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Wood Pellets For Pizza Ovens

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Ooni Premium Hardwood 5 Oak Logs

Big Horn Pellet Pizza Oven open box and first use

Ooni Premium Hardwood 13cm Oak Logs are made from 100% oak hardwood from sustainable sources. Our hardwood kindling is free from chemicals, aromas, or additives, for a pure fuel that infuses your dishes with all-natural flavors and burns for longer.Perfectly sized for Ooni Karu, keep 5 or 6 pieces of kindling burning simultaneously for consistent heat. Each 7-8kg box will last enough to cook dozens of pizzas.Our Oak Logs are kiln-dried, and FSC certified. Please note that wood logs are a natural product in varying shapes and sizes. What you receive may differ from the images shown on this page, but they will fit and fire your oven regardless.

Rec Tec Grills Pellets

Rec Tec stand behind their high-quality, premium grills. And, their hardwood pellets are equally as good.

At the moment, theres only one variety and their packaging is pretty plain. But, this 100% oak and hickory blend is a great all-round pellet thats versatile in flavor and consistent in performance.

As with all of our recommended pellets for smoking, Rec Tecs Ultimate Blend is free from additives and fillers. Theyre dense, low ash and burn nice and hot.

Compared to other pellets, weve always found Rec Tecs to have one of the lowest levels of powdered sawdust at the bottom of the packet too. They are more expensive, but at least with less leftover residue, youre getting all of what you pay for.


Best Wood Pellets For Cooking Pizza

So first off, Ive been asked previously if there is any difference between pizza oven pellets and pellet grill branded pellets. The answer is no, pellets branded for pizza ovens and pellet grills are both only made from hardwood species.

While you could choose to only use products branded pizza pellets in the Ooni or Bertello above, youre not getting a great deal on those pellets at a price per lb.

In my article on the best wood pellets for grills/smokers, you can easily get a 20lb of oak hardwood pellets for under half the price of the Ooni branded hardwood pellets below. But what about other hardwood species/flavours besides Oak pellets?

Ooni Oak hardwood pellets are typically sold at $24 for a 20lb bag, thats pricey: Image

You could try Applewood, Cherry, Hickory etc. However, you need to bear something in mind, different wood species produce different heat outputs per lb of fuel.

For instance, check out these wood heat output figures. It shows while Applewood could be a good option as it produces slightly more heat output per weight compared to Oak, Alder, which is also used to make pellets for pellet grills/smokers, has a significantly lower heat out.

Remember, when cooking a pizza, we need high temperatures, so while by all means explore different hardwood pellet flavours, but keep the above in mind on the different heat outputs of various wood species.

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Big Horn Outdoors Pizza Ovens Wood Pellet Pizza Oven Wood Fired Pizza Maker Portable Stainless Steel Pizza Grill

as of December 24, 2022 12:09 am


  • Premium & Safe Stainless SteelOutdoor Ovens pellet pizza oven is constructed with high-quality stainless steel. This sturdy and compact oven is safe for cooking all types of foods
  • Great Oven for Neapolitan Style PizzaOur pellet pizza oven is ready to cook in 18 minutes. It reaches temperatures up to 860°F , cooking delicious pizza in 90 seconds or less, as well as roasting steaks, fish, lamp chops, burgers, salmon and vegetable dishes and so much more
  • Ultra-Portable & Ease of Assembly The durable and lightweight pizza oven equipped with folding legs, requires minimal assembly without tools, it can quickly come apart for easy cleaning, storage and it weighs just 25lb, ideal for the backyard or outdoor cooking events
  • Easy Use & Cook EvenlyPreheat oven for 18 minutes. Slide in that pizza, turn it often and enjoy! Cooking outdoors with wood pellet has never been so simple. Little sauce & minimal toppings are best on Neapolitan. Cheers!
  • DimensionThe overall dimension of this unit is 21.6”L x 14.2W x 24”H. Square Pizza Stone dimension: 12”L x 12”W

Dedicated Portable Pellet Pizza Ovens

Wood Pellet Pizza Oven WPPO1 Portable Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza ...

