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Over The Range Microwave Convection Ovens

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Convection Microwave: KitchenAid Over the Range Convection Microwave Ovens

Amanda Lauren is a freelance writer who has written hundreds of articles about kitchen, home, and lifestyle. Shes used countless different brands of microwaves over the years.

This piece was updated by Fran Sales, associate commerce editor for Simply Recipes and a big fan of her parents’ sleek-looking LG over-the-range microwave.

What Are Over The Range Convection Microwaves

An over-the-range, high-end convection microwave oven, also known as an OTR microwave, is an incredibly useful kitchen appliance that uses microwave radiation to heat up and cook food. Microwaves cook the food from the inside out, making the cooking process quicker and more efficient. This appliance also provides convection oven functionality.

For a look at a couple of great devices, check out our list of the leading GE microwaves and our review of the Cuisinart CMW-100 microwave.

Like the best built-in microwave, an over-the-range model is installed in the cabinet space directly above your stove, saving counter space. They usually include a built-in exhaust system that acts as a hood for your stove, eliminating cooking odors and smoke. But, even with these great benefits, sometimes replacing above-the-range microwaves might be difficult unless youre a professional. These appliances typically have a similar appearance, with a control panel, digital display, pre-set cooking modes, and a glass turntable.

Vmor506ss Viking Professional Convection Over The Range Microwave

VMOR506 Viking ConvectionOver the RangeMicrowave Professional Series – Stainless Steel The Professional convectionmicrowave hood offers the convenience of a microwave and hood all in one. The convectionmicrowave delivers real convection cooking and the built-in ventilation system clears the air


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Do You Need To Clean The Vent From An Over

Yes, cleaning the vent is a great idea. “A clean vent allows better airflow, which extends the life of your microwave,” says Schwartz. “The vent should come out easily, but still be gentle when pulling it out. Do not bend the grates. Run under warm water, wash with soap and a light scrub, then allow it to air dry.”

Best Basic: Ge Pvm9179skss Convection Over The Range Microwave

GE Profile 1.7 Cu. Ft. Convection Over

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GE combined the power of a microwave and the amazing abilities to create a convection over-the-range microwave that will not only cook food faster but also produce some perfect results. This appliance features an amazing set of features, as explained in this review. The meal you prepare in this type of microwave will feature a golden brown topping. That would be perfect, right? Imagine that level of perfection on each meal you prepare. No need for guesswork.

The appliance has some amazing sensor controls that will monitor food and create a precise combination of time and temperature to prepare any type of food you want. The buttons are also programmed to give you a controlled experience. Here is how it does that. There are buttons for convection roasting and baking. Additionally, there is a combination button that will use the microwave and convection baking at the same time. Sounds intriguing, right? It is a revolutionary combination of technology.

The cooktop also includes a couple of LED lights that will eradicate all the darkness that might form below, preventing you from using your cooktop adequately.

Additionally, you will get to enjoy a fan system that willeradicate all the odors and smoke from below. The 300 CFM fan can be adjusted to three speeds so that you can modify it depending on the ventilation system you have.

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Why Should I Buy A Best Over The Range Microwave Convection Ovens

You can tell if you need or want a best over the range microwave convection ovens by looking at your existing inventory. You probably donât need it and should reconsider buying it. If you can’t bear to go with the old one, you could always sell it and put the money toward the purchase of a replacement.Finishing your project in this manner is a lot of fun and simple to do.

Ge Microwave 1029481 Over

  • 13.5-inch turntable

Our Review

Looking for something to fit in with a crisp, clean kitchen style? This GE microwave is an off-white color marketed as bisque.

Its a budget model that wont break the bank but does a great job for the price. Although the capacity is not quite as large as many of the appliances listed here, there is the option to turn off the turntable so you can use larger, square dishes easily.

We love the over the range light with two options full and night mode. Its nice and bright no matter what time of day you are busy in the kitchen.

We feel the venting fans could be a little more powerful even with two settings, they only pull a little steam, but they do an adequate job.

Although the controls are easy to use and intuitive, they can be hard to see in low light with a difficult to read, greyish text.

The door of the microwave can feel a little flimsy and is quite noisy to close, although the cooking operation itself is nice and quiet.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a great purchase for the price range. Operation is easy, the oven cooks well and the only niggles we have are things you can easily live with.

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Pcor30s Dacor Professional Over The Range Microwave

Over the RangeMicrowaveConvection – Stainless Steel Explore the features of the PCOR30S over the rangemicrowave from Dacor A hood, an oven and a microwave come together in one neat, space saving design. With a powerful 300 CFM ventilation, it is the perfect complement to any Dacor 30″ range or


What Is A Convection Microwave Oven

RV Microwave 30″ Over the Range Convection Oven

A convection microwave is a microwave that functions as a convection oven while also keeping its conventional uses. A microwave convection oven has an additional heating element and a fan that distributes or circulates hot air across the food, evenly preserving its flavor and adding a beautiful texture. And with the addition of this “second oven,” you’ll be able to do anything from baking and cooking to crisping, grilling, and roasting.

