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Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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Torino 300 Wood Burning Oven With Cart

Ooni Fyra – Portable Wood-fired Outdoor Pizza Oven| How to Setup & Light it

You may end up loving this Torino 300 wood-burning pizza oven more than your oven . It rolls into your backyard or patio like a shiny red fire engine and then goes to work bringing the heat and elegance thanks to its Italian-made design and parts.

Its a large-capacity pizza oven that can hold four large pizzas at once, or a mixture of pizzas and breads, veggies, and meats or whatever else youd like to cook to perfection. Reviewers note the 24-inches by 32-inches of cooking surface being an ideal size for large groups, and cant stop raving about how easy it is to transport this heavy-duty piece thanks to the wheels that allow it to roll.

This is the Ferrari of outdoor pizza ovens, and should be maintained that way. Premium fuel and premium care deliver a premium pizza experience.

What Can You Cook In A Pizza Oven Besides Pizza

Pizza ovens are obviously made for cooking pizzas at very high temperatures, but theyre more versatile than you might expect. Most pizza ovens come with temperature controls, making it possible to cook other foods at high temperatures without scorching them. This can be ideal for anyone interested in baking breads that do well baked fast and hot, like sourdough, fluffy focaccia, or small pastries.

High-temperature ovens are also great for quickly roasting vegetables, as well as meats including chicken, steaks, ribs, and sausages. A wood-fired pizza oven can impart a lovely smoked flavor to any of these dishes. Anything that’s cooked in a cast iron or ceramic skillet is ideal for cooking in a pizza oven, too, as these heavy-duty pans are good at maintaining high heat. You don’t want to put foods with lots of oil or fat directly on the surface of the oven to avoid grease seeping into the stone or potentially catching fire.

Our Picks For Portable Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

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As a pizza lover, we all wish to have the most delicious tasting pizza. For the authentic and crisp pizza taste, a wood-fired pizza oven is the ultimate choice. And, what is better than getting this authentic taste wherever you go. This is possible because of its portability feature. These portable wood fired pizza ovens are your ultimate travel and party partner.

You wish to have a small party in your backyard and deciding on the menu? Then this is your go-to product. With this portable wood fired pizza oven, you can cook pizzas in minutes and serve this tasty delight to all your guests.

Designing kitchens outdoors is the new trend that has picked up recently and is going to stay for long. This too increases your requirement for a portable wood burning pizza oven. With a portable wood-fired pizza oven, you can enjoy numerous pizza flavors that you canât with a normal gas oven. The making, as well as the taste of these portable pizza ovens, gives you a unique and cheerful experience.

There are different types of portable wood fired pizza oven. They can be brick oven, stainless steel oven, barrel vault oven and many more. Letâs have a look at the top 5 best portable wood-fired pizza ovens that we think will suit your needs the most.

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  • Discoloration of steel after the first use
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    Propane And Natural Gas

    Gas-fueled pizza ovens are generally considered the easiest to use. Gas flames heat the oven faster than wood or electricity and are great at reaching the high temperatures required for pizza-making, no monitoring needed. They’re also easier to clean up since there’s no wood ash and debris to worry about, but they don’t add quite the same smoky flavor as wood-fired pizza ovens.

    Most gas pizza ovens use the same standard propane cylinders as gas grills, with a simple screw-on connector. There are also models that hook up to a household natural gas line you’ll never have to change propane cylinders this way, but you will need a professional to install the gas connection safely and properly. All gas pizza ovens are made to be used outdoors only.

    Types Of Outdoor Pizza Ovens

    Ooni Pro Portable Outdoor Wood

    There are a few different types of outdoor ovens, well take a closer look at each kind, so you can figure out the right fit for you.There are two main categories of outdoor ovens is:


    A stationary oven is large and basically immovable. It is usually built into the backyard the designs and style vary as widely as the prices. You can hire a professional or try your hand at building one yourself. These are usually too expensive for the average Joe, but if youve recently won the lottery, then enjoy your new pizza oven. Nonetheless, we have collaborated some of the best high-end pizza ovens that wont require a second mortgage.


    Portable outdoor ovens are the most compact and affordable. In fact, all of our Value Ovens Under $500 are all classified as portable. Typically, these types of outdoor ovens are made of metal instead of brick and are fueled with either wood pellets or propane gas. Building the ovens out of metal instead of brick offer obvious advantages.

    First, brick ovens are massive, while metal ovens are smaller and lighter. Their small, compact frames make them more mobile and convenient for storage. Metal ovens can also incorporate a variety of features such as convection motors or rotating cooking surfaces.

    Understanding Creative Manufacture Verbiage

    Portable oven manufactures are known for advertising insane high temperature and short cook times. They explain their products something like this:

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    Il Fornino Professional Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven Review

    This stylish designed stainless steel portable pizza oven sure will be a delight for you and your hungry guests.

