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Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Outdoor

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Who Is This Pizza Oven For

Stainless Steel Ooni Pro Portable Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

This pizza oven is the authentic choice for people who like making pizza at home but dont want to deal with some problems of a traditional oven such as heating time, cleanability, or portability. The brand design is modern, drawing attention away from the host. Pizza comes out fresh, crispy just like delivery pizza from Domino Pizza. Lets take a look at the basic information for this oven.

Why Should I Buy This Oven

This oven is one of the most money-saving deals pizza ovens in its category. When it is delivered to your door, youll feel no regrets about spending money on it.

Whats more, its also space-friendly and portable, a perfect steel alternative to replacing the traditional pizza oven.

Like many other stainless-steel products, it is also easy to clean. Your oven will looks new and ready to receive compliments from people after so many times your family cooks.

The only limitation is the small cooking space. After loading all the woods, the space left is only big enough for one pizza at a time. So if you want to bake 2 pizzas at a time, consider either buying an oven with a more spacious cooking space or using 2 pizza ovens at the same time.

As for the settings, some have complained about the unclear guidelines and information. However, if you really take time into exploring all the parts, it would be no difficulty at all. The final beautiful oven is definitely worth it.

Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven

Some of you may be familiar with this brand from ABCs Shark Tank!

Bertello offers portable outdoor pizza ovens with a hybrid fuel system. You can use wood, gas, charcoal, or wood pellets in this oven.

Like many of the other contenders This outdoor pizza oven can hit a high temperature around 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wondering about materials?

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any information about it! Bertello does mention insulation. But beyond thatWe dont have a clue!

The bottom line on Bertello?

If youre looking for an inexpensive portable outdoor pizza oven This could be an option for you.

Lets compare with Solo Stove.

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How To Choose The Best Outdoor Pizza Oven For Your Home

Youre here because you want the ability to cook delicious pizzas in the comfort of your own home, or perhaps be able to take your oven on little adventures. However, pizza ovens vary so widely that it can be difficult to decide on just one!

Thats why weve decided to go ahead and write up a buying guide, so that you can confidently select the perfect backyard pizza oven for you and your family/friends!

The Benefits Of The Forninox Technology

Portable Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven, Stainless steel outdoor pizza oven QQG ...

Here are the main advantages of Alfas steel ovens:

  • Reduction of oven prep time
  • Low firewood consumption

Reduction of oven prep time

Alfas largest home ovens can bring the temperature up to more than 450°C in about thirty minutes and even less for smaller models. In fact, thanks to Forninox technology, it takes just a few minutes to heat the oven up to the right temperature.

Low firewood consumption

To operate such an oven, you need less firewood as the STAINLESS-steel covering and the high-grade refractory materials provide enough insulation to reduce heat loss.

Ease of installation

The oven is delivered to your door and ready to be used in nothing flat. Just screw it to the base, put the flue into the dome and get it going! The dome is coated with a double layer of powder paint to protect the oven against bad weather.

Outstanding mobility

The oven low weight makes for extreme maneuverability heightened by a 4-castor light structure to move it easily. From now on, you will be able to wheel your wood-burning oven to your garden or terrace to host stonking pizza parties with friends and family.

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The Forninox Patent And The Alfa Steel Wood

Alfas technology facilitates the manufacturing of energy-efficient wood-fired ovens that nevertheless do reach the high temperatures necessary to bake a bona fide Neapolitan pizza. In fact, wood-burning ovens made with Forninox technology are equipped with a dome covered with a layer of various types of steel that makes for a better insulation and keeps the heat in the cooking chamber longer.The floor and the vault are built with the best in-house refractory materials.

Besides, the base comes with a further refractory layer to control heat loss and to stabilise the temperature. Thanks to Forninoxtechnology, Alfa meets the needs of people who want to cook with a real wood-fired oven in a no-fuss way. Let us face it, traditional wood-burning brick oven are simply the pinnacle of cooking, but they also overflow with serious constraints such as:

  • Large quantities of firewood to reach high and stable temperatures.
  • Time and care to light and build a fire.
  • Restrictions on installation, construction or setup of a chimney system.

Alfa thought of them when it came up with the idea of producing steel wood-fired ovens capable of going beyond the limits of traditional brick ovens.

Want more info about Forninox technology? Visit our page to look into the technical points of this innovation and the materials used to build our ovens.

Bull Bbq Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Fit 3 Large Pizzas

Get ready for gourmet pizza’s at home with the Genuine Bull BBQ® Wood Fire Pizza Oven. Constructed of 100% stainless steel inside and out your pizza oven has been built to last just like every Bull product.

With a massive cooking area of 1015mm x 550mm there is enough room for the fire plus 3 large pizzas, so hosting a pizza night is not a problem.

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Alfas Ovens: Made In Italy Swings Between Tradition And Innovation

Since the very beginning of the company, the pursuit of excellence was our mission statement.

