is open, gently pull on the door to get it to close all the way. If it wont close all the way, you may need to use a screwdriver to pry it open from the inside.
    • If the oven door is closed and the hinge is broken, you will need to replace the hinge assembly. This can be done by taking off the front of the oven, then unscrewing and removing the hinge assembly.

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    Oven Door Repair Pros

    Our experts at Express Appliance Repair are standing by to help. If your oven door doesnt close, this means youre losing heat. This can wind up being a huge waste of money. It could also mean not being able to cook things properly. No one wants to be in that situation, and we will take steps to ensure your oven door is restored to its former function.

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