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Tandoori Clay Oven For Sale

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How To Create A Tandoor Oven How Can I Make A Tandoor Oven

Professional BBQ Tandoor Wood Fried Clay Pizza Oven Dome Oven Outdoor For Sale

So many similar questions and so many answers the Internet provides but unfortunately most tandoori making projects dont succeed as the builder wants to have the same taste that he tried in a Good Indian Restaurant.

The main 2 things that are the most important in making a good tandoori oven are the

The Pot Using any pot or an inverted planter might give you similar looks but for the right cooking you need the right material of the clay pot and the shape. Both of these play a very vital role in the end result of the Breads. Clay pots for self doing are available on click this particular link

The Insulation Whatever you use the main aim is to hold the heat inside but do remember that clay expands and contracts so the right insulation and the way you will fill it is very important. If the clay pot will lose heat quickly then the food will not be well cooked plus the life of the clay pot will be reduced.

The Enclosure A clay pot is no good unless it is in an enclosure. This prevents the holding of continuous expansion and contraction of the clay, holding of insulation thus holding heat inside and making it safe to use. You may use Metal, Mortar, Brickwork etc keeping in mind that it would still get hot on the outside so do it in a place where there are no combustible materials around.


The above model supplied is

Established In 1999 After Forty Years Of Worldwide Experience

Mainra Traders Clay Ovens/Tandoor have been certified by CSA certified to ANSI Standard-4/ Natural Gas system and also for Charcoal System clay Oven/Tandoor. Our clay oven tandoors are certified by CSA to be used for Canada and USA.Tandoors are available for delivery within five working days and we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Clay Ovens to the Restaurants/Hotels around the globe.

What Makes Tandoori Clay Oven Different From Conventional Oven

A charcoal fired tandoori clay oven makes it different and gives a traditional taste to the food. It is fired with charcoal / briquettes that heat up the clay pot by up to 400 degrees Celsius, which is way beyond the conventional oven.

The food is cooked with the help of metal skewer on which the food is placed and then inserted into the clay oven, vertically. It offers you to cook various types of food such as smoked chicken or meat, kebabs, spicy cottage cheese, different types of bread through slapping it inside, etc.

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Why Buy A Baba Clay Oven Tandoor

If you go to any Indian restaurant, you are sure to find a Tandoor.

These clay ovens are used for cooking all sorts of amazing foods from grilled meats and fish to delicious soft and fluffy naan bread.

A Tandoor is a cylindrical clay pot used for cooking food. It is a cross between an oven that you would use at home and a BBQ. The difference being is that you heat up the tandoor using charcoal or wood. All traditional Tandoors are made from a clay base, which allows for retention of heat and allows cooking at high temperatures. Its also one of the healthiest ways to cook!

You can now bring restaurant quality food to your home with the Baba Clay Oven domestic charcoal Tandoor!

We guarantee a cooking experience like no other.

So get ready, theres a new kind of BaBaQ!

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Tandoori Clay Oven for sale in UK

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Important Information

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Fast Delivery All Across N America As Per International Standards

The only Certified Tandoor Supplier in N. America!

Certified from C.S.A. Canada!

Gas System Certified, Charcoal System Certified and NSF-4/ANSI 4 .

How to Cure a Tandoor Oven

For information on how to cure a Tandoor Oven please click on the button below.

NOTE: All Tandoor ovens sold by Mainra Traders are ALREADY cured.

Tandoori Advisor What Tandoor Size Do You Require

Whether you are New to tandoori Cooking or an Expert the below detailed chart shall help you decide and check What is the most optimum tandoori oven size for my requirement

Tandoori Cooking is a very fast mode of cooking rather faster than microware cooking Vis a Vis size of portions.

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Large Home Tandoor Oven

Portable large size charcoal fired tandoori clay oven.

Ideal for up to 30 people

Authentic Indian Clay Oven Tandoor. Made in India

We bring you centuries old cooking technique in an urban avatar for your home/garden. It has a hand crafted clay pot made by skilled Indian artisans which is housed in an elegant stainless steel casing with heavy insulation to retain the heat.

