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Whirlpool Self Cleaning Oven Troubleshooting

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Why Is My Whirlpool Oven Door Locked & Wont Open

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A locked oven door can be frustrating, especially if it means a delay in dinner. Why would you find your Whirlpool oven door locked? Its often because the control panel lock was set inadvertently. Holding down the START button for 3 seconds should clear the setting and unlock the door. Well explore this and other reasons a Whirlpool oven door wont open, offering quick solutions to solve the problem.

Replace The Door Lock Switch

An electronic switch inside the oven turns on when the oven door is closed. The self-cleaning mechanism will not turn off if the switch is off. If the switch is faulty, it wont turn on even if the door is closed.

Heres how to test the switch and replace it if necessary:

  • Turn off the oven at the wall and unplug it.
  • Take the oven out from the wall so you can access the back.
  • Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screws holding the upper access panel on the back of the oven in place. Pull the panel upward to remove it.
  • Pull the yellow door switch connector wire on the left side to disconnect it.
  • Use a small flathead screwdriver to depress the locking tabs holding the switch in place, and push the switch through the hole.
  • Unhook the switch from the actuator rod. Use the multimeter to test the switch for continuity.
  • If the switch is faulty order a new one from Whirlpool with the part number 9757262.
  • Hook the actuator rod through the new switch, and insert the end of the rod into the access hole on the rear of the oven. Make sure the other end comes through the small hole on the front of the oven.
  • Snap the new switch into place in the access hole, and reconnect the yellow wire.
  • Replace the back access panel and screw it back in place.
  • Put your oven back in place and plug it back in.
  • Oven Not Working After Self Cleaning: Causes And Solutions

    A self cleaning oven is one which cleans itself when you set it on the cleaning mode and thus becomes perfect for use after that. There are many types of self cleaning ovens available in the market and they are definitely the latest ones out there. However one problem which is often observed with them is oven not working after self cleaning. Yes, sometimes, an oven may stop working after the process of self cleaning. The following are some of the main causes and well as solutions for this issue:

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    Whirlpool Responds To Self

    NORTH TEXAS – Whirlpool Corporation is responding to an I-team investigation, but some customers are not happy about what they are hearing.

    “The last time I called after your newscast, at the number you provided, they said they would send someone out but I have to pay the service call which was $129,” explained Barbara Berry of Mansfield.

    Berry contacted the CBS 11 News Investigators and then Whirlpool after watching our story which aired on September 5, 2013.

    Berry listened to Rhonda Wheeler of Granbury explain how her Kitchen Aid oven stopped worked right after she used the self-cleaning cycle. Wheeler showed us how she could no longer raise the temperature of her oven above 350-degrees. She also showed us how her timer will no longer work.

    Berry said that’s exactly what happened to her oven after she used the cleaning cycle.

    “I punch the up button and it goes to 345, 340, 335. I can’t make it go up,” said Berry.

    The I-Team found many other customers complaining about it on line. Some of them even filed lawsuits against Whirlpool. But, when Wheeler and Berry called Whirlpool after our investigation, a Whirlpool representative told them that they would have to pay for a service tech to check out their ovens.

    So, the I-team contacted Whirlpool again.

    Berry said, “I would rather have somebody come out here from them and let them look at it and decide how much it would cost to repair it. Why should I spend $900 to go with the $150 to buy a new oven?”

    Latest News:

    Whirlpool Oven Temperature Inaccurate

    Whirlpool 4.8 Cu. Ft. Self

    If your food is coming out to be undercooked or overcooked, chances are youre experiencing a common problem with Whirlpool ovens.

    From time to time, Whirlpool ovens can start to function at inaccurate temperatures.

    But you can solve this problem using the solutions below.

    Possible solution:

    • Faulty heating elements that include the igniter and the bake element can contribute to an inaccurate temperature. Test the heating elements and get them replaced to fix your oven.
    • If the problem persists, the thermostat may be the culprit behind the problem. However, testing and replacing a thermostat can be tricky. So, get a professional to do the job for you.

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    Has A Household Circuit Breaker Tripped Or Fuse Blown

    Check to make sure a household fuse has not blown or that a circuit breaker has tripped. Reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse if necessary. If the problem continues, contact a licensed electrician.

    If not resolved, please note the following:

    • Do not continue to attempt to operate the wall oven.
    • Disconnect the power cord and/or turn off the circuit breaker that controls the appliance.

    What To Do If Your Whirlpool Oven Or Range Is Not Working

    If your oven or range is not working there are a couple of things you can check.

    • Check the electrical supply. Ensure the appliance is plugged into a grounded outlet with a dedicated circuit (240V receptacle for electric ranges, 120V receptacle for gas ranges and the outlet is operational. Also check to make sure the circuit breaker has not tripped or fuse has blown.
    • Error Code. If the appliance is showing an error code, try resetting the appliance. This will clear the error code.
    • Make sure the Control Lock function is turned OFF. Some ovens may be equipped with Control Lock. Look for “Control Lock” on the oven control console, then reset by, typically, pushing & holding for 3 seconds. To locate the Control Lock feature for your particular model, look in the Table of Contents in your Owner’s Manual.

