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Used Pizza Ovens For Sale

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Bakers Pride Gas Single Deck Pizza Oven For Sale

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Why Is My Pizza Oven Smoking

One of the main complaints we hear from new wood-fired chefs is that they have too much smoke coming from their pizza oven. While this may be perfect when smoking meats, this isn’t what you want when having a pizza party. Even the best wood fired pizza oven will smoke if you are using the wrong wood.

Here’s the deal:

Greenwoods are those that have been just cut recently and not had the chance to dry yet. This type of wood is NOT what you want. It doesnt produce the right amount of flame needed inside the oven and will produce lots of smoke.

To avoid too much smoke, use hardwood that is kiln dried to ensure the balanced moisture and dryness of the wood you use.

Using information from an article, the following table shows the basic smoke, embers, and burning energy for the various types of fruitwoods.

Wood Type

Types Of Outdoor Pizza Ovens

There are a few different types of outdoor ovens, well take a closer look at each kind, so you can figure out the right fit for you.There are two main categories of outdoor ovens is:


A stationary oven is large and basically immovable. It is usually built into the backyard the designs and style vary as widely as the prices. You can hire a professional or try your hand at building one yourself. These are usually too expensive for the average Joe, but if youve recently won the lottery, then enjoy your new pizza oven. Nonetheless, we have collaborated some of the best high-end pizza ovens that wont require a second mortgage.


Portable outdoor ovens are the most compact and affordable. In fact, all of our Value Ovens Under $500 are all classified as portable. Typically, these types of outdoor ovens are made of metal instead of brick and are fueled with either wood pellets or propane gas. Building the ovens out of metal instead of brick offer obvious advantages.

First, brick ovens are massive, while metal ovens are smaller and lighter. Their small, compact frames make them more mobile and convenient for storage. Metal ovens can also incorporate a variety of features such as convection motors or rotating cooking surfaces.

Understanding Creative Manufacture Verbiage

Portable oven manufactures are known for advertising insane high temperature and short cook times. They explain their products something like this:

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Best Wood For Pizza Oven

Now that you know the types of wood that you dont want to use, you may be asking what is the best fuel for pizza ovens?

The best woods for cooking are seasoned and dried hardwoods. Hardwoods, which usually contain broad leaves on the trees, are a better option than softwoods, which usually have needles and cones.

One reason hardwoods are better for cooking in a pizza oven is that they are cleaner and last longer than softwoods. The best examples of hardwood are maple, oak, ash, hickory, walnut, birch, and beech.

That’s not all…

If you love the aromatic effect wood has on your food then fruitwood is highly recommended and can greatly affect your meal. Fruitwood, as the name implies, comes from several fruit-bearing trees.

Fruitwood includes apple, plum, almond, pear, hickory, maple, pecan, mesquite, chestnut, avocado, alder, apricot, nectarine, and cherry wood. These woods can really add to the flavor of your next dinner!

If you want to learn about the different types of wood and recipes to go with them, skip to Flavored Wood for Pizza Oven.

Ooni Frya 12 Outdoor Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven for sale in UK

The folks at Ooni keep getting closer to the perfect outdoor pizza oven. This iteration is truly portable, coming in under 25 pounds, and still functional, producing a great pie for your clan. Using real wood pellets, which you can find virtually anywhere, you get crispy pizzas with authentic wood fired flavors very quickly. It is an upgrade on the older Ooni 3 model weve reviewed in the past. For more details on the Fyra 12, see our full review here.

When we say very quickly, this unit can get over 900 degrees in fifteen minutes. It is truth in advertising, called a 12 because that is the largest pie that will fit easily into this unit.


It doesnt really have temperature control. To a point, the chimney baffle can slow things down, but otherwise it is flame on. Related to that, you want to watch your pellet feed. If you top off the feeder it can either cause a smolder with acrid smoke or blaze into scorching before cooking realms. A bit of attention, and a little practice, makes this easily avoidable.

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Where To Buy Wood For Pizza Ovens

Always try to find the best wood for cooking in your pizza oven. If searching online for firewood, you can search for “where to buy wood for pizza oven” or “firewood pizza”. There are online specialty stores like Cutting Edge Firewood that sell premium firewood for use in your pizza oven. We also carry a nice selection of Apple wood, Cherry wood, and Oak firewood that is perfectly cut for use in a pizza oven.

If the shipping costs prohibit you from purchasing from an online store, you can usually find wood locally by checking your local Craigslist or through word of mouth. Just make sure to ask if it’s a hardwood for cooking that has been seasoned and dried.

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Woods To Avoid When Cooking In Wood Fired Oven

Not all wood is fit to use in a wood fired oven and not all firewoods contribute to the savory blends of wood fired cooking flavor.

Cooking in a wood fired oven is a healthy choice so dont negate that by using firewood that is dangerous to your health. Laminated woods, pressure treated and painted woods, or any wood that has chemicals are never to be used in a wood fired oven.

Why does this matter?