The Tandoor model SS3 Ultima comes with the following free accessories

1 x SS lid with brass handle

8 x SS skewers with wooden handles

2 x SS skewers with wooden handles

2 x SS naan bread rods

1 x naan bread cushion/Gaddi

1 x SS tandoori BBQ Grill

1 x 100% weatherproof cover

2 x detachable snap on SS side tables

1 x Recipe book ” Tandoor : The Great Indian BBQ” by Ranjit Rai

For more details, please check the dimensions picture below

Packed in a wooden box

Packed weight & dimesions : 220lbs, 22″ x 24″ x 36″

Click here for delivery information

Disclaimer: Hairline / minor cracks and fissures are normal for any clay oven and it is not considered as a damaged clay oven. The lump of clay is provided for this purpose only to repair minor cracks that may occur in transit or for heat induced cracks that occur after use.

Due to the nature of the mirror/chrome stainless steel used in these tandoors there could be a few minor scuffs/scratches in the outside casing of the tandoors. This is normal and not a defect.

All About Tandoori Oven Skewers

How to Make a Tandoori Oven | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas

The GT skewers are an essential part of the tandoori oven and should not be considered as an accessory as very few people have realized the importance of the same. It is a tool without which the skewered tandoori food would not exist. Here is all about tandoori skewers that you would want to know.

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Introducing The Gulati Tandoordisc

A GULATI Exclusive protected by U.S. patent

It seemed impossible, but we have improved upon an ancient cooking method by inventing the TandoorDISC.

For the first time ever, you are able to grill, smoke, bake, slow cook in your tandoor infused smoke and flavor into virtually anything .

This game changer maximizes your tandoor utility you wont need anything else to get the best food on the block!

A Contemporary Twist To The Food

Food is cooked quickly and evenly from outside in with the radiant heat of the clay walls and inside out with the heat of the metal skewers keeping meat tender and moist giving the unmistakable succulent flavor and texture perfecting the taste of tandoori chargrilled flavour.

This traditional way of cooking gives real taste of the cooked food without losing its actual flavor and juices. BUY clay oven tandoori from PURIs and experience the quality restaurant style dinning at home.

Buy clay oven tandoori online or feel free to contact us for more information on our varied range of products that offer the best culinary experience.

Buy home tandoor with confidence and enjoy what we call is Ecstasy of Indian BBQ’

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What Can I Cook In A Tandoor

Tandoori is a cooking method by which food is cooked in a clay oven over charcoal. It is named after the oven it was traditionally cooked in, which is called a Tandoor. Meat is marinated in yogurt and spices, while breads like naan and roti are often pressed against the side walls of the tandoor.

Get The Authentic Taste With Portable Tandoori Clay Oven

Tandoori Clay Oven for sale in UK

PURI Tandoors, the brand you can trust. We have been in manufacturing and retail industry from the last decade and know exactly what our customers want. With years of experience in Tandoor making, we have designed a perfect BBQ Tandoori oven for domestic use. A Tandoori Clay oven is a superior handcrafted portable product that is made by skilled artisans. A clay tandoor oven is encased with polished high-quality stainless steel that makes it an exquisite product.

This original portable clay oven tandoor for sale in UK is introduced by PURI’s who uses natural materials to create cylindrical shape drum with thick layers of clay that prevents cracking of the clay lining. The stainless steel casing is robust and protective made with the high-grade material which protects the outer and also gives the aesthetically pleasing contemporary look to the eye. It is best suited for home cooking which can easily be carried for picnics.

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Mechanism Of The Gas Tandoor

Its heating depends upon the cooking gas, which means it is not injurious to the health like the micro-wave conventional oven. It is totally good for health even it is beneficial for health. Its mechanism is simple, even a common not so technical man can understand. It is simple, but its work is not so easy, it provides proper heating of the food, so that overall cooking should be done. It tries to spread equal heating to the food to enhance the taste of the dish.

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The Gas Tandoor is getting famous in the world because of its convenience in cooking, so if you want to specify your kitchen, then buy Gas tandoors for sale, which is a sign of being serious about cooking. After placing it in your kitchen you will get the confidence of making any cuisine, whether traditional or modern in your kitchen with the needed accuracy, like the Tandoori dishes which are famous in all over the world. Having these kinds of appliances will help you organize a party, based on Tandoori dishes for which the people are enthusiast about. You can ask your friends for a specialized dinner or the colleagues. It will change the taste of your life.

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FlatbreadAccording to Wikipedia, a gas tandoor can make different types of flat bread like the Naan, Laccha paratha, Missi Roti, Kulcha etc.

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