    In only 20 minutes the iL Fornino is hot enough to bake the first pizza.

    The cooking surface is large enough to cook three large pies or six small ones at the same time. That is fantastic for feeding a large crowd.

    This portable oven just sits on the cart that comes with it so you could also build your own pizza corner if you wanted to. But I think it is nice to have a portable pizza oven to be more flexible.

    But I think it is nice to have a portable pizza oven to be more flexible.

    A triple layer of insulation is responsible for the excellent heat-retaining qualities in the iL Fornino.

    Along with this pizza oven, youll get an impressive set of useful accessories: a pizza peel, pizza oven brush, a scraper, and a heavy duty cover.

    Overall, the iL Fornino ticks all the boxes for a versatile, durable and high-quality portable outdoor pizza oven.

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    How Do You Clean A Pizza Oven

    Rule No. 1: Let your oven cool completely before cleaning. The nice thing about an oven that gets up to 700 degrees or even hotter is that any spills or spatters will likely be completely incinerated while your pizza cooks, but you don’t want to be putting your hands inside while it’s still 700 degrees. Ash is just about the only material you’ll have to clean out of the inside of a pizza oven, and it’s fairly easy to simply sweep out with a brush, sponge or damp cloth. If the pizza stone is removable, it can also be simply wiped down you should not get a pizza stone soaking wet or submerge it in water, as this can make the stone crack the next time it’s heated.

    A wood- or charcoal-fired oven will generate a lot more ash, but these models usually have a removable tray or door to make removing it easy. After you remove the ash, but before you throw it in the trash, it’s a good idea to give it a thorough stir and make sure there are no glowing embers that could start a fire. If you find any, pour in some water and stir until there’s no more glow .

    To clean the outside of a pizza oven, a sponge with soap and water is about all you need. Racks and peels and other accessories might be dishwasher-safe, but you should check the instruction manual for specific cleaning instructions.

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    Performance Value And Innovation

    Stone Age wood-fired ovens are an outstanding value, offering excellent performance, incredible versatility, and simple, labor-saving construction, at a fraction of the typical cost of imported European pizza oven products and significantly less than most domestic oven kits.

    Our barbecue smokers offer performance and heavy-duty construction that will last a lifetime, in a package that may be finished to perfectly tie in with the style of your other outdoor living elements.

    As with all Stone Age products, our innovative oven and smoker designs may be customized to fit any application or style, forming the durable, high quality foundation of the outdoor kitchen youve always wanted.

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    There’s An Outdoor Pizza Oven For Every Style And Budgetand They All Leave You With The Crispiest Crusts You Might Just Think You’ve Moved To Italy

    DIY Portable Wood Fire Pizza Oven Build

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    Make every day a pizza party day! Adding an outdoor pizza oven to your backyard oasis instantly upgrades parties and weeknight meals. If youre ordering pizza more than a few times a month, it might be time to invest in a pizza oven instead of delivery fees.

    Pizza ovens reach higher temperatures in far less time than typical ovens. Its that high heat that lands you the crispiest pizza crusts on easy pizza recipes that end up looking like straight from the pizzeria. A patio pizza oven can also make scores of other dishes from roasted veggies and bread to fish and meat and everything in between. Your best outdoor grill is getting a run for its money.

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    What Is The Best Wood To Burn In A Portable Pizza Oven

    The best wood to burn in a portable pizza oven is well-seasoned hardwood. Generally, hardwoods give high temperatures and intensive embers.

    However, softwood is excellent for kindling. It catches fire quickly and burns very intensive.

    Especially conifers like spruce or pine are very flammable because of resin. With some conifer kindling, you will burn your hardwood fast and effectively.

    Both hardwood and softwood must be well seasoned to give optimal results and make your cooking efficient and straightforward.

    You can also use charcoal as fuel for your portable wood-fired pizza oven. But ensure to use only a high-quality natural lump wood charcoal.

    In no case do not use painted, glued laminated or particleboard, or wood treated with chemical agents, pesticides, etc. Charcoal briquettes are not allowed to use in wood-fired pizza ovens.

    Moreover, youll also catch useful tips about seasoning firewood, moisture content, calorific value, and more

    Roccbox By Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

    The Gozney Roccbox pizza oven is another good choice for pizza lovers! It has multiple fuel types, so you can choose between using wood fuel or natural gas, each giving you that yummy Neapolitan pizza taste!

    This pizza oven also has a built in digital thermometer, foldable legs and detachable dual-fuel burners for convenience and ease of use. It has a large oven opening for easy use. On top of that, it comes in fun stylish colors and will make your outdoor space stand out!

