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Tuscan Grill For Pizza Oven

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Instructions For Use Overview:

The Expert Way to use a Tuscan Grill in your Woodfired Oven
  • Make a fire using 2 to 4 logs. Wait for them to burn down to hot, glowing embers, then carefully center the coals on the ovens cooking floor. Note: Never cook on your Tuscan Grill over leaping flames!
  • Place the grill over the embers to pre-heat.
  • Carefully, place your ingredients on the grill with tongs, a pizza peel, or other heat-safe utensils. We highly recommend wearing heat-proof mitts or gloves when working with a Tuscan Grill, as the metal can be extremely hot.
  • Note: Ember temperatures can vary. Carefully test any meat with an internal cooking thermometer instead of relying on specific cooking times, and do keep a close eye on fruits and vegetables to prevent burning
  • Additional tips and instructions are available in the Users Guide that comes with grill.

    Grilling Directly In A Brick Oven

    There are two ways of grilling with a brick oven. For most owners, using a rack over coals in a brick oven makes a great grill setting seared grill marks, and sealing in moisture for food that is crisp, and not dried out. The process is very simple.

    Wood Fired Lamb on Tuscan Grill

    • First, bring your oven to temperature.
    • Rake a layer of hot coals over the cooking hearth towards the front of your oven and set a free-standing steel or cast iron Tuscan Grill over the coals.
    • Allow the grill to get nice and hot before placing your food on it for good sear marks. The juices from the meat will drip into the coals, protecting the oven floor, generating a bit of flavorful steam, and creating amazing smells.
    • Poke the coals a bit as they lose their red glow to keep them hot. Avoid blowing on them, though, as you will get cinders on your food not good eats.

    Ideal Height And Width:

    The Tuscan Grill fits in all Forno Bravo and Bella ovens. It is designed to hit the sweet spot of grilling small enough to slide through the oven mouth, and wide enough to maximize the available cooking space tall enough to clear a bed of hot coals, but low enough to allow room for a thick steak on top of the grill below the dome.

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    Using Brick Oven Coals For An Open Grill

    Tuscan Grill

    Your brick oven makes a great BBQ, but there are some limitations. Specifically, the size of the grill is limited to the opening of your oven typically between 17 and 20. While residential brick ovens are quite deep, they generally have less grilling real estate than an open grill or an extra-large Weber.

    Also, if you are cooking several things in your oven, such as pizzas, vegetables, and side dishes, there might not be time or a place for grilling. If this is the case, or if you need more space to work, you can use your brick oven to create wood coals for you. Nothing tastes better than food cooked over real wood, and your brick oven is an efficient source of coals. Simply fire your oven, and then use a metal pizza peel or a metal shovel to transfer them to an attached open grill for the best of both worlds. This is a very common practice in Italy.

    Casa90 and Argentinian Open Grill Combination installed by Jims Wood Fired Ovens and the Arch, NC

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  • Tuscan Grill For Pizza Oven

    This Tuscan grill for pizza oven is great for cooking over an open fire or in a wood-fired pizza oven

    Great for grilling and barbecuing a variety of meat, fish and vegetables in your wood-fired oven.

    The large grilling area gives you enough space to cook up a feast.

    Size: 64cm x 39cm x 7cm

    There are no reviews yet.

    Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

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    Simple Pork Tenderloin Medallions For Sliders

    Quick and Healthy Wood Fired Grilling at Its Finest

    • Take a section of wrapped pork tenderloin and bring it to room temperature while you heat your oven and grill.
    • With a sharp knife, trim off any fat or silver-skin, then cut the loin into 1 2 slices
    • Place the slices in a bowl and toss with a few tablespoons of grapeseed oil or another oil with a high smoke point. Add seasonings and toss.
    • Place on the hot Tuscan Grill using tongs. Flip after 4 5 minutes. Total cook time is apx. 10-12 min. Note: They will cook VERY quickly, and cook time will vary based on the thickness and oven temp. The internal temperature should be 140-145F when finished.
    • Remove to a plate, tent with foil, and let rest.
    • You can heat your slider rolls by wrapping them in foil and heating them in the oven away from the heat.
    • Chop or slice the medallions even thinner, and place a portion on the bun with spicy mustard, arugula, thin sliced tomato, grilled onions, a little grated sharp cheese, or any other topping you wish. Serve!

    Finished Product! Yumm!

    In Stock After 31/8/21

    Cru Ovens Grill Grid

    The Morsø Tuscan Grill is an enamelled cast iron grill grate, whose diameter of 33 cm gives a grilling area of over 800 cm2. The Tuscan Grill is used in the Morsø Forno Outdoor Oven and enables you to cook steaks and vegetables with sharp, well-defined grill markings. It is also where you put fish for grilling or smoking.

    Ordinary grill grates of smooth stainless steel have the disadvantage that fat drips off, so the steak isnt roasted, but toasted. Our cast iron grill grate has the advantage that its innumerable small pores absorb fat and flavours from the meat. This achieves the right effect, that the meat is roasted in its own fat. The enamelled surface of the Tuscan Grill ensures both a long lifetime and easy cleaning. The enamelling is done in a way that preserves the ability of the cast iron to absorb fat and flavours, making the grate ideal for grilling.

