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Wood Pizza Oven For Sale

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Why Purchase An Alfresco Factory Oven

Oahu Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven for Sale Hawaii SOLD: No Longer Available

All of the models in these ranges are made to the highest specifications to meet the demands of regular use.

Our ovens are unique in a number of ways. The premium quality refractory dome is insulated with a thermal ceramic blanket which ensures that the inside of the oven can reach a cooking temperature of 350°C 400°C while keeping the external walls cool to the touch. They have been designed with steep sides to provide a more even and efficient heat flow on all models. In addition to this, all of our outdoor pizza ovens have been designed with a wide mouth to allow for ease of use and to fit large pots and roasting trays.

When you purchase an Alfresco wood fired pizza oven, you receive all of the following features at no additional cost:

  • Unique steel reinforced refractory materials including locally sourced Beverly Clay
  • Locally manufactured stainless steel flue and hat
  • Granite or stainless steel entrance plate
  • Choice of render colour
  • Stainless steel pizza paddle and steel wood poker

All of our residential ovens are available as both pre-assembled units or as DIY kits.

We Are Ooni Pizza Ovens

The Worlds No. 1 Pizza Oven Company

Ooni began with a quest for authentic pizza the type with flame-cooked toppings and a leopard-spotted crust. Weve been empowering people with the knowledge and tools they need to make awesome pizza at home since 2012.

These days, were all about nurturing the deep-rooted, undeniable love of pizza inside all of us. We want to make great pizza possible for everyone, anytime and anywhere hunger strikes.

Make it for yourself make it for your friends make it for the kids make it for a crowd. Its just so good.

Come and gather with us. Lets #makepizza.

Building Your Pizza Oven Fire

A proper wood-fired pizza oven will cook a pizza in just a couple of minutes.

A ceramic pizza oven is the best way to hold heat, but any dome-style pizza oven with proper bricks or tiles as a base will work just fine.

To get your pizza to cook in the same time it takes to get a beer out of the fridge, open it and walk back to see how your pizza is coming along , the oven needs to be at 700°F or more.

The best way of getting to those kinds of temps is to build up a good coal bank, and use hardwood splits to keep the fire burning throughout the cook in your pizza oven.

We have another article that covers the best wood to use in your pizza oven.

You can achieve this a couple of different ways:

  • Use a charcoal chimney to start a full chimney of lump charcoal, then maintain using hardwood splits as per point 6 below.
  • Build your coal base from scratch following the instructions below.

Follow these steps to build a charcoal base:

  • Starting with some hardwood kindling about 1 thick, set up a base layer, running 3-4 sticks parallel to each other, spacing them a couple of inches apart in the middle of your pizza oven.
  • In between your kindling sticks, place a couple of eco-friendly firelighters. Dont use liquid firestarter or the white plastic looking firestarters as these will taint the base of your pizza oven with an unpleasant chemical taste, and youll be cooking directly on top of this.
  • Keep building the structure in the same way, 3-4 storeys high.
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    Outdoor Pizza Ovens For Sale

    Every single outdoor pizza oven produced by Fontana Forni is 100% handcrafted in Italy, where we combine todays modern manufacturing methods with the timeless Italian outdoor ceramic design. Unlike other manufacturers, we use only the highest quality cast iron and steel, so your Fontana is sure to last for years to come. We are confident that our product is the best quality pizza oven on the market.

    The Fontana Forni outdoor pizza oven is the perfect addition to your backyard patio, deck, pool area, or outside kitchen. Enjoy pizza cooked to perfection exactly the way you like it with any one of these ovens for patios. Whether you’re cooking a tasty baked ziti or grilling up mouth-watering roasts, Fontana Forni ovens will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

    The domed combustion chamber of our dual chambered ovens such as the Gusto and INC heat up in approximately 45 minutes. Our single chambered ovens heat up in 15 minutes and eliminate hot spots thanks to their domed design. This makes it easier than ever for you to serve up all your Italian favorites, like pizza, bread sticks, roasted veggies, casseroles, and more.

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    Choosing The Right Flour For Your Dough

    Wood Fired Pizza Oven for sale

    The best flour to use for your pizza dough is type 00 flour. Dont worry, you will be able to get this flour in most supermarkets. So what is 00 flour, and why is it best for pizza dough?

    The 00 refers to the texture of the flour Italian flours are classified by numbers according to how finely they are ground, from the coarsest ground tipo 2, to the finest 00.

    So why is 00 the best for pizza?

    Well, without being too boring around the science of it all, 00 flour has low protein, low starch, and low gluten. This makes it soft and perfect for pasta and pizza as its low gluten content makes it stretchy without springing back when you form it into pizza bases.

    It also helps prevent it tearing.