Whether you have a large or compact kitchen, a microwave oven is a handy tool.

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Should You Buy The Zline Mwo

The ZLINE MWO-OTR-30 doubles up as a range hood and an over-the-range microwave which helps to justify its price tag. Aside from that, this over-the-range microwave looks great and has easy-to-use one-touch buttons, as well as sensor cooking. Despite having 15000 watts of power though, this microwave doesnt heat food up very quickly.

Another Great Option: Whirlpool Wmh78019hz

View on Bestbuy> > >

Are you ready to prepare meals with a power that will never disappoint? Look no further than this Whirlpool microwave oven with true convection, coupled with steam functions for preserved flavor. Another amazing feature includes the adjustable-speed blower that will keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

Smart appliances are part of the revolution in the world and Whirlpool remains trendy with this amazing model. It features care smarter with features connected to your phone. You can, therefore, send instructions to the appliance from your smartphone.

You can control the kitchen with simple voice commands. You can also stay up-to-date with the maintenance and services from Whirlpool.

You can always prepare perfect meals every time. Simply scan the barcode on frozen food using your smartphone and the customized settings can be sent to the microwave. You can also use recommended settings. That ensures that the food remains in the best state.

Even when you are completely busy and working on other things, you can simply control your appliance with your voice. As long as you have Alexa or Google Assistant, you are set.

Is there more? You can be sure that there is. The appliance features controls that are backlit. They will only appear when you need to use them. That provides a sleek and elegant appearance. To make it better, the appliances controls are very easy to use and clean.

In case your appliances lose connectivity, you will always receive a notification.

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Hmv8044u Bosch 800 Series 30 Over The Range Convection Microwave 385 Cfm

HMV8044U Bosch 800 Series 30″ Over the Range 1.8 cu ft. ConvectionMicrowave with 385 CFM Ventilation and Multi Speed Vent Efficiency – Black Stainless Steel Features Convection Cooking Delivers Oven-Like Results Stainless Steel Cavity is Durable and Makes Clean-up Easier A Large Cooking Interior


Frigidaire Fgmv176ntf Over The Range Microwave

Maytag 1.9 cu. ft. Over the Range Convection Microwave in Fingerprint ...
  • Sensor cooking function

Our Review

This Frigidaire model includes the features you need at an affordable price. There are one-touch buttons for 30 seconds, one, two and three-minute cook times, along with manual programming and different sensor modes.

With a sleek and simple design, It is surprisingly quiet when in use, although the fan adds a little extra noise, but nothing you wouldnt expect.

The over the range LED lights are powerful and the two-speed vent fan works exceptionally well.

The only complaint we have about this great appliance is the alert beep, which continues to nag loudly until you have the time to come and stop it.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a high-performing microwave that does everything it says it will do simply and efficiently. It also comes at a great price.

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Frigidaire Fgmv17wnvf Over The Range Microwave Oven

The FRIGIDAIRE FGMV17WNVF Over The Range Microwave Oven comes in a minimalistic design that is ideal for a seamless fit with the space and the interior décor of your kitchen.

This stylish model presents a charming modern feel with stainless-steel components and a 1.7 cubic feet capacity for handling large amounts of food.

It is probably one of the best OTR microwave ovens with the largest interior. You can squeeze in large heating dishes or cooking bowls, thanks to the 14-inch turntable.

Boasting a multi-speed vent of 300 CFM, you can easily redirect the odor, steam, or smoke building up in your kitchen to the chimney.

The preheat setting it comes equipped with is a plus for many customers as it detects the power level and the cooking time automatically before having the sensor turn the unit off after the cooking is done.


  • Takes time to adjust to the interface controls
  • Not a quite-efficient exhaust fan

Best Otr Convection Oven With Grill: Cuisinart Cmw

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With Cuisinart, you will get this amazing countertop oven that puts together smart features, great design, and just the right size. In this CMW-200, you will get a wide range of cooking options, just right to make you the best of the best out there.

We loved that this stainless steel appliance will simply look amazing while doing exactly what you need. It features a tinted window, coupled with a stainless steel exterior. It also has 1.2 Cu. Ft capacity is just right for your family. The interior is very easy to clean or sanitize. You can be sure that there are no odors in the appliance.

The versatile microwave features around nine presets for different functions including popcorn, beverages, reheating, potatoes, frozen vegetables, fresh vegetables, cake, pizza, and roast chicken. With 8 different functions, you should be able to use convection roast, fast bake, keep warm, grill, defrost, and much more.

