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Wood Fire Outdoor Pizza Oven

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Eliminate These Ingredients For High

Ooni Fyra – Portable Wood-fired Outdoor Pizza Oven| How to Setup & Light it

To figure out what I was doing wrong, I decided to reach out to some of those tabletop pizza oven experts for advice. If they could make it work, then I needed to find out why straight from the source. Almost to a one, they told me this: Avoid adding anything to the dough beyond the four fundamental elements of any breadflour, water, salt, and yeastor the pies will burn.

Then it was obvious: That New York-style pizza dough recipe I mentioned above, the one that had launched countless others, was where Id first gone astray. Thats because in addition to flour, water, salt, and yeast, it contains a few extra ingredients: sugar, oil, andin later iterations and in several spin-off recipessomething called diastatic malt powder.

All three of these ingredients are essential components in a pizza dough that is meant to be cooked at a much lower temperature in a home oven, where pizza takes awhile8 to 12 minutes or soto brown, because:

  • Sugar promotes browning, since it’s sugarsadded or naturally found in the doughs flourthat caramelize in the heat of the oven.
  • Diastatic malt is an enzyme that converts the starches in flour to sugar, and is often added to doughs to ensure that there is always enough sugar in the crust for good browning.
  • Oil serves to keep the finished pizza tender, since it lubricates the gluten network to keep it supple, even after a relatively long bake.

Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens

We offer an array of wood fired ovens for commercial and residential use. Perfect for all types of outdoor cooking. Easy to assemble, while being designed to be integrated in any garden and home style

Get the most out of your oven by trying out our wide range of recipes to enhance your wood fire cooking experience through roasting, smoking, grilling, baking and everything inbetween.

Branch out from the core oven with our wide range of additions, including wood, protection, utensils, as well as materials for building around your oven.

A virtual showcase of our customers oven setups, and surroundings. Refresh your garden with a wood fired oven, stylize it as you wish.

The Stone Bake Oven Companys range of wood fired outdoor pizza ovens are hand made to order in Worcester, UK from the finest refractory materials. Each oven is engineered to ensure excellent heat conduction and retention whilst Micro Mesh Technology ensures structural integrity to withstand high heat for indoor and outdoor cooking. Perfect for being the centrepiece to a Summer garden for Al Fresco dining.

We offer a range of products from Pizza Ovens to wood and utensils. Be sure to check out the recipes and design ideas we also showcase across the website.

How To Build A Wood

This DIY dome-shaped clay oven uses items available at a local DIY shop. The expert Simon Brookes says, I can do basic DIY, but construction is out of my comfort zone. If I can do it, anyone can.

If youre up for the challenge, find all the supplies required and instructions clearly mentioned in this blog.

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Outdoor Pizza Oven: The All

Lets open this up with a simple question.

Who loves pizza?

The answer isEveryone. Absolutely everyone loves pizza.

So its no mystery that outdoor pizza ovens have surged in popularity recently.

The prospect of having fresh made wood fired pizza pie Whenever you want?

Some would say thats a slice of heaven on Earth.

And we would have to agree.

But before you sink your teeth into bubbling cheese and a crispy crust with that oh so delicious authentic taste

You have to decide which outdoor pizza oven you want.

This can prove to be a formidable task in and of itself!

Lucky for youYoure in the right place.

Today well be reviewing the most popular outdoor pizza ovens out there. By the end, youll know which ovens make the cutAnd which fall short.

Lets begin.

Before we review specific brands Its important to know what actually makes a good pizza oven.

There are quite a few categories to consider!

And at the top of our list?

Its quality of materials.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens & Accessories: What To Look For

Maximus Outdoor Wood

Having an outdoor pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen or patio space is a growing trend. Outdoor pizza ovens have gained popularity thanks to their quick cook times, cooking versatility, and ease of use. A pizza oven also allows you to put a twist on classic BBQ by treating your friends and family to piping-hot pizza made right in your own backyard. There’s nothing like having your own pizzeria just steps away, especially if you’ve got a few homemade pizza recipes up your sleeve!

If you’re looking to add an outdoor kitchen pizza oven, we offer the largest selection of built-in pizza ovens, freestanding pizza ovens, and portable pizza ovens. Some of our most popular brands are Lynx, Alfresco, Forno Venetzia, and Ooni.

Below are a few tips we’ve put together to help you get started on journey to finding the best outdoor pizza oven for you. Be sure to check out our pizza oven buying guide and pizza oven comparison chart for more information on how to choose the right oven.

1. Fuel Type: Wood Burning vs. Gas-Powered Outdoor Pizza Ovens

The two most common pizza oven fuel options types available are wood-burning and gas. Wood-burning pizza ovens use hardwoods or even flavored hardwood pellets that deliver a rich, smoky flavor to your food. A wood-fired pizza oven is known for reaching incredibly hot temperatures up to 800 degrees, with radiant heat bringing a crispy crust to your authentic wood-fired pizza.

2. Pizza Oven Materials & Construction

3. Pizza Oven Size

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Ooni Outdoor Pizza Oven

Were kicking off the list with Ooni outdoor pizza ovens. This brand has taken the market by storm in recent years.