    Using 00 flour will also help you get a crispy base with a little bit of chewiness without feeling like rubber, and when you cook it on a wood fire with high heat, youll get that incredible crust with its puffy little bubbles commonly associated with Italian wood-fired pizza.

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    Serving Quality Firewood For Over 30 Years

    Established in 1983, weve been supplying firewood to area residents for more than 30 years. We provide our customers with a variety of wood choices, ages, and sizes. You can come to our site and pick it up or well deliver. Stacking is also available.

    The Firewood Factory has been featured in the Thornhill Month. Here you can read the article Friendly hearth makes a warm home.

    Alfresco Pizza Ovens For Sale In Melbourne & Adelaide

    Wood-fired ovens give so much more than just perfect pizzas. Theyre easy to operate, great value for money and they can be used to bring out the flavours in all kinds of dishes including roasts, vegetables and bread.

    That said baking the perfect pizza comes easy with an Alfresco pizza oven.

    The Benefits of Investing in an Alfresco Pizza Oven

    Buying an Alfresco oven is a decision that youll never regret, whether youre looking for one for your commercial or residential property. We manufacture all kinds of alfresco pizza ovens that are built with a core focus on practicality, aesthetics, quality and cooking performance.

    Invest in an Alfresco pizza oven and you will get

    • A handcrafted oven thats beautifully made using the best quality materials
    • An oven thats as sturdy but much lighter than what youd expect
    • All of the benefits that come with cooking in a masonry wood-fired oven
    • An oven thats durable and can withstand the outside elements

    Our Alfresco pizza ovens have been tested and proven to endure higher temperatures than most, which ensures maximum heat retention and the best possible cooking performance.

    Alfresco Pizza Ovens From Pizza Ovens & More

    As one of the top manufacturers of the best wood fired ovens in Australia, you can be sure that youre getting the best alfresco pizza oven when you order from us.

    Questions on Alfresco Pizza Oven? Get In Touch with Pizza Ovens & More
    The Best Alfresco Pizza Ovens for Sale
    Looking for a great alfresco pizza oven for sale?

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    My Fuego Wood Fired Pizza Oven

    Our Fuego wood oven has transformed our restaurant! As a piece of kit, it is extremely versatile and controllable, allowing us to roast all of our meats and vegetables in the wood burning oven as well as using it as a charcoal grill during service. The flavour of everything coming out of the Fuego clay pizza oven is incredible due to the amazing smoky, charred tones added to the smell and taste of everything thats cooked in it. It is not expensive to run as all the kiln-dried wood we use heats the wood fired pizza oven pretty quickly and it retains its temperature really well, only needing to add logs to the fire a few times over the course of service.

    Pizza Cut Cooking Wood

    Woodfire Pizza Oven | Special Buys⢠| ALDI Australia

    We partnered with professional chefs to design the perfect cut for use in wood-fired pizza ovens. After all, at-home wood-fired pizza is a simple luxury that calls for top-of-the-line cooking wood, so you get a perfectly crisp and delicious pie every single time. Our ultra-premium-dense oak lights easily and burns longer and hotter than the rest. The quality of our pizza wood is unmatched you and your guests will enjoy a superior pizza when you cook with Cutting Edge.

    Available in three variations:

    • Pizza Cut Cooking Wood Box includes kindling, excelsior fire starters, premium wood matches, and enough wood for up to 30 pizzas
    • Pizza Cut Cooking Wood Rack includes enough wood for up to 200 pizzas
    • Ultimate Package Add one or more racks of pizza cut wood to your Ultimate Package.

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    Relive Childhood Pizza Night With A New Pizza Oven

    Does your mouth water at the thought of a hot, fresh pizza with melty cheese and perfectly cooked toppings? If so, you’re not alone. Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, and for good reason. There’s nothing quite like biting into a slice of piping hot pizza and feeling the cheese stretch as you take a bite. And with your very own pizza oven, you can enjoy that deliciousness any time you want.

    Pizza ovens come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs. We carry portable wood fired pizza ovens, pizza oven kits, and gas pizza ovens for all levels of cooking enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we have the perfect option for you.

    When it comes to wood fired pizza ovens, we are one of the leading authorized dealers for all our brands. So shop with confidence knowing that you’re getting quality products backed by excellent customer service. And with your new pizza oven, you can relive childhood pizza night or create new memories with friends and family.

    So what are you waiting for? Get your very own pizza oven today. Shop our full collection of the best pizza ovens below or use the filter menu to narrow down your options.

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    Types Of Outdoor Pizza Ovens

    There are a few different types of outdoor ovens, well take a closer look at each kind, so you can figure out the right fit for you.There are two main categories of outdoor ovens is:


    A stationary oven is large and basically immovable. It is usually built into the backyard the designs and style vary as widely as the prices. You can hire a professional or try your hand at building one yourself. These are usually too expensive for the average Joe, but if youve recently won the lottery, then enjoy your new pizza oven. Nonetheless, we have collaborated some of the best high-end pizza ovens that wont require a second mortgage.