Easily defrost your food either by its weight or by some time. You can be assured of perfect results each time you use the microwave.

This appliance has one very unique function. You can select a cooking sequence of your choice so that you can cook your food in two or three stages. That requires a single button only. You can, for example, defrost a piece of chicken, after which you can heat it and grill it so that the cheese at the top melts. Sounds amazing, right?

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Which Is Better Microwave Or Convection Oven

When evaluating which oven is better, the microwave or the convection oven, it is ultimately up to the preferences and needs of the user. It is important to consider which food items you have a tendency to cook and the time requirements for each type of oven.

The microwave oven is more adept at reheating and defrosting, and is typically the ideal choice for quick reheating of food items. It usually takes less time to heat up food in the microwave, plus they often take up less space than convection ovens.

Microwaves are also generally more user friendly and require less clean up than convection ovens.

Convection ovens are better when it comes to cooking food. They tend to cook food faster, due to the fan that circulates hot air of the oven around the food. With convection ovens, convection cooks food at a more even and consistent rate throughout.

This can beneficial when it comes to creating a well-cooked and evenly baked food item. Many higher-end models give you the option to you a combination of both microwave and convection oven elements.

Ultimately, the best oven to use depends on preference and the types of food one usually wishes to cook. With both ovens available, it is easy to have access to a speedy cooking experience and a tasty, cooked product.

Best Design: Caf Cvm517p3md1 Convection Over The Range Microwave

(INTRO) TOP whirlpool Convection Over-the-Range Microwave – Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel

View on Amazon > > >

You might want to replace an older model of your microwave oven with this new and functional microwave model. This appliance is among the best over-the-range convection microwave ovens in the market. Here are several reasons why.

Lets start with the capacity. It has a 1.7 cubic feet capacity. That is adequate capacity to prepare a large meal of food extremely fast. So, if you ever find the need to entertain some unexpected guests, this appliance will help you immensely. It also features a divided space so that you have the chance to prepare two dishes at once.

Heres whats more. You will be able to prepare a range of meals from steamed vegetables, as well as golden crisp appetizers. Anything from steaming to convection cooking is a possibility now that you have this appliance. One reason why this might be the best over-the-range convection microwave is the fast cooking capability. You can use the Fast Cook function that will combine convection and microwave technologies to cook your food faster. Therefore, if you are on limited time, this appliance will help you prepare food in less time.

Guesswork is the enemy of perfection. The unit features sensor controls that will eradicate all the guesswork. It will automatically adjust your power and time settings so that you can get perfect results each time you use it to prepare a meal.

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What Is An Over The Range Microwave

Most people don’t shop for appliances frequently. Therefore, the insider language from the industry may not help with decision making. Let’s quickly define the terminology.

An over the range microwave is a space-saver that hangs over your stove attached to the kitchen cabinets on the side and on it top. It incorporates ventilation and stovetop lights. All in all, you will free up precious counter space with this type of microwave while getting a relief from smoke, odor, and grease.

An over the range microwave is not a microwave drawer. Also, it is not designed to be used on top of a counter. Most recently, speed ovens gained popularity in high-end kitchens. Although these innovative products satisfy popular microwave functions, you will not be able to place them over a stove.

While range hoods are a great ventilation option most kitchens are simply not roomy enough to accommodate them.

Popular Microwave Types

Is it a match for you?

Best Over The Range Microwaves For 2022

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An over the range microwave is a great purchase if youre looking to save some counter space in the kitchen. It can be tucked away above your existing range, and it is easy to find a model that will match your current range in design and color.

Over the range microwaves replace range hoods they have features that will evacuate food odors, smoke, and steam away from your range oven.

Some models come with convection cooking capabilities, so you can maximize your cooking space and really get multitasking in the kitchen.

In this guide, we will cover some of the best OTR microwaves, including their type, size and wattage in our comparisons and reviews.

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Best Compact Otr Convection Microwave: Sharp R1874t

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You might be in the market trying to find a small over-the-range microwave. If you are, then this might just be the perfect choice for you. This model has received a wide range of positive reviews on different online platforms. That is all due to the lightweight construction, the unique and amazing features, the versatility, as well as the built-in functions. Lets take a deeper look.

When it comes to quality, the Sharp R1874T has a construction that ensures you get adequate service for the longest time possible. It is made using stainless steel, which also gives it a very sleek, elegant, and appealing design.

It does not matter the color scheme or décor or style of your kitchen. If you need a microwave that goes with everything else, then here it is. Whats more? The microwave features 2 colors, seven digits on the front panel, all forming a very interactive display. The smart settings are also very straightforward.

As for the interior, it is also constructed with stainless steel. How does that help? The interior does not hold on to stains, does not rust, and is corrosion-resistant. When it is time to clean the interior, all you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Unfortunately, cleaning the turntable can be a challenge since it is not removable.


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