These woods have hazardous chemicals that can be toxic. Also, avoid woods that have high sap content, like pine. Sap produces soot and creosote which coats the oven floor and is bad for humans. This is especially important when using various woods in commercial wood fired pizza ovens.

Best Wood For Wood Fired Pizza Oven Cooking


Great food depends on the wood you use when it comes to cooking in your wood-fired pizza oven. Cooking in your pizza oven with hardwood brings other benefits as well every wood fired oven seasons differently over time, just like a cast iron skillet, so each will produce food with subtle differences.

Basically, your wood burning oven will acquire its own environment and personality, infusing your pizza oven recipes with flavors you can’t find anywhere else.

Other factors including the quality of your meat, oven temperature, spices used, and any added sauces will impact the final taste of your meal as much as the type of wood used. So, spend time experimenting with different woods in addition to all the other factors.

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Why Forno Bravo Mobile Pizza Ovens

Forno Bravo authentic wood fired ovens are ideal for pizza trailers for several reasons:

Our oven domes are made with fiber-reinforced, commercial-grade refractory material which increases structural strength. Unlike clay or brick ovens, our mobile pizza oven domes can withstand the rigors of life on the road.

Our interlocking dome design provides industry-leading heat retention, as opposed to traditional brick ovens or butt-joint designs, which break apart over time and allow heat loss.

Our ceramic fiber insulation provides better insulation allowing you to save space, weight, and retain heat longer than traditional vermiculite/concrete mixed hearths.

We control our own product, made in the USA in Castroville, CA. You dont have to wait months for spare parts or warranty items we stand behind our product.

FiresideTrailer Pizza Oven Trailers

Mobile Pizza Oven Trailers Turn

Forno Bravo has worked with dozens of food truck manufacturing partners since 2004, so our authentic wood fired ovens have been used in a wide variety of pizza trailers and food trucks. Also, since Forno Bravos wood fired ovens carry ETL listings for commercial cooking equipment and food safety, it is easier to receive permitting for your mobile catering business. Whether through a Forno Bravo partner who specializes in mobile pizza trailers, a preferred trailer integrator near you, or a do-it-yourself pizza trailer project, we offer a variety of pizza oven solutions for your business.

While Forno Bravo works with many food truck and pizza trailer manufacturers, we suggest you reach out to Fireside Trailer, the sales team there is familiar with all Forno Bravo mobile solution resellers and if Fireside Trailer doesnt have a turnkey solution for you, they may be able to refer you to a qualified integrator.

Viaggio Drop-In Mobile Pizza Oven

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Does Moisture Content Affect Wood Fired Cooking

Did you know that the moisture content of your firewood affects not just your food but also your wood-fired oven? YES, it does! When your wood has too much moisture in it, your oven has to spend more time drying the wood and less time heating your oven.

The ideal moisture content of the best wood used in wood-burning ovens is less than 20% moisture. This means that under-dried woods are not recommended. There should be a nice balance, not too dry but not totally green wood.

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Lincoln Pizza Oven for sale

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The Benefits Of Cold Fermentation

Cold fermentation is a fundamental technique for dough-making for a few key reasons:

Flavor: Cold fermentation develops a complexity of flavor in the dough that a fast fermentation can’t, thanks to the sorts of flavorful compounds that form only when a dough proofs at low temperatures.

Easy Stretching: This slow fermentation gives the dough time to relax, which makes it easy to stretch out into a nice round disk without the dough fighting back. Not only does this help improve the look of your pies, it keeps them tender, because an overworked dough yields a tough, chewy pizza.

Convenience: While this method does require advanced planning, you can make pizza anytime within a 3-day window once the doughs are in the fridge, only an hour or two after you pull them out.

The recipe makes four 225-gram dough ballssized to make 10-inch pies, which I think are an ideal diameter for a smaller ovenor three 300-gram dough balls, sized to make 12-inch pies in a larger oven.

I strongly recommend that you cold-proof the dough in individual containerslike the 7-inch plastic takeout container pictured aboverather than side-by-side on a rimmed baking sheet. This helps to prevent the dough balls from kissing one another, which will make them hard to separate without tearing, but it also means you can handle each ball as gently as possible, which will help you to avoid overworking the dough before you shape it.

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For Sale – used blodgett pizza oven

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What Kind Of Firewood For Pizza Oven Use

You found a wood-burning pizza oven for sale and youre ready to fire it up! You’re looking forward to cooking delicious wood-fired pizza recipes like an almond wood smoked chicken and spinach pizza. Wait a minute! I think you can agree that spending an hour trying to heat a smoky oven isn’t your idea of a good time!

But, it doesn’t have to be that way if you have the best wood to use in your pizza oven. In this blog post, well focus on the best woods to use for your residential outdoor wood-burning pizza oven. Hopefully, after you’ve read this post, youll know the dos and donts of using wood for pizza oven use.

This article contains information on the following topics related to cooking wood:

8. Flavored Wood for Pizza Oven

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