Their low profile and affordable price make Ooni a popular choice for homeowners.

So lets take a deeper look.

Ooni offers pizza ovens fueled by gas and wood pellets. They also offer a multi-fuel model which allows you to use charcoal, wood, or gasAll in one unit!

Some models feature a digital temperature control and hinged glass door.

Its important to note that the gas models do not have a doorSo you will lose a lot of heat there!

Speaking of heat retention Some Ooni pizza ovens have ceramic fiber insulation. The Ooni 3 is an example.

If you choose a model without insulation Know that you will lose heat a lot quicker.

As far as materials go, we cant complain! Ooni utilizes stainless steel construction throughout. The exterior utilizes powder coated steel for a colorful finish.

Overall, this is a solid portable outdoor pizza oven. You will want to purchase a pizza peel though as they are sold separately.

So What does Sole Gourmet have to offer?

What To Look For In A Pizza Oven

Fuel Type

There are two main fuel types for at-home pizza ovens: gas and wood. Many models include the option to upgrade or purchase separate attachments so your oven can be both gas and wood-burning, and both fuel types have their pros and cons.

Wood-burned pizza has the most authentic, delicious taste. Similar to grilling over charcoal vs. gas, it’s hard to beat the taste of a pie that comes from a wood-burning pizza oven. The downside? Wood-burning pizza ovens are much more of a hassle. You’ll most likely need some sort of starter to get your fire going, and wood-burning ovens take longer to heat up. Wood-burning pizza ovens are also going to produce more smoke than a gas-fueled oven and require more cleanup due to ash.

Gas-fired pizza ovens are easier to use and heat up faster than their wood-burning counterparts. They’re also a breeze to clean. You’ll usually just need to scrape out the charred bits leftover from the pizza in a gas-fueled pizza oven.


Are you planning on leaving your pizza oven stationary on your patio or deck or do you want to take it on vacation, camping, or store it away easily when not in use? If you want to take your pizza oven on the go, then look for one that’s not only lightweight but also has multiple fuel capabilities and is compact. Folding legs and chimneys make traveling with a pizza oven easier.

Temperature Range


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Diy Pizza Oven How To Build An Outdoor Pizza Oven

Say hello to Ooni Fyra – Portable Wood-fired Outdoor Pizza Oven!

If you want to build yourself an outdoor pizza oven but you dont know where to start, this post is for you. To know what type of materials you should opt for and what considerations you must make beforehand, read this DIY pizza oven blog by Outdoor Cooking pros thoroughly.

However, if youre looking for a step-by-step guide and plans for a pizza oven, you might as well skip this blog.

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Fontana Forni: The Perfect Outdoor Pizza Oven

The outdoor pizzas ovens produced by Fontana Forni are 100% handcrafted in Italy, where we combine todays modern manufacturing methods with the timeless Italian outdoor ceramic design. Unlike other manufacturers, we use only the highest quality materials & construction methods, so your Fontana oven is sure to last for decades to come. We are confident that our product is the best quality outdoor pizza oven on the market.

Whether you’re looking for a residential pizza oven or a commercial pizza oven, Fontana makes the oven you’re looking for. We offer wood fired pizza ovens as well as gas fired pizza ovens. If you’re looking for a countertop pizza oven for your outdoor kitchen, we have countertop options of our wood fired pizza ovens and gas pizza ovens also available.

An oven from Fontana Forni is the perfect addition to your backyard patio, deck, pool area, or outdoor kitchen. Enjoy pizza cooked to perfection exactly the way you like it with any one of these ovens. Our outdoor pizza ovens dont just make great Italian-style pizza these products are the ideal choice for anyone who loves to cook meats, veggies, and breads. Nothing beats the flavor of a home cooked meal fresh out of the oven.

How To Make The Best Pie In Your Pizza Oven

Perfecting your pizza can take a bit of trial and error, but there are some surefire ways to get the best pie possible:

  • Always allow your oven to heat longer on the first use. There might be residue leftover from manufacturing on the interior of the oven, so it’s best practice to give the oven 20-30 minutes of extra burn time to make sure everything is singed off.
  • Assemble your pizza on the paddle. This is the easiest way to pop it right into the oven without risking getting your hands too close to the open flame.
  • Cornmeal is your best friend. Dough is, of course, very sticky, so dust your pizza paddle heavily with cornmeal before placing the dough on top to make sure it slides easily into the oven.
  • Turn your pie consistently while cooking. At 800-900ºF, these pizza ovens cook incredibly fast, so you’ll want to have a long-handled turner ready to go immediately. Give your pizza 10-15 seconds for the bottom of the crust to cook and loosen up from the stone and then start rotating the pie.
  • Use fresh dough. Make your own if you can or see if your local supermarket makes some fresh. This is not the time and place for canned dough.
  • Never take your eyes off the pie. Like we mentioned, these pizzas cook fast. We’re talking cook times of 60-90 seconds for most of these ovens. So, always have an eye on your pie to make sure it doesn’t burn.

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How To Get You Started

It is important to assess what kind of oven is suitable for your home or backyard. You might even have to check with your city council about rules and regulations.