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    Oven Temperature Too High Or Low

    If your ranges oven temperature is running too high or low, the temperature control needs adjustment, reveals Appliance Princess. To adjust the temperature so cooking times better suit your needs, press and hold the BAKE button for approximately five seconds. The display will show the current setting use the Temp/Time up and down arrows to adjust the setting. You can increase or decrease the temperature in 10 degree amounts between 30 degrees in either direction.

    Are Whirlpool Ovens Any Good

    How to Use the Self-Clean Feature on your Whirlpool® Oven

    Yes, Whirlpool ovens are very good. Whirlpool provides quality products with great functionality at affordable prices.

    Unlike the majority of the other brands, Whirlpool does not offer a large selection of ovens. It prioritizes quality over quantity, as evidenced by the fact that its website only lists five different oven models.

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    Whirlpool Oven Control Panel Not Working

    Whirlpool ovens come with a control panel that includes several important buttons and options that can allow us to cook with ease and convenience.

    However, if even one of those buttons stops working, its almost impossible to use the oven.

    After all, there is no way to set the temperature or start cooking without the use of the control panel.

    Possible solution:

    To fix your control panel, start by checking the connections of wires to the control panel.

    However, make sure to turn off the oven before doing so as a safety measure.

    If you dont notice any faults with the wiring, check the printed circuit board for faults and clean it.

    Whirlpool Oven Problems And Troubleshooting Guide

    Whirlpool offers a range of energy-efficient ovens that can be wall-mounted or stored under the kitchen counter. With multifunctional options and key features that include glide out shelves and powerful steam self-cleaning, theyre ideal for large households.

    So, what happens when things go wrong? Dont panic, look at some Whirlpool oven problems and troubleshooting guide here

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    Whirlpool Range Stove Oven 3 Letter Error Codes:

    Whirlpool Oven Error Code LOCReason/Condition for Error Code = Child LOCK is ONCheck/Troubleshoot = Press and hold the Start or Cancel button for ten seconds to remove LOC from display.

    Whirlpool Oven Error Code PSHReason/Condition for Error Code = If Start is not pressed within 5 seconds, PUSH or PSH appears on the display Press StartIf start is not pressed within 1 minute after pressing the keypad then the function is canceled and time is displayed.Check/Troubleshoot = Reset power to the oven if you get a constant PSH error:-Turn OFF circuit breaker to oven for one minute.-Turn ON circuit breaker to oven.-Check the oven for one minute to be sure the error code is cleared.

    Wait For The Oven To Cool Down

    Whirlpool Super Capacity 465 Electric Range Parts List

    If your oven wont open, then you should wait for the oven to cool down before checking any of the more internal components of the oven. The doors on self-cleaning ovens have been designed to lock and only open after a self-cleaning cycle when they cool down to a low enough temperature thats safe for you to open the door.

    The best thing you can do is simply wait an hour or so until the oven has cooled down and then check if you can open the door. If it still wont open, then the next thing to do is reset the power.

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    Replace The Thermal Fuse

    The self-cleaning process can either not start or switch off before completion if a thermal fuse in the thermostat is broken. This is the component that protects against overheating by breaking when the temperature is too high, causing the elements to stop heating.

    Heres how to check and replace this component:

  • Turn off the oven at the wall and unplug it.
  • Take the oven out from the wall so you can access the back.
  • Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screws holding the upper access panel on the back of the oven in place. Pull the panel upward to remove it.
  • Locate the thermal fuse. It is the small component in the middle of the oven at the bottom of the area behind the panel. It is attached at a diagonal angle and has one blue and one red wire attached to its terminals.
  • Pull on the wires to detach them from the fuse, and use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the mounting screw. Take off the fuse.
  • Use the multimeter to test the fuse for continuity. If it is faulty, you can order a new component from Whirlpool with the part number 3196548.
  • Attach the new fuse by screwing in the mounting screw.
  • Reattach the wires to the fuse terminals.
  • Replace the back panel, put your oven back in place, and plug it back in.
  • Fixing An Oven That Wont Turn On After Self

    Self-cleaning ovens are one of those conveniences that sound quite nice on paper, but actually, come with a long list of potential problems caused by that same self-cleaning feature. What many appliance owners dont realize is how exactly a self-cleaning oven does its cleaning cycle. In order to remove built-up grease and food particles, the oven runs itself of upwards of 500 degrees, or the very maximum temperature the oven can safely reach without being a downright fire hazard.

    While this cycle is usually pretty successful at burning away all that build up, it is not without cost. By running at its maximum temperature, the oven is putting itself at risk. It is not meant to run that hot for as long as the self-clean cycle lasts. While your oven may be able to endure a few self-cleans, the more the feature is used, the more likely it becomes that one day, your oven just will not turn on again after the self-clean cycle.

    While it is generally best to avoid using self-clean and cleaning your oven with old fashioned elbow grease and approved cleaners instead, if your self-clean function has resulted in a non-functional oven, here is what you can check to see if you can get it running again.