Small/portable pellet pizza ovens are typically made from stainless steel, and if you dont already own a pellet grill, they can be one of the cheapest means to get into cooking pizza with pellets.

Another advantage of these portable pellet pizza ovens compared to a dedicated pellet grill is they require no source of electrical power to operate. Hence they are not only truly portable due to their size, but as they do not require a source of power like a pellet grill, they can be used anywhere.

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What Is The Best Wood To Use For An Ooni Pizza Oven

If we could only use one wood type to fire our Ooni pizza oven which would we choose?

Well, certain elements make all the difference when cooking pizza. We need to create a hot oven around 900 degrees Fahrenheit that maintains consistent heat and gives off a clean, aromatic smoke.

The best way to do this is by using oak logs that have been well seasoned and kiln-dried. They should get split into one to two-inch sections for a fast, even burn.

If you need a more direct answer regarding which firewood is best for Ooni

Wood Pellets For A Pizza Oven

Wood pellets are condensed tablets of organic materials such as tree bark, sawdust, wood chips, etc. All these biomass materials get dried up and ground together. After this, they are placed in moulds from which they are made into pellets. Wood pellets are an alternative to fuel or firewood and are most commonly used for heating or cooking purposes.

Wood pellets are frequently used to heat pizza furnaces but are specifically used in outdoor or stone pizza ovens. Most outdoor pizza ovens will have a special compartment for wood pellets. All that is needed is to put your wood pellets in that compartment and ignite them on fire to bake your pizza.

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Is It Worth Buying A Pizza Oven

  • A further advantage is that the pizza may be prepared in only sixty to ninety seconds. It makes throwing pizza parties a lot less complicated! Pizza ovens are not necessarily superior to other types of ovens when preparing pizza ultimately, the decision boils down to individual choice. However, they are more skilled at cooking pizza in a Neapolitan manner.

Turning On The Gas Ooni Pizza Oven

Is Using Hardwood Charcoal in Big Horn Wood Pellet Pizza Oven Better, Best, or Bust?

All you have to do is plug in the tanks, turn the dial when its time to get cooking, and off you go.

If you have never cooked with propane before, you might initially wonder how to attach the tank, but modern pizza ovens solve this by making the gas hoses input of the Ooni gas burner attachment is pretty straightforward.

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Pit Boss Bbq Wood Pellets

Pit Boss BBQ Wood Pellets are high-standard wood pellets mostly used in high-end restaurants and grills. These wood pellets are a blend of cherry, maple, and hickory hardwood sourced from North America. These wood pellets impart a high blend of flavors including sweet and savory. The packaging is value-pack and lasts for many cooking batches.

Why We Prefer The Koda 16 Over The Pro 16

In terms of size, the two options are the same and perform at the same level.

  • The Ooni Koda 16 beats the Pro as it has an L-Shaped gas flame which allows cooking the pizza in one turn. As well as, it produces less soot than the Ooni Pro.
  • The Ooni Pro does give you the option of being multi-fuel, it has a nice stainless steel casing, but that does come with certain disadvantages, mainly cleaning. It also gives the choice of having the opportunity to add wood flavor to the pizza.
  • However, we have to choose the Ooni Koda 16 over the Ooni Pro because it offers more portability since it does not have a chimney, is easier to clean, and is better looking than the Ooni Pro.
  • Which fuel option do you think is best? Do you agree with us or not? Dont be afraid, let us know what you think!

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Do You Want To Use A 1 Lb Camping Propane Gas Tank

The Ooni outdoor pizza ovens sold in the US come ready to use the 20lb, 10lb, or 5lb propane gas tank.

These gas tanks are cumbersome to carry as they are heavy.

So, if you want to go fully portable and use the 1lb camping propane tank, you need to get a tank adapter and connect it to the regulator.


