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Wolf M Series Double Oven

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Learn More About Wolf Wall Ovens

Wolf 30 M Series Professional Double Oven DO30PMSPH Features

When youre designing a custom kitchen, Wolf wall ovens give you more design flexibility. These ovens are built into the wall or a bank of cabinets, so you can place them in any handy spot. When you find the right model on eBay, you can expand your cooking possibilities and streamline meal preparation.

What types of wall ovens does Wolf make?

Wolf makes three different types of wall ovens:

  • Convection: A Wolf convection oven uses two fans to move heat around the interior of the appliance. That way, hot air is distributed more efficiently, and your food cooks evenly.
  • Convection steam: These Wolf ovens also use fans to move heat around the interior. They come with a mechanism that sends steam into the oven to create the perfect cooking conditions for croissants, vegetables, fish, or other delicate foods. These Wolf models enable you to select convection cooking, steam cooking, or both for maximum flexibility.
  • Convection speed: This type of Wolf oven is a compact unit that enables you to cook food quickly. Convection speed ovens combine the functions of a convection oven, a broiler, and a microwave for versatility.

Things to consider when choosing Wolf wall ovens

As youre looking at new or used Wolf wall ovens on eBay, keep in mind the following factors:

Available Wolf wall oven models

Wolf releases its wall ovens in series. Some available ones are:

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Wolf M Series Professional Double Oven


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Wolf M Series Professional Double Oven – 759mm

Is there a signature dish youve never quite dared to prepare? Beef Wellington, perhaps, or spinach soufflé? Now is your time, with the new Wolf 76 cm M series built-in double oven. It takes the guesswork out of even the most difficult dishes.

Just dial in any of 10 precision cooking modes, and the oven delivers the optimal heat and airflow for the dish. No hot or cold spots to spoil your results. Just beautifully browned roast chicken, perfect chocolate chip cookies, crisply crusted casserole. Youre in culinary heaven with the Wolf M Series Professional Double Oven.

  • Stainless steel
  • Standard or flush inset installation
  • 1 standard and 2 full-extension ball-bearing racks
  • Multifunction pan

Faster Heat Better Airflow

In short, our advanced Dual VertiFlow convection system preheats faster, improves heat saturation and distributes that heat more evenly for delicious results sooner than you thought. No need to adjust racks or rotate pans. Two corner column fans with parallel vertical heating elements work in concert to provide just the right heat and airflow for any dish.

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With The Conversational Chef

The dinner party. Entrée in the stove, side dishes on this or that burner, dessert still unfinished no wonder youre frazzled by the time the meal is served. But with the Wolf M series oven, its Whole Meal In, Whole Meal Out, thanks to the dual convection system that circulates heat evenly across all racks, even when the oven is filled with six different dishes at once. Wolf’s Chef Coleman prepares a leg of lamb, mac and cheese, roasted potatoes, vegetables and mixed berry crisp all at the same time and with the most delicious results. Enjoy a glass of wine while dual convection takes care of dinner.

Gourmet Feature For Foolproof Meals

Wolf M Series 30"  Built

With Gourmet, a menu of almost 50 presets automatically controls the cooking, making commonly prepared meals quick and easy, from pork tenderloin to lasagna to double-crusted cherry pie. Gourmet tells you the proper rack position, sets the right cooking mode, even adjusts temperature on its own. You just sit back and wait for a perfectly prepared dish.

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New Recipes Made Easy

Gourmet mode may be a perfect entree to cooking. Revel in a menu of almost 50 presets of favorite meals made quick and easy. Roasts. Pizza. Vegetables. Gourmet tells you the proper rack position, sets the right cooking mode, even adjusts temperature on its own. All you do is await delicious, predictable results.

Wolf 76cm M Series Professional Built

Advanced Dual VertiCross

Gourmet feature has menu of presets that automatically controls cooking

Interactive color touchscreen

Can be installed flush with surrounding cabinetry

Enhanced interior views with triple-pane glass and 3 halogen lights

144 L capacity to handle multiple dishes at once

10 Cooking modes for predictably delicious results

Choose from signature red, black or stainless control knobs

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Wolf Icbdo30cmb M Series Contemporary 76cm Black Double Oven

More Information

  • Standard oven rack
  • Full-extension ball bearing rack
  • Multifunction pan
Oven Features Cooling fan, Fast heat up, Sabbath mode, Delay start, Programmable timer, Energy saving mode, Food probe, Own recipes, Gourmet guide
Oven Cleaning Pyrolytic
Oven Cooking Modes Multi function, Fan forced, Base heat, Top and bottom heating, Top and bottom heating with fan, Top element, Fan bake, Convection, Bake, Auto mode, Slow cooking, Bottom element and fan, Eco
Grill Location
Auto cook, Keep warm, Reheat, Bakers function, Plate warming
Oven Safety Features Cool touch door, Triple glazed door, Safety switch off, Auto power off
Great For Cooking Dessert, Bread baking, Pizza, Roast, Dough proving, Dehydrate, Meat cooking, Pastry bake

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