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    Whirlpool Range Stove Oven 2 Digit Error Codes:

    Whirlpool Oven Error Code F0No previous fault codes press CANCEL to clear

    Whirlpool Oven Error Code F1Reason/Condition for Error Code = Defective Electronic Oven Control or EOCCheck/Troubleshoot = Unplug the oven power cord or turn OFF the circuit breaker If F1 error persists then replace EOCReplace/Check Parts = Electronic Oven Control

    Whirlpool Oven Error Code F2Reason/Condition for Error Code = Oven Temperature Too HighCheck/Troubleshoot = Check for welded contacts on both the bake and broil relaysReplace/Check Parts = Contact Relay Control Board

    Whirlpool Oven Error Code F3Reason/Condition for Error Code = Open Oven Temperature SensorReplace/Check Parts = Replace Oven Temperature Sensor

    Whirlpool Oven Error Code F4Reason/Condition for Error Code = Oven Temperature Sensor ShortedReplace/Check Parts = Replace Oven Temperature Sensor

    Whirlpool Oven Error Code F5Reason/Condition for Error Code = Control Board FailReplace/Check Parts = Replace Control Board

    Whirlpool Oven Error Code F7Reason/Condition for Error Code = Function Key Is StuckReplace/Check Parts = Replace Control Board

    Whirlpool Oven Error Code F8Reason/Condition for Error Code = Control Board FailReplace/Check Parts = Replace Control Board

    Whirlpool Oven Error Code F9Reason/Condition for Error Code = Oven Door Locking FailCheck/Troubleshoot = Check door lock switches, stuck lock switch, wiringReplace/Check Parts = Door Lock Switch

    Whirlpool Oven Range Stove Parts

    What Are Some Common Problems With Whirlpool Wall Ovens

    Oven Not Self-Cleaning Electric Range Troubleshooting

    Common problems with Whirlpool wall ovens include failure to heat, showing errors or fault codes, failure to bake evenly, broiler defects and temperature problems. Other problems include failure to turn on and off, self cleaning problems and a continuously running fan.

    The Whirlpool wall oven shows error codes if there are temperature malfunctions and circuit problems. They also appear if the electronic oven fails or the oven door locks. If the oven fails to bake evenly, it points to a problem in the bake element. When the oven is operating normally, the bake element glows red. If defective, it cannot transmit heat evenly causing the uneven baking.

    The problem also arises when the broil element and the oven sensor are faulty. Temperature problems in the oven arise when the broil element and temperature sensor are defective. A defective bake element also causes the inability to turn on and off. These defects prevent the regulation and control of temperature during baking. It causes the failure to warm up or bake evenly.

    If the light bulb in the oven is out, it points to a defective bulb requiring a replacement. If the oven develops self-cleaning problems, there could be a faulty locking mechanism between the switch assembly and the door lock motor. If the fan rotates continuously, it points to defects in the oven control board.

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    The Easiest Fix For A Whirlpool Oven That Wont Heat Up

    If you dont have the time or expertise to troubleshoot and fix your Whirlpool ovens heating problem, the smart decision as you know is to hire an oven repair expert to fix it for you.

    The problem is that finding a trustworthy and affordable repair service and actually booking an appointment with them can feel like pulling teeth.

    Some services never call you back. Others charge criminally high rates. The best options are often booked out for months and the worst dont even fix your oven.

    To save you from that teeth-grinding frustration and bring you fast and affordable repairs, Ive partnered with a company called Networx. They work with thousands of contractors across the United States, and they make it easy for you to get free repair quotes from the best oven repair services near you.

    Heres how it works in 6 easy steps:

  • Go to the form below.
  • Answer a few short questions about your problem and provide some basic contact information.
  • Our repair service partner will contact multiple vetted repair experts near you. Theyll explain your problem and ask each service to contact you with a free quote.
  • Youll receive an email or phone call with quotes from each service. You can choose the most affordable option and schedule your repair directly with them.
  • Theyll come to your house and fix your Whirlpool oven. Problem solved!
  • Using this form to find the best repair rates is 100% risk-free. There is zero obligation to hire any of the vetted contractors who contact you.

    How To Clean A Whirlpool Self

    Most modern Whirlpool ovens have a self-cleaning oven function that helps you quickly and easily clean your oven. The self-clean function works by heating up your oven to very high heat so that all the loose food and other debris incinerate. In theory, all you need to do is turn it on and then wipe it out after the cycle ends.

    Depending on how dirty your oven is, a self-cleaning cycle for your Whirlpool oven should take between 2 to 6 hours. To get the best results from the self-cleaning cycle, follow our simple step-by-step instructions in this article.

    This guide covers most major Whirlpool oven models, including:



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    Replace The Broil Element

    If your self-cleaning mode is working but doesnt get hot enough to function correctly, the bake or broil elements in your oven may be faulty.

    Switch the oven off and make sure its cold then simply pull the elements out for inspection.

    Check them for breaks, and use a multimeter to test it for continuity. If they are faulty, you can order replacement elements from Whirlpool. Check with them or consult your models instruction manual for the correct part number.

    Hopefully, these methods have helped you to get the self-cleaning function of your Whirlpool oven working again. Sometimes the problem will have a less common root cause. If these methods do not work, contact a professional appliance repair technician for further assistance.

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