Types Of Wood Pellets

Pizza Oven Wood Pellets

Top-notch: The best wood pellets are those from brands you would purchase for your own use. These pellets are made to be durable, inexpensive, and easy to use. Theyre excellent for putting into the oven when you dont have time for pre-planning.

Hardwood: These are pellets made from hardwoods like mahogany and hardwood floors. These are often cheaper, but do require a bit more work to prepare. Theyre also harder to tolerate, meaning they dont align properly with the heating elements and produce more heat than other woods.

Forest: the forest is made up of multiple trees cut and collected by hand. These are often cheaper, but require a bit more work to gather and are prone to disease and fungus growth.

Canyon: Canyon is made of rocks and soil. These are often more expensive, but are usually a bit more robust and wont easily break down.

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Recommended Tools For Cooking The Best Pizza

To go along with the portable pellet ovens/grill attachments above, what other essential tools are there for cooking great pizza besides pellets obviously? Well, there are two, the first is an infrared heat gun.

You may have an idea of the temperature inside the pizza oven from an analogue temperature gauge etc, or an internal grill probe. However, as discussed above, what you really want to know is what is the temperature of the pizza stone itself.

There is a huge range of IR heat guns available, just make sure it can read up to 1000 degrees: Images

The second pretty much essential tool is a pizza peel. You may come across some videos of people cooking pizza on foil or parchment paper and think that you dont need a pizza peel.

However, in doing so, you avoid the point of contact of the pizza to the stone. Therefore, if you want the best pizza with a proper crusty base, you are going to need a pizza peel to get the pizza on and off the stone as quickly and as safely as possible.

There are many designs of pizza peel, just make sure the one you choose is not too wide for your oven: Images

Green Wood Vs Seasoned Wood

The drier your wood, the better it will burn. Its always better to use dry, well-seasoned wood in your pizza oven. Seasoned wood is wood thats been left to dry for months. It takes time for moisture to escape from dense logs like hardwood. Seasoning is the process of letting all that extra water escape before you burn it.

Green wood is bad for pizza ovens. Its difficult to light, because its still relatively moist. If it does light, it will burn unevenly and produce a lot of steam. It can ruin your pizza, and even pop and break your pizza oven. Avoid burning green wood in your pizza oven.

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Where To Get Wood Pellets For Pizza Oven

Wood pellets are essential for cooking outdoors in pellet pizza ovens. You can buy wood pellets from the camping and cooking section of any departmental store. You can also get wood pellets for a pizza oven online. There are various brands selling premium quality wood pellets which are also covered in the upcoming section.

Ol’ Hick Jim Beam Bourbon Barrel Pellets

Ooni (Uuni) 3 Pellet Wood Fired Pizza Oven Review| BBQGuys Expert Overview

Wood smoked is great. But, bourbon smoked is even better! And, these Ol Hick Smoking Pellets are legit made from bourbon barrels.

Theyre pure oak so you get a good burn with clean smoke and high heat. But, you also get a distinctly bourbon flavor that you just wouldnt be able to infuse in meat any other way. Theyre pretty much pure genius and were here for it!

Additive free and great to pair with practically any type of meat, seafood, vege or even dessert, the Ol Hick Jim Beam Pellets are a must-try even if its a one-off.


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What Is A Regulator Which One Do You Need

A regulator controls the gas flow from your gas tank into your gas-fired oven. If there were no regulators, the gas would flow from the propane tank super quickly, and youd have to buy lots of tanks to get your oven fired up.

Different regions and countries use different gas bottles with different connections.

The Ooni gas burner attachments are region-specific, so it is crucial when ordering to ensure that you select the model compatible with the region in which you wish to use the oven.

There are two things you need to know before you order:

  • What is the mBar pressure in your area
  • What fitting is on the top of gas bottles in your area

For ovens sold in the United States, the specifications are as follows:

  • mBar Pressure 28mBar
  • Regulator inlet: QCC Left-handed female thread

If you live in another country, please check Oonis specifications here.