You can choose from

just to name a few.

For more information on the Best Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Ovens, please read more here. Youll find detailed reviews and a comparison chart for our six top choices wood-burning ovens including the il Fornino, Uuni 3 and PRC brick oven, handmade in Portugal.

There are also options for building your own wood-fired pizza oven. There are plenty of DIY kits available on the market.

We Are Ooni Pizza Ovens

Forno Venetzia Pronto 300 Outdoor Wood Burning Pizza Oven

The Worlds No. 1 Pizza Oven Company

Ooni began with a quest for authentic pizza the type with flame-cooked toppings and a leopard-spotted crust. Weve been empowering people with the knowledge and tools they need to make awesome pizza at home since 2012.

These days, were all about nurturing the deep-rooted, undeniable love of pizza inside all of us. We want to make great pizza possible for everyone, anytime and anywhere hunger strikes.

Make it for yourself make it for your friends make it for the kids make it for a crowd. Its just so good.

Come and gather with us. Lets #makepizza.

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Diy Cheap Exercise Ball Pizza Oven

If youre wondering what to use as a mold to create a perfectly spherical dome for your pizza oven, an exercise ball will do the job just right!

Watch this tutorial to find out how to use your exercise ball to make a pizza oven and make one for yourself. A short disclaimer the Youtuber hasnt provided any follow-along plan!

Diy Make A Pizza Oven With Cement And Bricks At Home Technical To Build Stove Simple

To cook heavenly delicious wood-fired pizzas, all you need is cement and a few bricks! Watch this tutorial by Power Show in case you want to make one for yourself.

However, wed like to make some tiny suggestions add a door on the cooking compartment and a chimney to the oven if you want your pizza to cook faster and taste better.

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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas With A Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Wood and gas fired pizza ovens are the perfect addition to outdoor kitchens. Theres no better way to take your outdoor kitchen or entertaining area to a new level.

We have compiled an enormous list of 43 outdoor kitchen ideas that feature our residential pizza ovens in some stunning and inspired outdoor kitchen designs. We hope to showcase the many ways in which our customers integrate our class-leading pizza ovens into their outdoor kitchens.

Of course, all of these designs have at least one thing in common year-round access to fresh and authentic wood fired cuisine! What style would you love to have at your home?

Large Outdoor Dining Space

Outdoor wood fired pizza oven

This one design really has the wow factor. Were proud to have our oven take pride of place within this stunning outdoor kitchen-dining space. The rustic bronze and tarnished gold tiles look sublime too. This customer has terrific taste Let the dining experience commence it is sure to create many lasting memories.

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How Do Wood Fired Brick Pizza Ovens Work

A brick wood fired pizza oven can get to temperatures upwards of 850+ degrees without causing damage or compromising the structural integrity of the oven. The dome shape bounces the heat in every direction allowing the oven to be at the same temperature all over. This allows for pizzas and foods to cook evenly no matter where it sits in the oven.

Oven Brothers Wood Fired Advantage

Our patented no tools assembly wood fired oven design allows for a more heat efficient cooking surface than other traditional outdoor stone pizza ovens. Using thick high-quality carbon steel that has been CNC laser cut along with high-quality fire brick results in an oven that will outlast the competition, retains more heat, burns less fuel, and requires minimal to no maintenance. Did we mention that you can disassemble your oven and take it with you? Check out our technical specifications, and you’ll see how an Oven Brothers outdoor wood fired oven will allow you to ‘Discover Your Inner Chef’.

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What Is A Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven

A wood-fired brick oven is a specially designed oven that heats up evenly, retains high temperatures, and cooks the perfect pizzas, meats, and more. It is an oven that uses burning wood on the inside to heat up the surfaces. Once the oven has reached the right temperature, you can cook pizzas in just a few minutes or less the oven reaches temperatures of 850+ degrees Fahrenheit.

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Pizza Oven

Bella Ultra 40

Before you make a decision on which wood-burning pizza oven you would like to get, there are a few things you should consider.

Do you want to get a portable or a standing pizza oven?

If you decide on a static oven like the handmade brick oven from Portugal, then you will need to get a few things prepared.

Firstly, where would you like the oven to be. It should be easily accessible so your family can enjoy it. If possible it should be in a sheltered area in your backyard but not too far away from the house. A solid, static oven will also add value to your property.

If you choose on a portable oven, then the question to ask is if you want it on a stand/cart or are you going to build one.

With a mobile oven, you are of course more flexible, and the location can be changed at any time.

Best Pizza Cookbooks For The Wood-Fired Oven

How important is the preheating time?

A brick oven takes a long time to heat up to your desired temperature than the portable ovens as you can see in my comparison chart.

On the other side, the brick oven retains the heat so much longer than the mobile ones. You could even cook your breakfast in the morning. Think of bacon, eggs, and sausages yum!

How about the size?

The size of the oven is a factor for a) how much space you have on your patio or backyard and b) what size pizza would you like to bake.

What is your budget?

In addition to the ovens, you will also need a few accessories like heat resistant gloves, a pizza peel and a brush for cleaning.

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