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    Ooni Frya 12 Outdoor Pizza Oven

    The folks at Ooni keep getting closer to the perfect outdoor pizza oven. This iteration is truly portable, coming in under 25 pounds, and still functional, producing a great pie for your clan. Using real wood pellets, which you can find virtually anywhere, you get crispy pizzas with authentic wood fired flavors very quickly. It is an upgrade on the older Ooni 3 model weve reviewed in the past. For more details on the Fyra 12, see our full review here.

    When we say very quickly, this unit can get over 900 degrees in fifteen minutes. It is truth in advertising, called a 12 because that is the largest pie that will fit easily into this unit.


    It doesnt really have temperature control. To a point, the chimney baffle can slow things down, but otherwise it is flame on. Related to that, you want to watch your pellet feed. If you top off the feeder it can either cause a smolder with acrid smoke or blaze into scorching before cooking realms. A bit of attention, and a little practice, makes this easily avoidable.

    How Does A Pizza Oven Work

    WPPO Portable Table Top Charcoal/Wood Fired Pizza Oven

    Pizza ovens are built differently than conventional home and restaurant ovens. They are typically compact, with a stone base and domed roof. The stone base retains heat to help cook the bottom of the pizza easily, while the tight domed roof conducts heat over and around the top of the pizza to promote even cooking. The design of a pizza oven is meant to optimize heating and retain as much heat as possible, which makes it cook at temperatures much hotter than conventional ovens.

    While some pizza ovens may have a closable door on the front to help retain heat, many just have an open slot whose small but wide opening doesn’t lose much heat. The high oven temperature makes it possible to cook multiple pizzas in quick succession without losing much heat in between.

    Pizza ovens are heated in a variety of ways, including gas, wood, charcoal, or electricity. Most non-electric home pizza ovens are made for the outdoors, not just because its generally safer to use high-heat equipment outside but also because they generate a lot of smoke.

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    Ooni Fyra Portable Wood

    Cook your own delicious pizzas in the comfort of your backyard or any other outdoor space! The Ooni Fyra outdoor pizza oven boasts a stone floor, wood-fired flames, and thick insulation which are the ideal cooking conditions for quality pizza you won’t believe you can make yourself! Wood-fired cooking is streamlined for a no-nonsense experience and amazing flavors that can only be achieved with the Ooni Fyra. The natural efficiency of wood pellets and optimal heat retention of this pizza oven minimizes energy waste, maximizes burn time, and results in an extraordinary cooking experience. Discover the endless foods you can make with the flame of this oven, like steak, meat, fish, vegetables, and so many more!

    The ingenious pellet hopper automatically feeds through hardwood pellets for effortless cooking. Ready to go in 15 minutes, Ooni Fyra reaches temperatures up to 932°F to cook authentic stone-baked Neapolitan-style pizza in just 60 seconds.

    Ooni Fyra is the proud successor of Ooni 3, the worlds first portable pizza oven fueled by wood pellets. It’s been made ultra-portable at just 22 lbs . The Ooni team is a member of 1% for the Planet, so ordering Ooni Fyra means youll be helping to plant trees through their partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects.

    * Please note that orders including both pre-order items and in-stock items will be dispatched together once pre-order items become available in mid-September.

    Ooni Karu 12 Is The Most Versatile Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven On The Market Its Perfect For The Curious Pizzaiolo

    Like the Ooni Fyra, its so light that it can be carried around for any occasion! But unlike its cousin, youre able to use three different energy sources instead of just one.

    Fuel your oven with wood and/or charcoal for an even more authentic taste. And why not add a handful of pellets in there to give your fire a bit of a kick! That way you can enjoy a smokier pizza worthy of the best pizzeria in Naples. Art doesnt follow rules, so why should you? And as a bonus, you could even connect your oven to propane for those nights when you just want to take it easy. All you need is an Ooni propane adaptor.

    Although the Ooni Karu is a tad more expensive than other 12 ovens, the difference is youll be able to test out all the cooking options. And, just like the others, it can make much more than just pizza Just figure out what youre in the mood for, and no sooner said than done, youll be enjoying some mouth-watering meat, fish, or vegetables. The options are endless.

    On that note, we say, buon appetito! Psst, choose a few of your favorite toppings!

    When you order an Ooni oven, youre helping to plant trees through Oonis partnership with Eden Projects and 1% for the Planet.

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    Alfa 4 Pizze Outdoor Stainless


    Italian designers have led the way in fashion, style, and design for over a century. With brands such as Ferrari, Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Alfa Romeo cornering the luxury goods market, its hardly a surprise that this Italian designed and built pizza oven is a modern design classic.

    This sleek and stylish oven from Alfa combines ultra-stylish looks with cutting edge materials to give us the sexiest looking high-performance oven on our list. And just like a Ferrari, it comes with wheels! It is a mobile oven designed to be moved to the center spot of any outdoor event. Forget about those brick build behemoths of old, get yourself the new sexy now!


    • Lower heat retention time needs more fuel


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