Things To Look For When Buying Wood Pallets For Pizza Oven

Moisture Content

Always look for a pellet that contains little to no moisture, as moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow within days of opening the bag. Wood pellets with a low moisture level will burn precisely and for a longer time.

The woods quality

When picking a pellet, the quality of the wood is the most important element to consider. Ensure the pellets are made of natural wood rather than bark, cardboard, or synthetic materials. Using bark-containing wood pellets could result in uneven burning and ash.

Wood Pellet Composition

The hardwood content of pellets should be 100 percent. Harwood maintains a heated temperature for an extended period, keeping the food warm. Hardwood pellets burn efficiently with less fire ash waste and are healthy for the environment and human health.

Residue of Ash

Always choose wood pellets with low ash content when burning. Less ash content implies fewer wood pellets are used in the cooking process.

Wood Pellet Size

Wood pellets should be small so they may easily fit into the pizza ovens burning compartment and burn efficiently.

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X 10kg Premium British Virgin Wood Pellets For Pizza Ovens


20kg of premium 100% British virgin wood pellets. FREE UK shipping.

An ethical alternative to imported hardwood pellets. Proven performance in Pizza Ovens by thousands of customers.

Certified 100% virgin timber. No additives or binding agents.

  • Standard delivery 2-3 working days FREE
  • EXPRESS Shipping £1.49
  • Highlands, Islands and N Ireland £5


By popular demand we offer these premium British softwood pellets to get you baking in your pizza oven or cooking on your woodgas stove. An ethical and lower-cost alternative to imported hardwood pellets, these pellets give tried and tested performance in wood pellet pizza ovens.

Two 10kg bags of pellets will give about 20 hours of continuous cooking in an Ooni pizza oven. They get up to temperature within 10 minutes.

Note all delivery options are Mon Fri, excluding bank holidays. Get in touch if youre in a real hurry we may be able to help.

Best Woods For Pizza Ovens To Improve Your Toppings

Wood Pizza Pellets

Using a good cooking wood is the best way to improve the flavors of your homemade pizza. Our guide is here to help you decide the best wood combinations to use, and what to avoid. From oak to hickory, these are the best woods for pizza ovens.

  • Dont use charcoal
  • Pizza ovens make for a wonderful addition to your outdoor kitchen, and go down a treat at any barbecue or dinner event.

    What makes for the perfect pizza topping will cause a lot of debate , but what often goes overlooked is the type of fuel you should use for your oven. What you might know is that your choice of wood can heavily influence the flavor and quality of your pizza.

    Get that and your topping right, and youll be considered the pizza guru.

    Youve already invested in a good pizza oven. So whats the best wood for pizza ovens?

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    Ooni Premium Lumpwood Charcoal

    Ooni Premium Lumpwood Charcoal is suitable for all Ooni multifuel pizza ovens, plus many solid-fuel barbeque grills. Its best as a base layer underneath wood chunks.

    Ooni Premium Lumpwood Charcoal gets made from sustainable 100% birch hardwood, a high-performance fuel that infuses food with all-natural flavors.


    The charcoal gives a slow, sustained burn, ready for cooking just 15 minutes from lighting. It outputs ultra-low ash and provides a longer burning time than wood.


    Burns at a lower temperature! So it will need to be used in conjunction with logs or wood chips when cooking pizza.

    Pit Boss Whiskey Barrel Blend Hardwood Pellets

    Pit Boss Whiskey Barrel Blend Hardwood Pellets are made to provide a smoky flavor. When used to cook pizza, these pellets will alter the taste. Fortunately, these pellets alter the taste in a good way by adding subtle whiskey-like flavors.

    These wood pellets are a blend of many types of wood like apple wood and cherry wood. Wood pellets like this are also great when used with a pizza stone on a charcoal grill. There are no additives like sulfur in these wood pellets.


    Comes with 40 pounds of wood pellets


    The specific blend of wood pellets is not mentioned on the bag

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