    Portable outdoor ovens are the most compact and affordable. In fact, all of our Value Ovens Under $500 are all classified as portable. Typically, these types of outdoor ovens are made of metal instead of brick and are fueled with either wood pellets or propane gas. Building the ovens out of metal instead of brick offer obvious advantages.

    First, brick ovens are massive, while metal ovens are smaller and lighter. Their small, compact frames make them more mobile and convenient for storage. Metal ovens can also incorporate a variety of features such as convection motors or rotating cooking surfaces.

    Understanding Creative Manufacture Verbiage

    Portable oven manufactures are known for advertising insane high temperature and short cook times. They explain their products something like this:

    The Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens: Pros And Cons

    Sunjoy Wood
    • Not as high of heat as other models

    Fuel type: Propane

    Fuel type: Wood standard, but we used gas attachment

    Weight: 30.5 lbs.

    Temperature Range: 900°F

    The Pi pizza oven is ready to go with you anywhere and everywhere for delicious pies on the go. It’s one compact unit without any chimney or legs to worry about and weighs a hair over 30 lbs., so it shouldn’t make too much of a dent in your cargo space.

    One of the biggest pros to the Pi oven is the unique airflow technology that allows both the stone and the dome top to reach high levels of heat. After 10-20 minutes of preheating, you can pop out a pizza in 1-2 minutes that has nicely charred, crisp edges and perfectly melted cheese.

    Out of the Gozney, Ooni, and Solo Stove, this oven has what we consider to be the most unique design. It’s incredibly low-profile and compact, making it easy to cover and store away, though it’s aesthetically pleasing enough to be left out.

    The fairly wide opening of the Solo Stove pizza oven makes it easy to clean. You’ll most likely still want to invest in a long-handled grilled brush, but you could go without one if you’d prefer.

    Another unique feature of the Pi oven: a lifetime warranty. These stoves are designed to last a lifetime, making them worth the heftier price tag than we’ve seen on other models.

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    How To Make The Best Pie In Your Pizza Oven

    Perfecting your pizza can take a bit of trial and error, but there are some surefire ways to get the best pie possible:

    • Always allow your oven to heat longer on the first use. There might be residue leftover from manufacturing on the interior of the oven, so it’s best practice to give the oven 20-30 minutes of extra burn time to make sure everything is singed off.
    • Assemble your pizza on the paddle. This is the easiest way to pop it right into the oven without risking getting your hands too close to the open flame.
    • Cornmeal is your best friend. Dough is, of course, very sticky, so dust your pizza paddle heavily with cornmeal before placing the dough on top to make sure it slides easily into the oven.
    • Turn your pie consistently while cooking. At 800-900ºF, these pizza ovens cook incredibly fast, so you’ll want to have a long-handled turner ready to go immediately. Give your pizza 10-15 seconds for the bottom of the crust to cook and loosen up from the stone and then start rotating the pie.
    • Use fresh dough. Make your own if you can or see if your local supermarket makes some fresh. This is not the time and place for canned dough.
    • Never take your eyes off the pie. Like we mentioned, these pizzas cook fast. We’re talking cook times of 60-90 seconds for most of these ovens. So, always have an eye on your pie to make sure it doesn’t burn.

    What To Look For In A Pizza Oven

    Fuel Type

    There are two main fuel types for at-home pizza ovens: gas and wood. Many models include the option to upgrade or purchase separate attachments so your oven can be both gas and wood-burning, and both fuel types have their pros and cons.

    Wood-burned pizza has the most authentic, delicious taste. Similar to grilling over charcoal vs. gas, it’s hard to beat the taste of a pie that comes from a wood-burning pizza oven. The downside? Wood-burning pizza ovens are much more of a hassle. You’ll most likely need some sort of starter to get your fire going, and wood-burning ovens take longer to heat up. Wood-burning pizza ovens are also going to produce more smoke than a gas-fueled oven and require more cleanup due to ash.

    Gas-fired pizza ovens are easier to use and heat up faster than their wood-burning counterparts. They’re also a breeze to clean. You’ll usually just need to scrape out the charred bits leftover from the pizza in a gas-fueled pizza oven.


    Are you planning on leaving your pizza oven stationary on your patio or deck or do you want to take it on vacation, camping, or store it away easily when not in use? If you want to take your pizza oven on the go, then look for one that’s not only lightweight but also has multiple fuel capabilities and is compact. Folding legs and chimneys make traveling with a pizza oven easier.

    Temperature Range


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