    2 in stock Next day delivery

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    Tuscan Grill Expands Wood Fired Cooking Options

    A Tuscan Grill is a premium steel accessory that you place in your hot, wood fired oven over a bed of coals for cooking sizzling steaks, burgers, or chops, grilling chicken, roasting vegetables, or baking fish. You can even use it in combination with a cast-iron skillet or sizzle pan for smaller items or for preparing pizza ingredients like mushrooms, onions, peppers, or eggplant. Forno Bravos version of this quality grill is made at our factory in Colorado and shipped all over the world.

    This fun tool opens up a whole new world of cooking options. The smoking hot dome and heated steel grate add an amazing sear, while the coals underneath catch any drips, and radiate heat into the food for an even bake. Taken together, you can make pizza, then grill to your hearts content in the same heat-up cycle, saving both fuel and time.

    How To Cook Steaks On The Tuscan Grill

    Members of the Forno Bravo Forum are never shy with their helpful wood fired oven advice. Here is an excerpt of a discussion that will help you make a great steak!

    Starting Tips from Christo:

    I was hankering for a wood fire-grilled steak, so we made steaks in the oven. Was feeling a bit lazy and seasoned the steaks with Lawrys seasoned salt, and a bit of pepper, and coated them with olive oil.

    Put in a few sticks of wood, fired it up, and had nice coals 30 mins later. I pulled one bigger stick to the side, as it kept wanting to burn, and slid the Tuscan Grill over the flat pile of coals to heat up.

    I used the tongs to pull the grill back, wiped it with oil, threw the steaks on it, and pushed it right back over the coals.

    Cook Time: Two minutes, turn 90 degrees, two minutes flip, two minutes turn 90 degrees, two minutes remove. Beautiful sear marks on Med Rare Steaks that were really tasty.

    Sizzling Hot Grill Ready for Steaks

    Jay @TexasSourdough added his thoughts to the conversation:

    Then Ken @Ken524 added his 2 cents:

    We broke in our Tuscan grill for the first time tonight. I bought 5 fresh-cut NY Strips from Whole Foods market. I rubbed them with olive oil, kosher salt, pepper, paprika and garlic powder.

    The oven was fired to a clear dome. Tuscan grill preheated for about 5 minutes. Steaks cooked a bit under 3 min/side. I put the finished meat in a cast-iron pan that I had heating in the oven at the same time to transfer them up to the kitchen .

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    Alfresco Chef Wire Tuscan Grill

    Traditional Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven

    £ 19.99

    A real grilling!

    In stock

    Great for grilling and barbecuing a variety of meat, fish and vegetables in your wood-fired oven. The large grilling area gives you enough space to cook up a feast.

    Suitable for use with Alfresco Chef Ovens Naples, Roma, Verona & Milano.

    Size: 64cm x 39cm x 7cm

    TRACKED DELIVERY 3 to 5 working days £6.99

    ** Orders over £100 are free delivery


    TRACKED DELIVERY 3 to 5 working days £6.99


    TRACKED DELIVERY 3 to 5 working days £9.99

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    Brick Oven Cooking Grilling Basics

    Watching a chef in a restaurant in Sorrento, I was surprised to see an assistant take a large pile of coals out of a pizza oven using a steel peel, and put them into a BBQ grill, and start cooking a mixed grill of steak, chicken, pork loin, and sausages. After thinking about it for a minute, it makes perfect sense. A pizza oven is a great source of true wood coals for grilling, or a place to do the actual grilling itself!

    Igneus Cast Iron Tuscan Grill

    £89.99inc. Vat

    Pizza ovens can cook so much more than pizza! With our cast iron accessories you can unlock the ability to cook meats, vegetables and much more.

    The Tuscan Grill opens you up to cooking stunning steaks with delicious grill markings. As the grill is made from cast iron it is able to withstand the high temperatures that pizza ovens can reach.

    The tray below the grill catches any spills from the food above and allows you to keep your pizza oven floor clean.

    Compatible with the following ovens:

    • Igneus Bambino, Classico, Pro 600 and Pro 750
    • Igneus Ceramiko Range

    Measures: 32cm x 32cm x 9.5cm

    In stock

    Need help choosing a pizza oven?

    Call us on 01423 608 648

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    Stone Oven Pizza And Panzerotti

    • 14″ traditional thin crust gourmet pizza topped with authentic homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella

      *1 topping substitution allowed per pizza. Additional charge may be applied for topping substitutions that are of greater cost.

      *Half topping, split pizzas are only valid on a cheese or pepperoni pizza.

    • Gluten Free Dough

    • Side tomato dipping sauce included.

      add $2.50

    • Italiana Pizza

      Traditional pizza topped with homemade tomato sauce, fior di latte cheese and fresh basil, lightly drizzled with olive oil.


    • Traditional pizza topped with pepperoni.


    • Traditional pizza with pepperoni, fresh mushrooms and green peppers.


    • Traditional pizza topped with pineapple, bacon, onion and hot banana peppers.


    • Traditional pizza topped with grilled eggplant and zucchini, roasted sweet peppers and fresh mushrooms.


    • Traditional pizza topped with Italian sausage, pepperoni and bacon.


    • Calabrese Pizza

      Traditional pizza topped with hot sopressata, roasted peppers, hot peppers in oil and black sliced olives.


    • Traditional pizza topped with fresh mushrooms, Italian sausage, and roasted sweet red peppers.


    • Traditional pizza topped with grilled chicken breast, sundried tomato, roasted peppers and goat cheese.


    • Traditional pizza with pesto, grilled chicken, grilled eggplant and goat cheese, topped with sundried tomato.


    • Fantasia Pizza

      Traditional pizza topped with arugula lettuce, prosciutto crudo and parmigiano cheese. .


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