The first traditional Alfa oven was built by the two founder members in 1977 . We pioneered the refractory oven industryand for almost 50 years our aim was to make the wood-fired oven an affordable and easy-to-use cooking appliance which heats up quickly and consumes less energy.

We started with the raw materials, working and improving on refractories to obtain ovens with better thermal mass and insulation. Then, we focused on the structures to create robust products that stand the test of time.

All Alfa ovens are made in Italy by skilled craftsmen on the companys premises in Anagni, not far from the historic cradles of pizza, Naples and Rome.

Where Can This Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Be Used

Bella Portable Stainless Steel Pizza Oven

We recommend you to use this oven in an open space for two reasons.

First, because it will take lots of woods to burn, placing it outdoor will allow maximum ventilation.

Second, since the huge size and heaviness of this oven, it will require a large space. For a small kitchen, this oven may take up the whole area, making it less convenient.

Third, the stainless steel oven is very beautiful. Placing it outdoor is a perfect way to , making it much more cozy and stylish.

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Outdoor Pizza Ovens & Accessories: What To Look For

Having an outdoor pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen or patio space is a growing trend. Pizza ovens for the outdoors have gained popularity thanks to their quick cook times, cooking versatility, and ease of use. A home pizza oven also allows you to put a twist on classic BBQ by treating your friends and family to piping-hot pizza made right in your own backyard. There’s nothing like having your own pizzeria just steps away, especially if you’ve got a few homemade pizza recipes up your sleeve!

If you’re looking to add an outdoor kitchen pizza oven, we offer the largest selection of built-in pizza ovens, freestanding pizza ovens, and portable pizza ovens. Some of our most popular brands are Lynx, Alfresco, Forno Venetzia, and Ooni.

Below are a few tips we’ve put together to help you get started on journey to finding the best pizza ovens for you. Be sure to check out our pizza oven buying guide and pizza oven comparison chart for more information on how to choose the right oven.

Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven With Gas Burner

Create Homemade Pizzas in Your Backyard

Create new, meaningful moments right in your own backyard with Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven. The Pi comes with a wood burning assembly and a gas burner, so you can choose between wood-fired flavor or the convenience of propane-fueled flames.

Simply roll out the dough, add your favorit toppings, launch it in the oven with the help of a peel and wait. The result: Crust thatâs twice as crisp as any oven-rack pizza and happy faces. Quick and easy Pi is the choice pizza oven for any backyard artisan.

  • Tech Specs : 15.125 x 20.5 in Weight: 30.5 lbs
  • Material: Stainless Steel

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Ooni Pizza Oven Review

We received an Ooni Karu 16 Pizza oven for free to create and test out a few delicious recipes. You can try out our baked cranberry brie pull apart bread, and read our full review of what we thought of the Ooni pizza oven here.

To sum up our review, the Ooni pizza ovens are fantastic and we absolutely love ours! They are easy to use, clean up is minimal at best, have a very social aspect to them, making them ideal for get togethers with friends and family, and best of all, they create delicious Neapolitan style pizza extremely quickly!

Make sure to read the full review where we cover some tips and tricks and other gear that will make using a pizza oven at home that much easier!

Ready To Come Home Fire Up The Oven And Make Authentic Pizzas

Pacific Living Built

If you love making delicious homemade pizzas but hate waiting around for them to cook, then a stainless steel metal wood-fired pizza oven is just what you need! You can preheat your oven, throw the pizza on, and have it ready in a short amount of time. This is a great advantage, for example, when you are hosting pizza parties.The cooking surface of a metal pizza oven will be fire brick, refractory tiles, or cordierite pizza stone similar to brick ovens. It will give your pies that authentic brick-oven taste without the need for a heavier brick oven.Look at our pizza oven outdoor models below and click to get your own pizza oven delivered right to your door!

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Outdoor Pizza Oven: The All

Lets open this up with a simple question.

Who loves pizza?

The answer isEveryone. Absolutely everyone loves pizza.

So its no mystery that outdoor pizza ovens have surged in popularity recently.

The prospect of having fresh wood fired homemade pizza pie Whenever you want?

Some would say thats a slice of heaven on Earth.

And we would have to agree.

But before you sink your teeth into bubbling cheese and a crispy crust with that oh so delicious authentic taste

You have to decide which outdoor pizza oven you want.

This can prove to be a formidable task in and of itself!

Lucky for youYoure in the right place.

Today well be reviewing the most popular outdoor pizza ovens out there. By the end, youll know which ovens make the cutAnd which fall short.

Lets begin.

Before we review specific brands Its important to know what actually makes a good pizza oven.

There are quite a few categories to consider!

And at the top of our list?

Its quality of materials.

Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven In Stainless Steel


With the NXR Wood Fired Pizza Oven, youll transform your patio into a restaurant-quality outdoor kitchen fit for any culinary enthusiast. As the perfect blend of luxury and performance, the outdoor wood pizza oven provides years of unparalleled cooking and entertaining. Equipped with a sleek stainless steel exterior, a built-in thermometer, and two shelves for convenient storage, the outdoor wood fired pizza oven will quickly become the focal point of your entertaining space. By prioritizing durability and style with NXR, youll enjoy the extravagance of professional-grade appliances in the comfort of your home.Engineered with performance and durability in mind, the NXR Wood Fired Pizza Oven features heavy gauge 304 stainless steel construction, an adjustable flue mechanism for temperature precision, and a built-in thermometer on the door front. With unparalleled temperature control, the outdoor pizza oven ensures that your pizza resembles the taste and experience of an Italian restaurant. Equipped with a 2-shelf cart for convenient storage and 4 castors for stress-free location changes, the outdoor wood pizza oven ensures a restaurant-quality cooking experience that is customizable to your outdoor space. An ideal blend between style and functionality, the outdoor wood fired pizza oven from NXR is a unique touch to your outdoor dining experience. Without a doubt, this modern stainless steel pizza oven slices through the competition.


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Pizza Oven Materials & Construction

When shopping for an outdoor kitchen pizza oven, there are a couple things to consider to ensure your pizza oven will last for many years to come. All pizza ovens feature some sort of dome-shaped ceiling. This helps direct and spread the heat evenly across the pizza stone in your oven. It is important that your dome and hearth are fully insulated to allow higher cooking temperatures to be reached and maintained. This will help in cooking your pizza faster, which is great when cooking several pies for more guests at your pizza party.

The materials used probably play the most important factor when looking for longevity in the life of an outdoor pizza oven. High-grade stainless steel, such as 304, will hold up best to the outdoor elements, while also withstanding the constant extreme heat inside the pizza oven.

Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Stainless Steel Pizza Oven

Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Oven Review – Capri 1100

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in America, and it’s easy to see why. It’s delicious, it’s convenient, and it can be made in just about any oven. But if you want to get the best results from your pie, you need to use the right equipment. Browse the top-ranked list of stainless steel pizza ovens below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Product Description

    Enjoy home-cooked meals with this Hamilton Beach countertop oven. The easy-turn contoured knobs let you adjust settings effortlessly, while the rotisserie, bake and broil modes offer versatile cooking options. This Hamilton Beach countertop oven includes two racks for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously, and the large capacity accommodates full-size meals, letting you prepare a feast for your family.See all Toaster Ovens

    Product Description

    Enjoy home-cooked meals with this Hamilton Beach countertop oven. The easy-turn contoured knobs let you adjust settings effortlessly, while the rotisserie, bake and broil modes offer versatile cooking options. This Hamilton Beach countertop oven includes two racks for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously, and the large capacity accommodates full-size meals, letting you prepare a feast for your family.

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    Pizza Peel And Embers Rake

    The oven comes with its own pizza peel for introducing and removing the pizza to the oven and embers rake. A sturdy carry bag is available to buy but was included with mine as a Caravan and Camping Show offer along with a cast iron pan and a sizzling pan.

    Check out The Pizza Oven Shop which is the only Igneus stockist here in the UK as they often have offers on, so it’s worth checking.

    Tips For Using Your Home Pizza Oven

    #1: To keep your pizza from sticking to the pizza peel, sprinkle on a good amount of cornmeal It may feel intuitive to use something like parchment paper, but do not do this. Parchment paper is oven safe, only up to 450F, and as yours is capable of reaching almost double that, the results are not going to be good.

    #2: Make sure to properly care for your pizza stone each use Always clean any leftover food on it by scraping rather than using soap. Black stones mean that theyre well-seasoned, so if yours is getting darker, thats actually a good thing! Theres no need to oil it or anything like that.

    #3: To prevent your stone from cracking, make sure it always cools down slowly.

    #4: If you find your crust bottoms keep burning, there are many ways to prevent it from happening First, try rotating your pizza more frequently. As soon as you start to see the bottom darkening, use your pizza peel to kind of lift it up off the stone.

    This ensures the rest of your pizza will keep cooking with the heat inside the oven, but stops the bottom from making contact with it. Another step would be to make your pizza smaller to allow the heat to move more freely. If those dont work, reduce cooking time and/or temperature.

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    Tips For Cooking Wood Fired Pizza’s

    • For best results when cooking with your Ooni pizza oven, temperature control is key. To make this easy, Ooni sells a handy infrared thermometer which can tell you exactly how hot the pizza stone is. This ensures you have evenly cooked pizza’s every time!
    • Turn the pizza often, about every 15 to 30 seconds or so to prevent scorching on one side. The hotter the pizza stone and ambient air temperature, the more you will have to turn the pizza.
    • While Ooni reccomends cooking pizza’s at very high temperatures with full flame to achieve a classic 60 second cook time, it is easier for beginner pizza cooks to cook at lower temperatures. Don’t worry the pizza will cook just the same, it will just take a little longer.
    • If using the Ooni Karu with wood or charcoal, use a high quality fuel to ensure even temperatures in your oven. Add small amounts often and in-between cooking pizzas to maintain even temperatures.

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